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[ROM][PX5][Pie][9.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 9

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Nov 3, 2006
You Apply the Lite version and broke your GPS?
There is a bug in the lite version with the GPS. It can take several minutes before it gets a lock. This is one of the fixes listed in the 1.2.5 release notes on the 1st page of this thread. As I said I don't want/need the features in the Full version - I'd just like the GPS bug fixed.


Oct 24, 2007
B noite, tenho um Xtrons PX5, pb78fsfp-s, gostaria de saber como instalar de raiz todoo software, pois está com bastantes erros e paragens.

XTRONS 7 "Android 8.0 Octa Core 4G RAM 32G ROM​


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    Only for devices processor Rockchip PX5, MCU - MTCD, MTCE Android 9.0 RAM 4 gb !!!
    Mod Pie 9.0 Android PX5 RK3368
    For Mod Q 10.0 Android PX5 MCU MTCE RK3368 is HERE
    For Mod Pie 9.0 Android PX6 MCU STM32 RK3399 is HERE
    For PX6 MCU MTCE RK3399 mod 9 android is HERE
    For PX30 RK3326 mod 9 android is HERE
    Only for devices that already have 9 android from the factory !!
    For those who want to try switching from 8 android to 9 android (if it doesn’t work, then you can restore 8 android via the bootable SD card for 8 android) for some, everything is fine, for some, the black screen, after applying the bootable SD card for 9 android - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80034820&postcount=33
    With firmware device, you need to understand all the risks.
    Neither I nor the website is not responsible for your actions and possibly killed devices!
    Everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk.

    Only for those who know how to get into the recovery (different combinations of keys) and installed in the device SD card slot !!!

    Please excuse me. I'm bad at spelling in english. I use the translator Google. I rarely answer questions in private messages and on the forum. Sorry.
    What is added, changed:
    LITE firmware version:
    Root access (only for programs that require it, the System section cannot be changed, read-only)
    Added ESFileExplorer, RootExplorer, PlanetsPack live wallpapers.
    One modified HCT launcher.
    The ability to start screensaver and set the start time of 15-30 seconds 1-3-5-7-10 minutes is included.
    By default, video viewing while driving is enabled and sound muting in Navigation is set to -3.
    Changed the Music and Radio application (also made translucent)
    The ability to set your logo in the Radio and Music application in Settings.
    Changed the main Settings.
    Reworked watches in the Status Bar with the ability to edit them - set the size, color, date.
    The ability to set the viewing speed of Internet traffic in the Status Bar.
    Ability to change color and gradient in the Status Bar.
    Many other changes and additions.

    Video LITE firmware version: https://youtu.be/fHtKYbXqNnE
    Installation: Please read carefully the instructions for installing the firmware in the archive along with the firmware.
    Only for devices that already have 9 android from the factory !!
    For those who want to try switching from 8 android to 9 android (if it doesn’t work, then you can restore 8 android via the bootable SD card for 8 android) - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80034820&postcount=33
    Download lite firmware version 1.1: https://yadi.sk/d/KdERFQCacp11Ag
    Mirror lite firmware version 1.1: https://mega.nz/#!V94TCS7R!9pp2A0m2uJpAY-wtYaLtV2ggY0stN05frkyWRbDJyB8

