[ROM][Pixel 2/ 2 XL ][11.0][UNOFFICIAL]**crDroid**[V7.5][2021-04-13]

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Oct 1, 2017
Tnx again for your try to build

Wiped data system cach flash Xtended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system phone just showing android text boot animation not a xtended
second time reboot bootloader fastboot erase userdata boot twrp flash extended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system its keep showing xtended boot animation can't going to device setup don't know whats problem with this roms
Maybe AEX better choice for try for now tnx again you doing well sir im so sorry i don't have credit card for donations because of my country
Hope someone do that tnx a lot:good::eek:


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  • May 3, 2015
    Wiped data system cach flash Xtended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system phone just showing android text boot animation not a xtended
    second time reboot bootloader fastboot erase userdata boot twrp flash extended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system its keep showing xtended boot animation can't going to device setup don't know whats problem with this roms
    Maybe AEX better choice for try for now tnx again you doing well sir im so sorry i don't have credit card for donations because of my country
    Hope someone do that tnx a lot:good::eek:

    I will try the Rom.
    You don't have to pay with credit card but you can pay with PayPal.



    Oct 18, 2016
    Proper instructions first time installing CrDroid ?

    Can anyone provide the proper instructions to install this rom and full gapps on stock unlocked pixel 2 xl. thanks? i followed the instructions but latest twrp says " reboot to recovery to change updated partition continue flashing". Proper instructions first time installing CrDroid ? thanks
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  • May 3, 2015
    :victory: :victory: Many thanks for the donation
    Ranjith Pabba
    :highfive: :highfive: :good:

    Wiped data system cach flash Xtended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system phone just showing android text boot animation not a xtended
    second time reboot bootloader fastboot erase userdata boot twrp flash extended reboot bootloader boot twrp again flash gapps reboot system its keep showing xtended boot animation can't going to device setup don't know whats problem with this roms
    Maybe AEX better choice for try for now tnx again you doing well sir im so sorry i don't have credit card for donations because of my country
    Hope someone do that tnx a lot:good::eek:

    All good things are three




    Oct 1, 2017
    :victory: :victory: Many thanks for the donation
    Ranjith Pabba
    :highfive: :highfive: :good:

    All good things are three



    Flashing steps going fine this time but rom keep showing boot animation and can't go to setup :(:confused:
    Itry flashing without gapps and his steel on boot animation Tnx again for your work maybe another trees can help like gibran mather i don't know

    Tnx again :good:


    Oct 1, 2017
    Hi bro @Blackjubel
    Corvus os another good choise for building its have tons of customiz like bliss and RR and AICP 16 too


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    Dec 27, 2008


    Oct 18, 2016
    Anyone got the Xtended ROM up and running on their device? Please let me know. When I try flashing the ROM from a clean factory image, I end up at the Xtended boot animation which then keeps looping with constant reboots?
    Whats the difference in Xtended Rom and the normal CrDroid ROM ?
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  • May 3, 2015
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    Sep 29, 2019
    New Build up..


    Thanks a lot @Blackjubel for the new update. Is there any new features added or changelog?
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      *Unofficial crDroid v7.5*

      *** Disclaimer
      I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
      You have been warned
      <<< WARNING >>> <<< WARNING >>> <<< WARNING >>>
      Please note that this is still under development,
      so don't install unless you want to live with some bugs

      crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock
      Android for your device also attempting to bringing
      many of the best features existent today

      Rom Features !!!!!

      Active Edge
      What's working
      RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
      Video Recording
      Video Playback
      Audio ( Record and Playback )

      What's not working

      Feel free to report any other issues you may encounter with relevant logs

      Donate Please for Build Server

      Rom's with Grapps

      Latest Build no Gapps !


      Latest Build and Gapps!

      Bootimg taimen

      Walleye Pixel 2 Gapps

      Walleye Pixel 2 no Gapps

      Bootimg Walleye

      Pixel Factory Images
      TWRP for Pixel 2 XL
      Google Fi Gapps

      Sky Hawk Recovery Project v3.0

      1. Download the latest supported crdroid OS build, TWRP image and optionally the TWRP installer zip.
      2. Reboot to bootloader
      3. Wipe userdata (fastboot format userdata)
      4. Fastboot into TWRP recovery (fastboot boot twrp.img)
      5. Flash the latest build of crdroid OS
      6. Reboot to bootloader and fastboot TWRP again
      7. (Optional) Flash gapps of choice (OpenGapps micro or smaller are recommended)
      8. Reboot to system and don't install the TWRP app
      9. (Optional) Flash custom kernel / TWRP / Magisk


      Simply repeat steps 4 - 7. You shouldn't need to flash factory images as all partitions (firmware, vendor etc.) are updated with the crdroid zip.

      Credits :
      LineageOS Team

      Version Information
      Status: Stabile
      Current Version: 7.5

      Created 2020-10-08
      Last Updated 2021-04-13

      SafetyNet is failing.
      I have latest magisk installed over the patched boot img and still it does.
      Any help please?
      Using latest build.
      Magisk is hidden.

      Tomorrow comes a new build, so everything should be fine again.
      Hello, when can you update the latest version of crDroid?
      Will be made today.
      Private bit to do had.

