Development [ROM][PORT][OneUI4.1] RayOS S21FE Port for Galaxy A52 [SM-A525G/F]

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Apr 29, 2019
Is there a way to use fake gps joystick (from ninja) and not restart or crash the app? this problem persists the stock rom, in modified rom as an example lineage this does not happen


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Apr 3, 2014
Samsung Galaxy A52 4G
OneUI 5 Port of S21FE is released under the name "NcX" ROM. You can find it here:



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Apr 3, 2014
Samsung Galaxy A52 4G
So cool, is this documented on Github? I'd love to hear more about it!
Well, I don't know exactly what libs are responsible for the live blur tbh. The S21FE system has them by default, that's why my ROM has the blur.
I've documented all the steps needed to use S21FE system here:
Basically I take S21FE stock system and pack it together with A52 stock odm, product and vendor to create a brand new super.img
Most hardware stuff is inside stock vendor, so most of the things will work out the gate.
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Dec 27, 2014
Hello! Can you say, is there any changes in ROM related to ADB/USB stuff, that you did by yourself or just differs from a52?


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Dec 24, 2022
I have a52 4g, android 12. I followed your instructions, flashing "Super" ok, but after i flashed "RayOS" I selected power up then answered all the questions, after that all red, access denied. I restarted and it went into boot loop.
I used recovery and recovered before falshing anything.
What did i do wrong when flashing?

edit: I flashed it again and it worked. I'm not sure why, but something went from when flasing last time.
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    Ok so it seems a lot of people are becoming a bit nervous about this project being dead.
    First of all, I want to thank all of you for the interest in the ROM. It's nice to see that a lot of people like it and are looking forward to new versions of it.
    However, I have to make it clear that I'm not a big fan of monthly security updates.
    I think it's great for users who never root. Samsung releasing updates for this user base is fantastic and I'm happy for you, but for rooted users I think it's a bit unnecessary. Most of the time, security updates don't really add much if anything at all. My biggest issue with security updates is the fact that I have to make the same edits over and over again for every single month update (if you're curious as to what edits I make, you can easily check it out here:
    And while in theory the amount of work can be reduced by doing a comparison between both previous and newest month builds, I really don't want to spend time or the disk space on extracting two different months and checking folder by folder what's new and what's still the same when I may end up doing the exact changes anyway. I think people who are on Telegram know this about me but I just wanted to put it out there.

    Now, when it comes to OneUI5. I know it's around the corner and everyone's excited about it but I won't really work on it for a while. The point of my ROMs has always been to fix things Samsung likes to break for rooted users. This includes smart view, health, secure folder, etc... and I depend mostly on devs sharing fixes. Some fixes aren't available right away and I'm not skilled enough on figuring them out myself. I'm able to edit smali and follow the guides a lot of great devs like to share to fix some services but I'm not able to figure them out myself.
    Another potential issue that could pop up is that the kitchen I'm using no longer can create images based on newer Android versions. Unfortunately, SuperR's been very busy from what I've seen so if there's any issue on Android 13 images, then I won't even be able to make a ROM.

    That being said, I may work on a stock version of Android 13 with a few things modded just to test the waters. If that's successful then I'd try another S21FE port and start working from there. I may release it, I may not. Only time will tell. There's no October patch because there's nothing important in it, so I decided to skip it.

    TLDR; This project is not dead. I don't like monthly security updates. I won't work on OneUI 5 right away and if I do, I still don't know if I'll release it or not, all depends on how things progress.
    RayOS S21FE Port for Samsung Galaxy A52
    Here it is, a system port of S21 FE. It was easier than expected and works surprisingly well. This will be the definitive edition of RayOS moving forward. Take time to read the FAQ or else I will probably ignore you :)

    * Warning, your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about flashing this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. HARD!

    Supported variants!
    • SM-A525F
    • SM-A525M

    • Based on S21 FE September firmware (G990BXXU2CVH7)
    • DeX working (wireless and wired to PC via USB)
    • Live Blur
    • Advanced Reboot options
    • FM Radio
    • Remaster Picture in Gallery
    • Native AppLock
    • Allow screenshots on secure apps
    • Fixed Private Share and Secure Wifi
    • Secure Folder fixed
    • Smart Widgets (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Object eraser (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Debloated
    • Edge Lighting fully enabled (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Smart View fixed
    • Higher audio quality (Disabled DRC, which deeply compresses audio)
    • High-End Animations (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Enhanced pocessing (this also probably doesn't do anything, but give it a try) (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • CSC Features like:
      • Stock call recording
      • Speed meter on statusbar
      • Spam call blocker
      • AppLock line
    • Added camera privacy toggle to remove camera access across apps (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Added HDR10+ lines (improves effect in HDR content)
    • Added optional AOD to clock animation. Avoid using it with FOD. You can disable it in the installer.