    Full firmware version:
    Video FULL Version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ArkFtvvTAY
    All that is added in the lite version firmware of PLUS +:
    Full root access (including the System section)
    Five fully modified launchers with viewing tags of listening music (any music application), Bluetooth music and radio stations.
    The ability to configure launchers (enable, disable unnecessary functions in the Settings) and the Weather settings in them and display speed via GPS.
    3 types of screensavers with analog and digital clocks, with the ability to show speed by GPS, Weather, tag tags of listening music (any music application),
    Bluetooth music and radio stations. Full customization of screensavers - color, font, disabling unnecessary functions, logo of your car, etc. in settings.
    Change the screensaver view - hold your finger in the center of the screen for 3-5 seconds - the view will change. Other screensavers are in the OEM application.
    Customizable rear camera parking lines. You need to enable them in Settings - Settings related to the car - Advanced settings - Parking lines (ON)
    Changed the volume panel and reduced the time of its disappearance.
    Fully customizable Bar Status with the ability to enable and disable buttons and icons in it in Settings.
    A reset button has been added to the Status Bar.
    Screensaver, Music, Navigation, Bluetooth Music buttons have been added to the Status Bar (you can enable - disable in the settings)
    Changed the function of calling the brightness panel in the Status Bar.
    The screensaver now starts in all programs, in Settings there is a White List of applications where you can specify applications where the screensaver will not start.
    Added the White List of Applications in Settings, where you can specify autorun after sleep.
    Added equalizer ViperFX - settings can be viewed on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp6nSWIJwPg
    Changed the Bluetooth Music app.
    Factory settings are changed for resolution 1024X600 and Russian translation is added.
    Completely changed applications Music, Radio, Video.
    Keyboard replaced by SwiftKey
    A huge number of other additions and corrections.
    Version 1.1.1 update was released on August 18, 2019 for those who have the FULL version installed.
    1. Base - factory firmware from August 13, 2019 with all the latest fixes.
    2. Fixed ViperFX - did not start automatically after sleep.
    3. Video files may play in the background.
    4. Optimization of launchers (there was a slowdown)
    5. In the OEM application, 4 different types of Radio applications have been added (including Radio with support for Day and Night)
    Go to the OEM application and install the application from there (there are screenshots there)
    6. In the OEM application, 2 types of Music application were added.
    7. Added 2 launchers (one with support for Day and Night)
    8. Other corrections and additions.

    screenshots of version 1.1.1 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80090835&postcount=119

    Version 1.1.2 update was released on 09 September, 2019 for those who have the FULL version installed.
    1. Full root access (including the System section)!

    2. Titanium Backup work
    3. You can execute your scripts in a folder System/etc/Init.d
    4. Gradient StatusBar fixed in Mod Settings (did not work)
    5. Added online radio PCRadio (will appear if Wipe Data is done).
    6. The icons in the Status Bar have been fixed for applications that have support day and night (bluetooth, Radio, launcher).
    7. pcradio, poweramp, qamp, dab-z now at startup they automatically mute the sound of regular applications
    8. In the OEM application Added new Radio with support for day and night (translucent)
    Go to the OEM application and install the application from there (there are screenshots there)
    9. Added analog screensaver (located in OEM application)
    10. Other corrections and additions.
    Download full firmware version 1.1.2: We first install the LITE version and carefully read the instructions in the archive along with the firmware.
    Version 1.1.3 update was released on October 14, 2019 for those who have the FULL version installed.
    Secure firmware version. Because Chinese programmers in the latest factory firmware (for example, from September 25, 2019 from HA) made protection against installing other firmware, this version 1.1.3 installs perfectly. (1.0,1.1,1.1.2 - installation could lead to a black screen).
    Also added to version 1.1.3:
    Settings Mod - Display General - added Auto screen brightness by GPS.
    Settings Mod - Display General - added Developer options.
    In the OEM application - ScreenClockMalay - added an analog GPS screensaver for MPH (America and others who use MPH)
    EasyConnection works fully!
    Other corrections and additions.

