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Aug 22, 2017
Thos ROM is good for daily usage but for gamer like me i gave this rom like 2 weeks try with new updates but THE PUBG GAME REALLY doesnt work as good as color os 6 and gameplay isnt smooth and frame drops a lot

YES the charging is faster and sound quality is awesome
The antutu score is also great but PUBG sucks as i cant record and play on good fps on this rom
i had to roll back to color os.
Yes bro. I had reverted for the same reason, but we know that it will be fixed soon. Developers, love.. ?


Jan 8, 2019
sorry my post above makes no sense, that's just my stupidity. now the problem is noise, i will try viver, are the results the same? I hope not! TQ


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Jan 28, 2015
Motorola One Fusion+
Hey I used the rom it's really nice but the camera is actually pretty horrible compared to the stock cam. I tried the back camera and it's seems ok ok and the front camera is badly blury. And looks like someone tried painting a picture lol. Tried the g cam app but it's just kept crashing even after installing all the stuff required for it.
Sep 15, 2014
Sir, thanks for this wonderful rom.
One request, can you please upgrade it to oxygen OS from one plus seven pro 5G. It has dual volte and some other enhanced features.
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Oct 5, 2016
{Mod edit: Quoted post deleted}

@zelendel ban this guy asap as he stolen someone's work and posted that here without the creator's permission
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Sep 21, 2018

- bug in connection in file transfer mode to the pc . Internal storage won't show in the pc. It need to try multiple time after that only storage will shown in to the pc.
-unable to set up face unlocking.
-crashing of google camera.

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I would like to request you to develop pixel experience rom based on Android 10 for realme 2 pro, which does not required root to our phone.

& You can e-mail me the rom link for testing.

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    [OOS Remix is completely rebase rom from color os and oxygen os for ensure stability and performance]

    Watch video for review and install-

    Fixed bugs-
    ✪Camera Fixed
    ✪Full camera 2 api
    ✪Mtp fixed
    ✪Freezed locksceern on first boot is fixed
    ✪Power off fixed
    ✪Power menu works for every mode
    ✪Touch delay fixed
    ✪Every system UI FC fixed
    ✪Lag fixed
    ✪Power saving profile added
    ✪Net speed tweaked
    ✪Darky Zip-align
    ✪Build Prop Tweaks
    ✪Kernal optimization
    ✪Init tweaks
    ✪automatic vibration mod fixed
    ✪optimized battery profile added
    ✪torch is fixed in status bar
    ✪notch fixed
    ✪otg is fixed
    ✪about phone prop fixed for show correct information ~_~
    ✪about phone prop fixed for show correct information
    ✪enabled call recorder for oos
    ✪various config added from other one plus rom for make stabilty
    ✪moded graphics driver imported from 710 processor
    ✪random system ui fc restart fixed
    ✪lag fixed in animation
    ✪And more if u explore ~_~

    Features -
    ✪raw performance mode
    ✪screen recorder with internal audio and voice
    ✪max internet speed and network for wherever you go
    ✪boosted sound with bass for earphone that u will love
    ✪video call has no lag like we have in color os6 even though c2api is enabled(moded camera hal)
    ✪clone app available just like color os
    ✪multitouch is fixed and touch is improved
    ✪Qn Engine that balance performance and battery efficiently
    ✪Liquid U.I
    ✪Fast charging speed
    ✪App locker
    ✪Ar core for 3d augmented reality support
    ✪moded graphics driver imported from 710 processor
    ✪Added miui music player (port by me) and gallery for access media files from sdcard
    ✪And all remain oxygen os features which you need to explore by youreself

    Bugs -
    And if u found any then let me know by providing logs with information :)
    (by helping me, you helping yourself too)

    Credits -
    • Khode_Erfan for oos overlay to make stability
    • Tech_Mashido for brightness fix
    • Boos4721 for thermal fix
      (Donators & testers)
    • Ironman_mark85 for early testing
    • SuperRhl for early testing

    Donate to apperciate and support :
    7804011237 (Google pay/tez)
    7804011237 (Paytm)
    7804011237 (Phonepe)
    [email protected] (UPI ID)

    PAYPAL : www.paypal.me/mks7s

    Instructions :
    1.Download ROM
    2.Place rom in internal memory
    3.Wipe everything except internal and memory card
    4.Flash and reboot
    5.done. if you can't understand my instructions then watch video tutorial

    Source used for build -Stock kernel and stock rom of one plus 6t

    Downloads -
    MAGISK 19.3 LINK
    Mirroring my work on other website is not allowed ,better give this xda post url for sharing , learn to respect it
    ( Scroll down more and read F.A.Q too for your general questions )
    Upcoming changes of v3 update