      * frameworks/base
      20aea15a4c5 New Crowdin updates (#559)
      091b2535133 base: Add bool to enable/disable doze by default
      11a0153e362 Allow tuning ambient display with sensors [1/3]
      47e7d69a495 New Crowdin updates (#550)

      * hardware/lineage/interfaces
      ba7d528 touch: Add keys swap interface

      * packages/apps/Launcher3
      772bd18f5 New Crowdin updates (#105)
      4ea4d40cc Elevate to 'core/platform' app
      60e32d975 Make double tap to sleep gesture optional
      8553ece1e Launcher3: double tap on home screen to turn off screen
      0484f0cf6 New Crowdin updates (#104)

      * packages/apps/crDroidSettings
      0cbe716a New Crowdin updates (#683)
      84c28a2d Allow tuning ambient display with sensors [2/3]
      8560ec77 New Crowdin updates (#681)


      * android
      0c72e3d Merge 'lineage-18.1' into 11.0
      6c6066c manifest: Track WallpaperPicker2
      b2f66f1 manifest: Untrack BT *s
      869041b manifest: Track our forked hardware/google/pixel
      c1c7802 manifest: android-11.0.0_r19 -> android-11.0.0_r27

      * build/make
      a256151d7 Use 'release-keys' for build tag
      5e1388607 soong: Add ability to enable product_shipping_api_level variant.
      1fa23c734 build: Add backuptool by default
      360cf84ee build: execute changelog generator script
      9eff179a3 build: Add ANSI name and build info
      bf27b3bc2 envsetup: Automatically set CCACHE_EXEC to the system's ccache
      e146e1ab4 Make build ID simple
      937a77664 build: Add ro.crdroid.device
      51b71336a releasetools: Add script to sign zips
      6a95d251d releasetools: support reading release keys out of some sort of command
      69b252185 build tools: Fix TypeError when signing builds with Python3

      * frameworks/av
      6d04dedfd8 libstagefright: Free buffers on observer died
      2b536a769a av: camera: catch mad hals that mess up buffer time
      20c488fa4e audiopolicy: try again with trimmed audio port name if not found
      a332b4587d audiopolicy: No longer make re-assigning legacy audio groups fatal.
      6957efcf98 nuplayer: Renderer: force negative media time to zero
      9295d10180 Codec2: Initialize InputSurfaceWrapper::Config structure fields
      207aaeaa8b Nuplayer: Handle a corner case during stop