    Update 1.2.1 dated November 25, 2019.
    This update is a collaboration with a respected graser from the 4PDA forum, for which many thanks to him and many thanks !!!
    Who has the full firmware version 1.0,1.1,1.1.1,1.1.2 and 1.1.3 installed, it is strongly recommended to make full Wipe Data (check the Wipe Data checkbox, when a message appears that an update was found).
    1. Support 1280X720 screen resolution
    2. Four custom buttons have been added to screensavers to launch your programs.
    Long press on the button - application selection.
    Short press on the button - launch the application.
    If you have installed the screensaver from the OEM application, you must reinstall it.
    3. Fixed wallpaper selection (there was a problem that they were stretched)
    4. Added Music application with support for day and night (located in the OEM application)
    Warning: ViperFX will not work in Music EQ mode - disable the graphic equalizer in Music!
    5. Now you can configure the MODE button to launch your applications.
    It is located in the Mod Settings - Display General - Selecting applications to start by pressing the MODE button.
    If it is disabled, the standard method of the MODE button is used (start Radio-Music-Video)
    6. A graphic equalizer has been added to the screensaver.
    7. In the OEM application, another version of the Music application has been added.
    8. Added the ability to automatically adjust sound by GPS speed.
    It is located in Settings Mod - Display General - GPS Auto volume control .
    9 Removed pop-up messages with auto brightness via GPS.
    10. Added the ability to set pop-up messages about playing Music, Radio, Bluetooth music and PCRadio.
    It is located in Mod Settings - Display General - Pop-up notifications settings for players and Radio.
    11. Fixed icons in the Status bar for a dark theme.
    12. The new application for the equalizer, more options for tuning the DSP.
    In the OEM application there are two types of equalizers, you can set which one you like.
    13. A lot of other corrections and additions.
    Updating the full version of firmware 1.2.5 from December 26, 2019.
    This update is a collaboration with a respected graser from the 4PDA forum, for which many thanks to him and many thanks !!!
    1. Fixed GPS.
    Improved location accuracy.
    With a cold start - satellites are found in 40-70 seconds.
    With a hot start (after sleep or reboot) - instantly.
    2. Who had problems with USB ports or WiFi loss - fixed.
    Initialization of USB and WiFi after a full system boot and after sleep.
    3. A new method and settings for the white list of programs to start after sleep (located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - System Settings)
    4. New whitelist for adding third-party programs (for example Poweramp)
    when launched, the sound will be muted for regular programs Music, radio, etc. (located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - System Settings)
    5. A new white list for programs in which the screensaver will not start (located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Screensaver Settings)
    6. Redone Launcher with support for day and night. Also added to Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Launchers to configure it. You can customize the display of the main screen.
    - Clock, GPS speed, Weather, or choose to display your logo (download the logo on the Internet (for example, the logo of a BMW car),
    in PNG format and preferably with a transparent backing and copy the file to the device’s internal memory)
    If after updating the firmware, at each system boot, location permissions for the launcher are asked, go to Mod Settings - Mod Settings -
    Launcher Settings - Launcher with day and night support and enable GPS speed display.
    7. The new graphic equalizer in the Music and Screensaver applications, with four different graphic equalizers and color choices.
    8. Reworked regular applications Radio and Music for a dark theme.
    9. 12 applications of Radio and Music in three color themes Blue, Green and Red themes have been added to the OEM application.
    10. You can now set the time for displaying music and radio notifications in the Mod Settings from 1 to 10 seconds.
    11. EasyConnected updated to the latest version.
    12. Reduced auto sound increase by GPS speed and fixed sound increase during bluetooth conversation (now does not automatically add sound)
    12. Many other corrections and additions.
    Online update version 1.3.5. from June 2020 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=82874981&postcount=1010
    Very big request, everyone who uses the FULL version of the firmware should send me the serial number of your device on the mailbox malay_75 (dog) mail.ru. This is necessary to receive online updates. Who unofficially uses the firmware - I recommend installing the factory firmware, otherwise you will have problems with my firmware installed.
    You can see the serial number of the device in Settings Mod-System-About machine-Serial number. Thank you very much for your understanding..


    Video 1.2.5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZZXBSkrwvQ
    Video FULL Version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ArkFtvvTAY
    Download full firmware version 1.2.5: We first install the LITE version and carefully read the instructions in the archive along with the firmware.

    Who wants to translate Settings into their native language - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=80203246&postcount=254
    In the process of filling !!!
    Online update 1.3.7 for the full version from August 21, 2020.
    1. Fixed: GPS satellites were not caught after sleep.
    2. Fixed: Selecting DPI screen resolution.
    3. Added: Select the update rate for GPS satellites from 1Hz to 10Hz (default 1Hz) - Settings Mod - Mod settings - Car - Select the GPS update rate.
    4. Added support for new types of rear cameras.
    5. Improved system stability.
    6. Other.
    Guys. Important information! I ask you to immediately excuse me and understand me !!! Sorry. 30-50 letters come to me a day! I physically cannot answer them! Either I work or I sit around the clock around the clock and only reply to letters! Do not get me wrong, I have a family and the main job. I am not technical support units on PX3, PX5, PX6! I can only answer questions regarding problems with my firmware (what I personally did)! For other questions, there is a Chinese manufacturer and you can ask them questions! Please excuse me again!
    I wish all XDA users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I wish you all the best and your families! So that your PX5 devices please you and not break! :D:D
    From December 31 to January 5, I will leave and it will be difficult for me to answer your letters (please understand).
    If I do not answer you, send me an email again after January 5th. Thank you all for your invaluable support!