[ROM][PX3][RK3188][Nougat][7.1.2] Hal9k ROM 2 for ALL RK3188/PX3 MTCD/E head units

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Oct 4, 2021
Well, as I said, I d have to review each page one by one for you if you dont and I ve got too much to do to do that.
I'm doing all the instructions in the normal order, but somehow it doesn't go to the nougat boot page! As you said, when the logo appears, I take out the usb, it doesn't work, I take out the sd card, it doesn't work.


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Sep 20, 2021
My colleagues, can anyone help me install something newer than the orogram version on my radio. Provide a link to the correct software version?

Moi koledzy, czy ktoś jest w stanie pomóc mi zainstalować coś nowszego niż wersja orogramu w moim radiu. Podać link do odpowiedniej wersji oprogramowania?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Cannot believe how perfect this makes the head unit! Was about to replace it because it was laggy and outdated, but there's no way I'm swapping out this bad boy now. If only there was a way to have a bigger screen on the unit, that would be flawless!

Props to the mod author!
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Oct 4, 2021
@typos1 After a long struggle, I reached the 5.1 downgrade screen, but now I can't format it because none of the buttons are working.


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Dec 25, 2007
Is anybody using Youtube Music on a PX3 device? I works and plays music in general, but the UI is pretty unusable. While playing, I only see the tracks artwork (supplied by YT music), and cannot go back to choose other tracks or can open the current playlist. I have to kill the app and start over again to open other playlists or tracks. Seems that the app is not aware of the maybe special screen resolution or other parameters of the device.
Does anybody know a workaround for this?


Nov 3, 2009
I think it's best rom for me but here is the some problems
1. Vehicle controls not working. I can't change any car setting
2. I choosed poweramp instead of stock player. But when I push the button opening stock player
3. Sound level for radio or music player resetting on every boot.


Nov 3, 2009
1 and 3 sound like MCU problems, have you mapped Poweramp to the button ?
I reinstalled the rom. Poweramp runs as I want.
But the 1 and 3 the problem continues.
I upraded the MCU from v2.75 to 2.92, 3.06 and 3.78 (latest).
I think the problem is with the can bus. Higher firmware version is required.
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Apr 3, 2007
The volume is nothing to do with the CAN Bus, its MCU related. Try changing the CAN Bus type in factory settings.


Jun 3, 2016
Hi, excellent, stability and performance. nice project. thank you.

But, the radio theme is very bad. Please upload "mtc radio 4 no panel apk" to this site?


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Apr 13, 2022
прошил свой планшет и не какой реакцыи кирпич кароче ROCKCHIP RK3188 SBAU32FT 1407


Nov 3, 2009
Navigation apps (Igo, Yandex) isnt working simultaneously with the FM Radio and stock music player. FM Radio or music app stops when I press Navi button.
But Poweramp and Player pro are working simultaneously.
What settings do I need to make for FM Radio and stock music player to work simultaneously with Navi apps?


Jun 3, 2013
Hi guys, I've just installed this,

Any idea how to kill the screensaver? Super annoying. Also I can't get launchers to stop crashing. I also can't get any root file browsers to operate without crashing...any suggestions?

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    Hal9k Mod v2.5
    Firmware for platform MTCD-MTCE Rockchip PX3-RK3188 1024x600 800x480 based on the latest official version of HCT2.
    This is the further development of my Mod v1.x based on Android 5.
    Thanks graviton.no for the equipment provided for development.
    Nougat for ALL RK3188/PX3.

    You can install this firmware on your radio, if in Settings > About machine >
    • The model starts with px3
    • The Android version starts with 7.1.
    • The chip version starts with MTCD or MTCE. Then there can be any letters, two, three, four - it does not matter.
    Machine status example:

    Or, if in Settings > About device > Version info>
    • The MCU version starts with MTCD or MTCE. Then there can be any letters, two, three, four - it does not matter.
    • The Android version starts with 5.1.
    • The Build number starts with rk3188.
    Version info example:

    Also, to restore the radio, if something goes wrong, you should be able enter the recovery.

