[ROM][PORT][4.0.4] MiniCM9 UNOFFICIAL for L3 E400

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Jan 12, 2011
both wifi tether and usb tether not working. i must use third party app instead:(
Well, I've mentioned it in first page so... :rolleyes:

This rom is good...as its fast and ldpi...but it little bit unstable...like usb storage not possible to tur on again if you off it once...ringtones set back to default after sometimes...but overall i enjoyed it..great work dev as usual:thumbup:

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Thanks for the feedback :)


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Jun 19, 2014
I couldn't private message you,andwie.I would like to use mini cm9 as base rom for porting.Can I?Greetings giaki3003

My phone: Lg-e400 with cyanoid rom #15+cyanoid kernel 0.4(@linuxx)+supercharger v6 (@zeppenlinrox)+crossbreeder (edited zip) (@idcrisis)+swap of 50 mb (System) and 693 mb (sdcard) all this for#abetterl3


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Nov 22, 2013
Hi, thanks @andwie for the great work.
I have a problem with the rington, even if it's on ring, it rings only one time and then keep silent, if vibration is active so it rings one time and vibrate after that.
3 people in this thread asked about approximatively the same problem but received no answer. As you can imagine it's a bit annoying to have no ringtone.
Is it a problem that can be solved ?


Feb 3, 2013
I bought 8 GB kingston microSD card.

Link2SD can see her..

But MiniCM9 can not

Paragon NTFS&HFS& also have problem when I tray to mount the microSD card

Please help someone!!


Apr 11, 2008
Hy! your rom is amazing!
in he closest fuure, is a chance to make fm-radio to work. hanks!


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Sep 29, 2007
Thanks for this ROM. I got a LG E400 for free and gave it a new life with this MiniCM9.
I first tried some CM12 5.0.2 ROMs from the brazilians, but I was not able to install GApps on those.


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Sep 29, 2007
Apparently yes. Google for "optimusmania.com Nova Rom Lollipop Android 5.0.2 / Português Brasil LG L3 e400".


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Sep 29, 2007
Anyone else is having problems with WhatsApp not making nor receiving calls? I have no ideia how to troubleshoot it...


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Nov 16, 2016
Storagelist fix link does not work..
Please let me know if there is another valid link.
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    CyanogenMod (MiniCM) is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.


    This rom, entitled MiniCM9, is ported from LG Pecan (Optimus Me/P350) which I believe is smoother than current CM9 nightly build while also provide extra settings. I ported this because I wanted an up-to-date version of CM9 which has minimal bugs and doesn't have unnecessary apps that will slowing it down, so this is CM9.1 with many apps removed which you won't miss.

    Original ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2040176
    Kernel thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2215406

    -Gellmar's kernel (1GHz/tun/swap, UMS/blur/battery/ICS device encryption fix)
    -Built for LDPI, no size issue
    -Slimmed down, under 75MB!
    -Full hardware acceleration (the ICS way)
    -OpenGL rendering
    -Smooth 2D scrolling in menus
    -zRam support (Settings -> Performance -> Memory management, only works if you use arek's 1,1GHZ kernel)
    -No languages other than English (use this app for languages )
    -SDMergE400 step 4 available

    Known issues:
    -native WiFi tether didn't work so I've included WiFi tether app
    -no offline FM Radio
    -disable auto-rotate from display settings will cause random hangs
    -select Settings -> About phone -> CyanogenMod updates will causes FC

    LG Optimus L3 (E400), rooted and has CWM recovery v5.8.4.5 installed and microSD unpartitioned.

    1. Download the MiniCM9-xxx.zip from the release link that follows
    2. Download the suggested tiny gapps for ICS
    3. If you use SDMerge mod, download the step 4 specially prepared for this rom.
    4. Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc. or backup via recovery
    5. Move all the downloaded files to the root folder of your sdcard.
    6. Enter CWM recovery and:
    - Select 'backup and restore -> backup'
    - Select 'wipe data/factory reset' (MUST DO!)
    - Select 'advanced' -> 'wipe dalvik cache'
    - Select 'mounts and storage' -> 'format /system'
    - Flash the MiniCM9-xxx.zip. To do this, Select 'install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard' and select the MiniCM9-xxx.zip
    - Flash gapps (and SDMerge step4) in the same way
    7. Reboot (first boot will take 2-3 mins)
    8. Enjoy ;)

    Please make sure you followed the above steps before reporting any issues, especially 'wipe data/factory reset'.

    do NOT mirror
    - MiniCM9-20131013-UNOFFICIAL-E400.zip

    - tiny gapps ICS

    - SDMergE400 step4

    -team PecanCM (keyur2maru, Ron G, antdking, and venkat kamesh)
    -MiniCM team (nobodyAtall & DaRk_dOg)
    -gellmar for kernel
    -CyanogenMod team for providing base
    -dsixda for android kitchen
    -Forgot you? PM me and I'll put your name here right away. :)

    I can't be held responsible if this ROM bricks your device or makes it explode in your hands! Use it at your own risk!
    -Initial release, ported from LG Pecan
    -add MiniCM9 theme and set it as default
    -replaced music player with Apollo
    -updated Gallery & Terminal Emulator
    -added File Manager & WiFi Tether
    -removed Voice dialer
    -added some tweaks
    MiniCM9 Theme:

    MiniCM9 theme, is the valid successor for MiniCM6 and MiniCM7 legacy.
    It is designed as close as possible to the original specs of ICS, in order to be a lightweight, beautiful alternative to the stock theme. However it is tweaked in several parts of the UI, in order to fit better to our small device's screen.




    *3.0.2* 26-05-2012
    -Initial release
    -Several UI elements are resized (in order to fit better with the small size of the screen)
    -themed most of the basic parts of framework
    -themed Trebuchet (also compatible with Apex/Nova Launcher)
    -themed Contacts/dialer
    -themed/redesigned status bar icons (Bigger and sharper, especially on the LDPI res)
    -themed Playstore (Small details in order to fit the theme)
    -themed Torch (also fixed on LDPI)
    -themed Apollo
    -themed Camera
    -themed launcher icons (lots to follow)

    Wallpaper LDPI:


    MiniCM9 sig banners:

    (If you use MiniCM9 and want to show it to the others, feel free to use the following sigs) :)



    CID, (as referring to the new CyanogenMod mascot) is the personal work of Caio and CyanogenMod. All logos of MiniCM9 are based on his design and are reproducing the original work of the respectful author. Therefore, all credits go to him and CM :)
    All of these fixes are flashable zip, means you have to flash it through CWM Recovery to apply it.

    StorageList fix
    for non-SDMerge users that have problem in detecting SDcard

    GalleryEdit fix
    fixed Gallery FC when editing photos
    Can we use mod like crossbrider, fly on mode?

    Yes u can.
    I'm not gonna sell it.I just want something with more developers support .If we get Kitkat on the L3 Ill be more than happy to contribute in any way and to report bugs.I still think I should get the Huawei Y300 all the same .It has amazing developers support at Modaco and costs about 100$ USD here in Kenya .Meanwhile I hope Linnuxx and his team can get CM11 on this little beast.I've already seen the CWM touch recovery on YouTube .You guys are doing a wonderful job

    Just wait dude :p Patience is the key!