[ROM][PX3][2GB][Android 7.1.2] Malaysk ROMs for any yet known MTCD-MTCE Device

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Aug 11, 2022
merhaba ben 4.1malaysk rom yükledim sorun yok ama bir şey almak istiyorum hafızada çok yer kaplıyor 3.5 gb yer cihazı yavaşlatıyor daha az yer kaplayan basit bir rootlu rom önerir misiniz teşekkürler veya sileceğim uygulama var mı yer açmak icin


Aug 11, 2022
MHello, thanks for your hard work. Malaysk 4.1 I installed the rom, it's fine, hide the status bar, what should I do to hide it from the home screen?


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Apr 1, 2012
Hi all,

I have a question for all.
I would like to change a warning sounds for my BMW E90, i have this px3 headunit with this spec and my warning sounds are like "pee pee pee pee" instead of this BMW warning sound :

Does is fixed with this custom rom or not? If not, how to change this, please help! :)


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Aug 11, 2022
ileThank you for your effort, I have installed the rom, how can I hide the status bar, is there a setting like open when I withdraw, I couldn't find it, thanks

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    Only for PX3 MTCD-MTCE Android 7.1.2 !!!
    Only for those who know how to get into the recovery (different combinations of keys)
    How to find out if this firmware is suitable for your device - go to Settings - About the device -we look at the screenshot
    Version 1.0 of October 23, 2017.
    Built-in Root latest SuperSU (hidden root access).
    Built-in Xposed
    Added support for Init.d
    Signature verification is disabled.
    Added Launcher I modified (see screenshots)
    Added programs - Root Explorer, ES File Explorer.
    New item in Settings - Custom settings (here all new added items are located)
    Added reboot and reboot button in the recovery in StatusBar
    Speed ​​of outgoing and incoming Internet in the status bar
    The standard sound control is redone
    Redesigned graphic design of pop-up messages.
    Added module for Xposed - Disable Fullscreen Keyboard - http: //repo.xposed.inf...ablefullscreenkeyboard
    You can completely customize the icons in StatusBar. Are in Settings - User settings - Hide - Show icons in the Status Bar and there turn on or off, then what you need.
    Screensaver with the function of speed by GPS and Weather.
    Module Xposed to display the speed of the GPS in the screensaver - gps-mtc-launcher.
    In the archive, along with the firmware, there is a folder called mtc-launcher, it must be copied to the root of the internal memory card (SDCARD) using ES File Explorer. And you must activate the GPS Mtc Launcher module in Xposed !!!!
    In the folder Copy_To_internal_sd (SDCARD) - From MPH - to display the speed in MPH (US and others)
    In the folder Copy_To_internal_sd (SDCARD) - From KM - to display the speed in KM / H (Russia, Europe and others)

    The weather settings in the screensaver and Launcher are adjusted in Settings - User settings - Weather on the screen. There you can turn on - turn off the weather display. Do not forget to enable Settings - Location - By all sources (WiFi and GPS)
    Added different time values ​​for running the screensaver in Settings - Screen - Time to start the screensaver Never-15-30-60 seconds-2-3-5-7-10 minutes.
    A lot of everything.
    Install with full data cleaning - Wipe Data (check the box, look at the screenshot) The first download will be very long, about 15 minutes.
    Download: https://yadi.sk/d/481WJ8kr3P2Gau

    Version 2.1 of November 21, 2017.
    Made on the basis of the android firmware from October 26, 2017
    Video setup instructions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hynq280YYRU
    Download: https://yadi.sk/d/E2_Kt-pz3PtTuZ
    The first download after the firmware will be very long 15-20 minutes and the device can reboot several times!!!

    New from February 16, 2018, Firmware № 3.0
    Video instruction on setting up the system (though the video was shot on 6.0.1 PX5 system) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD31zLeNrXc
    1. The firmware was made on the basis of the firmware from February 8, 2018.
    2. Fixed Radio schedule (in my Modified Radio) for 800X480 screen resolution. (for testing thanks to Glyckmen) and in the screensaver the Music button.
    3. Added screen lock function for PIN code. Enable - Disable in Settings - Custom Settings - Lock screen. The screen lock will occur when the device is fully loaded and when it exits from sleep.
    Especially the necessary function, if you leave the car in a car service :)
    4. Updated Xposed to the latest version.
    5. Updated Root access (SuperSU) to the latest version.
    6. The module for Xposed mtc-launcher is deleted, see below why (duplicate function)
    7. Added module for Xposed MVG-V70 (thanks to him for helping me adapt the module for my firmware) xposed-mtce-utils. You can see its settings here - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=74267480&postcount=2
    In the archive, along with the firmware, there are two folders
    Copy_To_internal_sd (SDCARD) - From MPH - to display the speed of the GPS in the screensaver in MPH - America, etc.
    Copy_To_internal_sd (SDCARD) - From KM - to display the GPS speed in the screensaver in KM/H - Russia, Europe, etc.
    It is necessary to copy the entire folder mtce-utils to the root of the internal (sdcard) memory and activate the module in Xposed !!!!
    Pay attention to the item:
    # packages of white list applications that are not killed when the device goes to sleep.
    8. Running Viper after sleep, do not forget to turn off the "jumper" in the staff player, with them the Viper does not work. Settings for Music - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=75596992&postcount=660
    9. The sound adjustment panel has been reworked.
    10. Added three launchers to the OEM application in the Other Launchers folder
    11. Redesigned application bluetooth.
    12. Many things can be installed in the OEM application.
    13. Much more :)
    I recommend (at your discretion) do Wipe Data.
    If you are installing the firmware from Wipe Data, then the first download will be a long 10-15 minutes!
    Download Firmware 3.0: https://yadi.sk/d/KBYwFAnZ3SU7Tc

