[ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

You guys want a Odex without mods or Deodexed with mods

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Aug 6, 2012

Project AliceThe Smallest Touchwiz ROM ONLY 1,40GB in size.
Its Based on G955FXXU1AQG5latest Stock Base Fully Debloated and Deodexed Rom.
With The fast all New Touchwiz UX and close to stock feel this is the most fastest and stable fully Featured Rom..Yet.
There are a lot of plans, for this rom but first we want you to test it as much as possible.
Feedback is appreciated!.


* Whole Download is 1,50GBin size [SLIM]
* Based off G955FXXU1AQG5
* Full S8+ Port
* Debloated
* System Optimizations
* Magisk
* Deknoxed
* All Apps Split Windows
* All S8+ features working
*Super Stock kernel
* Better Stability & Performance

Changelog For Project Alice 2.0

-Fixed Samsung Cloud
-Updated Kernel
-Updated Magisk to 13.3
-Updated Magisk Manager
-Updated Aroma Theme
-Updated Splash On aroma
-Added More Tweaks
-Improved Battery
-Improved Boot-up and overall Rom speed

Changelog For Project Alice Beta 5/B]

-Fixed Boot Problems For Edge models
-Updater-script cleanup
-Added Ota support for upcoming builds :)

Changelog For Project Alice Beta 4/B]

-Rebase to G950FXXU1AQG5 (01-07-2017 Security Patch)
-Fixed Aroma
-Updated Magisk to version 13.2
-Updated Magisk manager to 5.06
-Updated S8 Lite kernel
-Deleted Bixby vision

Changelog For Project Alice 2.0 Beta 3

-Fixed Fingerprint for good now
-Fixed Brightness on Setup
-Fixed No boot for Some users (Please Confirm)
-Build.prop Changes

Changelog For Project Alice Beta 2/B]

-Fixed Fingerprint for some device models like DualSim (Please Confirm)
-Fixed Callsound for some Ramdom people (please Confirm)
-Fixed Lagg
-Fixed MusicPlayer Force Close
-Fixed Messenger Force Close
-Fixed Facebook Force Close
-Code cleanup Inside script
-Updater Kernel

Project Alice 2.0​

Source code GPL​

Download the bootloader and Modem and New TWRPbefore installing our rom u have to flash these files with ODIN.

1. Download my latest rom from the download section and place it on your SD-card.
2. Reboot into recovery and select WIPE.
3. Click on "advanced wipe" and select everything (Except for internal Storage/Sd-Card) select(WIPE} go to Main Menu.
4. click on "install" and select our ROM and swipe to the right to install it.
5. Select all the features that you want OR don't want wait till its finished.(Reboot From TWRP)
6. First boot during about 5 minutes(dont interupt the process)

Auto-CSC its nessacary to get VR working in our Rom.

i am are not responsible for any damages or bricked devices USE at your own risk.

@angelo27093 - Lead Developer for this Rom

@jesec - For Teaching

@ProtoDeVNan0 - S8 stuff and aroma

@khongloi113 - For Modified Framework and Kernel to boot FULL S8+

@Chainfire - For SuperSU

@Tkkg1994 - For SuperKernel

@svadev - For DEODEX tool​

* We are searching for coders that want to be a part of my team and code for my! -send a pm with detailed info about you and what you can do for my.

We have a dedicated service chat where you can get help or Say THANKS to the DEV that build this rom.
(Dont talk or discuss other roms in the chat)


Paypal Goals: buy premium account sammobile better server and androidfilehost


XDA:DevDB Information
Project Alice ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

ROM OS Version: 7.0.x Nouget

XDA:DevDB Information
Project Alice S8+ Port, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

angelo27093, ProtoDeVNan0
ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 1.0
Beta Release Date: 2017-04-19

Created 2017-04-07
Last Updated 2017-04-21
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Aug 6, 2012
Oke guys a little information for you : i pre-ordered the Galaxy s8+ and going to develop roms for the device, i will Release one Big version with build Number 5.0 with all being ported Camera settings etc, that will also by my last version for S7 Edge and flat, i thank everyone that supported my and also all the XDA Moderators of S7 section to clean everytime all those trolls and fake news, so yeah, be patent 5.0 is coming, and again thanks for all the support I see you all on S8+ if you get one
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Jun 13, 2009
hey man so I flashed the modem and bootloader, but now it won't let me mount the internal storage in twrp and it shows up as 0gb. I tried to restart the phone but now it asks for a password. Help please!
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are there any mods/admins in this forum or is it ok for anyone to spam us with almost three identical roms in separate threads and get away with it :)


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Sep 29, 2008
I have the G935FD. Selected G935 for Jesse kernel but aroma installed G930 instead. Retried but the issue persisted. Couldn't boot up after that and had to manually download the G935 file in order to flash this after the ROM installation.
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