[ROM][Pixel 3][11.0.0_r34] PixelDust Android 11 for blueline [6 April 2021]

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Dec 5, 2012
Guys, I'm on the 5th February build. Already updated to latest magisk 22 and magisk app through direct flash in magisk app. How do i dirty flash to 10th February build? Reflash stock boot image?


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Jan 27, 2013
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Jun 22, 2011
Piazza d'Armi
I did this way: from the power menu, i click "restart", then "Fastbootd", the phone started in Fastbootd Mode, from here i did "restart in recovery mode" and i flashed the new rom... so, it works for me
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Dec 5, 2012
Again, i have freezing issue. Phone just wouldn't respond and it need to forced reboot with power button. Everytime it needs to be done 2-3 time. It's almost everyday and kept getting more frequent. MatLog wouldn't load for me and I can't get my logs. Anybody faced this?


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Jan 27, 2013
Again, i have freezing issue. Phone just wouldn't respond and it need to forced reboot with power button. Everytime it needs to be done 2-3 time. It's almost everyday and kept getting more frequent. MatLog wouldn't load for me and I can't get my logs. Anybody faced this?
Please describe your exact steps. Obviously you did something wrong.


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Jan 27, 2013
hi guy's need big help plssss got this error FAILED (remote: Failed to write to partition Not Found) when i flash boot.img , plss thankssss
The command is:
fastboot flash boot boot.img

Have you flashed stock ROM on both slots?

If that doesn't work, try to update to the latest android platform tools. Which operating system do you run on your PC, Windows?


Apr 23, 2015
I updated from build on February 15th to build on March 6th. But again FeliCa stopped working. Submit the log. For this wonderful ROM
Postscript I got a new log with Matlog


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    No. I'm really happy someone is replying. I'll try to remove the modules and see how it goes.
    Not sure if it will help you or not, but the systemless hosts module and adaway was what was causing my unresponsiveness. I disabled them and havent had an issue.
    I have been having random crash and device unresponsiveness. I am forced to force reboot using hardware button and it always take me multiple try to get it working. Finally able to pull logs from ADB. Can some genius point me out on what's wrong?
    I am having the same issue. It happens atleast once a day. When I launch an app the phone goes totally unresponsive until I hard power cycle it.
    Please don't get me wrong. I am trying to help you, guide you. But I really don't understand what people do with their phone to end up like this. I've been using this ROM as a daily driver for half a year. We are continuously improving it. We had a long beta testing period to check that everything was completely stable. And now a handful of people are calling in with weird stuff after installing some magisk modules. Very likely these modules crash your system. Please take logs and send them to the author of the modules.
    No. I'm really happy someone is replying. I'll try to remove the modules and see how it goes.
    Same here. Disabled both and kept the V4A. I figured it out but don't post it here. Seems likes it's overloading the network and firebase connection. Making our poor pixel 3 with punny 4GB of ram crash itself.
    Interestingly enough, I have since re-enabled the systemless hosts module. and let it run for awhile without issues. Just this morning, I re-applied adaway to the hosts file. So far so good.
    What??? Before this, i did turn on and off host block in AdAway. But it doesn't really make a difference. Turn out it will only work if you boot up with AdAway already turned off. When it started to run for a while, turning off AdAway don't do much unless you turned it off, reboot and use your phone without the AdAway.

    With AdAway off, i noticed the phone has less lags. It works well for 1.5 days before hanging up. Turned off the magisk systemless host and it's running clean sp far. Rebooting no longer means a gamble wether it will work or i have to hard pressed reboot with keys.

    Before this AdAway trick, the only method to get my phone working is getting it into aeroplane mode. So this problem does come from network. I wonder what caused it.
    I would propose that you check your host sources. For AdAway, there is no need to have like 10 different sources added to the local host file. Beside this, you could replace AdAway by using Androids "private DNS" option (Settings - Network - Advanced - Private DNS). There are numerous DNS servers out there which include adblocking on DNS base (AdGuard for example).
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    PixelDust ROM is an Android 11 ROM especially built for the current Google Pixel devices and aimed for stability at its core with themes and customizations.