    New from February 20, 2018, Firmware № 3.1
    Video instruction on setting up the system (though the video was shot on 6.0.1 PX5 system) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD31zLeNrXc
    1. Fixed the lock screen (number "0") and a little altered.
    2. Added to Settings - Custom Settings - For Developers
    3. Added to Settings - User Preferences - Clock settings in the status bar. And the clock and date are made in the middle.
    To make the clock visible you need to go to the section Select the color of the clock and date and set its color.
    4. Redesigned Screensaver. Also new and old versions are in the OEM application in the folder ModApk - ScreenClock
    5. Also in the OEM application is added to Live wallpeper folder with 4 full versions of Live wallpaper. When you install them, then select them on the Desktop
    you can in Settings - Screen - Wallpapers - Live Wallpaper.
    6. The version of Music in a transparent style is added to the OEM application. Located in ModApk folder - Malaysk Mod - MtcMusic4_Transparent (2 versions - with and without panel)
    7. Fixed launching PCRadio.
    If you are installing the firmware from Wipe Data, then the first download will be a long 10-15 minutes!
    Download Firmware 3.1: https://yadi.sk/d/m-9qQV6t3ScVDL

    New from 05 June 2018, Firmware No. 4.0
    + The firmware is made on the basis of the factory firmware from 04/26/2018.
    + The new PCRadio mod from Duk (transparent, with a power button)
    + Updated the module for Xposed from MVG-V70 (4pda) xposed-mtce-utils (thanks to the eum for adapting it for soya firmware)
    + Added a module for Xposed from graser (4pda) dasaita-xposed (thanks to him for the module)
    + Multiple fixes and additions to the firmware
    + Redesigned bluetooth application with the panel and without it (found in the OEM application)
    + Added a new version of the screensaver with the choice of a graphic equalizer (Right bottom button)
    Change screen from analog clock to digital - click on the screensaver for 3-4 seconds.
    + Added to Music application button for selecting graphic equalizer - VIS button
    + New version of ViperFX
    + New version of EasyConnected (located in the OEM application in the app folder)
    + another ....
    All mod. applications are in the OEM application
    If you lose the clock in the status bar, then you need to go to Settings - User Settings - Clock settings in the status bar and there to specify any color of the clock.
    Do not forget to copy the folder mtce-utils (is in the archive together with the firmware) after installing the firmware on the internal memory card (sdcard) and activate all modules in Xposed.
    I strongly recommend installing the firmware with full data cleaning (Wipe Data), because Many files have been moved and may not work properly after a regular update.
    The correct operation of the built-in modules for Xposed is possible only on my mod applications Radio, Music, Bluetooth, Screensaver. All of them are in the OEM application in the ModApk/ 1 Malaysk MOD folder and in the ScreenClock Malaysk folder.
    Download Firmware 4.0: https://yadi.sk/d/o5xGdE6p3X9vqT

    New from 11 June 2018, Firmware No. 4.1
    Who installed the firmware No.4.0, then you can install it with a simple update, without deleting the data (but if you updated it to the manual module xposed-mtce-utils, before you install the update, go to Settings - Programs - xposed-mtce-utils, click on three vertical dots in right upper corner and delete the Update module), for all others I recommend installing with full data cleaning (Wipe Data).
    + Two screensavers MTCScreenClock_No_Transparent and MTCScreenClock_Transparent (found in the OEM application) are redone - a graphic equalizer is added (choice is the upper right button) and a temperature display is added from the canbas (I need to check, I do not have such in the device)
    + Corrected sound controller
    + New converted widgets.
    + Other
    Download Firmware 4.1: https://yadi.sk/d/RPvx0Dv43Xm2e3

