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Jun 1, 2017
Google Pixel 2 XL
Yeah. Read it. But I wanted to know if the behaviour is same as what is described on my comment? The different wattages on PC vs OEM charger.

"It works fine for me" does not answer any questions. Please try out the stuff that I mentioned so that I could know what is wrong with my device.


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Jul 21, 2018
Google Pixel 2 XL

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    When installing this version of the ROM depends on the Google logo
    Do not try the zips that are not released here. I was testing that build done by @spezi77. Unfortunately we are still not able to find the cause of issue with taimen build :(

    How's everyone on the new build?
    Looks like you missed my post above yours. There is no new build yet after February. We are checking when the next build can be released. No dates yet.

    Sorry for the confusion. I meant how's everyone doing with the Feb build. I'm still running your Android 10 version.
    Oops... It runs pretty good for me...

    Have people had luck using Google Pay on PixelDust by using the magisk modules?

    For a few months now, Google Pay has passed for myself and others without the need of my module
    Im not currently using it and havent been for a month now

    Most ROMs i have tested recently build with @kdrag0n 's universal safetynet fix in them, i dont know if this does, its not specified anywhere, in which case you can download from here and install via magisk manager, and reboot, then continue below.....

    All you should currently need is to is pass SafetyNet, which means installing magisk and enabling magiskhide, testing SafetyNet and making sure GooglePlay Store is certified

    In steps after ROM flash and Magisk flash/install:

    1) Open Magisk Manager
    2) Go to Settings
    3) Enable Magiskhide
    4) Test safetynet

    Please note currently the API Key John used in the Magisk Manager main page test has been revoked and this test will not pass
    you need to use a 3rd party app to test:

    5) If this passes then check Google Play Store Settings > About says certified

    If it doesnt:

    Toggle airplane mode on

    Via Settings > Apps > Show All Apps > Show system, clear data for:

    Google Play Store
    Google Play Services

    Note: This WILL remove any cards in Google Pay, including loyalty cards

    Then reboot, toggle Airplane Mode back off and test SafetyNet

    If it passes, try adding your card to Google Pay

    If it still doesnt pass it may be a ROM issue, we have seen even a ROM with universal safetynet fix not pass safetynet recently
    Possible for someone to share the Unicronblood Kernel. I want to try that out with PixelDust-Feb build (my stable fallback ROM)
    Here we go
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    PixelDust ROM is an Android 11 ROM especially built for the current Google Pixel devices and aimed for stability at its core with themes and customizations.

    Our philosophy is to offer all the features known from the Google Pixel Factory Images paired with a useful selection of the coolest custom ROM features.

    Our project is based off directly from AOSP. We attach great importance to aesthetics, themeability and personalization. For this we have integrated a great selection of space wallpapers and a special theme app (many thanks to Dirty Unicorns for their code base) in the settings of the Android OS.

    The PixelDust Crew would highly appreciate if you would take a little of your time and leave your valuable feedback, your honest opinion or just say hello. If you should encounter a bug, or some kind of glitch that seems to be abnormal and you are pretty sure that it is related to the ROM (and not related to any special apps or mods you flashed on top), then please give as many details as possible.

    Special shoutouts to Roger.T for his amazingly designed wallpapers, logos and the best bootanimation I ever had on my Pixel!!! If you like our work, please consider to buy Roger the first beer, and a few more for the other team members and spezi77. Cheers!

    If your device fails to comply with your standards of what you consider functioning, I am not liable. This is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty. Although, if you provide a log, I can provide some sort of assurance that I will look into your issue.