    The main advantages and trends of development of this mod:
    • New features.
    • Correction of existing errors and imperfections of the stock.
    • Best responsiveness in comparison of the stock + the ability for the user to improve this indicator.
    • The customizability. All critical changes made on my taste, you can customize for yourself or do as it was in the stock.
    • All changes made directly in application code without the use of Xposed framework for best perfomance.
    • Stability.
    • The stock design.
    The first boot takes less than one minute.
    When switching from any other firmware or from version 1.x, user data is cleared automatically!
    If you are upgrading from a previous version of 2.x, you do not need to wipe. But it is recommended if any problems arise. Especially if you used microG in the previous version.

    If you install without wiping the data on top of the previous version, the first boot may take several minutes. Depends on the number of third-party applications.
    But be sure to go to "Mod settings" to apply the default settings.
    After installing or updating the firmware, the HU will reboot one more time to complete the installation of Magisk.

    How to install the firmware ?
    Extract the nupdate.img file from the archive to the root of the USB flash drive or SD card. It must be formatted in FAT32.
    Take out all the other flash drives, SD cards, modems and other devices from the radio jacks.

    Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of the radio. It is desirable to use the connector in which it is defined as USB1 (can be seen, for example, in the player).
    Or SD-card - in the GPS slot.

    The radio will prompt "Firmware Updating".
    Click "Install".

    In addition, you can install the firmware through the System update in Settings.
    Or through the recovery.
    If you have an old version of the MCU, I highly recommend upgrading to the current version.
    MTCE MCU can be installed instead of MTCD. (make sure the letters of the current MCU matches the one you flash!)

    If you like my ROMs and you want to thank me, please consider making a donation. You can find required details on my website or just click here.

    Version 2.5 Google Drive

    Old versions

    Version 2.4 Google Drive
    Other launchers not included in the firmware. Installing by the replacement /system/priv-app/Launcher3HCT2

    List of changes:
    Version 2.5
    1. Moved to the new base firmware from December 2018.
    2. Added or corrected translations in different languages:
      Thanks to:
      de @maus05, @Toto1365
      el @grigoris_a
      it @tonimontoia
      cs @Bugscze
      hr @dankec2000
      hu @didu73
      nl @ZeroZorro
      fr @mykerinos1
      sv @kupa
      es @segu45
    3. Improved screensaver:
      Made displaying covers for most third-party players and radio station icons for PCRADIO app.
      For correct work, I recommend adding your players to the "List of applications that should not work simultaneously".
      Made displaying recommendations when driving along a route for Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps.
      Made displaying temperature from Yandex.Weather, if the data on the temperature does not come from the CAN-adapter.
      Now the screensaver is correctly displayed in 800x480.
      While the screensaver is running, the stock volume control is no longer shown.
    4. Added pop-up messages from BT Music and third-party media players. Third-party media players must be added to the appropriate list.
    5. Added a list of applications that will work in immersive mode (full screen).
    6. Made a separate list of navigation using TTS
    7. Added the ability to assign the last launched navigation to the Navi button (to switch between navigation and player, for example).
    8. By popular demand :) added custom parking lines. Thanks for Incognito+
    9. Magisk updated to v18.1, Viper4Android updated to v2.7
    10. Added new button codes to replace
    11. OEM launchers with widgets can now be installed just all at once.
    12. Much work has been done to ensure support for new basic firmware, although this is not visible from the outside.
    Old versions