      * frameworks/base
      1bba0fa3af5 Update Crowdin configuration file
      b2e9473afa3 Fix the wrong lastBackgroundTime in UidRecord
      3be5b125b1d Allow to hide arrow for back gesture [1/2]
      a27e40b6488 SystemUI: status bar mobile indicator - code sharing is caring
      0196d2f3b81 base: Allow to use old style icons as default [1/2]
      53739727d28 SystemUI: old style mobile data indicators [1/2]
      7f51e38aea0 SystemUI: SIM PIN1 lock screen abnormal
      4bfb20c7966 MediaCodecInfo: do not alter performance points for 32-bit processes
      1fd20710abc MediaCodecInfo: limit resolution to 4K for 32-bit processes
      a6fb2c11753 base: Properly regenerate the share drawable.
      c5860f02d1e base: Allow hide gesture navbar [1/3]
      2842c8b1ebd base: allow customizing the length of gesture navbar [1/3]
      3bb4c0ad9f7 LS/Nav Pulse: Solid render: Fix another solid render FC
      482887ff4a3 LS/Nav Pulse: Solid render: fix FC when changing units value
      902fdd6ac3c LS/Nav Pulse: Solid render: fix FC when changing smoothness option
      59c1450f825 LS/Nav Pulse: Use background ui executor to link the session
      440551a71f5 LS/Nav Pulse: Clean up redundant audio session id
      747e576efc6 LS/Nav Pulse: Consolidate functions and fix NPE
      62f14d9a4f9 Pulse initial checkin for Android 11 [1/2]
      77fc4d10b62 Revert "SystemUI: Add visualizer feature"
      b4d986647dd base: Allow switching to drawable for qs icons
      86da38c5195 SystemUI: Fix display cutout handling in expanding volume panel
      7eacf06012a SystemUI: Improve volume panel expansion/contraction animation
      d86ed01a81e SystemUI: Fix bug with user_setup_complete setting
      543e8b77de1 GamingMode: Fix initial value of gaming mode
      e53ba774b20 iorap: Terminate iorapd process when both tracing and prefetching are off.
      5c26ae0a135 SFUNY Clock: Add proper preview layout
      8a1b81362e6 DividerLines Clock: Fix margin issue in layout
      d42856a01c3 core: Report fake model name to GMS using reflection.
      71c58741253 Typeface Clock: update thumbnail
      8a3ba3d4b87 KeyguardClockPositionAlgorithm: Allow forcing default clockY positioning
      08f1d1b91a6 SystemUI: fix binary clock update
      2c7cfa94c49 Add a Tux clock controller
      b9e385f424b Add time refresh capabilities for bold, digital and Samsung lockscreen clocks
      845f55c5c72 SamsungHighlight Clock: Improve layout
      5d16b62ea6d Add SamsungHighlight clock
      d9e14599648 MNML Clock: Add proper preview layout
      ad3db19c0b1 MNMLBox Clock: Clean up hacky layouts
      e68bc978813 Add MNML based clock desgins
      d6ff08efeed Add SFUNY clock
      f4ad15e0d5d DividedLines Clock: Add proper preview layout
      b25cdb5df1a DividerLines Clock: Set 24-hr time format as well
      8f3ed44de08 Add DividedLines Clock
      367bd9c32d1 Add center style Typographic clock
      86b7c38d339 SystemUI: Improve Samsung clock layout
      051d93879a6 Introduce bold digital and Samsung like lockscreen clocks
      91a4f084262 Keyguard: add binary custom clock face
      dffa9584449 TypeClock: Properly calculate the height
      aae4447d137 Add TypeClock for translations
      23bf4fc76ed SystemUI: Restore typographic clock face
      0ab295a23ea FaceUnlock: Update authentication method
      a49d1e150b1 SystemUI: AssistDisclosure respect device corners
      0b05ae938ed Language toggle QS
      dbeac00982d Disable long click for Compass tile
      f25a9d2cde7 CompassTile: Add a device supports compass check
      6cc825713b8 CompassTile: Do not use slashed icon
      c211037c96b CompassTile: Set default state inactive
      189b2a1b118 Add Compass tile
      469eaebffdb SoundTile: Make default state inactive
      8cf6cbd8028 QS: Add Sound tile to Quick Settings
      0d8d46bccd8 RebootTile: Make default state inactive
      a108c01cb82 Extend reboot tile to add power off
      2809707c367 RebootTile: Fix gradient message display for reboot to recovery
      e676ef67ff5 Add Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
      a63aacef7d8 SystemUI: Disable blur wakeup animation
      47797b5c20e graphics: Adjust ripple animation for immediate feedback
      f63f33eb4a5 Show USB icon in ADB notification
      069a78906c7 overlays: Fix inactive state Wifi Icon in Circular,Filled Kai Icon Pack
      2ce5c3ad1e0 Navbar: Introduce navbar styles [1/4]
      7f9d068d9f0 Toast icon switch [1/2]
      a9c2acf0ad1 Fix: No text in toast for RTL layout
      fae4771d437 Show icon of package associated with Toast
      c9cda323b3a Fixed Handler Leak on DistanceClassifier
      4c52737a4ce FaceUnlock: Drop lockouts completely
      a23cc7d2abc Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile [1/2]
      816d2ff3c54 Smart Pixels: Dynamically register receiver
      5b9ee84fb9c SmartPixels: Add config to enable smartpixels support
      ec382067f5e Add smart pixels [1/2]
      ba13a882f6c PocketJudge: allow register vendor pocket sensor
      be21110b7f6 PocketLock: fix flickering on animations
      6220cf810b6 Pocket lock: Add config_pocketModeSupported overlay
      03948f38140 SystemUI: Block face authentication when device is in pocket mode
      cac1ba8ee4e pocket: Reduce sleep timeout for pocket lock
      c1f84c880b2 pocket: Use MD2 lock drawable
      4bd612a7036 Pocket lock improvements
      6fe098b7eb5 pocket: Fix pocket lock view for display cutouts
      29ce61bc434 pocket: Adjust sleep timeout for pocket lock view to 10 secs
      2f189eba1ca pocket: introduce pocket bridge