    * Periodic AOSP security updates
    * Vendor image and Pixel GApps included (Please do not flash any third party GApps)
    * Pixel wallpapers
    * PixelDust wallpapers
    * PixelDust Launcher

    * Additional dark/black themes, Accent colors, Fonts, Icon shapes, Navbar and QS tile styles

    Additional QS tiles
    * Always On Display
    * Caffeine
    * Language
    * NFC
    * PixelDust Settings
    * Screenshot (Partial/Full)
    * and many more

    Lock screen display
    * Ambient wake gestures
    * Pixel style Ambient music ticker
    * Now Playing support (only Pixel 2 and higher)

    * Lock screen PIN quick unlock
    * Face Unlock

    System Gestures
    * Active Edge
    * Swipe fingerprint for notifications
    * Swipe fingerprint left or right to dismiss notifications
    * Volume rocker skips music tracks
    * Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
    * Advanced Gestural navigation settings

    Status bar
    * Status bar items
    * Network activity
    * Clock & date settings
    * Battery settings

    Quick settings
    * Secure tiles require unlocking
    * Battery percentage
    * Battery estimate
    * Quick QS pulldown
    * QS columns/rows customizations
    * and many more

    * Screen off power button torch
    * Volume Settings: Playback control, Volume wake, Volume key cursor

    Navigation bar
    * Navbar visibility toggle
    * 3-button navigation options:
    * Layout (normal, compact, left-leaning, right-leaning)
    * Invert layout of Navbar buttons
    * Pixel animation

    * Status bar dt2s
    * Lock screen dt2s

    Lock screen
    * Battery info
    * Charging animation
    * Lockscreen shortcuts
    * Show/hide quick settings
    * Show/hide status bar
    * Media cover art
    * Media artwork blur level
    * Lock screen charging animation

    Power menu
    * Additional Power Menu options incl. advanced Restart

    * Less boring heads up
    * Notification sound if active

    * Pulse for NavBar, LockScreen and Ambient Screen
    * Wake up on charge
    * Rounded corners

    Not working:

    * ---


    Terms & conditions:
    By downloading this custom ROM you agree that I, the developer of PixelDust ROM, am not liable in any way, shape or form for any damage done to your device. The PixelDust ROM is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty.

    * Pixel Dust ROM Android 11 incl. GApps
    * TWRP 3.4.0-1 for Pixel 2 XL (credits Dees_Troy)


    Telegram Discussion Channel: https://t.me/pixeldustcommunity
    Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/pixeldustproject
    Telegram Build Support Channel: https://t.me/compile_pixeldust
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ANtVnW8

    Installation guide:

    * You are familiar with helping yourself out of awkward situations.. You won't defame or complain at the developer of this ROM for your misfortunes.
    * You are familiar with using fastboot (check this needful guide on how to unbrick your pixel device)
    * Before you are ready to flash this custom ROM, you have to install the latest factory image in order to have the correct bootloader, radio, vendor and so on in place.
    * Bootloader unlocked
    * You have created a backup of your ROM & data
    * Latest TWRP is installed or booted via fastboot;

    First time installing Pixel Dust ROM, or coming from another ROM:

    As mentioned above, you are required to flash stock ROM before installing this custom ROM.

    1. Flashing Stock ROM:
    1. Follow these instructions: https://developers.google.com/android/images#taimen

    2. Flashing PixelDust ROM:
    1. Reboot to twrp
    2. Wipe Dalvik cache and Data partitions
    3. Flash ROM
    4. Flash twrp zip
    5. Reboot to System and enjoy the Pixel Dust Goodness!


    Source code:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][Pixel 2 XL][10.0] PixelDust Android 10 for taimen, ROM for the Google Pixel 2 XL

    nitin.chobhe, spezi77
    Source Code: https://github.com/PixelDust-Eleven

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2019-11-09
    Last Updated 2020-08-07
    New build with January security patch and some new features is released. Link is added in OP.

    Download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pi...Dust-X-aosp-taimen-20200114-1015.zip/download

    Nitin :)

    August security update: Merge android-10.0.0_r41 (QQ3A.200805.001)