    Bug that i've fixed :-

    1.fixed some config for adaway and other app
    2.fixed charging
    3.sound trigger fixed on lock
    4.reading mode is fixed
    5.vendor audio fixed
    6.video call has no lag like we have in color os6 ? even though c2api is enabled(moded camera hal)
    7.automatic vibration mod fixed
    8.lag fixed in animation
    9.efficiently performance improved for get more sot
    10.gaming is same as color os 6 now
    11.multitouch is fixed
    12.optimized battery profile added
    13.better compatibility with our hardware
    14.clone apps is fixed , now clone app ?
    15.torch is fixed in status bar
    16.overlay added from 6t for fix vibration mod and other fc issue
    17.fixed charging animation while in switched off state
    18.heat warning fixed
    19.notch fixed
    20.added media volumn tile in quick toggle
    21.crackling sound fixed while playing pubg
    22.otg is fixed
    23.updated launcher
    24.about phone prop fixed for show correct information ~_~
    25.most of config added from 6t for better stability
    26.random system ui fc restart fixed

    New features that i've added :-

    1.snappy touch
    2.raw performance mode
    3.boosted sound with bass for earphone that u will love ? (no need of v4a now)
    4.optimized QN engine just for oos
    5.moded graphics driver imported from 710 processor
    6.added my port of meme music player and gallery that has access to your memory card mp3/audio/images files
    7.same charging speed as color os
    8.clear sound on calling
    9.enabled call recorder for oos
    10.max internet speed and network for wherever you go

    Or kuch ? Sot lagaoo or kya
    Too long to read ~_~ ??

    It will just take you to 1 minute for read and it had taken 2 weeks me to fix

    A total stable update without fp( I want fp too , it's not easy as you think . All thanks goes to oppo)

    Curious about ETA ?
    Ans:- Possibly by Sunday after fixing other things too , need your cooperation and understanding
    Thank u ~_~
    F.A.Q OF V3

    Q.1 I am on color os 5 /GSI/Oreo ROM already , can i flash this directly ?
    Ans:- {Mod edit}

    Q.2 faceunlock is not working ? any soultion
    Ans:- Flash this magisk module to get face unlock , click me to download module then turn on from smart lock !

    Q.3 How to fix other issue ? ~_~
    Ans:- Follow this video {Mod edit}

    Q.4 Magisk hide not working for some reason , soultion ?
    Ans:- Zip(link) reboot recovery and flash magisk 19.3 zip and let app downloaded by internet and install it.

    Q.5 Not getting notifications from whatsapp,snapchat ?
    Ans:- Lock it just like you were do in color os and don't worry about battery , deep sleep is there ;) or remove battery optimization from app info battery>battery optimization

    Q.6 Need gesture navigation bar ?
    (in termux)
    1) su
    2)settings put secure swipe_up_to_switch_apps_enabled 1
    Or download and use fluid navigation gesture apk from play store link

    Q.7 gcam not opening for unknown reason?
    Ans:- have u enabled hal3 from color os 6 ! If not then enable hal3 from color os 6 then flash and boot oosv3 rom with cam 2 api and remember camera2api may break other camera app like-whatsapp,insta

    Q.8 Dual 4g ? Jio with other network prolly ~_~
    Ans:- only 4g and 3g as of now for 2nd sim , if fix arrive then you will be notified . Till then set mobile data to your network provider on which you need internet connection and 4g network , 2nd sim will be setted to 3g network automatically !

    Q.9 Why sd card not shows in computer and for some apps ?
    Ans:- As you may know one plus don't come up with external sd card slot because those sd card downgrade performance and system by double caching and loading but for our device all necessary and required permissions is added for access sd card as portable storage.

    Q.10 im looking for total stability for this os ~_~
    Ans - buy one plus , cost only 48,999 rupees
    Review by users:-
    (Change image quality in browser if you can't see or turn off lite/speed mode)

    Q.1 How's audio output by earphone and speaker ?

    Q.2 How's internet speed as mentioned by me ?

    Q.3 How's Gaming performance ?

    Q.4 How's Battery backup ?

    Q.5 How's Ram managment ?

    Q.6 Charging Speed ?

    Q.7 Overall performance ?

    Review by System itself :-
    Q.1 How's performance ?

    Q.2 How's battery backup ?on heavy usage
    For oos remix v1
    guys whoever facing touch latency /lag/heat/framedrops/bad graphics in game
    flash this patch Update patch link
    1.mount system in recovery
    2.flash patch
    @Khan123456789 bank apps working for me , will work for u too . use magisk hide :)