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[ROM][PORT][11.0.0] MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 V2 China Dev [13.04.21]

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Feb 3, 2021
Guys can anybody help i have OnePlus 8t. 1st i downloaded the rom zip 6.2gb and then 8t support zip after that i paste the 8t support package into rom folder and click on kebab flasher bat file and my phone boot into the Qualcomm crash dump mode. Can anybody please tell me what i am doing wrong
To clarify for everyone:
IT DOESNT WORK ON THE 8T RIGHT NOW AT ALL. The 8t has different partition sizes and this installer is designed to work on 8 and 8 pro, so it will fail on the 8t every time because of partition sizes. Maybe it'll be updated but as of right now 8t isn't working. It will always go to crashdump
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Nov 21, 2015
To clarify for everyone:
IT DOESNT WORK ON THE 8T RIGHT NOW AT ALL. The 8t has different partition sizes and this installer is designed to work on 8 and 8 pro, so it will fail on the 8t every time because of partition sizes. Maybe it'll be updated but as of right now 8t isn't working. It will always go to crashdump
Thanks for the clarification


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Jan 27, 2016
Sorry guys, last build had an issue that we completely missed. It was broken media audio (in app) and lagging video, don't worry though. Thanks to @Wkwiles for reporting it quickly, this build has it fixed :sneaky:(y)


Fixed Media Audio (in app)
Fixed lagging video
Added Ozo C2
Updated both Support Packages with fixes above

MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - Android 11 - China Dev V2 - ROM Base

MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - OnePlus 8 Support Package V2
MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - OnePlus 8T Support Package V2

Also please report future bugs on Telegram in my group, this way I won't miss them.

Enjoy! :giggle:
Black issue is still there and Verizon sim not working


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Jan 17, 2010
OnePlus 8 Pro
Man i remember the first builds of MIUI. As far as i remember it was a ui/rom only back then. I think it was while the Htc Sensation was an actual flagship.

I kinda miss HTC Sense UI :-(

Hope your work goes on well here with this rom.

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    MIUI 12.5 for OnePlus 8 Pro!

    Stock MIUI 12.5 21.4.8 - Android 11 - Mi 10 Ultra - China Dev
    Automated Flasher
    Themes, Wallpapers, Ringtones work!
    Live wallpaper works!
    Full Screen Gestures work!
    Vendor RW
    Mi AI works!
    GCam 8 Support with all lenses!
    Dark Mode!
    Custom Kernel Support!
    Hole Hiding!
    GApps Built in
    And more!

    Mi Account Fix: Tap to sign in with Google Account, then tap log in with another account, then log in and Done! Enjoy! :)

    What works:
    Almost everything, check bugs!

    What doesn't work / Bugs:
    Current build still suffers from Black Screen Issue.
    New Vendor coming when I have time.

    FOD & Face Unlock
    Warp Charge may / may not work
    DisplayFeature(night mode, colour settings etc)
    MIUI Haptics / Not all vibration types work

    How to Install:
    Make sure You're on latest Open Beta Firmware!

    Note: Backup Your nudes before flashing the rom! It will wipe Your internal storage.

    Extract zip somewhere on Your PC
    Reboot Your phone into fastboot mode
    Run force wipe flasher
    Wait for the phone to reboot!

    Done! Easy? Yup!

    If You want to update, or You don't want to format Your data use "flasher_no_format_data".

    Check screenshots in attached images!


    Latest Build - Xiaomi.EU (GApps Included/Multilang)
    MIUI 12.5 - 20.4.8 - China Dev - OnePlus 8 Series V2

    Warning! DO NOT flash MIUI OTA's! They may brick Your phone! If You end up flashing one anyway, just use EDL mode or fastboot to go back to stock firmware.

    If You have any other problems, just ask here on XDA or for the fastest support PM me or ask someone in my group on Telegram
    Join my group!

    If You want to motivate me to work more, buy me a coffee!


    Horizon Kernel guy for his amazing kernel!

    Everyone from OnePlus6 who helped with finding occasional fixes
    LuK1337 for his amazing LOS work for OP6/8Pro!
    Xiaomi.eu Team for their awesome Xiaomi.eu ROM!
    My friend Dylan for always supporting me :D
    If I forgot anyone, just PM me on Telegram!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][PORT][10.0.0] MIUI 12 - 20.6.11 XEU [20.06.12], ROM for the OnePlus 8 Pro

    Source Code: https://github.com/xzr467706992/android_kernel_oneplus_sm8250

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest OxygenOS
    Based On: MIUI

    Version Information

    Created 2020-06-20
    Last Updated 2020-07-22

    Here You go guys! This phone is a nightmare to develop for. But we will do it!
    @ProtoDeVNan0 could you take a look at ColorOS from the Chinese Version of the 8 and 8 Pro? Would be cool if you could port ColorOS to the Global Version :D
    Unfortunately only OP8 got it for now and dynamic ColorOS has issue with data creation but as soon as Chinese 8 Pro gets it, I'm sure that will be possible.

    Anyway, new MIUI build is now available, last one had black screen issues. This one I managed to use for around 2 hours without a single display issue.

    Also this build has experimental 8/8T Support with dedicated vendor for both of these devices.


    Added improved support for OnePlus8 and OnePlus8T
    Fixed Black Screen Issue (tested for 2 hours without black screen happening)
    Switched to China Dev with GApps
    Added Addons folder with working GCam + PlayStore
    AOD seems to be working for some themes now
    Added additional improvements for A/B (may/may not affect anything as logs don't show much)

    Make sure to read README.txt after extracting the ROM for instructions and notes!
    Support Package is supposed to be extracted into same directory as main ROM.

    MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - Android 11 - China Dev - ROM Package (8 Pro Built In)
    MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - OnePlus8 Support Package
    MIUI 12.5 - 21.4.8 - OnePlus 8T Support Package

    Enjoy! Next update will be out with new security patch as I'm busy with other devices + my personal work + OneUI 3.1 for 8 Pro which has 95% of hardware working already.
    Aaand as I promised, here's a new build!

    This one has some nice fixes but.. we had to sacrifice boot animation (for now at least) to use them..

    Security Patch Level: 2020-07
    MIUI Version: MIUI 12 - 20.7.16 - Xiaomi.EU
    Fixed 120Hz (Thanks to LuK1337)
    Fixed QHD+ (Thanks to LuK1337)
    Fixed AOD
    WiFi should no longer cause reboots
    Fixed flashlight toggle
    Updated whole base to 10.5.11 EU
    All changes that new OOS base and MIUI brought.

    Note: After booting for the first time, make sure to go to Dev Options and change DPI to around 420 and cutout to corner cutout.
    Note2: You can enable new Control Center in Settings!

    MIUI 12 - 20.7.16 - XEU for OnePlus8Pro

    Enjoy! :)

    People moan that there's not enough ROMs on forums, and here we have people moaning that a ROM has been released?? Not a Magisk ROM, an actual ROM??

    Give the man a thumbs up don't take the piss.

    Well done to the OP for your work. It's appreciated by most.