    * Extend NavBar Pulse to LockScreen and Ambient Screen (moved Pulse Settings to Misc)
    * Ambient music ticker: If "pulse on new tracks" is disabled don't pulse
    * fixup "Aosp Ambient music: allow to pulse on new tracks
    * Pulse: Add support for RGB accenter
    * Pulse: add automatic albumart color mode
    * Pulse navbar audio gfx visualizer for Android 10
    * fixup! base: Allow to disable Lockscreen Media Art
    * Add Space Analog Clock Style (illustration by the master himself @Roger.T )
    * Bring back Android Beam
    * Changed power menu screenrecord action to new API
    * Screen rec: Add support for AudioPlaybackCapture
    * Port Screenrecord UI from R
    * VolumePanel: Version 1.1
    * Add time refresh capabilities for custom lockscreen clocks
    * StitchImage: Port long screenshot implementation from Asus (replacement for Longshot)
    * Screen Stabilization
    * Make transparent QS background user configurable
    * QS panel opacity
    * Allow hiding Black Gradient behind QSPanel
    * Allow to show daily data usage
    * Add Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
    * Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
    * QS: Re-distribute tiles on changing orientation
    * Clock: Make auto hide option also work for center and right position
    * Add option to auto hide status-bar clock
    * Backup/Restore themes: Add RGB accenter
    * PixelDustWallpapers: Replace wall #13

    July security update: Merge android-10.0.0_r40 (QQ3A.200705.002)
    * QSTileStylePicker: Changes for qs tiles that use inverted icon color
    * QS Tile Styles: Fix preview
    * Import translations
    * Backup/Restore: Add our custom navbar styles
    * Backup/Restore: Add three buttons navigation bar style
    * Add more qs tile styles
    * Introduce QS tile style picker
    * ThemePicker: Dedicate the theme preview page to PixelDust. - Use current system accent color - Display the current theme title
    * Skip wallpaper step & force the current wallpaper to appear on the 1st page
    * ThemeFragment: Integrate DU Themes App as replacment for AOSP styles.
    * Override WallpaperPicker
    * QS footer brightness slider: Make the page indicator visible
    * QS footer: Hide multi user switch if miui slider is enabled
    * Bring back QS Drag Handle
    * Add user toggle for data activity indicators
    * Resurrect the pie-style Ambient Music Ticker
    * Allow for changing the music ticker position (off, centered, bottom)

    June update: Merge android-10.0.0_r37 (QQ3A.200605.001)
    * Update GApps to coral-qq3a.200605.001
    * Themes: Add support for simple Dark Mode Tile
    * LiveWallpaper added: AwakeWallpaper
    * Fix setting lockscreen charging animation on boot
    * Add ADB root support
    * Per-app cellular data, vpn and wifi restrictions
    * Enable dismissal feature on legacy suggestions
    * Wired/BT headset: make ringtone audio focus customizable
    * Gaming mode
    * Allow translucent (white) notifications background on lockscreen
    * Lockscreen Charging: Formatting improvements
    * QS footer brightness slider (miui-like)
    * Bring back QS Drag Handle
    * Add user toggle for data activity indicators

    May update: QQ2A.200501.001.B2 (May 2020)
    New Features/fixes:
    * Kernel compiled with Avalon-Clang-11.0.1
    * Redesign volume dialog (Credits PA)
    * Added more cLock styles: Divided Lines Clock, MNML clocks, Oroño clock (Credits Bootleggers)
    * PixeldustLauncher: Fix QSB shape for sailfish
    * PixeldustLauncher: Add Icon Pack Support from Shade Launcher
    * PixeldustLauncher: Allow users to toggle legacy icon masking
    * Battery icon: fix signal icon padding when using Hidden style
    * Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
    * TypeClock: Align owner info as per the clock style
    * Statusbar brightness control
    * Toggle to hide status bar on lock screen
    * OP Screenrecorder: Add internal audio recording support
    * Add outline style to caffeine qs tile drawable
    * Add Slim recents for Q
    * Ambient Display Visualizer
    * Fix showing duplicated charging status
    * Fix up custom rounded corner setting for status bar
    * Ambient Edge Pulse layout
    * Allow to hide navigation bar gesture completely
    * Tint power menu icons with the system accent also for IconPackOverlays
    * Allow a "L" back swipe to trigger more actions
    * Extended swipe: leftToRight triggers Forward when browser is running