    Version 2.4
    1. Moved to the new base firmware from October 2018.
    2. In exchange for SuperSU, another root (Magisk) is preinstalled. Do not update.
      You can install additional modules to extend the functionality.
    3. Added ability to edit the list of applications in the carousel that are switched with the Mode button.
    4. Added the ability to replace applications that run instead of stock. You can have your radio button launch PCRadio etc.
    5. Added speed dependant volume control.
    6. Added color selection in the HCT screensaver.
    7. Fixed bug with ringtone selection.
    8. A new screensaver has been added that displays the time and date, information from most third-party players (not just regular ones), the volume level, the speed, and the temperature if this data is available.
      To display the temperature you need a CAN adapter.
      It is possible to customize the appearance of the screensaver: colors, background image, the maximum value for the speed indicator.
    9. Added the ability to replace the codes of buttons located on the steering wheel and the front panel.
      You can configure the actions that are performed when you press the buttons on the steering wheel, even if they are connected via a CAN adapter.
    10. Added the ability to select a group of radio stations.
      If you are traveling to another locality where other radio stations operate, you can select a different group and tune in the stations again.
      And having come home, choose the default group again and your settings will be restored.
    11. Added a list of applications that have access to USB-devices. It allows you to get rid of the annoying request for access.
    12. For fans of Taskers, the ability to assign numbers 1-9, 0, and the characters * and # to the steering buttons is added.
      Intent = "com.microntek.report.event"
      Extra "type" = "key"
      Extra "value" = button code.
    13. The name of the artist was added to the pop-up message from Music, and the frequency from the message from Radio.
    14. Added an equalizer call for a long tap to the on-screen button of presets in Music.
    15. The checkbox "Switching folders in Music with buttons on the steering wheel" is removed, since now the buttons on the steering wheel can be customized.
    16. Replaced sysinit system - scripts in init.d are now executed in parallel.
    17. Updated microG to latest version.
    18. A short press on the on-screen power button now turns on the selected screensaver.
    19. Added MTCDialer application for calls from third-party applications.
    20. The Google app now calls via MTCDialer without additional settings.
    21. You can muffle music by navigation application that play voice prompts through a speech synthesizer.
      To use, you need to add the application to the "List of navigational applications that muffle other sounds" and select "Text-to-speech engine that muffle other sounds"
    22. Replaced icons in the regular launcher and in the status bar.
    23. Added the ability to call System UI Tuner from Mod Settings.
    24. Added the ability to replace new button codes for a joystick in a Mazda car.
    25. Other minor changes aimed at improving stability and usability.
    Version 2.3
    1. Moved to the new base firmware from April 2018.
    2. Made a list of applications that allow the screen saver to be started.
      You can add a third-party launcher or player to it, for example.
    3. Added the ability to switch tracks in third-party players using the steering wheel buttons for owners of CAN-adapters for Mercedes cars, etc.
    4. Made a list of applications that are restarted after sleep.
      I included the PCRadio application in it. Now it always starts playback correctly after exiting sleep, if it was started when HU go to sleep.
      In PCRadio's settings, you must enable the "Resume playback when application starts" switch. Also it is necessary to remove it from the whitelist if it was added to it.
    5. Editing the whitelist now does not require a restart of the HU.
    6. Added a volume control in the style typical for AV equipment from the 7floor module
    7. Added the ability to display the volume control at the top, middle or bottom of the screen.
    8. Added the ability to adjust the time during which the volume control remains on the screen after changing the volume value.
    9. Has been made a list of applications that should not work simultaneously.
      This list is an extension of the corresponding system list.
      If one of the applications included in this list is launched, then the rest are closed.
      That is, for example, if you include the same PCRadio, then it will close when you start the stock Music or Radio. And vice versa.
    10. Added the ability to move the statusbar to the bottom of the screen. (Experimental option.)
    11. Changed the logic of the name request for the button of the stored radio station.
      If the name for the stored frequency is not specified earlier, text from the RDS is suggested.
    12. Other changes aimed at improving stability.
    Version 2.2.1 OTA-package
    1. Added the ability to disable switching folders in the Music by the buttons on the steering wheel.
    2. Fixed interface display for 800x480 resolution.
    Version 2.2
    1. In audioplayer added a jump to the previous / next folder on the seekdown / seekup steering wheel buttons and a on the long tap to the prev / next screen buttons.
    2. Added folder name display to the pop-up message when switching between folders.
    3. Made a list of navigational apps that muffle other sounds when playing voice prompts.
      The list should include all navigation applications, including the one that is set by default to the Navi button.
    4. Added application F-Droid for automatic update microG.
    5. Added the ability to hide storage icons in the statusbar.
    6. Updated the time zones to version 2018d.
      After updating without a wipe, make sure that the time zone is set correctly.
    7. Other changes, to improve stability.
    Version 2.1
    1. Moved to the new base firmware from February 2018.
    2. The possibility of OTA-updates is added.
    3. Added the ability to lock device as a regular Android device.
      The lock is turned on after rebooting or exiting from sleep.
      You can also turn on the lock after the Android screensaver has triggered or manually from the shutdown menu.
    4. Sorting in alphabetical order of all lists in players is done.
    5. Added pop-up messages showing information about the current radio station and music file. It is possible to set the font size and the duration of the messages.
    6. The audio player goes to the next folder in the list after the playing the last file in the current folder in the sequential play mode.
    7. Added a request for a name for the button of the stored radio station.
    8. Added the ability to choose from eight screensavers. Pictures here.
    9. Added the ability to turn off the full-screen keyboard.
    10. Added the ability to turn off the restarting applications that worked before going to sleep.
    11. In the application "Wheelkey Study" added actions "turn off the screen backlight", "recent applications" and "F-Cam application".
    12. In third-party applications preinstalled "sound improver" ViPER4Android.
    13. In the OEM added 5 launchers and their widgets (AY, HCT2, HCT3, KGL, ZH). Selection of the launcher after installation is made as usual, by pressing the Home button, as in the phone.
      Unfortunately, Android 7 does not allow third-party applications to automatically create widgets.
      Therefore we do this:
      Install widgets and launcher APKs. Add any widget and give permission (see Screenshot).
      Then remove the launcher and install it again. Or clear the launcher's data.
    14. In the folder with the launcher HCT2 added weather from vitarkananda. Works only with this launcher.
    15. Other changes, to improve stability.
    Ideas of some improvements are taken from the module xposed-mtce-utils and other modules with the permission of the author, MVG-V70. For which I thank him very much.
    But they are implemented without using the Xposed framework.