    Our philosophy is to offer all the features known from the Google Pixel Factory Images paired with a useful selection of the coolest custom ROM features.

    Our project is based off directly from AOSP. We attach great importance to aesthetics, themeability and personalization. For this we have integrated a great selection of space wallpapers and a special theme app (many thanks to Dirty Unicorns for their code base) in the settings of the Android OS.

    The PixelDust Crew would highly appreciate if you would take a little of your time and leave your valuable feedback, your honest opinion or just say hello. If you should encounter a bug, or some kind of glitch that seems to be abnormal and you are pretty sure that it is related to the ROM (and not related to any special apps or mods you flashed on top), then please give as many details as possible.

    Special shoutouts to Roger.T for his amazingly designed wallpapers, logos and the best bootanimation I ever had on my Pixel!!! If you like our work, please consider to buy Roger the first beer, and a few more for the other team members and spezi77. Cheers!

    If your device fails to comply with your standards of what you consider functioning, I am not liable. This is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty. Although, if you provide a log, I can provide some sort of assurance that I will look into your issue.


    * Periodic AOSP security updates
    * Vendor image and Pixel GApps included (Please do not flash any third party GApps)
    * Pixel wallpapers
    * PixelDust wallpapers
    * PixelDust Launcher

    * Additional dark/black themes, Accent colors, Fonts, Icon shapes, Navbar and QS tile styles

    Additional QS tiles
    * Always On Display
    * Caffeine
    * Language
    * NFC
    * PixelDust Settings
    * Screenshot (Partial/Full)
    * and many more

    Lock screen display
    * Ambient wake gestures
    * Pixel style Ambient music ticker
    * Now Playing support (only Pixel 2 and higher)

    * Lock screen PIN quick unlock
    * Face Unlock

    System Gestures
    * Active Edge
    * Swipe fingerprint for notifications
    * Swipe fingerprint left or right to dismiss notifications
    * Volume rocker skips music tracks
    * Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
    * Advanced Gestural navigation settings

    Status bar
    * Status bar items
    * Network activity
    * Clock & date settings
    * Battery settings

    Quick settings
    * Secure tiles require unlocking
    * Battery percentage
    * Battery estimate
    * Quick QS pulldown
    * QS columns/rows customizations
    * and many more

    * Screen off power button torch
    * Volume Settings: Playback control, Volume wake, Volume key cursor, Live volume steps

    Navigation bar
    * Navbar visibility toggle
    * 3-button navigation options:
    * Layout (normal, compact, left-leaning, right-leaning)
    * Invert layout of Navbar buttons
    * Pixel animation

    * Status bar dt2s
    * Lock screen dt2s

    Lock screen
    * Battery info
    * Charging animation
    * Lockscreen shortcuts
    * Show/hide quick settings
    * Show/hide status bar
    * Media cover art
    * Media artwork blur level
    * Lock screen charging animation

    Power menu
    * Additional Power Menu options incl. advanced Restart

    * Less boring heads up
    * Notification sound if active

    * Pulse for NavBar, LockScreen and Ambient Screen
    * Wake up on charge
    * Rounded corners

    Not working:

    * ---


    Terms & conditions:
    By downloading this custom ROM you agree that I, the developer of PixelDust ROM, am not liable in any way, shape or form for any damage done to your device. The PixelDust ROM is provided free of charge and does not come with a warranty.

    * Pixel Dust ROM Android 11 incl. gapps and vendor
    * Boot image (must be flashed before each installation process)
    * Magisk patched boot image (can be flashed after the first boot of the ROM)


    Telegram Discussion Channel: https://t.me/pixeldustcommunity
    Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/pixeldustproject
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ANtVnW8


    * You are familiar with helping yourself out of awkward situations. You won't defame or complain at the developer of this ROM for your misfortunes.
    * You are familiar with using fastboot
    * Before you are ready to flash this custom ROM, you have to install the latest factory image
    * Bootloader unlocked
    * You have created a backup of your ROM & data

    First time installing PixelDust ROM, or coming from another ROM:


