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[ROM] PrivatOs rom 1.0.1 blackphone

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Jan 20, 2010
Anyone has a BP1 STOCK RECOVERY FILE ?!? I am desperate to go back to stock and I lost mine ... and it seems that doesnt exist anywhere..
Silent circle basterds dont provide for it ... Pls help

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    Blackphone just released a rom
    wonder if it can be ported to other devices
    Download link:
    Blackphone just released a rom
    wonder if it can be ported to other devices [END QUOTE]

    after looking at the file it should be possible if the drivers for the other phones chipsets are copied into the corresponding folder.

    has anyone tried this out yet, if so could you please tell me if you were successful.
    Very new to this, so appologies if I haven't 'replied' correctly etc.

    I have the new blackphone-4.4.2-1449161691 OS (downloaded 4th Jan 2016), currently trying to port to my old HTC One M7.

    Getting the Status 7 error and then after removing the 'assert' lines I get the Status 0 error.

    Any ideas and happy to share this file.

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this topic.

    Status 0 is where there is a problem with your update- binary. Replace the one you had with one from a different 4.4.2 ROM that you know works.

    By the way, do you mind uploading the original ota as well as yours? ;) let's see if we can get Silent OS on other devices too :D

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    Thank you for the quick reply!

    Again, I am very new to all of this and reading a vast amount of forums to try and understand all of this being a non-developer.

    Can I assume that I should upload the files to something like spideroak or mega.nz and post the link here?

    Appericate the assistance.

    Sure, mega or spideroak will work fine :)
    Sorry for the late reply. I have just started back at university and have two major assignments to finish by the end of the week.

    I'll upload the files either today or tomorrow and post a link on here.

    Okay looking forward to it :D

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    ***Also for developers***

    The link for Silent Circle Source Code
    Just go to the support.blackphone.ch website and search for "Where is Blackphone's source code"
    This will take you to a github silent circle page

    That's only for their apps by the way. Silent OS and PrivatOS are both closed source sadly