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devil meru

Senior Member
Sep 1, 2016
Google Pixel 3
have tried v4.0 without formating data didn't boot ..
Wipe data cache system dev cache .....
Flashed rom
Flashed bitgaps
Reboot ...
Google logo shows up and then shut down and go back to twrp ...
It could be because of not formating data or maybe because of bitgapps
Will try again tomorrow ..


Senior Member
Oct 19, 2012
New thread and new procedure for flash

I am willing to be the beta tester.


Haikal Rahman


Feb 21, 2016
Installed 4.0 with BitGapps.
Aside from the internal storage and camera, it seems that adb is always offline too.

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    Right now you are gonna find a mixed StatiX/AOSP experience as this is a brand new project:
    • Spark Settings Panel introduced.
    • Always-On Display enabled (on devices that support it).
    • Smart Pixels enabled (on devices that support it).
    • Advanced reboot
    • Dark mode and accent theming
    • Statusbar battery styles

    Known issues

    Well, these issues are not that annoying after all.
    • A few bugs related to Wireless Hotspot: 5GHz not working for all countries;
    • VoLTE doesn't work: for instance if you are a Verizon user the phone will fall back to 2G when a call is incoming.
    • FI USERS: Download the Fi official where WFC works (only on Fi, other carriers will have the issue above.)

    A few notes before you proceed
    • Before going straight to the download section there’s something we would like to tell you: we have changed the default encryption method for the phone, migrating to File-Based Encryption (you can get more information on the official Google documentation page). In order to get this encryption mode working, you will need to use our custom recovery (compiled from the latest source) which is compatible with this encryption and, just for the first time, you will have to wipe your internal data - so, backup your data before proceeding.

    Installation instructions

    Note: If your phone only has 4 cores, download the BLOD patch (you can find it in the download section), flash our recovery.img from your working TWRP and then install the BLOD patch.

    • Grab our recovery from the downloads section and install it.
      Install Zip > Install Image > Choose ‘recovery.img’ > Select partition ‘Recovery’ > Swipe to confirm flash​
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    • Install the official ROM, GApps and then wipe your internal data partition.
      Wipe > Format data
      fastboot -w
    • Reboot into system and wait until the process finishes, it could take a little bit. After the installation is done I suggest waiting before using the phone because it usually goes into thermal throttling after installing a ROM.


    - June security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r42;
    - more Q accents added
    - incall vibration options added
    - ability to reset battery stats added
    - enhance doze
    - better font support
    - and more from [URL="https://review.statixos.me/q/status:merged
    "]our gerrit[/URL]!.