      259529ca4bc PocketService: Adjust light sensor rate to 400ms
      c4bdd5cfa9a pocket: Add hardware acceleration and properly maintain SYSTEM_UI flags
      d09e4a52396 policy: introduce pocket lock
      4c1a963de23 pocket: introduce pocket judge
      9158b243141 Battery light: 100% charged level (1/3)
      282fdf81914 Nfc adapter randomly returns null on devices having Nfc
      0c358639b38 Improve NfcAdapter APIs to report correct nfc state
      de5aa9acec0 base: weather panel improvements
      1391fd390a4 SystemUI: Uncouple the temperature from the image
      fc24b8a9668 base: SwipeToScreenshot: Import MIUI implementation
      5d7240c1137 base: Improvements for swipe to screenshot
      2d2ecedd289 base: Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot [1/2]
      ce88bd8e2e0 base: Smart Charging (1/4)
      c27fe79e45f frameworks: Reset battery stats
      4497116dee8 Less boring headsup: allow any sms/dialer app set as default by user
      be012190975 Less boring heads up option [1/2]
      e9787c613ee Bring back Gaming mode [1/3]
      b7a30eecbc5 SystemUI: FPS Info Overlay & Tile
      23b01180671 Disable long click for CPU Info tile
      368081663a7 QS: Add CPUInfo toggle tile
      879ad2edfca Add SystemSetting class analogous to SecureSetting
      00abe9290f2 base: add CPU info overlay
      c5a2e2f6100 SystemUI: update Bluetooth battery level assets.
      2f52ac2a646 SystemUI: Update NFC tile drawable
      c4c4adcc7e0 SystemUI: FingerprintDialogView: Use accent color instead of teal
      f692b796d90 Use proper coded alphabet when a contact is written into EF_ADN of USIM.
      0fee5a157c6 Use mContext directly
      0abd45559cc Fix NetworkPolicyManagerService deadlock
      5cb37b871bb Properly set fonts and icons on keyguard when changing styles
      179922badeb VibratorService: implement OnePlus proprietary vibrator format
      6b5092a7bca Adaptive Playback: Convert to seconds
      0e853d39e3a SystemUI: Introduce Adaptive Playback [1/2]
      490048d43f4 Volume dialog timeout (1/2)
      50bb4736b60 Live Volume Steps [1/2]
      36a71883f77 Disable/Enable screenshot sound [1/2]
      eefe93c30e2 power: Re-introduce custom charging sounds
      13c30fb7ab3 overlays: Extend prev commit to Google's new icon packs
      ca763b0b0e8 overlays: Fix background colouring for settings themed icons
      d25a4b7f241 SystemUI: Update automatic brightness drawables
      8a122e08c5a Navbar: Switch gesture navbar to new navigation bar key event source
      ec18b903c23 NPMS lock improvement.
      b9dd8993245 Improve notification/headsup group header layouts
      83ad8c46322 SystemUI: Move charging animation above FOD icon if In-display fingerprint is active
      1977a9588d6 SystemUI: Update keyguard indication margin when fod is in use
      18808c79358 KeyguardUpdateMonitor: Fix race condition before listening for biometrics
      b0a4b3ec512 SystemUI: Allow listening for face only on pin/pass view
      4e54671200e base: add more notification channels to blockable
      e805d15bd39 base: fix google copy pasta error :)
      bed57ff5732 Base: fix facelock crash when lock screen is disabled
      73601f8a50b Keyguard: Actually kill the Fancy Colon
      0b807572638 SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
      fcb1d528ae5 SystemUI: thread protect keyguard callbacks
      15e15186784 BatteryService: Add VOOC charging support
      80edd454fb9 BatteryService: Add Warp charging support
      fb64bd05c77 BatteryService: add dash charging support
      9ea4d9e62bd DisplayManager: Fix synchronization issue
      1b06f394fc5 CarrierConfigManager: Enable payphone call blocking option
      475da39e213 Port face unlock feature
      57c84a7e410 base: fix tapered rect overlay
      e56a35a92e2 base: Supress telephony crashing platform
      70be12b7828 Fix NPE with void android.view.VelocityTracker.clear()
      bafee52e654 Fonts: Restore light font styling of AOSP
      d59831c18f6 Fonts: Add regular / light font config
      4393c4e00f9 Update default config for headline fonts
      cdbc7df4796 Wire up default fonts with font engine
      0db9a8bf8aa base: Add more custom actions [1/3]
      611ae2b43c8 base: Add device key action to expand notifications panel [1/3]
      91999895cb7 base: Add device key action to Clear all notifications [1/3]
      75c1a15a341 base: Add device key action to toggle volume panel [2/3]
      f7a9597ef4e Utils: Add toggleVolumePanel action
      3357da718b0 Add device key action to take screenshot [2/3]
      a4bc5e3d113 Add device key action to toggle flashlight [2/3]
      44bd0ead14a Add api to toggle flashlight
      c13c4568fda Add customizable action for back long press button [2/3]
      bfa1936071a PhoneWindowManager: Clean up arguements in MSG_CAMERA_LONG_PRESS
      d569d09b429 Add device key action to kill app [2/3]
      d623c5fbf0e base: Micro optimization for accidental touch prevention
      3d66f65463f base: Add accidental touch prevention for assist key
      216e464a370 base: Introduce Accidental Touch
      9c315568647 base: Introduce new navigation bar key event source
      d279b231d7d Add toggle to disable HW keys [1/2]
      cc92e84127a SystemUI: Hide back icon when screen pinned and gestural mode enabled
      b3f1583016d Add tunables for navbar layout customization [1/2]
      3b3c4ebdf0e Revert "SystemUI: Implement hide gestural navigation hint bar [1/5]"
      ee3f42c0191 Make Quick Unlock compatible with long PIN/Password [1/2]
      3cf4efce904 audio: Don't play sound effects if stream is muted
