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Aug 25, 2014
Not exactly on all Treble devices. In fact I have two phones that can only boot one of his sGSI roms. A/B is a mess when it comes to these roms. And his roms also need bigger system partition than what we have (not a problem anymore as we have EPR). But yeah, init, selinux etc, basically mess when it comes to booting anything on this phone or A/B in general. I was hoping that Android 10 would make stuff easier but nope. It's even worse now. Now on top of init and selinux we also have Apex and Codec2 lol.

Yeah but for this reasons you should flash also zygoyte_fix and permissiver (kinda selinux fixer)


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Apr 3, 2013
It's been a while.. but huge news are here! I just booted OneUI 2.0 :victory: That was extremely difficult. Nothing like Pie. And well.. I booted it with S9 vendor :silly:. If we can have one vendor for MIUI, then why not have one more for OneUI 2? Not sure how bugless I can make it but let's hope for the best.

I'll post frequent updates in my group. Check screens below! :D


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Jan 27, 2015
thank you very much... i am waiting for one ui for a long time and i think u will make my wait go...................................................

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thank you very much... i am waiting for one ui for a long time and i think u will make my wait go...................................................hopefully u will release the rom here as well


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Oct 1, 2008
Never even knew there are Samsung ports for OP6. How's it working? Anything not working properly? Thanks

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    Samsung OneUI Port for OnePlus 6!

    Stock N960USQU1CSAA / Galaxy Note9 Firmware.
    VBMeta Disabler + TWRP Backup.
    OneUI AOD works!
    All Samsung Apps work!
    Night Mode works!
    Themes, Wallpapers, Ringtones work!
    Full Screen Gestures work!
    Stock Kernel for best stability.
    And more!

    Samsung Account Temporary Fix: Create new account and it should log You in.

    Once You set up WiFi connection go to keyboard settings and download any language, to avoid getting NULL keyboard

    So.. here it is everyone! OneUI! :D Now, why am I posting a buggy build? Well, I wanted to wait with OneUI release until I fix most bugs but tons of people want it and obviously not everyone is in my group so this way they will find it faster then asking everyone for my group link etc. This rom also has currently highest priority and I'm spending as much time as I can on it, to fix all bugs. I'll keep on updating other roms (don't worry). Keep in mind that currently it's just a test build and for some people it might be good enough to be used as a daily driver if they have another phone for calls, but for most it's just a build that they can flash, play with it, and wait for more updates. This rom has the strongest security ever so don't expect me to fix all bugs quickly (I mean miracles happens but still). I'm working really hard on this one. Also, no need for reporting bugs as I already have a bug list from myself and other users so yeah. Software wise it's a pretty stable build. And I'd also like to give HUGE THANKS to Guzram, he helped me a lot with OneUI and other roms so make sure to tap Thanks on his posts and PM him on Telegram @guzram and tell him Thank You! Anyway! Enjooooooy! :highfive::laugh:

    What works:
    DRM (YT video + audio)
    Brightness (kinda)
    Camera (Tested with OpenCamera)
    Flashlight (Tested with Flashlight toggle)

    What doesn't work / Bugs:
    Alert Slider(duh?)
    Auto Rotation toggle doesn't do anything so keep it disabled.
    Brightness goes from 50% at the minimum to 100% very quickly so You can only use 50,75,100% within 1mm of slider length.
    FP Scanner
    AOD brightness is always 100%
    Samsung Cloud has problems with logging in.
    Bixby probably would work but has to be updated. (Use APKMirror and try!)
    Probably more stuff. Working on fixing all bugs.

    How to Install:
    Make sure You're on Pie OB8 firmware! 6T users try 9.0.7 + custom kernel.

    Note: Backup Your nudes before flashing the rom! It will wipe Your internal storage.

    Extract the zip somewhere.
    Reboot to fastboot and plug Your phone in.
    Double tap on flasher_windows.bat (Don't run it as admin)
    Boot TWRP
    Copy OneUI Backup folder to Your TWRP/backups/... directory.
    Restore OneUI.
    During SetupWizard disable WiFi and skip all steps.
    After finishing SetupWizard make sure to install Chrome.apk that's inside the zip or else Play Store won't work.
    Done! Enjoy Your rom!

    Check screenshots in attached images!

    OneUI for OnePlus6 Test Build v2

    Warning! DO NOT flash Samsung OTA's! They may brick Your phone! If You end up flashing one anyway, just use EDL mode or fastboot to go back to stock firmware.

    If You have any other problems, just ask here on XDA or for the fastest support PM me or ask someone in my group on Telegram
    Join my group!

    If You want to motivate me to work more, buy me a coffee!


