[ROM][PORT][6.0.1] MIUI 8 for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(SM-G360H)

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Jul 31, 2017
how can i root my Samsung galaxy core prime g360h without pc....help me plzz ...or tell how to root with pc in easy steps....help me..:)


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Mar 9, 2016
Then for MIUI8 I need CM13.? Or what?
Yes you'll need cm13 to port Mi 8. But its quite useless tbh. If you have the basic knowledge of porting then you may would've realized our cp is a SpeadT device while the port is from Moto E which is a SnapD device. So its a cross port and henceforth its buggy asf. I could've build from PatchRom but i'm too lazy to do it since Patchrom is tough and i don't have time to deal with stupid patchrom bugs atm. Anyways maybe the 361H variant will get MI 8 from patchrom soon. I got a friend working on it. Then it'll be easier to port?
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    MIUI 8 for Core Prime is here !!!
    After so long, the wait is over! Here is the first MIUI 8 port for Samsung Galaxy Core prime​

    What Works????

    All the basic functions (Wifi, RIL, data connection, Bluetooth, camera, sound, and more)

    What does not work properly?

    -Mobile network signal doesn't displays correctly sometimes (displaying as No SIM card), but still working anyway for calls, text and mobile data. Plz double tap ur power button after then you'll see Signal Strength on ur notification Bar or A restart (2 or 3 usually) can resolve this.
    -sometimes freezes
    -Notifications appear late
    -battery drain(Flash vegito kernel to fix it)
    -app store fc
    -frontcam fc(use any other camera app)
    This is the first version, feedbacks are welcome


    -Don't forget to backup your files
    -Reboot to recovery
    -Copy the ZIP to phone storage
    -factory reset
    -Install ZIP
    -Reboot and enjoy !!!


    • Cyanogenmod Team for BASE ROM
    • @doesntexits for his CM13
    • @Dreamstar for his TWRP and CWM recovery
    • @mv2007 (for his help porting)
    • @umuturunc
    • Forgive me if i forgot someone






    XDA:DevDB Information
    MIUI 8, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

    simranjitsingh, mv2007
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock 4.4.x
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Testing
    Beta Release Date: 2017-05-31

    Created 2017-05-31
    Last Updated 2017-08-18
    Q) Recommended Gapps??
    A) No need to Flash Gapps. Play Store is Pre-included.

    Q)Hey i have XYZ Device can you make it for me plz plz plz??
    A) Shut up

    Q)Developers! I am having a issue other than the ones listed..!!
    A) Provide a Logcat with Proper Explaination of the issue. "It" is not working will not be considered a bug report. Such posts will be considered Spam and will be reported..!!

    Q) Any ETAs??
    A) Mmmmmm again Shut Up

    Some Info about the project

    * The Rom is still in testing stage. So flash it only if you can bare with bugs and you wish to contribute by reporting them or helping in fixing them. As for now its not recommended for Daily use

    * Posting stupid comments will do nothing but motivate us to scrap it off. So post wisely. Read forum Rules before posting. As the Old saying goes "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    * We're working on the listed bugs. Hopefully they'll be solved in the next version. Patience is something we expect from the users.

    If you like our work. Then you can donate us a thanks.

    Sent from Suplex city to B*****s all over the world
    This for sm-g360h but will this work on sm-G361H
    Why would you even ask if this will work on G361H? Why would the dev bother make this work on G361H? You just said it, "This for sm-g360h" and intended to work on G360H, You answered your own question, use your brain dude. Don't bomb our threads with questions like that, instead bomb your device's thread. TREAT THIS AS A WARNING, AS WE CAN REPORT YOU! ???
    Good progress here! Good work