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[ROM] Paranoid Android [2.51] JB 4.1.2 Unofficial Updated!

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Feb 2, 2011
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Welcome to Paranoid Android


ROM Source - https://github.com/ParanoidAndroid/android 8/26/12
Kernel Source - https://github.com/CyanogenMod/andro...-msm-jewel-3.0 8/26/12

What Works
MMS 50/50
Camera Fixed
Video Fixed
Front camera
This and that

Updated Paranoid Settings!

What Doesn't Work
process.com.android.phone F/C's in the beginning but goes away.
Lets find the bugs together

Special Credits

1st off a huge thanks to Notta for this build, Without him and his wicked skills i wouldnt be posting this.
Thank you to DDMS for being alot better than logcat :laugh:
Paranoid Android

Please also make sure you thank your device maintainers as well!

I want to stress to everyone that i did not build this Rom. I worked very hard watching Notta do it :) . All im doing is maintaining it and working some bugs out, because he doesn't own this device. He is in the thread here, so please search him out and give him a thanks whie your downloading. Lets show him how the LTE community appreciates his hard work.

*Note if you are HTC unlocked and are on 1.15 you will need to fastboot flash the boot.img 1st or get Flashgui.apk from the market HERE
If you do flash the Boot.img 1st you might notice a long flash time when you flash the Rom after, no worries though, just let it finish and reboot.

[URL=http://d-h.st/3j6]pa_jewel-2.16-29SEP2012-012331.zip - 162.34 MB[/URL]


Mods And Addons

Dual Core mod For Aosp JB Thanks to -Viperboy- for the original

Proximity Sensor Fix

Black Infinitrum Theme Chooser.apk

Komodo Kernel

GS3 Camera <---- Works pretty good, F/C's on 1080 setting.

Rom download in Post#2
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Nov 1, 2010

General Changelog - http://paranoid-rom.com/forum/changelogs-news
Cyanogenmod Changelog - http://changelog.bbqdroid.org/#jewel/cm10/next

How to set the workspace mode


How to change an apps Layout and size


Archived Builds

pa_jewel-2.50-22OCT2012-220218.zip - 180.24 MB
pa_jewel-2.21-13OCT2012-132414.zip - 180.01 MB
pa_jewel-2.20-11OCT2012-183714.zip - 180.01 MB
pa_jewel-2.17-04OCT2012-122334.zip - 162.42 MB
pa_jewel-2.16-29SEP2012-012331.zip - 162.34 MB
pa_jewel-2.15-26SEP2012-163328.zip - 162.33 MB

Theme Chooser Animations
Shattering_Puzzle_Dialer.apk - 796.31 KB
Shattering_Glass_Dialer.apk - 582.72 KB
Lightning_Dialer.apk - 748.59 KB
Circuit_Dialer.apk - 633.46 KB
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Feb 2, 2011
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Originally Posted by notta View Post

I was contacted by Evolutionmods and to hopefully clear up some questions:

NO, this is not based off anybody's CM10 ROM or any ROM in any way whatsoever!!!

I built this completely on a whim that very day from publicly available open source!

To further clarify, This is NOT a PORT. This is fully compiled from source, by me, with the exception of the pre-built ParanoidPreferences.apk! Therefore this can not be based of off another persons ROM!!!

ROM Source - https://github.com/ParanoidAndroid/android
Kernel Source - https://github.com/CyanogenMod/andro...-msm-jewel-3.0

For the record this is why I myself don't post my work! It seems you spend more time catering to the individuals who can't read and to the ones that get there feelings hurt... BORING!!!

The date that is entitled with the zip is the date it was last repo sync'd!!!

With that said, enjoy!


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Nov 26, 2011
Any screen shots of this paranoid android stuff?

And how different is CMX with the PA stuff?
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