    April update: QQ2A.200305.003 (April 2020)
    New Features/fixes:
    * Included OTA app
    * Allow to hide navigation bar gesture completely
    * Removed carrier services due to constant crashes (signature verification failed)
    * Pixeldust Launcher: Add a toggle to disable Google search aka quick search box (QSB)
    * Pixeldust Launcher: Follow system colors for dark style.
    * Pixeldust Launcher: Make QSB radius follow system icon shape
    * PixelDust Launcher: New layout for Google search bar (dock search widget)
    * PixelDust Launcher: Add toggle to hide dock search widget
    * PixelDust Launcher: Provide a dedicated search bar within the app drawer to just search for apps
    * Themes: Add square icon shape
    * PixelDustWallpapers: Convert to ThemePicker plugin
    * PixelDust Launcher: implement hidden & protected apps incl. BiometricPrompt
    * PixelDust Launcher: Avoid crash when default qsb is reinflated
    * PixelDust Launcher: Fix a bug that icon labels are missing in app folders. Make the visibility of icon labels dependent on 'Show icon labels on desktop'

    April update: QQ2A.200305.003 (April 2020)
    New Features/fixes:
    * Fixed Android Auto!
    * Fix AoD/Ambient screen glitches
    * Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
    * Less boring headsup: allow any sms/dialer app set as default by user
    * Allow to show music heads up on new tracks
    * Partial screenshot: block gestures and heads up when running
    * Less boring heads up option: always show alarm clock headsup
    * Less boring heads up option
    * Fonts: Introduce Google Sans Medium
    * SB clock font: Make it play nice with DU-Themes font overlay
    * SB Clock: Fix for googlesans
    * NavBarSettings: Show 'invert layout' also for 2-buttons navbar
    * Reset the navbar layout when switching the navigation mode. This is to prevent that when using the 3-button navigation bar layouts, e.g. For example: compact, leaning to the left or right, bizarre problems occur.
    * DU-Themes: add ChocoX Theme
    * Navbar: Introduce moar OS styles
    * Battery temp on power summary: Add support for Fahrenheit.
    * LS charging info: Add support for Fahrenheit.
    * Active Edge & Gestures nav: Add Skip/Previous Song Function
    * Navbar: Introduce navbar styles (Thanks DU)
    * Disable/Enable screenshot sound
    * Remove LTE tile because it is evil. Once you have pressed the LTE tile, the mobile network completely disappeared. It also shows that the SIM card is NOT AVAILABLE.
    * QS: Add and use Mobile Data panel
    * QS: Use Settings.Panel intents for WiFi and NFC
    * Introduce DataSwitchTile
    * Add Sync QS Tile
    * ThemeTile: Make it persistent after a reboot
    * Allow user-defined number of QS rows
    * LS: Show charging status in addition to trust granted/transient status
    * Allow for customizing the length of the navigation handle
    * Let long press power turn torch off when screen is on.
    * DU-Themes: Introduce RGB accenter
    * Text battery style: Toggle for bolt icon when charging
    * Battery percentage: Improve hidden style
    * Text battery style: show a bolt when charging
    * Gesture nav extended swipe: show a double arrow when almost triggered
    * LS Charging Animation: Add more animations
    * Pixel Navbar animation + toggle
    * Fix "settings: Protect sensitive info on About device"
    * Add video preview to Skip track gesture option
    * overlay: Use old NTP server in China
    * PixelDust Launcher: implement hidden & protected apps incl. BiometricPrompt
    * PixelDust Launcher: Avoid crash when default qsb is reinflated
    * PixelDust Launcher: Fix a bug that icon labels are missing in app folders. Make the visibility of icon labels dependent on 'Show icon labels on desktop'