    New from 11 December 2018, Firmware No. 5.0
    I strongly recommend installing the firmware in a clean, with the removal of all data (Wipe Data)!
    The first download after the firmware will be very long 10-15 minutes, then the device will reboot - this is normal!
    Android base - factory firmware from November 11, 2018.
    Added support for online updates.
    Practically different from previous firmware by 80 percent.
    Do not forget to copy the mtce-utils folder to the root of the internal memory and activate all the modules Xposed!
    Firmware setting video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XJ6x5PbtlM
    Download Firmware 5.0: https://yadi.sk/d/XYpCdgjydCp8Cw
    Mirror Firmware 5.0: https://mega.nz/#!wgRXjQzJ!8gLrfjHb_5mNGrW5I8yOXoJcWTvuIP8nlNU3S27Vn9w
    Big request to support the project! I need to pay for a server for online updates! Who is not indifferent and likes my firmware and so that the project can be developed HERE
    Released online firmware update 5.2.
    1. Fixed the operation of the Navigation and MODE buttons.
    2. YahooWeather provider removed (Since January 3, 2019, access to this weather provider has been terminated) Only OpenWeather has been left.
    3. You can customize the Launcher New Style in Settings - Custom Settings - Launcher Settings.
    4. Added Greek, Romanian, Turkish languages ​​to User settings.
    5. Added Russian language in the factory settings.
    6. Now fully customizable screensaver. You can set any image on the background, make a gradient.
    Remove add elements in the screensaver. Make any color and transparency of the text in the screensaver. Settings are in Settings - Custom Settings - Screensaver Settings.
    So far it works only in one screensaver, which is located in the OEM application, in the ScreenClock Malay folder - MTCScreenClock_2_Digital_Clock_STYLE_KMH and MTCScreenClock_2_Digital_Clock_STYLE_MPH.
    In the next firmware upgrade, this will work on all screensavers.
    7. Other updates and additions.
    If you like my firmware and think that I'm wasting a lot of time to improve the firmware, then click on the "Donate to Me"
    Module settings xposed-mtce-utils for Xposed
    How to find out the name of the package, the program you want to add in the settings.ini from the xposed-mtce-utils module for Xposed to add to the white list after sleep or to not start the screensaver when the program is started?
    It's very simple, download the program QuickShortcutMaker - View attachment QuickShortcutMaker.apk , run it and look at the names of the packages and enter them in settings.ini in the place you need.

    Author: MVG-V70
    - White list of applications that do not turn off when the recorder goes to sleep;
    - correction of messages mute on / off for old firmware;
    - a strip of volume control at the bottom of the screen;
    - Hiding icons in the status bar;
    - adjustment of the application carousel (switched by the mode button);
    - display the name of the radio station in the field for RDS information;
    - pop-up messages when switching radio station switching;
    - setting the staff player to pause for an incoming / outgoing call;
    - pop-up messages when switching tracks in a regular player;
    - reassignment of buttons on the front panel of a radio tape recorder;
    - change the name of the OBD device;
    - display the name of the radio station on the modified widget;
    - showing the name of the radio station and the tags of the music tracks in the modified screensaver;
    - display teeperators (from canbus) in the modified screensaver;
    - Sorting the phone book by Cyrillic characters;
    - Speed ​​dialing for a long press of a numeric button.

    All settings are in the file in internal memory /sdcard/mtce-utils/settings.ini
    Example settings.ini
    # hide the volume, brightness and disk eject button false-hide, true-do nothing

    # packages of white list applications that are not killed when the device goes to sleep.

    # basic settings
    # If the radio is not in the talk mode, you can use the end key as "back"
    # The level of safe volume installed before turning off and back on the radio
    # Alternative mode for switching packets using the mode button
    # Alternative screensaver mode: true-enable, false-turn off
    # the names of OBD devices, separated by commas
    # If there is no line with the device name, a function is called from the firmware
    # GPS time synchronization at power on

    # packages that are switched to the carousel (button MODE)
    # in the example of Radio, Music and Video

    # increase the volume depending on the speed
    # true-enable, false-off
    # speed thresholds at which the volume will be increased
    # Increment speed increase, default 1

    # list of application-exceptions, in which the screensaver will not start:
    # in the example of Yandex-maps and navigator and the regular player

    # Radio settings
    # show pop-up messages: true-enable, false-disable, default false
    # font size of pop-up messages, 24-increased
    # show the name of the radio station in the field for RDS information when RDS is off
    # the name of the radio station is taken from the corresponding button.
    # sending information for the modified staff widget

    # settings of the standard modified widget
    # show information with the name of the radio station
    # name of the field with the name of the radio station

    # settings of the staff player
    # Alternative cover if the standard does not work. Default is false
    # pause after a call. false by default
    # show popup messages when changing a track, default is false
    # font size of pop-up messages, 24-increased
    # format of the pop-up message, you can use %title%, %album%, %artist%, %filename%
    toast.format=%artist% - %title% - %album%

    # Bluetooth settings
    # sorting in the beginning by Cyrillic characters, default is true

    # number per button (3) (Long press button 3 in the Bluetooth application)

    ; dvd -> yandexmaps

    ; mute -> pause
    Firmware V2.0 is ready for 90 percent :)
    The update is ready for 95 percent. In the near future (after testing) it will be available for download. Base - factory firmware from February 8, 2018.
    I congratulate all on the coming New Year!
    I unfortunately did not manage to release the firmware update in December, because I was 2 weeks in hospital. Update will be released in January. I want to express special gratitude to those people who supported the project and to tell them BIG THANKS! Once again all the best in the new year and that your devices do not let you down! :eek::D;)