      78cda4d6b82 QS: Add and use Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
      29c7963053e QS: Use Mobile Data panel for CellularTile
      ab24d840dc3 QS: Add and use Mobile Data panel
      053821e56d9 DataSwitchTile: dont show toast on click
      2a531874818 DataSwitchTile: collapse notification panel onClick
      4e746dee471 SystemUI: Introduce DataSwitchTile
      367060093bc QS: Use Settings.Panel intent for Volume Tile
      801391ac13c QS: Use Settings.Panel intents for WiFi and NFC
      0643a8524e8 AODTile: Improve code
      fb6bf75bcdd DefaultPermissionGrantPolicy: Silence harmless errors
      1d18216a243 base: Add permissions for Google Chrome to sign in
      3a459e376c7 base: Grant storage permissions to Google Markup
      36e82bc9a92 base: Grant wallpaper permissions to prebuilt wp picker
      e75b3e22e99 base: Grant suspend permission to Wellbeing
      a90ce6c0e3a base: Grant storage permission to ThemePicker
      9747656c3c4 Fix Google dialer FC due to missing permissions
      03d2825d28b Allow chromium to sign in
      1cdc168b740 Fix Google Calendar FC
      79b60b3f900 Fix Fi permissions
      42786f73ee6 Fix Android 7.0 GApps permisions which were causing F/C
      fb603410089 base: Add permissions for OmniJaws
      78996b0ac22 SystemUI: make qs weather page follow system font setting
      48a33e82167 Lockscreen Weather: Improvements
      5ad76ea3d59 KeyguardSlice: Fix up changing icon pack
      002dc4e09fc WeatherTile: Do not show if not installed
      060c56011bc base: add keyguard weather style [1/2]
      094dfa07be3 base: add weather to keyguardSlice
      e57a15bfd38 base: keyguard weather view [1/2]
      0a141253287 base: add back weather parts [1/3]
      56bf2f97996 Add an option to ask pin for shutdown/reboot on secure lockscreen [1/2]
      0f19e49c2e5 Fingerprint authentication vibration [1/2]
      459afc12366 Disable PIN entry after successful quick unlock
      59ed19c2e27 Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (1/2)
      497a708c594 Hide power menu on secure lockscreen [1/2]
      825c8315dce Disable QS pulldown on secure lockscreen (1/2)
      c79c8737f1a Add toggle to hide lock icon on lockscreen [1/2]
      44ca5ce5dcc SystemUI: hide lock icon while dozing
      aa2a28255d2 Add lockscreen battery info as TunerService tunable
      2c13f64b301 SystemUI: KG Charging Animation: Add more animations [1/3]
      85eaed33d44 Add toggle for charging animation [1/2]
      6a8594a1aa0 SystemUI: Animate the keyguard when charging
      c906878ccb7 Add Lockscreen album art filter [1/2]
      79081588110 Lockscreen charging info: show decimal in battery temperature
      23b4736a1f7 SystemUI: keyguard show charging watt
      289a7be7029 LockscreenCharging: squashed (1/3)
      113aa67d4ce SettingsLib: Don't show system overlays on apps list
      cf9dae37a32 Add toggle to completely hide status bar on lockscreen [1/2]
      22bbfea8358 Separate double tap to sleep on lockscreen [1/2]
      f5f2221e62e PebbleBerry: Remove black/white accent check on theme change
      872e74c5401 Disable double tap power button camera gesture by default [1/2]
      a6de9a9f343 AdvancedReboot: Adjust dimensions to match main menu
      08f97896013 SystemUI: increase global action icon size
      37536c32c8e SystemUI: remove black bg from power menu
      14e51e2a7b6 SystemUI: tint emergency icon only
      ec1017d3675 Revert "Global Actions - Remove outside touches"
      a4981b2b6a0 Allow overriding default volume dialog position
      f4423690fa9 VolumeDialogImpl: Use TunerService properly
      c01cc4a81d1 base: QS panel opacity [1/2]
      9700b071f64 base: Add qs status bar header image [1/2]
      8e92600abbf Quick settings: Add Haptic Feedback to tiles [1/2]
      57f1b050b2f QS tile titles visibility [1/2]
      1cde518886f Add config for default QS columns and rows [1/2]
      7d5da079e03 Allow to set QS panel columns and rows [1/2]
      73957d72061 Allow tapping battery icon in header to go to Power usage summary
      93a9b232e6f base: Disable stock accent overlays
      0473720315d base: Add overlays from Android 10
      d1095848fa5 base: add missing shape overlays
      b5ecf1b59da base: themes: dont use colorPrimary for active qs
      d372f1789ef BatteryBar [1/2]
      ae596ee8f62 CollapsedStatusbar: Fix phantom spaces in status bar
      edc7b1344a4 Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
      593b0abf1d0 Remove unnecessary battery meter view impl in keyguard statusbar
      3b74213057d ThemedMeterDrawable: Fix system crash on theme change
      e50cb337a4d SystemUI: show a bolt â¡ when charging
      25b984cad02 Prevent battery tunables crashing on first boot
      dc25553d827 BatteryMeterView: More robust for showing estimate
      5edde542833 Add toggle to display battery in quick status bar [1/2]
      55394b23981 Separate battery estimate from percent for QS [1/2]
      e1c308a584f base: Add Solid battery style from PA [1/2]
      15187dd3d75 Add battery styles and customizations for Android 10 [1/2]
      750c609cbda Revert "SystemUI: Bring back good ol' circle battery style"
      9875677bebe Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon [1/2]
      35b489505ac Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [1/2]
      a6b0cb511d6 Make roaming indicator optional [1/2]
      9eac934f909 SystemUI: Override VoLTE icon with VoWiFi when available [1/2]
      6d07978b47c SystemUI: Add more VoWiFi icon styles [1/2]
      f0c589830db SystemUI: support VoWIFI icons
      e183de64f13 SystemUI: Use old padding values for VoLTE icon
