[ROM][PORT][DSP][10.0] OxygenOS Q Stable 10.3.5 from OnePlus 6

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Sep 3, 2013
Device with goodix FP when using FP will wakeup for unknown condition
Ok Google

can anybody explain this?

actually i am on MIUI Razer ROM. and i have tried Oxygen OS port OB19 from OP 7 pro. that OP ROM has a bug that u cant apply custom ringtone.

so iam curious to find out that is this ROM has some major bugs? should i flash this or continue using miui Razer?

how the battery backup and gaming of this ROM?

is it good for daily driver?
baking apps are working?
i dont root devices, so out of the box playstore certification and safety net is passed?
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    OxygenOS Stable 10.3.5
    Android Q 10.0
    Build: 20200808
    from OnePlus 6

    In Ports :
    DSP/mostly PORT is stands for Device Specific Ports, OEM/AOSP-SOURCE ROMs that directly port from the original device firmware to other specific single device
    DSSI is stands for Device Specific System Image, OEM/AOSP-SOURCE ROMs that made by ported/builded from source into a Generic System Image with other specific single device patches
    GSI/mostly OEM-GSI-PORT is stands for Generic System Image, mostly same like DSSI, but with most device patches included in a single Image

    Requirements :
    - Not on F2FS
    - Not Encrypted
    - Support both FW Pie/oreo

    Changelogs :

    # Build 20200808
    - Update 10.3.5
    - Fix USB Tether
    - Voice match detection fix test
    - Final version of GardenerZone

    # Build 20200607
    - Update 10.3.4

    # Build 20200427
    - Update to 10.3.3
    - Kernel upstream .220
    - Fixed an issue with Offline Charging
    - Some vendor improvement and fixes

    # Build 20200330
    - Update to 10.3.2
    - some changes underground

    # Build 20200204
    - Fixed BT Calls Mic, PUBG Mic
    - Improved in call sounds, wifi speed
    - Update to 10.3.1

    # Build 20200128
    - Revert to 2Stage init as my legacy SAR causing issues in pie fw
    - hopefully fixed everything outside minor issues
    - bringback MiCamera
    - update vendor

    # Build 20191229 - Stable 10.3.0
    - Update to Android 10
    - Vendor is Full VNDK
    - Vendor is Completely Ported from Mi MAX 3
    - Removed MiCamera for now
    - Removed Google SmartLock for now
    - Kernel version Update (SAR)
    - Updateable APEX is enabled
    - and more under-the-hood changes

    # Build 20191104 - Stable 9.0.9
    - Fixed Liftup Display
    - Fixed Vibration Mode Lock
    - Added Google SmartLock
    - Fixed VOLTE
    - Fixed Custom Kernel Brightness
    - and many more

    # Build 20190428 - Stable 9.0.5
    - Fixed New Notification AOD
    - Based on Official MIUI Pie Global Beta vendors
    - etc

    # Build 20190119 - OB11
    - Fixed notch completely and rounded corner
    - Base update to latest Ob11
    - vendor revert as latest one seems had deepsleep issue
    - Removed included camera library as seems giving issues
    - Fixed audio tuner lags
    - Etc.

    Bugs :
    Hopefully no more

    Minor Issuues :
    Reboot your device after using OTG Flashdrive
    1+ Off gestures
    Device with goodix FP when using FP will wakeup for unknown condition
    Ok Google
    Panorama in 1+ cam

    Downloads :
    # Build 20200808 - Stable 10.3.5

    # Buid 20191104 - Stable 9.0.9

    Installation Guide :
    - wipe system data cache vendor
    - flash the rom
    - reboot

    Notes :
    - No need to flash vold patch
    - Use the prebuilt GardenerZone app to enable DT2W, Kcal, increase front speaker sound, etc.
    - Dirty flashing from Pie (Stable 9.0.9) is not recommended, may cause unstable systems

    Credits :
    Ancient Family - my family which support me all time
    All my Dragon Users - i cant continue the project without support from my Dragon members?
    All users who donated to me
    fxsheep - for the old oreo converting oem to sgsi guide, i'm modify it to become a DSP
    protodevnan0 - for some reference from his 1+ phone
    erfanoabdi, xpirtz, 0sm0sis - for some image tools scripts reference
    Bluneteve(Dyneteve) - for oreo ril list
    Adesh15 - for old rounded corner fix clue in Pie
    amog787, CodeElixir - for the helping of new notification ambient display fixes in pie, big thanks
    my testers for their dedicated time to test,
    and of course! You all my subscriber

    Special Thanks for old time stuff and vendors :
    mcflash, iam_zunaid, atman
    reserved for screenshots and etc
    Will this rom be supported? On the Pocophone Is going very well
    Can i dirty flash from Oos 9.0.3 ?

    Clean flash is always recommended, so use "Migrate" from playstore for a hassle free clean flash.
    Screen brightness level is less when compared to miui
    It's there any fix ??

    Use latest derp kernel. Download from here https://github.com/akhilnarang/whyred/releases
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