    Version 2.0
    1. All interface changes are also made for screen resolution 800x480.
    2. The firmware is completely re-odexed with optimization for the px3 processor.
    3. The Mod settings are made in a separate application, also available from the "Extra settings" in the Settings app.
    4. Added the ability to replace Gapps on a microG with a lightened Play Market and back, at any time. It's extremely speed up the device, actual for 1 GB of RAM.
      Located in the Mod settings.
    5. Allowed autoloading of third-party applications when the device starts. (Torque, etc.)
    6. Fixed playback of voice alerts in the standard voice package in Mapcam.info.
    7. Removed the "red text", which appeared, if you flash the firmware on the radio, where was Android 5.
    8. The internal memory is expanded on 256MB.
    9. Preinstalled root and SuperSU.
    10. Added support for init.d
    11. The default is:
      • English language and date format, time zone CET.
      • Watching video whle driving - enabled
      • Bluetooth Password - 1234
      • Mixing level - 4
      • GPS time update - enabled
      • Navigation sound mode - mixing
      • Timeout of the screen saver - 1 minute, options added: 2 minutes, 10 and 30 minutes.
      • Added the ability to choose the speed at which the video will be blocked
      • Deny connection to data services in roaming.
      • Volume when reversing -4
      • Brightness of the screen at night - 20%
    12. Unnecessary applications and files were deleted:
      • Open Wnn
      • Built-in Pico TTS speech synthesizer
      • WAP Push Manager
      • Corporate profiles
      • EasyConnected
      • Android live wallpapers (the ability to install your own Live wallpaper is left)
      • GPSTest replaced with GPS Test Plus
    13. Google Maps has been moved from system applications to third-party applications. Now you can simply delete them in Settings if they are not needed.
    14. Also, in third-party applications preinstalled Google Text-to-speech Engine. Speech synthesis works without connecting to the network.
    15. Synchronization of Contacts and Calendar is added.
    16. Time Zones updated to the latest version.
    17. The built-in Contacts application is enabled.
    18. Allowed to install applications not from the Play Market.
    19. The Daydream functionality is enabled. This allows you to install any screensaver from the Play Market without stopping at one.
      By default, the Clock screensaver from Android is selected. Color can be changed.
      Any third-party screensaver is turned off under the same conditions as the standard one (touching the screen, switching cameras, etc.)
      Android screensaver can be turned off, then the standard screensaver will work.
    20. In the Bluetooth application, the name field is enlarged in the phone book. Added the recognition of the OBD adapter based on the settings so that the system distinguishes them from the phones and works with them correctly.
      It is necessary, if your adapter does not have the letters OBD in the name.
    21. In the Video application, the playlist is enlarged.
      Repeat is disabled by default.
    22. In the Music application, the playlist is enlarged and the repeat is disabled by default.
      Instead of a spinning plate, a square fixed cover is made, loading of lyrics from the network is included,
      the player is paused for an incoming call and the Mute button is pressed.
    23. Radio - the running RDS text has been removed from the saved stations buttons. Now we can assign names to saved stations.
    24. Fixed Bluetooth.
      Now normally works those diagnostic programs that previously wrote that Bluetooth is turned off, offered to turn it on and hang up.
      Programs automatically detect a previously paired adapter.
    25. The on-screen power button in the status bar is made.
      • Single click to turn on the screen saver.
      • Double click to make a screenshot.
      • Triple click to kill the active application.
      • Long press - shutdown menu.
      Added items in the shutdown menu : Restart, Safe mode, Recovery mode.
    26. Added the ability to change the ringtone to any in the ringtones folder (only for the MD725 Bluetooth module)
    27. Added the possibility of increasing TTL by default to bypass restrictions on the distribution of Internet from mobile devices.
    28. Added a white list of applications that do not close when going to sleep, with the ability to configure.
    29. The number on the volume control is increased and made white.
    30. Added hidden item "Developer options" in settings.
    31. The Status item is added in Settings - About machine.
    32. Added the ability to disable some statusbar elements.
      By default, the Home button, the Volume, Eject and Brightness icons are disabled. The Back button is moved from right to left. Everything can be configured, as it was in the stock or in another way.
    Known issue: On devices with 1 GB due to lack of RAM or another videocodec hardware, the built-in video player and other programs that work with video does not work normally.
    Solution: use a third-party video player.