    1. Flashing stock ROM:
    1. Follow these instructions: https://developers.google.com/android/images#blueline

    2. Flashing PixelDust ROM:
    1. Download the ROM and boot image
    2. Flash the boot image (this allows stock recovery to flash unsigned rom zip since we dont have TWRP)
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    3. Wipe userdata (required for first PixelDust/Android 11 install)
      fastboot erase userdata
    4. Reboot into fastbootd
      fastboot reboot fastboot
    5. Use volume keys and power button to select "Enter Recovery"
    6. Select "Apply Update from ADB"
    7. Sideload the ROM zip
      adb sideload PixelDust-Eleven-aosp-blueline-user-xxx.zip
    8. Reboot

    Dirty flashing PixelDust ROM:
    Skip these steps:
    - Flash the boot image
    - "Wipe userdata"


    Thanks to all development teams, e.g. ABC ROM, AICP, AOKP, AOSPA, AOSP Extended, BenzoROM, Bootleggers, CarbonROM, crDroid, DirtyUnicorns, Havoc OS, HentaiOS, LOS, MSM-Xtended Project, OmniROM, Potatoes Project, PureNexus, ProtonAOSP and YAAP, we borrowed a few features and tweaks from.


    Source code: https://github.com/pixeldust-devices/android_kernel_google_bluecross

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][Pixel 3][11.0] PixelDust Android 11 for blueline, ROM for the Google Pixel 3

    Source Code: https://github.com/PixelDust-Eleven

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2019-12-25
    Last Updated 2021-02-02

    * Initial XDA release
    * Security patch level: 2021-02-05 Android 11.0.0 Release 31 (RQ1A.210205.004)

    * Patch release to eliminate UI lags (kernel updated)
    * Added VoLTE icon from OOS 10
    * Added Quick QS brightness slider
    * Misc improvements

    * Security patch level: 2021-03-05 Android 11.0.0 Release 32 (RQ2A.210305.006)
    * Update PDLauncher for r32
    * Make QS quickbar slimmer. Especially with the brightness slider in the quickbar it was way too high!
    * QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header date to access calendar
    * QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header clock to access settings
    * SystemUI: Make the kill app qs tile icon prettier
    * SystemUI: Add side paddings for brightness slider
    * Fix background colouring for settings themed icons
    * SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon
    * SystemUI: Add flipendo to Battery Saver QSTile
    * Add support for FeliCaClient

    * SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    * SystemUI: Face Unlock animation
    * Fix layout for battery charging animation
    * Fix to allow passing safety net check

    * Security patch level: 2021-04-05 Android 11.0.0 Release 34 (RQ2A.210405.005)
    * wifi: Increase 5 GHz network signal tolerance
    * Update PDLauncher: App drawer opacity, AppInfo Bottom Sheet from Shade Launcher, Disabled the feature for protected apps in favor of AppLocker, Icon pack support on an app basis, Added uninstall to task shortcuts, Added dark primary support, Fixed notification dots
    * fixup! Navbar animation for custom 3-button navbar
    * Face Unlock animation
    * Allow scheduling always on display
    * Navbar: Arrow keys while typing resurrection
    * Expose location icon to Tuner
    * fix padding between privacy icons and network traffic
    * Add Gvisual Mod (Statusbar height, UI corner shape)
    * AODSchedule: Add support for mixed time & sun modes
    * Add GVisual Mod navbar colors
    * Introduce Applock
    * AppInfo: Add time spent in app from Wellbeing
    * Allow 0.8 font scale without crashing
    * Add Switch Styles
    * Add Brightness slider styles
    * Show icon of package associated with Toast
    * Materialize Toast notifications
    * Dark theme changes from Android 12 DP2
    * Ambient Display battery toggle
    * keyguard battery bar in aod on charging
    * Also show the battery bar if the battery is not charging
    * Color the battery bar red when the level drops to 15%
    * Animate brightness slider
    * Add ClearSpring and DarkAubergine system themes
    * Color the qs drag handle with the accent color
    * TypeClock: bring back O’minute
    * Make Quick Unlock compatible with long PIN/Password
    PixelDust ROM January update arrived!

    New build with April security patch arrived.

    Enjoy ;)
    New build with March security patch and some more features/ bug fixes is released.

    Have a nice day

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