      a154b0b276e Add option to select VoLTE icon [1/2]
      ed16902dc19 Ability to toggle VoLTE icon in statusbar [1/2]
      45373d4d5d1 SystemUI: Use our default VoLTE icon
      494d7b193f6 SystemUI: Fix VoLTE icon color on Light statusbar
      36d8ac8cbbc MobileSignalController fix corresponding to upstream FeatureConnector change
      54e640e8c2a ImsManager.Connector became FeatureConnector.
      0f496a3f85b SystemUI: Enhancement for volte icon
      fbf67a43cd7 SystemUI: Query IMS state after CapabilityCallback is regisered
      6b0e3afc95c SystemUI: Fix HD icon missing
      439dd74e444 Adapt to IMS registration changes.
      1accf2aa28b SystemUI: Refactor the feature of volte icon
      140d31d9398 SystemUI: Fix volte icon doesn't update in real time
      f8620e76ee2 SystemUI: Add new configuration for displaying Volte icon
      abfb1e04c5b Add ability to toggle bluetooth battery level [1/2]
      61cc3f83eb8 Network traffic mode for status bar [2/3]
      58aee5811c7 base: Export bodyFontFamily and bodyFontFamilyMedium symbols
      7af4c065588 Revert "SystemUI: Network Traffic [1/3]"
      79ddc25f5eb SystemUI: Add case to quick pull down status bar anywhere
      a257e17cfde Do not apply date customization to QS clock [1/2]
      9635693618e Allow using position tunable to hide clock
      5470a276945 Add option to auto hide status-bar clock [1/2]
      64e0ecf449f Statusbar clock customizations [1/2]
      ae38679887d Add separate tunable for clock seconds
      0c7b763e09d PebbleBerry: Allow dark style selection and accent check
      bd9faf40bad Revert "SystemUI: support black theme for dark mode [1/4]"
      ed332005104 base: Improve navigation bar hiding toggle
      5d998e20013 Use FORCE_SHOW_NAVBAR to actually toggle navbar
      cfab36f3eed Statusbar: Fix Tunerservice usage
      aaffe6fd2b7 ListView: Disable dividers by default
      7a396c57a06 core: Add support for MicroG
      5c479ee4067 Avoid MotionEvent no finish raise unnecessary ANR
      35bb3806b72 Fix NullPointerException of AMS
      ea6d6a25ab1 Optimize AbsListView to reduce click operation latency
      df533b4ee75 avoid duplicate doFrame calls.
      08fa5c550a8 make ui touch optimization work normally.
      8d4bca80a85 add VSYNC scheduled flag and avoid two doFrame calls in one period
      c342dfb5891 core: touch response optimizations
      02c5a8842a4 SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for Global settings
      1498348911d TunerService: Prevent NPE with tunable
      43c93e45436 pm: Add flags for UFS card for encryption in vold
      f96cfb536e5 ChooserActivity: remove ugly separator
      cfc2ab1e94b BatteryStatsImpl.java: Stop resetting battery stats after reboot with battery level >= 90
      ac1d9557fc8 telephony: URI cannot be created with negative subIds
      683aba94f5e Close file descriptor to avoid socket leak
      416af46e208 Quick settings: Add method for getting estimated battery time
      f762c0db983 Set alert dialog message to use system font
      4b435c49cc1 Fix list style alert dialog to use system font
      f7efb21d044 services: LightsService: Mute an annoying error message.
      61d97f3f264 base: Change dividers from Holo Blue to Pixel Blue
      02b42ce9b6f Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
      9a3cbd27ad9 TelephonyRegistry: Avoid adding duplicate listener
      5e8e9baa2d0 Fix navigation input consumer not working when first window is invisible
      8ff5ea286e5 Fix deadlock between AppOpsService and HistoricalRegistry.
      7131c26625b SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
      6134f84f87b SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
      76c52ce3f4d MountService: Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager
      f3ef82debe8 Settings:Bugfix for NPE, Only valid screen power consumption need to smear
      f010d01e5ac ParcelFileDescriptor: can we stop the panic here?
      d4fa3c9e47c FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: android.ui
      9d01a56d6e3 Framelayout: Fix NPE when view is missing
      9786bbc9b21 SystemUI: Keyguard: Check for a null errString
      31dcea8f0a5 Prevent crash in TTS engine due to improper configuration
      86b843cfa22 Fix Another SystemUI crash
      69c2ac26514 Fix SystemUI crash
      dc1c095f7f1 CarrierConfigManager: enable LTE+ icon by default
      fd234abdb9e screenrec: Show dialog on bottom
      73dd0a602ac SystemUI: Remove GarbageMonitor tile
      ca003040142 Suppress FingerprintManager logspam
      156a4db6a6a Kill off provider info logspam
      5efb60170bb Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat
      9bc29c7d63d base: Add START_ACTIVITIES_FROM_BACKGROUND on phone priv-app whitelist
      148f77576d4 SystemUI: Remove build version from qs footer
      77426ebc25a Restore cache clean up code in PackageManagerService
      1b1af0a54a1 Add crdroid utils
      1fc32c32cc4 base: Add metric for crDroid Settings
      66a26d8adee base: Add stub files
      b4296af952e Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * frameworks/native
      cd3582d77 SF: handle long waiting Layer sync point
      e7697ab04 libbinder: support inheriting realtime priority
      9d09dc656 sf: Validate layer bound before access
      331385a41 RenderEngine: Rev down blur filter shader when device is legacy
      e9dcda0bc SurfaceFlinger: use TFD_TIMER_ABSTIME for VSP timer
      001ace67b touch response optimizations
      a85a32129 Add dalvik-heap device configs for 8/12/16 GiB devices
      d0ff7dfd8 SF: Add retry to EventThread postEvent