    I decided to show my work so to speak on GitHub. You can see the list of all the apps I removed and all the lines that were added to camera and floating features. Feel free to take a look and make pull requests if you want me to add something on potential future releases.

    • Remaster picture from Gallery not working, hopefully fixed in a future update Fixed
    • Scanning a document with camera is still broken, this will be my next goal
    • You tell me

    • 29/September/2022: Release based on September S21FE firmware (G990BXXU2CVH7)
      • Fix for Samsung Health, no need for patched app now [Huge thanks to @DavidArsene ]
      • Added Advanced Reboot Menu [Huge thanks to @quadraticfunction here in XDA]
      • Added Screen capture (Screenshot) and VoLTE buttons in quick settings
      • Removed wide angle in Pro Video, was buggy
      • Made SixTeen Kernel the default kernel because it's soo good :)
    • 27/August/2022:Release based on August S21FE firmware (G990BXXU2CVG7)
      • Fixed Remaster Picture in Gallery (thanks to @ananjaser1211 )
      • Fixed CTS profile breaking
      • Fixed punch hole location when using Face Unlock
      • Fixed Single Take in camera
      • Made DeX Standalone optional in installer to fix DeX to PC
      • Added FM radio
    • 24/July/2022:Release based on July S21FE firmware (G990U1S3CVF3)
      • Added native AppLock
      • Edited installer
      • Removed Samsung security
      • Fixed SSRM warning
      • Added DeX standalone to activate without a monitor
    • 07/June/2022: Release based on May S21 FE Firmware (G990U1UES3CVD3)


    • Update your phone to Android 12. This ROM doesn't work with Android 11 bootloader as of now.
    • Orangefox or TWRP
    • Being unencrypted (recommended)

    • Add zip to either internal memory or SD card
    • OPTIONAL but recommended: Format data. This will erase media too.
    • Flash zip via custom recovery
    • Be sure to select the option to install Super first
    • After it's finished, reboot your phone to recovery and flash the zip again
    • This time in the installation, select the option to install RayOS S21FE Port
    • Follow instructions and make the selections based on your preference
    • OPTIONAL: Flash custom kernel and Magisk

    @SuperR. For his Super R's Kitchen which you can find here:
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @geekmaster21 for compiling, updating and maintaining OrangeFox for A52
    @BlassGO for dynamic installer, which makes this installation easy. You can find dynamic installer here:
    @kirbynx for allowing me to use some aspects of her setup of Dynamic Installer and for the Samsung Services disabler.
    @SkylinesHD for his continued work in the A72 scene and continuing to share his knowledge
    @ricci206 for various fixes and mods posted here:
    @ananjaser1211 for always being there willing to help on all my questions and support.
    @Simon1511 for his help with kernel and development in general.
    @Flylarb for helping me fix Remaster Picture
    @quadraticfunction for his work on Extended Reboot Menu, getting it to work on Android 12 and sharing the method here:
    @Kyvangka1610 for SixTeen Kernel, please visit the original thread and leave your like which you can find here:
    @DavidArsene for his method to bypass the Samsung Health knox check which was shared in the Telegram Development group
    @ All my testers
    @ Samsung for the firmware
    @ To users like you!

    If you feel I missed you, please give me a PM so I can add you
    So far it looks like the OneUI 5 ROM may be a reality.
    Quickly made one with the Russia OUI5 Release and it's been pretty smooth
    I may publish it soon, just as a stock modified with a few added features.
    Sorry if I've been late on updates, been real busy lately.
    Just wanted to confirm that yes, August update is in the works
    My goal is to fix Single take and Gallery remaster in Gallery (been making great progress on both)
    I don't have an ETA but rest assured this is my priority so far
    Hopefully I can have it done soon
    After weeks of being busy and new developments happening, I should be able to finally release the September build this week

    The changelog so far in September is the following:
    - Attempt to fix wide angle camera on Pro video/camera mode, I don't remember if this is available in stock
    - Advanced Reboot Menu, allow you to add things like "Reboot to recovery" or "Reboot to Download Mode" to your power menu
    - Fix for Samsung Health. You will no longer need to download any patched version, you will be able to just download the app from Galaxy Store
    - Added Screenshot and VoLTE buttons in quick settings [CSC features, make sure to install them when asked in installer]

    And I think overall stability. I'm still on testing phase but hopefully a release should be available this week
    Thanks for being patient :)