    Old builds
    [INDENT]Say hello to StatiXOS.[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]- Verify encryption works;
    - Fixed default camera force close;
    - The build is now officially signed with [I]release-keys[/I];
    - Prebuilt GApps removed from .zip, you will need to flash them separately;
    - Incoming calls now work without any issues;[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]- Enforcing SELinux;
    - fix GPS;
    - Removal of AOSP su (should improve magisk compatibility);
    - Added Sparks (custom tweaks);
    - Advanced Reboot;
    - Smart Pixels;
    - Accent changer;
    - Fixed dark/light theme not applying on first boot;
    - Forced round adaptive icons by default;
    - New launcher (based on Amir's rootless Pixel Launcher);
    - add Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness animations in Settings;
    - added Always On Display;
    - added StatiX version to FirmwareDialog (About Phone dialog);
    - Fix fingerprint sensor position during fingerprint enrollment during setup;
    - remove QuickSearchBox and Browser2;
    - additional GApps compatibility fixes;
    - added cache cleaner script during flash to remove package cache so resources are loaded correctly;
    - added Product Sans in a few places;
    - removed duplicate build number preference in FirmwareDialog and About Phone;[/INDENT]
    - October patch and based on android-9.0.0_r10;
    - sRGB mode fixed;
    - Incoming calls over LTE fixed (for carriers such as T-Mobile / Verizon) via a workaround - IMS services removed temporarily;
    - backuptool is finally a thing which means you will not have to worry about dirty flashing the new version, you won’t lose anything. Flashaholics can finally feel at home;
    - WiFi doesn't turn off during sleep anymore;
    - The system now has a Dark mode (inspiration from DCEU);
    - StatiXOS now has a different style and for this thank @nardow that has designed a wonderful Sparks icon and a wallpaper;
    - Bootanimation and sounds kanged from Pixel 2 thank to @skiman10;
    - New ways of breaking system got added inside Sparks, but please do not take a look inside miscellaneous or navigation (we know they're empty).
    - Edges in the UI were sharp so for safety measures, we have enabled rounded corners;
    - For all the lazy people, there is a quick unlock mode which allows you to unlock the phone as soon as you type the correct pin. Save yourself a tap now;
    - We gave StatiXOS a high dose of sleeping pill and now doze mode works even better than before;
    - Now there is a Caffeine QS tile. So, if you have no life just turn it on and keep staring at the display.
    - November security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r16;
    - DRM contents (e.g Netflix) on L1 security fixed: videos now work on full resolution;
    - Addressed a wrong RAM configuration, switched from 2GB to 3GB ones;
    - A lot of customisations added, please check the whole set of changes [URL="https://del.dog/statixos.md"]from this file[/URL].
    - December security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r21;
    - Hotspot 5GHz fixed for some countries; some users might still experience issues with it but at least no reboots or freezes should occur;
    - Audio distortions on certain occasions should be finally addressed;
    - A lot of customisations added, please check the whole set of changes from [URL="https://del.dog/statixos-angler-dec.md"]this file[/URL].
    - January security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r30;
    - Many launcher updates, it looks like Pixel Launcher now
    - Improved theme toggling, so now more elements get globally darkened when dark/black theme is enabled
    - Dropped quick unlock to avoid issues with PINs more than 6-7 characters long
    - Added lockscreen customizations to allow hiding of elements on the lockscreen
    - February security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r33;
    - Dropped black theme to simplify theme choice and having themes now tie in with night mode
    - Improved theming elements consistency
    - Added lockscreen customizations to allow choosing custom clocks
    - Added full gesture navigation
    - Custom features are now searchable!
    - Dark theme is now significantly darker
    - Added more actions to Launcher3
    - Moved to an enhanced doze package
    - Files app is now Dark if Dark theme is enabled
    - March security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r34;
    - Improved theming elements consistency
    - Moved to clang on display HALs and media HAL (OS should be smoother)
    - Traffic indicator is now in statusbar as well
    - Bluetooth battery levels in statusbar
    - Added expandable Volume Panel (POSP)
    - other small things here and there (crashes have been addressed, etc.)
    - April security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r35;
    - Text clock from Q introduced
    - Weather units are now automatically determined by carrier
    - Font tile introduced
    - other small things here and there (crashes have been addressed, etc.)
    - May security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r37;
    - Text clock improvements
    - Q battery estimation in QS introduced
    - Q battery style introduced
    - haptic feedback on full gesture nav back action
    - Q accents added


    - ROM: Official release for the month of June

    - Fi Official build: Official release for Fi users for the month of May

    - GApps: May SimpleGApps

    - BLOD workaround (ONLY FOR PHONES THAT HAVE 4 CORES LEFT) : osm0sis

    - FBE Recovery: TWRP

    Thanks to / credits (alphabetical order)

    ABC Rom

    Donations are never required but appreciated.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    StatiXOS, ROM for the Huawei Nexus 6P

    Jertlok, ggpew2, kantjer
    Source Code: https://github.com/StatiXOS

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-08-22
    Last Updated 2019-06-21

    I will use this second post for giving some Q&A about the current build.