      * hardware/lineage/interfaces
      4f96e3f trust: set system vintf fragment xml to framework

      * packages/apps/Launcher3
      38353fe2c New Crowdin updates (#103)
      34ea67f86 Update Crowdin configuration file

      * packages/apps/WallpaperPicker2
      33a88ea WallpaperPicker2: Fix race condition for fast-loading wallpapers
      24efc71 WallpaperPicker2: Increase height of bottom area
      3d2cda1 WallpaperPicker2: Match backgrounds to device theme

      * packages/apps/crDroidSettings
      f2d75127 New Crowdin updates (#680)
      8882674a New Crowdin updates (#679)

      * system/core
      ca566e75d rootdir: init.rc: use default dirty writeout policy

      * vendor/lineage
      e27630b1 crdroid: Bump to version 7.2
      f0fe7c1b audio: Add missing Effect_Tick.ogg effect sound used by the UI
      d493aa21 partner_gms: Simplify if/else if logic


      * art
      d3958fb424 Rename String.concat() implementation function.
      117b07adc0 Revert^2 "Improve mirror::String implementation."
      1dc977e779 Revert^2 "Improve libcore_util_CharsetUtils performance."
      0780e09aa4 Minor improvements in JNI assemblers.
      937bea7dec Optimizing: Construct intrinsic HIR in builder.
      473a891e4d Small cleanup in InstructionBuilder.
      83c3b144a9 arm/arm64: Clean up intrinsic slow paths.
      bde58cbe21 RFC: ARM64: Split arm64 codegen into scalar and vector (SVE and NEON).
      96cb025bd7 ART: Refactor SIMD slots and regs size processing.
      daecc45064 Adjust JIT thread priority post-fork.
      e1c0d131bc ART: Add HasNonNegativeInputAt and HasNonNegativeOrMinIntInputAt
      1e22506698 ARM64: Enable SDOT/UDOT instructions emission.
      4b6fa05b1f ARM: Optimize Div/Rem by positive const for non-negative dividends
      4fb63435a5 ARM: Optimize Div/Rem by 2^n for non-negative dividends
      328dc0f44c ARM32: Combine LSR into ADD for Div by 2^n
      abb13b7f0d Make the ART thread pool implementation use default-sized stacks on Bionic
      7ef8025b53 ART: Transform Sub+Sub into Sub+Add to merge Shl
      c13b467ebb ART: Add recognition of optimized HRems in BCE
      2f892c55bb ART: Simplify HRem to reuse existing HDiv
      dc0aef8fc7 ART: Add classes having intrinsics to boot image
      3f2093891b ARM64: Combine LSR+ADD into ADD_shift for Int32 HDiv/HRem
      d9ba21e8f4 ART: Optimize ADD/SUB+ADD_shift into ADDS/SUBS+CINC for HDiv/HRem
      4c4ea1804a ARM64: Combine LSR+ASR into ASR for Int32 HDiv/HRem
      7e2ef93d54 ART: Refactor InstructionCodeGeneratorARM64::GenerateDivRemWithAnyConstant
      f96b0eb22e Move @CriticalNative arguments in registers.
      8fe101d38c Move entry spills determination to JNI compiler.
      dce838b495 Reduce cache memory use of libdexfile.

      * build/soong
      21923633 soong: Add ability to enable product_shipping_api_level variant.
      78ffc49d soong: Change to CR_VERSION
      fb399507 soong: whitelist updates
      70888930 soong : add more tools to paths whitelist
      f09dcafb soong: Add 'repo' to allowed commands
      58e818b9 soong: Whitelist cpio for prebuilt ramdisk extraction
      1edf5863 Define AArch32 soong variable

      * device/lineage/sepolicy
      40d8e1b sepolicy: Move in pocket service sepolicy
      6778c48 Allow platform access for fps info
      50db1b3 sepolicy: Smart Charging (3/4)
      963a4d1 common: Move sysfs_io_sched_tuneable to vendor
      e0bbee2 common: Expose faceunlock prop for all
      e1ef07a common: Expose hal1 camera list prop
      7ff6cb6 sepolicy: Allow key disabler access for platform
      300582b sepolicy: Allow system_server to read and write to sysfs_battery_supply
      509a165 selinux: Update app name for updater
      9a260a5 Update ota_update path

      * frameworks/base
      b0d54ee8dcd SystemUI: add FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices

      * system/core
      3b04fd96a Merge 'lineage-18.1' into 11.0

      * vendor/qcom/opensource/commonsys/system/bt
      b3a556339 ACL: Drop broadcasts
      f23129f70 Fix potential OOB write in libbluetooth
      62a128847 Fix a security issue in sdp_server.cc
      37a143b4e Check Classic key before cross-key derivation
      26aa76874 Send a response to an smp security request depending on the callback event
      1f868deb3 [system][bt] fix -Wdangling-gsl
      d7ae8315c Fix read out of bounds in BtifAvEvent::DeepCopy


      * android
      5ae2bba manifest: Sync QTI bootctrl HAL

      * build/make
      c5362f074 Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * development
      c140a3153 Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * device/lineage/sepolicy
      0ee6bd8 lineage: Suppress bash related ioctl denials
      811e656 qcom: gmscore_app: suppress denials on firmware
      cbba130 common: dynamic: Replace packageblacklist with packageexludelist

      * external/gptfdisk
      60f8818 Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * frameworks/av
      ea00c9fc3c Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * frameworks/base
      364462f9631 camera: Support exposing aux camera to apps