    March security update: Merge android-10.0.0_r31 (QQ2A.200305.003)
    New Features/fixes:
    * General: Add German translations
    * cLock: Improve Two Line Digital Clock layout
    * cLock: Remove bubble clock
    * cLock: Fix layout glitches for TypeClock
    * ScreenRecorder: Replace the recorder app from LOS with the one from OP. Also add support for internal audio recording.
    * Launcher3: double tap on home screen to turn off screen
    * Hotspot: Add capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
    * Navbar: User toggle for navbar visibility
    * Navbar: Add tunables for navbar layout customization
    * Navbar: Arrow keys while typing
    * NavGestures: Allow long back swipe to trigger custom actions/app/activities
    * NavGestures: Add haptic feedback to left/right long swipe actions
    * NavGestures: Add kill app action to nav swipe actions
    * NavGestures: Allow long back swipe on bottom screen when launcher is showing
    * NavGestures: Allow a wider back swipe to trigger actions (instead of timeout)
    * NavGestures: Allow long back swipe to trigger custom actions/app/activities
    * NavGestures: Gestures nav edge dead zone: code cleanup
    * NavGestures: Gesture nav deadzone: be sure to set the value on boot
    * NavGestures: Gestures nav: allow to skip back swipe gesture on top half or top smaller area of the screen
    * ActiveEdge: add back custom app actions
    * ActiveEdge: Add kill app action to squeeze actions
    * Squeeze flashlight: allow to use it when all ambient/wake options are off
    * Power flashlight: allow to use it when all ambient/wake options are off
    * Misc: Re-add settings to relax device ID access restrictions
    * Traffic indicators: Various fixes
    * Notification edge light: day 0 notification light pulse fixes
    * Notification edge light: Make sure notification pulse animation stops
    * Notification edge light: support using notification color for pulse light
    * Settings: Expose the notification log
    * Battery: Add method for getting estimated battery time
    * Battery: Separate battery estimate from percent for QS
    * Battery styles: Fix a FC when "hidden" is selected
    * DU-Themes: Various improvements in Backup/Restore
    * AOD QS tile: Launch LockscreenDisplaySettings on long click

    February update: QQ1A.200205.002 (Feb 2020)
    New Features/fixes:
    * Lockscreen/At a glance: Switch weather provider to Google app
    * Lockscreen: Lockscreen Charging info
    * Launcher3 updates: Iconpack support, Change grid sizes, App info bottom sheet
    * New fonts: Fira Sans, OnePlus Slate, Samsung One & San Franscisco
    * Livewallpapers from Pixel 4
    * PixelDust Settings icons: New layout and increased size
    * Settings: Move PixelDust Settings top-level
    * cLock: Bold digital and Samsung like lockscreen clocks
    * ThemePicker: cLock: Add a user toggle to show/hide status area (weather info)
    * settings: Protect sensitive info on About device
    * Settings: Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot (improved version)
    * Search Index: PixelDust features show up under Settings search
    * Misc: Add split-permissions xml for GMS ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION
    * Screenshot: Port extended screenshot function from OOS aka Longshot
    * Partial screenshot: better partial screenshot version
    * BrightnessSlider: Make buttons optional
    * QS: Add dynamic Immersive Mode tile
    * Edge lighting: Pulse and Ambient notification bars
    * Edge lighting: Trigger pulse light only for notifications
    * Edge lighting: Automatically turn on ambient wake gestures when edge light is enabled
    * Edge lighting: Add Ambient Lights always on hide aod content option
    * Edge lighting: Replace pulse light drawable with a vector graphic
    * Edge lighting: User defined edge light color
    * Edge lighting: Removed Auto color option. Replaced with Pulse light accent color option
    * Edge lighting: Allow changing duration of ambient edge light
    * Edge lighting: Allow limiting edge lighting repeats
    * Edge lighting: Add an option to pulse edge light for all doze triggers
    * DU-Themes: Backup and restore themes options (credits Dirty Unicorns)
    * Navbar layout fixed when using 2- or 3-button navigation

    January update: QQ1A.200105.002 (January 2020)
    New Features/fixes:
    * Power button torch fixed
    * Ambient screen: Double-tap/lift to wake screen
    * Edge Light
    * Added PixelDust Launcher (a better replacement for Google Pixel Launcher)
    * Enhanced Theming engine under Settings > Themes (credits DU)

    Initial release: QP1A.191005.007.A3 (December 2019)

    Coming soon :)

    Here is the new build with December 2019 security patch: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pi...Dust-X-aosp-taimen-20191208-1318.zip/download

    Everything should work as expected :)

    Thanks to @spezi77 for this work on PixelDust :good:

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