    Q: After I make a call the phone application disappears and I can't close the call nor I can input numbers, what can I do?
    A: In order to properly use the phone calls you will have to set the default Phone application (this will be fixed in the next releases), to do so follow these steps:

    1. Open Settings
    2. Move to Apps & notifications
    3. Scroll down and open Default apps
    4. Tap on Phone app and then on Phone (even though it's already checked)
    5. Go back and you will see Phone set as default application

    Q: I can't connect to hidden WiFi AP, what can I do?
    A: In order to connect to hidden AP you need to set the hidden flag otherwise the phone won't be able to connect to it. You can find this option under the Advanced section while you add a new network.

    Q: After installing the rom I needed to put in a password. Now suddenly last week not any more.
    A: FBE works differently from FDE.
    When you set a fingerprint, for instance, you will be required to add either a PIN or a password — when you do, you will have to enter such password to decrypt your storage as well.
    Logically speaking, if you remove the fingerprint (or password / PIN) you won't be asked to add such code in TWRP anymore.

    Q: I want to protect my nudes, so I need to encrypt my phone. What do I do?
    A: Flash the latest FBE build and recovery. Do not flash Magisk before encrypting your phone otherwise you'll end in a bootloop.

    Q: Google Feed is empty/blank?
    A: Open Google app and then force close it. Go back to Google Feed and it should be fine.

    Q: Some Google app shows login error?
    A: Flash latest Open GApps.

    Q: Can I use an Oreo (8.1) kernel with this ROM?
    A: Yes. Any Oreo kernel *should* work - but some users reported that random reboot may occur.

    Q: I'm running a stable build. Can I dirty flash a testing build?
    A: No. You can only dirty flash a stable build over a stable build and a testing build over a testing build. So if you want to flash a testing build over a stable build, you'll have to clean flash.

    Q: I tried to install 8.1 but my phone goes into bootloop, what can I do?
    A: The ROM flashes the vendor partition, this means that you will have to reflash the stock vendor image release by Google. You can find the image on this website or inside the whole factory image found on Google developers page.

    Q: Phone app disappears after answering a call/can't close the call?
    A: Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps and tap on phone app and then on Phone (even though it's already checked).

    Q: Sparks menu is empty?
    A: Yes. It's still in development.

    Q: How to install Magisk?
    A: Flash Magisk zip file via recovery. After that install Magisk Manager via apk file to make it show up in the app drawer.

    Thanks to @simarguram for taking care of this section.

    Please, take a little bit of time for reading the first post.

    Hey there, StatiXOS here.

    It’s been 46 days since the latest official ROM and we have decided that’s time to release a new version.

    You are probably wondering “Wow, 46 days - they probably have revolutionised everything in all these days”.
    Yes, yes and yes! We have changed the name of the ROM to reflect the current date and it’s running smoother. Great, isn't it?

    Jokes apart, the new version is up (check the first thread) and if you are interested you can check a generated changelog of what we have done in all these days.
    It contains all the changes made on our repos, including the Nexus 6P’s ones.

    Sorry if we have been missing a lot of posts here, we will try to be more active even here.

    New official is out :good:

    We have switched to DirtyUnicorns's Launcher3 (neat features over here) and it has an elevated set of permissions, CLEAN FLASH IS ADVICED if you use QuickStep as default.

    Workaround: download a custom launcher and set it by default, flash the ROM.

    - November security patch and based on android-9.0.0_r16;
    - DRM contents (e.g Netflix) on L1 security fixed: videos now work on full resolution;
    - Addressed a wrong RAM configuration, switched from 2GB to 3GB ones;
    - A lot of customisations added, please check the whole set of changes [URL="https://del.dog/statixos.md"]from this file[/URL].

    Download links on the main post, as usual.
    08/23/2018 is now up - enjoy!

    With this post I inform you that the new build is up.

    ROM | GApps
    Clean flash the new rom as it uses dev-keys.

    - Changelog:
    [B]08/23/2018:[/B][INDENT]- Verify encryption works;
    - Fixed default camera force close;
    - The build is now officially signed with [I]dev-keys[/I];
    - Prebuilt GApps removed from .zip, you will need to flash them separately;
    - Incoming calls now work without any issues.[/INDENT]