[ROM][PORT][8.0.0] Galaxy S9+ Port for Exynos [19.03.18 - BETA2]

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Dec 20, 2010
How can i watch movies on full screen ? When i watch full screen, i got a black beam on left side and on the right.

I like it to use my hole screen
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May 24, 2015
New York
Dual mod speakers and V4A is not enough

Some on needs to fix the problem with Dolby not working or I will never use Oreo never again this sucks Since Root started I always use Sound Mods on any Android Version this is the first time I ever see something like this problem happens on any Oreo Rom for Note 8 this sucks eventually some one. Could come up for a fix for this Having No Dolby Sucks Smh


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Jun 25, 2012
tel aviv
I'm with N8 and try many times to install this rom. Avery time when the phone boot up i don't have a statusbar, no theme, no navigation, crashing and random reboots all the time. I'm very disappointed from this rom. I try and download it more than 3 times so the file is ok and no corrupted . :(


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Aug 16, 2006
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    Hey everyone! The day has finally come.
    Oreo for Note8 Exynos is finally here! But. Before we continue, I have to say couple of things. This is not my rom. And all credits, thanks and love have to go to Iam1990 and SamsungVN Team. Please go to SamsungVN website and say Thank You. And do not tap thanks under this post. Without Iam1990 and other awesome SamsungVN people, this rom wouldn't exist. So PLEASE tell them a HUGE THANK YOU and try to find some donation link as they really deserve donations for what they do.

    Infinity Team makes one of the best roms for Samsung Devices. So please make sure to let them know how much people enjoy their roms!

    ..::Latest S9+ Base::..
    ..::Rooted, Busybox, Deodexed::..
    Full list of features and bugs is available on SamsungVN website below!
    Note: Rom supposedly works also on S8 and S8+ but I haven't tried it on these devices.

    SamsungVN Official Thread. Please Register. They deserve more users and a Thank You from everyone!
    Mod edit @TheMadScientist
    Infinity Group Chat - Tell them how much You love them

    Enjoy guys! :). And remember to Thank Iam1990 and SamsungVN for this rom.


    Kernel Source:
    Samsung Opensource Release Center

    Beta 2 is available for download now

    Oreo S9 + Port Beta2 ☆☆☆
    * Base on Galaxy S9 Plus: R16NW.G965FXXU1ARC5
    * Security Patch Level: 2018-03-01
    * Fixed Headphone
    * Fixed FC device security for Smart Manager china
    * Fixed AOD: analog clock
    * Fixed AOD: default clock style
    * Added AirCommand translate
    * Added AirCommand coloring
    and now all AirCommand features are
    * Added Floating message
    Download ROM:
    Fshare: https://goo.gl/ bofpFx
    Mega: https://goo.gl/tBNHB1
    Androidfilehost: https://goo.gl/C2pudU
    MD5: d71735d716a9d4d757239b3d7df85cff
    ☆ Download fix headphone: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=890129502657591915
    ☆ Installation instructions:
    Full wipe => Flash rom => Reboot
    Complete initial settings, when to go to Home, turn back to TWRP Flash Fix Headphone => Reboot, Enjoy!
    ☆ For users who want to root by SuperSU:
    Currently, I can not add SuperSU directly to flash ROM, users who want to root by SuperSU, when flash rom Root select No, flash rom SuperSU flash. Link SuperSU to the home page to down
    Unfortunately The kernel sources for this rom are not available And as such per XDA rules this thread is now closed
    This may sound like a stupid question but I take it the spen won't work on this ?

    SPen still works on this ROM, I have just tested it and the menu comes up.
    need to download to confirm if it works...have u installed it by yourself boss?
    Hey actually I installed it and It works so smoothly I recommend it
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