    Version 2.0 screenshots
    Helpful Tips
    • How to automatically install your favorite APKs after flashing ?
      Create a hct folder on a USB flash drive with firmware.
      In this folder create folder apk.
      Put your favorite APKs in this folder, they will be automatically installed after flashing.

    • How to switch to microG ?
      Go to Mod Settings > Framework selection and select microG option. Changes take effect immediately !
      The device will restart multiple times.
      Then run the microG Settings app, give the necessary permissions and enable Google device registration and Google Cloud Messaging.
      If you have GSM modem connected to your radio, go to UnifiedNlp Settings and turn on Mozilla Location Service in "Configure location backends" and Nominatim in "Configure address lookup backends".
      Then go to Self-Check and verify that all the checkboxes are enabled (the check boxes in the lower part is only available with GSM modem).
      Recreate Google account.

    • How to install this firmware instead of Android 5.1.1 ?
      Download the attached archive with the SD_Firmware_Tool utility and unpack it.
      Prepare a micro SD card for 2 - 4 - 8 Gb. It will be completely overwritten.
      Prepare USB flash drive with the same firmware.

      Insert the card into the PC card reader and run SD_Firmware_Tool.exe as Administrator.
      Choose the removable disk.
      Clear the "Upgrade Firmware" check box. It's important !
      Press the "Firmware" button and select nupdate.img file.
      Press the "Create" button and wait for the process to finish.

      Insert this card into the "GPS" slot on the radio.
      Insert the USB flash drive with the same firmware into the USB slot on the radio.
      Hard reboot or turn off and turn on the power of the radio.

      The radio will boot the recovery from Android 7 from the card and will go to the menu.
      Select "Apply system image from SD card or USB"> "From usb storage"
      Wait for the flashing process to finish.
      Then select "Wipe data/factory reset"
      Then "Reboot system now"
      Radio will ask you to remove the SD card. Remove that.

      Radio will boot to Android 7.

      Note: You must Restore this card with the SD_Firmware_Tool utility for future use.
      You can return to Android 5 in the same way.
    microG and Version 2.1 screenshots
    Version 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 screenshots:
    Version 2.5 released
    List of changes in the first post. Screenshots in the third.
    Will we get an update for the px3?
    Yes. I just can not do everything at once.