    Guzram for HUGE help with OneUI and other roms. Donate to Guzram!
    Samsung for finally creating nice design in their OS!
    Everyone in my group for support, motivation and help!
    bluedogerino for sending me hearts and motivating me and being awesome.
    Augustin(yup.. that guy) for general help with Samsung stuff.
    erfanoabdi for vendor patcher idea.
    fxsheep for his sgsi guide.
    OnePlus for creating OP6! Best device for roms :laugh:
    My friend Dylan for always supporting me :D
    If I forgot anyone, just PM me on Telegram!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][PORT][9.0.0] Samsung OneUI , ROM for the OnePlus 6

    Source Code: https://github.com/OnePlusOSS/android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845/tree/oneplus/SDM845_P_9.0_Beta

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: OxygenOS OpenBeta 8
    Based On: OneUI

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha

    Created 2019-02-09
    Last Updated 2019-02-09
    A6+ Pie OneUI Firmware Released!:p
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SDM450
    Easy Port For RIL Fix & Other...;):good:
    Download Link:

    Actually it's not easy to port at all. It's 32bit. So won't boot on OP6. But thanks for the link anyway! :)

    And to everyone else a small update.. I'm still working on it. I tried different bases too which didn't boot so I'm guessing Samsung changed something to break boot in latest builds. And in the January update that I'm mostly working on. I found two ways to "fix RIL" and in logs I can see phone number etc. But OS doesn't boot for no reason. And even if logcat does say why it doesn't boot, I can't really read it because of socket fd-1 spam.

    I'm experimenting with many things and trying to figure out how to get it to work but yeah. And Just because I'm not posting any updates here doesn't mean that I gave up :eek:.
    Well! Turns out that we finally got some progress with RIL! At this point RIL is finally loading, it even detects both sim cards, but it's crashing later for some reason so I'll have to analyse that. RIL in Samsung devices is seriously weird. Actually with getting progress in RIL helped me fixing RIL in Pixel fw (which at this point is bugless except for no sound during calls, but once OneUI is working, I'll most likely start working on Pixel fw again since it's almost perfect now). Hopefully now OneUI RIL will be fixed any day now.

    And quick Q&A:

    Q: Can You use S10 firmware to fix bugs faster?
    A: No. S10 fw uses SD855 and would require me to mod vendor a lot. One day when RIL works on SD845 base, I'll switch to S10 base, and if it won't work then I'll add S10 stuff to N9 firmware.

    Q: Why is there no 6T support?
    A: Well. Patching vendor with N9 stuff is very weird. I have to use 2 separate vendor patchers, and they literally don't work every time. For example I can delete camera file and boot will be broken, then I re-add it and then delete it again AND IT WORKS! It's extremely confusing, and to patch 6T vendor, I'd need to have 6T and then manually patch it with my patchers and then try to adjust broken things and readd them until everything works and then turn it into a TWRP backup.

    Q: Can't You just give us patchers then?
    A: Well.. No. First reason is that obviously they won't work and they will just give You a bootloop (no idea why). And second reason is.. kanging. I don't want to give everyone a perfect set of all files needed to boot OneUI and all bug fixes (Devs who got OneUI to boot by themselves already got my bug fixes and we're all working together on RIL now). I know there are benefits to that and other people could boot it and then help with fixing bugs.. but.. if You can't make Your own OneUI booting vendor patcher then You most likely won't know how to fix bugs. (No joke, booting OneUI was kinda easier than fixing audio for example) And let's not forget that You'd have to mod existing vendor patches to match Your device. And I don't even care about people not giving credits to me. But Guzram also spent quite a lot of time on getting a list of files and that list of files did help me in the beginning and he definitely deserves credits for that. (Guzram also requested me to add some security to all our hard work, that's why vendor twrp backup is the best solution)

    That's it. Hopefully soon RIL will be fixed.. (no etas though). :fingers-crossed:
    So... Is this abandoned?

    No. Lots of best porting Devs are working on it day and night. Recently I had tiny progress after changing like 70 more things but I still need more changes. In the meantime I compared J5 radio log and it's literally identical except for the part that on J5 RIL obviously works. I'll update this thread as soon as I get some progress. I also post occasional small updates in my group. Don't worry. I'm working on it all the time, but like I said. Fixing RIL is the most difficult part and it will take some time.
    It's been a while.. but huge news are here! I just booted OneUI 2.0 :victory: That was extremely difficult. Nothing like Pie. And well.. I booted it with S9 vendor :silly:. If we can have one vendor for MIUI, then why not have one more for OneUI 2? Not sure how bugless I can make it but let's hope for the best.

    I'll post frequent updates in my group. Check screens below! :D
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