      * frameworks/native
      144dd1eac Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * hardware/lineage/interfaces
      315d284 gnss: fix -Wreorder-init-list
      742a534 trust: Include VINTF fragments

      * hardware/qcom-caf/bootctrl
      d1c4ad0 Expose 1.1 impl via cc_defaults
      dc8ec5d Build bootctrl.sdm845 using Android.bp
      432ead1 Drop dependency on librecovery_updater

      * packages/apps/DocumentsUI
      532d2bd17 Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27

      * packages/apps/Launcher3
      645c1d55f Launcher3: Use 75% black scrim
      6503fcfa5 Launcher: Improve translucent look and enable blur in Scrim.
      9df0e57db Revert "Do not blur if all apps is fully visible".
      91dc1ddd4 Revert "quickstep: Limit depth blur to overview and quick switch states"
      2a9cb0ca0 Revert "Make all apps scrim solid color".
      f8ab970af Revert "Make darkmode allapps backgrounds solid black".

      * system/bt
      c1f9733f6 Merge tag 'android-11.0.0_r27' into staging/lineage-18.1_merge-android-11.0.0_r27


      * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8996/display
      06c6b13a device_impl: Fix format types to avoid compilation errors
      fd1829ef Add C2D_FORMAT_BT601_FULLRANGE to C2D_FORMAT_MODE
      bb3ac843 Add C2D_COLOR_FORMAT_420_TP10 to C2D_YUV_FORMAT
      5b561190 Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0' of https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/platform/hardware/qcom/display into HEAD
      ead59119 Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0' of https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/platform/vendor/qcom-opensource/display-commonsys-intf into HEAD

      * hardware/qcom-caf/msm8996/media
      49d8165d Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0' of https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/platform/hardware/qcom/media into HEAD

      * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8250/display
      eb5016cd4 display: Drop LOCAL_COPY_HEADERS usage
      efb069690 Add C2D_COLOR_FORMAT_420_P010 to C2D_YUV_FORMAT

      * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8250/media
      21dcb528f media: Drop LOCAL_COPY_HEADERS usage

      * packages/apps/crDroidSettings
      71752552 Merge pull request #677 from raystef66/cr7_arrow
      9da36898 Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture [2/2]


      * vendor/lineage
      a6f77a7a config: Handle TARGET_EXCLUDES_AUDIOFX in the products definitions


      * android
      ded8844 manifest: Track sm8150 hals

      * frameworks/base
      31355d747fc NotificationPanelViewController: Fix DT2S gesture handling
      48fa9f4fa9c SystemUI: Hide lockscreen media art if media is not playing

      * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/audio
      8d897a925 Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.1.r1-08100-SMxxx0.0' into 11.0-caf-sm8150

      * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/display
      8551138fc Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.1.r1-08100-SMxxx0.0' into 11.0-caf-sm8150

      * hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/media
      4b8755e34 Merge tag 'LA.UM.9.1.r1-08100-SMxxx0.0' into 11.0-caf-sm8150


      * android
      5dbe806 Merge 'lineage-18.1' into 11.0

      * device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy-um
      03dc6e79 genfs_context: Enabling Vibrator for msm8998

      * packages/apps/Launcher3
      13bdb101a Disable MULTI_DB_GRID_MIRATION_ALGO

      * packages/apps/crDroidSettings
      f5041fb4 crdroid: Allow to use old style icons as default [2/2]
      276736c2 crdroid: old style mobile data indicators [2/2]
      fd5ebff5 Merge pull request #676 from MASTERGUY/11.0

      * vendor/addons
      2e6c95d addons: Allow hide gesture navbar [3/3]
      6686ed5 addons: allow customizing the length of gesture navbar [3/3]

      * vendor/lineage
      ede8d2dc config: Add dataservices to PRODUCT_SOONG_NAMESPACES if needed
      0b639769 vendor: apns: Update T-Mobile US to reflect latest carrier changes
      f3756863 vendor: Allow hide gesture navbar [3/3]
      a92289a3 vendor: allow customizing the length of gesture navbar [3/3]


      * android
      efc9672 lineage: Enable legacy NXP repo
      3748528 manifest: Track our own external toybox and boringssl repos
      7a11e16 Merge 'lineage-18.1' into 11.0

      * art
      fd08014668 Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds

      * packages/apps/AudioFX
      89a6bb9 AudioFX: Convert to Android.bp
      493a7e6 AudioFX: Remove deprecated ONE_SHOT_MAKEFILE
      4d06212 AudioFX: Use the TARGET_EXCLUDES_AUDIOFX flag in products, not .mk

      * packages/apps/crDroidSettings
      d2c5d0be Settings: Allow hide gesture navbar [2/3]
      24b83be3 Settings: allow customizing the length of gesture navbar [2/3]

      * system/core
      0e2192444 init: Add activation logs for flattened APEX folders with details
      f7603c96d Reboot sequence: Unmount active apexes before unmounting /data
      5dcd1b88f init: Sort the list of flattened APEX folders to avoid variations

      * vendor/qcom/opensource/dataservices
      821b3b0 dataservices: Define soong namespace


      * android
      cae0362 lineage: Sync standalone extract utils

      * build/soong
      2bc83fb8 Check `base` property before using it

      * frameworks/base
      ec93ea4e4e3 audio: Discard QTI only codecs when AOSP BT stack is in use
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