[ROM][PORT][10.0.0] MIUI 11.2 20.3.26 China Dev [01.04.20][EOL]

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    MIUI 11 China Dev for OnePlus 6!

    Stock MIUI 11 China Dev 20.3.26 Android 10 / Mi8 Firmware - China Dev - Xiaomi.EU
    Automated Flasher
    MIUI AOD Works.
    Themes, Wallpapers, Ringtones work!
    Live wallpaper works!
    Full Screen Gestures work!
    Mi AI works!
    Dark Mode!
    Custom Kernel Support!
    F2FS Support! (Pie Only)
    Notch Hiding!
    GCam 7.3 Support!
    GApps Built in
    Multilanguage (Xiaomi.eu Only)
    And more!

    Mi Account Fix: Reset Your Password, and then login. It will log You in! Done! Enjoy! :)

    Mi Account Fix 2: Tap to sign in with Google Account, then tap log in with another account, then log in and Done! Enjoy! :)

    What works:
    Almost everything, check bugs!
    Brightness works great too!

    What doesn't work / Bugs:
    NFC (system doesn't support it)
    Dash Charge charging indicator isn't showing up but phone charges fast anyway.

    How to Install:
    Make sure You're on latest Open Beta Q or H2OS Beta Q firmware!

    Note: Backup Your nudes before flashing the rom! It will wipe Your internal storage.

    As of 20.2.27 Build, EPR is no longer needed so just simply run force wipe flasher/dirty flasher (if previous build) and enjoy!

    Use EPR before flashing this ROM! After that flash latest Open Beta Q twice,
    and remember which slot You have resized!

    New detailed Guide by @umangtayal :)

    1. Reboot to TWRP blu_spark 3.3.1-x (v9.101).

    2. Flash latest Open Beta Q for OP6 and twrp, and reboot to recovery

    3. Again flash latest Open Beta Q and twrp and reboot to recovery (this will flash dp3 to both slots).

    4. After latest Open Beta Q flashing is done, make sure you are in slot A of twrp (if you are in slot B, simply go to reboot and at the bottom select slot A).

    5. Now in twrp(slot A), run epr on slot A.

    6. After epr is done, your device will boot into fastboot.

    7. Now run the MIUI flasher while in fastboot. This will flash MIUI to slot A (in slot B it will show "volume full" error, which is perfectly normal)

    8. After flashing is done, you can reboot to recovery and flash magisk or simply reboot to system.

    There is a seperate thread on EPR( enchilada partition resizer). if you dont know how to use epr, simply google it and you'll find the xda thread.

    If You want to update, or You don't want to format Your data use "flasher_no_format_data".

    Check screenshots in attached images!


    Latest Build - Xiaomi.EU China Dev (GApps Included/Multilang)
    MIUI 11 - 20.3.26 Xiaomi.EU for OnePlus6 Apr1
    Old MIUI 10 Pie Builds
    MIUI 10 Pie China Dev 9.7.22 for OnePlus6
    MIUI 10 Fixes for 9.7.22 with Battery Fix
    MIUI 10 Global Dev 9.5.30 for OnePlus6 & 6T

    Warning! DO NOT flash MIUI OTA's! They may brick Your phone! If You end up flashing one anyway, just use EDL mode or fastboot to go back to stock firmware.

    Note: I'm going to update this rom every time a new security patch comes out or something. I love MIUI 10/11 so I'll make sure to keep it up to date! :) (Don't expect day one updates though)

    If You have any other problems, just ask here on XDA or for the fastest support PM me or ask someone in my group on Telegram
    Join my group!

    If You want to motivate me to work more, buy me a coffee!



