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[ROM-Pie][KERNEL][Oct Patches] horizonROM - OneUI v4.9 S8/S8+/N8 Exynos | 2020.11.27

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    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!
    If you like my work(s) please press the Thanks button and if you would like to get me some coffee, you can do that here via PayPal

    Some personal thoughts about this:
    - The most important help will be, that if you use my ROM and see something unusual(bugs, lags etc.) report it to me in this thread or on Telegram(Group below).

    This ROM Features:
    For G950x/G955x/N950x
    • Android 9.0
    • Latest October security updates and patches
    • Heavily debloated
    • Working Dual Messenger
    • Working Secure Folder
    • Fully functional Bixby
    • Support for VoLTE
    Clean / Dirty flash option
    Selectable feature installation
    Edge Features
    Gear and Android Wear Support
    GearVR Support
    New Galaxy boot animation
    Galaxy S10+ sounds
    Yuva Features
    Samsung Bixby
    Samsung Galaxy S20 Live Wallpapers
    Samsung Secure Folder
    Samsung Magnifier
    Samsung Reminder
    Samsung Music
    Samsung Digital Wellbeing
    Samsung Apps (Samsung Account, Backup/Restore, SamsungPass)
    Samsung Game Launcher
    Samsung Print Services
    Samsung Finder
    Samsung Media editor apps
    Samsung Galaxy Apps
    Samsung DeX
    All of the additional Samsung Apps (Phone, Messages)
    Google and Voice Assistant
    Link to Windows
    Dual Messenger
    Quick Connect and Mirror Link
    Wi-Fi Direct, Screen-Mirroring, S-Beam, AllShare
    LED View Cover Support
    VPN Services
    Youtube Vanced
    Screen Recorder
    USSD Codes
    Good Lock apps
    Disable SPCM
    Dual SIM + SD Card fix
    CSC Feature selector
    ViPER Sound System
    Root method Selector
    Font Selector
    Sound mode selector
    OneUI 2.0 ported keyboard
    Emoji Selector

    ROM Control features:

    !! Direct access from Settings > Advanced features !!
    Battery style customization
    Clock style customization
    Quicksettings background blur
    Notification customization
    Expanded statusbar device information (Device Model, Android version, etc.)
    Number of buttons in expanded statusbar
    Power menu customization (Download button, Recovery button, etc.)

    horizonKernel features:
    Increased RAM from 3450 to 3706MB
    CPU governors enabled
    - blu_active
    - conservative
    - ondemand
    - userspace
    - powersave
    - interactive
    - perfomance
    Increased perfomance
    Disabled unnecessary debug and log stuff
    Increased Efficiency

    Installation steps:

    • First of all make sure OEM Unlock is on in developer settings
    • Make sure you have TWRP 3.3.x intalled
    • Make sure your phone is charged to atleast 50%
    • Download the ROM, transfer it to your Internal Storage or SD Card
    • Boot phone into TWRP (Power off the phone > Hold Volume up + Power + Bixby button at the same time)
    • Do a full wipe including Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Data
    • Flash the ROM and restart your phone (First boot can take up to 10-15 minutes)

    About bugs:
    Not known.
    Issue reporting:
    If you have any problem related to horizonOne ROM please send your problem in this form:
    - Device: (S8 / S8+ / N8)
    - Version: (v3.3, v3.4, etc..)
    - Dirty flash: (Yes / No)
    - Kernel:
    - ROM Control: Installed / Not installed
    You can report here (thread reply) or in our Telegram group which is below(Telegram Icon)

    Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8:
    Keyboard Language Addons:
    ROM Control:
    S9 Wallpapers:



    Join our discussion Telegram group here:
    horizonROM - Support group
    Follow our updates / announcements Telegram group here for the latest updates:
    horizonROM - Update channel

    Credits and sources
    Source Code for horizonKernel and thanks for @corsicanu
    Source Code for horizonManager
    @AlexisXDA for his Keyboard Language Addons ZIP
    @AlexisXDA for S9 Wallpaper stuff
    @drew071 for helping me out in different scenarios
    @vovadvnovlineru for ROM Control stuff.
    @remilia15 for helping in kernel developement
    @6h0st for Note 8 kernel files
    @All the users for helping me developing this ROM in a right path, with their ideas and feedback
    @All the users who helped me with testing
    horizonROM - OneUI v4.5 is here!

    - Fixed ROM Control settings being in stock firmware
    - Fixed Weather app not refreshing properly, few features not available
    - Fixed Settings crashing sometimes
    - Fixed SystemUI crashes
    - Fixed minor stutters
    - Improved RAM Management
    - Increased perfomance
    horizonROM - OneUI v4.3 is out!

    Thank you to everyone of you who pressed the Thanks button and donated to me

    - Added option to install Samsung Health
    - Fixed gyroscope issues
    - Fixed VPN apps not working
    - Fixed some GoodLock app not getting installed
    - Fixed Samsung Phone force close issues
    - Fixed volume button bug in Music apps
    - Fixed Adapt sound not working properly
    - Fixed Nearby devices crashing
    - Fixed minor stutters when heavy using
    - Fixed heating issues
    - Reduced RAM usage
    - Stabilized the system
    - Improved perfomance and smoothness
    horizonROM - OneUI v4.4 is out!


    - Updated Note 8 base to July patches
    - Fixed bad audio quality for Note 8
    - Fixed kernel installation issues for Note 8
    - Fixed bootloop issues for Note 8
    - Stabilized the system more
    - Improved perfomance
    horizonOneUI v4.1 is out!

    - Added horizonKernel v6.1 as default on Note 8
    - Added Auto cellular data on when MMS receive as CSC feature
    - Fixed SystemUI lags, issues on Note 8
    - Fixed Camera force closing on Note 8
    - Fixed Infinity wallpapers not working on S8+
    - Fixed Photo Editor crashing
    - Fixed Iris and Face recognization not working properly
    - Fixed Edgelightning apps not installing after selected
    - Fixed some missing emojis
    - Fixed Samsung Health showing device is unauthorized
    - Fixed music stopping when pressing volume button fast
    - Removed Secure Folder from Note 8 (temporary)
    - Reduced Snapchat lockout chances
    - Reduced heating
    - Improved perfomance and overall smoothness