    GeciSantos for BT Fix
    Xiaomi.eu Team for their amazing Xiaomi.eu ROM!
    EnesSastim for uploading MIUI 11 for me!
    Some Chinese guy from MIUI forum for Watermark fix.
    Guzram for partial gxzw fix & overlay advice.
    Omar2005 for his audio fix.
    Alex for Mi Account Fix!
    dougie313 for a full audio fix!
    erfanoabdi for vendor patcher idea.
    fxsheep for his sgsi guide.
    Lineage for cam libs.
    OnePlus for creating OP6! Best device for roms :laugh:
    My friend Dylan for always supporting me :D
    If I forgot anyone, just PM me on Telegram!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][PORT][9.0] MIUI 10 Pie 8.11.23 [08.12.18], ROM for the OnePlus 6

    Source Code: https://github.com/OnePlusOSS/android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845

    ROM OS Version: 10.x Q
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: OxygenOS DP3 or newer
    Based On: MIUI 11

    Version Information

    Created 2018-12-08
    Last Updated 2019-09-10
    And here it is.. Our own full MIUI vendor + new MIUI build. This is the biggest MIUI update so far, and honestly.. it was pretty difficult and we even almost lost it due to power outage which corrupted my vendor, but luckily day before that I uploaded a backup for my Dev Team to play with it before release.

    I finally fixed issues that were annoying us since beginning of this port, and even though most people didn't complain.. much. It's always nice to have as stable ROMs as possible! :eek:.

    This is a slightly rushed release but.. it's even better than previous ones! So if previous releases were fine for You, You will like this one even more!

    And like I said.. rushed because we're missing couple of smaller fixes and improvements like even bigger Globalisation of China Dev in future builds and maybe even Mi Account working again.

    Massive Thanks to GeciSantos for finding a BT Fix!

    Security Patch Level: 2020-01
    MIUI Version: MIUI 11 - Android 10 - 20.1.16 China Dev - Full Vendor + Gapps
    Updated MIUI to latest build
    Added Full MIUI Vendor
    Added Dual Hybrid Selinux
    Fixed Auto Rotation
    Fixed Display Feature (Reading Mode / Colour Saturation etc)
    Noticeably improved performance
    And many many more changes!

    Bug Fixes coming in future builds:
    WiFi Hotspot
    Mi Account
    Notch improvements
    (More experimenting with adding our NFC to system)
    Further globalisation of China Dev

    I'm also working on other projects like Dual Boot (TWRP Flashable + restore zip) (95% done) or Dynamic Partitions (slightly useless after more experimenting with it), OneUI 2 (poor chances of big stability but won't hurt to try, take a look at RealmeUI), MidnightSix-Q (this may take a while) or even more fixes for OP7 Port for OP6.

    All of the stuff that we just achieved today, took weeks. So please understand that and don't ask constantly for ETAs. I'm trying to bring as many amazing things as possible to OP6 but I'm really running out of time already and missing more and more sleep. I also have to adjust this vendor for Pixel firmware and other ROMs that suffer from broken auto rotation. So I'm really drowning a little in all this work, so the best You can do is just wait and hold Your thumbs :fingers-crossed:

    MIUI 11 - 20.1.16 - Full Vendor for OnePlus6 Jan21

    As always, enjoy guys! :highfive:
    Happy New Year everyone! I hope You had great Christmas and didn't get too drunk yesterday.. :p.

    I finally found out why new MIUI releases were so buggy. It was because of OB9 and OB10 firmware. These firmwares make booting MIUI 10 impossible or it just crashes constantly. Please OnePlus try to fix it in OB11 or something.

    And a message to Xiaomi. I'm EXTREMELY THANKFUL that You didn't patch my porting method. I love MIUI 10 and I personally own lots of Xiaomi devices (not just phones, but Mijia products etc). So I'm very thankful that You Xiaomi Devs, didn't patch my porting method! :highfive:

    Before flashing this update, make sure You're using OB8 firmware as base. To avoid bugs, just flash it twice. OP6T users, use 9.0.7.

    Okay.. so.. what's new in this update?

    Switched to Mi 8 Pro firmware.
    Latest MIUI 10 Pie Global Dev 8.12.27
    Security Patch: 2018-12
    Experimental 6T FP Scanner support (Mi 8 Pro uses In Display FP Scanner)
    Gapps are now built into the rom.
    Rom contains most if not all languages!
    WiFi stability has been improved a lot.
    MIUI Camera kinda works. You can take pictures but pictures from rear camera aren't saving. Front camera takes pictures without a problem. I'm working on fixing MIUI Camera (AI, 960FPS etc).
    Enabled Mi Sound Enhancer, sadly it doesn't change sound (working on it too!) Just use v4a or dolby for now :eek:.
    Debloated some apps.
    Improved Sound Fix.
    Chinese apps are gone and now You can use Global apps.
    Auto rotate doesn't crash settings anymore.
    Some settings aren't crashing anymore.
    Battery stats are working.
    Improved MIUI 10 Fixes.zip
    New toggles in recent apps.
    All Global features.
    And more. Just don't remember everything, sorry!

    MIUI 10 Global 8.12.27 Pie for OnePlus 6

    To get MIUI Camera to work. Go to settings > system app settings > camera and disable qr code scanning.

    Enjoy! :laugh:

    Check out new screenshots in main post! :)

    I just finished my latest project that took me whole night to code (and learn as I never used this language before)

    What is it? First, take a look at screens. Done? Let's continue!

    Couple of months ago when I lost my wonderful computer, I also lost JRC app source (Now I use GitHub for everything) and I wasn't able to continue improving it. But! Today I decided to recreate JRC but.. bigger! So I made Jay's ROMs Home which has more features than previous ROM Control.

    First feature is well.. home.. It shows You all details about Your current ROM and device and to make bug reports EASY, I added a automated bug report button at the bottom. How does it work? Just tap it, wait 5 seconds and then zip rclogs folder that has been created in Your root of internal storage.

    Pretty cool huh? Yes! Cool for me and You as this way You won't have to use PC anymore to take proper logs and with this method I'll get 3 types of FULL logs. Not just basic logcat.

    Second feature is ROM Control. It allows You to enable HBM or OTG just like before but now.. it has a freaking Brightness SLIDER. Yes! No more 3 buttons that gave You limited choices. Pixel users should be very happy now.

    And last feature is pretty much the biggest thing in the whole app that I thought I'd never be able to code but hey! I did it! :highfive:

    Updater! It automatically detects what ROM and version of the ROM You are using and if it detects new one being available on the server, it will show You new Build Version, Changelog and will create a up to date download link button! It will support all ROMs soon and even maintained devices like 6T.

    That was my first ever experience with Kotlin and honestly.. it's actually pretty fun! I'm really happy with one night results. The app still needs some server side polishing but will be ready with next update of any ROM.

    And just in case, this may not be final App design yet (My friend is working on a nicer theme) so we will see :).

    And suggest me what features I should add to the app in the future in our Telegram Group!
    Pretty big news again.. I finally managed to port full Mi Mix3 vendor. Aaand.. after a whole night it's pretty much bugless now. (AOSP Based ROMs)

    What does it mean for You? ROMs?

    Well, now our ports (not just MIUI) will be less buggy! Things like brightness issues or auto rotation crashing Your phone won't exist anymore! :D. There's a little catch though.. Our phones use something called cameraHIDL, it's one of those nasty HALs just like WiFi or Dolby that needs to be properly set up in selinux, WiFi for example will work after modding 2 files and rougly 3-4 lines of code. But cameraHIDL needs to be fully set up in most files including ones that can't be edited, and in Pie for example, editing most of the editable files would fix it, but in Q it just doesn't work. HAL either doesn't load or phone doesn't even reach boot animation. So what does that mean? Well. We can either have working camera or colour saturation settings + MIUI SetupWizard. In this case choice is easy. We all want camera, especially when MIUI has great colour saturation out of the box and SetupWizard only shows up once per clean boot so not a big loss.

    Anyway! So yes. Soon we will have auto rotation working in all ROMs and hopefully Pixel and other firmwares without brightness issues! :victory:. I wanted to upload a build today already but I'm dead tired and this whole vendor still needs some small clean ups and tweaks to be "perfect". So see You guys in a couple of days! :eek: