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[ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

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Cavalier Condorelli

Senior Member
Nov 25, 2010

I'm really happy with this ROM, but I do have a question.
I had to replace my motherboard and the chinese seller sent me a new one. I have a PX6 MTCE.

The original motherboard had a DSP but the new one that was sent to me didn't. No big problem, I moved over cables, GPS etc and the unit is working fine, except one problem.

The left volume knob was doing changing frequency on the radio and the right knob was doing volume. Pressing the knob on either left or right doesn't work for power on/off. Nothing is happening at all.

So I found the "Replace key codes" in the settings in the ROM and it is working beautiful for remapping volume and and frequency. The only problem I have now is how to get the power on/off to work with the left volume button

I can't see the key code for power in MTCD_tools and I don't know the code I have right now if I press the volume knob.
I have tried the chinese seller but only get non answers back.

I do have working on/off mapped to the DVD eject button via the button mapping in the "factory settings" but I really want to have it the normal way.

Any advice?


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There is also a menu inside factory configuration (the one you access with password, 126 in my case) that permits hw keys assignment. Give it a try.


May 14, 2021
Hi Hal9k .. Yes, as I had already written to you both here in the forum and also in private, even before you left the new v5 update. 02 about the dab + APP that works very badly .. It does not receive the channels well, the change of channels between one channel and another takes between 5-8 seconds, for me there are a lot of them .. and above all about the original dasaita app that I can't install, it tells me that the app is not installed .. I kindly ask you to do something because really your dab + application works terrible, so do something if you can leave a little update .. I repeat I have a dasaita px6 max10 4x64gb with dab + and original dasaita antenna with dasaita version worked perfectly, however with your version v5. 01-v5.02 the dasaita app has completely disappeared .. Thank you very much for your availability and I await your response regarding my question ..


Mar 11, 2019
You probably didn't understand the question because it seems to me that if you install another version of viper4android it won't work with the driver so it's unusable. And then what is the best gps setting?


Senior Member
Jul 20, 2012
Can anyone advise how to change screensaver style? I have selected under screen saver menu but I can't get it change from default screen saver.


Senior Member
Jul 6, 2009
Can anyone advise on how to remove the default viperfx app? I tried deleting the app using root explorer/root browser with root access but still unable to. under magisk app viperfx was not installed so I am unable to remove it from there.
thank you for any advice in advance.


May 27, 2009
I have been using the Xtronx PX5 (PB7839BP) on my BMW e39 with great success for several years.
I have been using HAL9K mod v4.2.1 - Android 9 for a very long time
No problems - everything was working fine
(Additionally, I use the IBUS app https://www.ibus-app.de with the 'old' Resler adapter)

I wanted Android 10 and be up-to-date ;)...

Without any problems, of course, with the help of Modinstaler Pro 2 from Hal9K, the latest version of Android 10 with Mod v5.0.2 has arrived.

While everything worked on Android 9, now I have problem:

Problem with voice notifications.
- While the music is playing via spotify, I can't hear notifications from goolge maps or from the Yanosik app (notifications about road problems).
- When I enter the Google maps options and play the test sound - you can hear that the sound (music from spotify) is slightly quieter (dimmed), but you cannot hear the voice with the message.
- When spotify is not playing (application is off or only music paused) - maps and yanosik work OK (you can hear voice notifications)
- When RADIO is playing - maps and yanosik also work OK
I am convinced that this is some software problem with the settings

Can someone knowledgeable give me a hint?


Senior Member
Jan 30, 2011
Android Wear
I have been using the Xtronx PX5 (PB7839BP) on my BMW e39 with great success for several years.
I have been using HAL9K mod v4.2.1 - Android 9 for a very long time
No problems - everything was working fine
(Additionally, I use the IBUS app https://www.ibus-app.de with the 'old' Resler adapter)

I wanted Android 10 and be up-to-date ;)...

Without any problems, of course, with the help of Modinstaler Pro 2 from Hal9K, the latest version of Android 10 with Mod v5.0.2 has arrived.

While everything worked on Android 9, now I have problem:

Problem with voice notifications.
- While the music is playing via spotify, I can't hear notifications from goolge maps or from the Yanosik app (notifications about road problems).
- When I enter the Google maps options and play the test sound - you can hear that the sound (music from spotify) is slightly quieter (dimmed), but you cannot hear the voice with the message.
- When spotify is not playing (application is off or only music paused) - maps and yanosik work OK (you can hear voice notifications)
- When RADIO is playing - maps and yanosik also work OK
I am convinced that this is some software problem with the settings

Can someone knowledgeable give me a hint?
IMHO try to enable viperfx legacy mode, or try to disable viperfx alltogether

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    Thank you.
    When can we expect the next update for this rom ?
    It's today :)

    Update 5.0.2 has been released
    The list of changes is in the first message
    The main innovation is the new GPS driver.

    Link for PX 30 owners wishing to purchase USB GPS receiver on Ali
    I imported your settings, started Spotify and turned off ACC for a few minutes.
    After turning on Spotify continued playback from the same position.
    Perhaps there are some other features of your configuration.
    We need to think about it.
    Good news, your reply intrigued me, so I reinstalled everything from the start, performed the wipe again, reinstalled the Mod, updated with the new version 5.02, imported my saved settings and surprise, it started working. I don't know what was the problem, but now Spotify resumes playing. Thank you for your support.
    How to disable screensaver?
    i did the 5.0.2 upgrade and after the reboot it does not recognize my password. what can i do?
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    Hal9k Mod v5 based on Android 10 for MTCx HCTx Rockchip PX5 (rk3368), PX6 (rk3399) and PX30 (rk3326) head units
    Firmware version: 5.0.0 (31.07.2021)
    Version of the latest OTA update: 5.0.2 (10.11.2021)

    About firmware:

    Firmware for car head units based on MTCx or HCTx platform with Rockchip PX5, PX6 or PX30 processors and screen resolution 800x480, 1024x600, 1280x720, 1920x1080 based on Android 10.
    This is a further development of the Hal9k Mod v4 based on Android 9.

    The basic version of the firmware, in the form in which it is posted here, is distributed free of charge for private use and has no restrictions on performance
    Commercial use of the firmware or its parts and algorithms is prohibited.

    Any change to the firmware of the head unit is a potentially dangerous operation. Therefore, the Mod is provided on an “as is” basis. The author is not responsible for any possible negative consequences.

    The main advantages of this firmware:
    • Stock design
    • High stability
    • Advanced functionality
    • Correction of existing errors and deficiencies in stock firmware
    • Customizability. All additions and modifications can be customized to your liking
    • Changes are made directly in the application code, without using the Xposed framework
    • Increased responsiveness compared to the stock + the ability to independently improve this indicator
    System requirements ( Settings> About machine)
    • The model starts with PX5 (rk3368) or PX6 (rk3399) or PX30 (rk3326_mid)
    • Android version starts with 10 or 9 or 8.0 or 6.0
    • The MCU version starts with MTCD, MTCE, MTCP, MTCH, HCTG. Further there can be any letters, two, three, four - it does not matter.

    You also need to be able to enter the recovery mode

    Firmware Reviews:
    Video installation instructions from Alex's Android Radio (English)
    Video installation instructions from Alex's Android Radio (Deutsch)
    Video review from Alex's Android Radio (English)
    Video review from Alex's Android Radio (Deutsch)

    If you have device lock enabled in the Settings, then you need to turn it off before installing this update.
    1. Added an alternative GPS driver for the U-blox chip
      • The accuracy of determining the geoposition in an open area reaches 0.5m
      • Due to the use of AssistNow Autonomous, the search time for satellites has been significantly reduced
      • And if you have access to the Internet while booting or exiting sleep mode, then this time becomes even less due to A-GPS
      • It is possible to use an external USB GPS receiver based on a U-blox chip. For example, TOPGNSS GNSS803G (aka GN-803G)
      • For owners of a HU on the PX30, this is an opportunity to get a perfectly working GPS, the same as on the PX5 and PX6
      • GPS Test correctly displays all types of satellites
    2. Added the ability to export, import and reset mod settings
    3. The list of apps running in immersive mode is no longer reset every time the device is rebooted.
    4. The Ethernet interface is no longer turned on after exiting sleep mode, if it is turned off in the Mod settings.
    5. Fixed: If you enable the option under application common settings to pause player when mute then it will not play music after wake up.
    6. Fixed display of navigation data in the screen saver
    7. Fixed temperature display in the screen saver and in the status bar
    8. The screen saver no longer turns on in split-screen mode
    9. Added the possibility of correction for the displayed battery voltage
    10. Color schemes have been fixed in the Mod settings
    11. Added the ability to adjust the delay before restarting the player after exiting sleep mode
    1. Advanced customization of the GPS receiver chip, which includes:
      • The use of satellite navigation systems Galileo and IMES in addition to the existing ones. The number of visible satellites has increased by about a third
      • Possibility of increasing the frequency of measurements of geo-position in 10 times. Navigation apps respond more quickly to changes in course or vehicle speed
      • The lag of the marker from the real position is reduced to a minimum, which means that navigation applications inform about the upcoming maneuver earlier
      • AssistNow Autonomous positioning acceleration is enabled. Cold start of the GPS receiver takes about a minute
      • A dynamic navigation model is set - for cars, not for phones, as set by default
      • Any differential correction satellites are used
      • You can select the measurement frequency for the GPS receiver: 1,2,5 and 10 Hz
      • Can use BeiDou satellites instead of Glonass (only for PX5 and PX6)
      Unfortunately, not all of this works for PX30 devices as they have a less functional GPS receiver chip
    2. Added GPS chip reset to factory settings when GPS receiver Advanced setting is disabled. Actual for PX30
    3. The rules for distributing processes by processor cores have been changed. This had a positive effect both on the operation of the system as a whole and on the operation of GPS.
      GPS starts working normally about a minute after waking up from prolonged sleep mode
    4. Possibility to adjust the speed of the USB OTG port (USB 2.0 or USB 1.1). This allows you to remove clicks that interfere with listening to music through the USB DAC
    5. Ability to disable the Ethernet interface to use Wi-Fi without physically disconnecting the USB modem. Configurable Ethernet interface parameters
    6. Third party apps can now set the time zone on the device. Tested on the Navitel app
      If the application has already been installed, then to enable this mode, it must be reinstalled
    7. Added the ability to call by clicking on the name of the contact, and not on SMS
    8. Added display of radio station logos on the widget in the main launcher
    9. You can create a "Quick Call" widget that will launch a phone call to the selected number
    10. Tap on the clock widget in the main launcher now launches the screensaver instead of the clock
    11. Added the ability to lock the device with standard Android way
      The lock is activated after a reboot or after the device wakes up from sleep mode. You can also turn on the lock after the Android screensaver is triggered or manually from the shutdown menu
      A device lock item has also been added to the shutdown menu
    12. Added screen filter for additional screen dimming in night mode
    13. For the convenience of controlling the brightness level in this mode, a slider has been added next to the daytime brightness
    14. Added the ability to set the power off delay by ACC up to 72 hours (for current versions of the MCU)
    15. Added the ability to adjust the volume from third-party applications
    16. The Navi button now switches between the navigation application and the last launched player, which is included in the "List of media players that should not work together"
    17. Added the ability to disable the device shutdown message
    18. Video app includes gesture control and background playback
    19. Added pause for an incoming call or pressing the Mute button for the Music app and third-party media players
    20. For third-party media players, added pause when going to sleep mode
      It is recommended to add third-party media players to the whitelist and to the "List of media players that should not work together"
    21. Added display of pop-up messages with information about playing media from Music, Radio, A2DP applications and third-party media players. Third-party media players must be added to the appropriate list
      It is possible to customize the size and color of the font and the duration of the message display, disable the display of pop-up messages over the launcher
      You can remove track number information from pop-up messages. This affects the screen saver too
    22. Made transfer of media information from built-in applications to third-party widgets
    23. Added the ability to manage built-in media applications from third-party widgets
    24. For the built-in radio, the ability to display the logos of radio stations on the screen saver and in media widgets has been added
      Pictures of logos should be in the Pictures/Radio folder created on the built-in memory of the device
      Format: PNG, JPG. Image sizes up to 320x320
      File names: 10250.png (102.50 MHz) for the default radio group. A10340.png, B10340.jpg, etc. (103.40 MHz) for other groups
    25. Added default album covers for built-in media applications. You can replace them with your own in the settings
    26. Added to the screen saver:
      • Display cover art and track information for most third-party players and radio station icons for PCRadio
        For correct operation, I recommend adding your players to the "List of media players that should not work together"
      • Temperature display from Yandex.Weather, Accuweather and Yahoo.Weather notifications if temperature data is not received from the CAN adapter
      • Displaying recommendations when driving along a route for Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
    27. Added the ability not to turn off the sound from other applications after launching the AV-input and DVR applications
    28. Added the ability to mirror the image from the front view camera by default. Useful for those who put a rear view camera on the front of the car
    29. Added color picker for dynamic parking lines
    30. Pressing the Fcam button again now closes the front camera app
    31. New actions for buttons on the steering wheel, including double actions (example: the "Back" button will hang up when there is an active call)
    32. For fans of Taskers, the ability to assign numbers 1-9, 0, and symbols * and # to the steering wheel buttons has been added.
      Intent = "com.microntek.report.event"
      Extra "type" = "key"
      Extra "value" = button code.
    33. Added a list of applications that will run in full screen mode (immersive mode)
    34. Added configurable autostart of packages or activities and services after starting the OS
    1. Full root access preinstalled (Magisk v22.1)
      It is possible to make changes to the system partitions, control granting access to applications, hide the presence of root from some applications, and install additional modules
      You can install new versions using Magisk Manager
    2. The firmware is fully reodexed with processor optimization. This gives a slight increase in the speed of the system
    3. Added the ability to receive OTA updates via the Internet
    4. The default is:
      • English language, Europe time zone
      • Screen saver timeout - 2 minutes, added options: 10 and 30 minutes
      • Prevent connecting to data services while roaming
      • Watching video in motion - enabled
      • Navigation Hints Mode - Mixing
      • Mixing degree - 2
      • GPS time update - enabled
      • Reverse sound - 4
      • Screen brightness at night - 20%
      • Autoplay music when a flash drive is connected - off
    5. Added the ability to adjust the speed at which video playback will be disabled
    6. Removed applications: System Tests, Debugging and Easter Egg
    7. Gmail, Google Text-to-Speech, Google Maps and YouTube have been moved from system apps to third-party apps. Now you can simply delete them if they are not needed.
    8. Added support for init.d. You can put your scripts in the /etc/init.d folder and they will be launched during system startup
    9. Added support for scripts.d. You can put your scripts in the /vendor/scripts.d folder and they will be launched after booting or after exiting sleep mode
    10. Pre-installed MTCDialer, ViPER4Android, GPS Test Plus, Alex's Android Radio exclusive launcher
      In order for this version of ViPER4Android to work, you need to enable "Legacy mode" in its settings
    11. An alternative Equalizer has been added to the OEM. Installed as an update to the built-in Equalizer using the Installer application
      Revert to the stock version by removing updates in the properties of the "Audio Settings" application
    12. Built-in Contacts app enabled
    13. Contacts and Google Assistant applications dial the number without additional settings
    14. Added synchronization of Contacts and Calendar with a Google account
    15. Added the ability to change the ringtone to any of the ringtones available in the ringtones folder (not for all Bluetooth modules)
    16. Added the ability to disable the fullscreen keyboard
    17. Added the ability to move the status bar to the bottom of the screen
    18. Added the ability to replace codes for buttons located on the steering wheel and front panel. You can customize alternative actions that are performed when buttons are pressed
    19. Added the ability to select applications that have access to USB devices. Allows you to get rid of the annoying access request
    20. In the default launcher, the radio frequency on the widget is not reset after changing the theme
    21. In the launcher, by default, the date is displayed in the format corresponding to the setting in the "Date and Time" menu
    22. The following items have been added to Settings: Home app (launcher selection), Navigation bar (located on the left in some firmware), Start navigation after booting, Reboot system, Mobile network, Mod settings and Developer options
    23. In Settings - About machine, an item with information about the system has been added
    24. Added an on-screen power button in the status bar.
      • Single press - turn on the screensaver.
      • Double press to take a screenshot.
      • Triple press - kill the active application.
      • Long press - shutdown menu.
      Added items to the shutdown menu: Reboot, Safe Mode, Recovery Mode
    25. Added the ability to disable all status bar items. Disabled by default: Home button, storage icons, Volume and Brightness icons. Back button moved from right to left. All items are customizable
    26. Added Navi and F-Cam tiles to the curtain
    27. All elements of the status bar are in the same style and change their color depending on the background color
    28. Removed the limitation on 4 icons in the status bar
    29. Added background for messages from CanBus
    30. Daydream functionality added. This allows you to install any screensaver from the Play Market. For the Android screensaver to work, it must be enabled in the Mod Settings
    31. Added a new screen saver that displays time and date, volume level, speed, and temperature and voltage when this data is available
      • To display the temperature, you need a CAN adapter and the presence of a temperature in the status bar, and to display the voltage - MCU 2.93 and higher
      • It is possible to customize the appearance of the screen saver: colors, background image, maximum value for the speed indicator. You can swap the indicators on the left and right
      • The option "Screensaver is disabled only by pressing the screen"
    32. Added the ability to choose from 12 standard screen savers
    33. Added a whitelist of applications that allow the start of a screensaver. You can add to it, for example, a third-party launcher or player
    34. Added a black list of applications that do not allow the start of a splash screen. You can make it so that the screen saver will always start, except for those cases when on the screen the applications included in the list
    35. Added a whitelist of applications that do not close when going to sleep mode, with the ability to customize
    36. Added volume control in a style typical for AV equipment from the 7floor module
    37. Added the ability to display the volume control at the top, middle or bottom of the screen
    38. Added the ability to adjust the length of time the volume control remains on the screen after changing the volume value
    39. The stock volume control is not shown when the screen saver is running
    40. Changed the look of the standard volume control. The font is enlarged, the color corresponds to the selected theme
    41. Added a list of media players that restart after sleep mode
      I have included the PCRadio player on this list. It now correctly starts playback after waking up from sleep mode, if it was started when going to sleep mode
      In its settings, you must enable the "Resume playback at application start" switch. Also, you cannot add it to the white list of applications that do not close when device go to sleep mode.
    42. Added the ability to disable restarting applications that were running before going to sleep mode
    43. Added a list of navigation apps that muffle other sounds when playing voice prompts. All navigation applications must be added to the list
    44. Added the ability to assign the last launched navigation application to the Navi button to switch between navigation and the player
    45. Added a separate list of navigation applications that use Text-to-Speech to muffle other sounds when playing voice prompts
      To use, you need to add the navigation application to the "List of navigation applications using TTS that muffle other sounds" and select "Text-to-Speech engine that muffle other sounds"
    46. Made a list of media players that should not work together. This list is in addition to the corresponding system list. If one of the players included in this list starts, the rest are closed.
    47. Added the ability to edit the list of applications that are switched by the Mode button
    48. Added the ability to select applications that will run instead of stock apps. You can start your player with a button on the steering wheel
    49. Added volume control based on speed
    50. In the Bluetooth application, the name field in the phone book has been expanded and a scroll has been made if the name is long
      During a call, if you minimize the notification, the bottom of the screen remains accessible for taps. The notification does not overlap the statusbar if it is at the bottom
    51. In the Video application, the playlist is expanded and the repeat is disabled by default
      Sorting of the playlist in alphabetical order is made without regard to case of lists of folders and tracks
      Added button to call the Equalizer
    52. In the Music application, the playlist is expanded and the repeat is disabled by default
      Added download of lyrics from the network
      Sorting of the playlist in alphabetical order is made without regard to case of lists of folders and tracks
      Made transition to the next folder in the list after playing the last file in the current folder in sequential playback mode
      Added transition to the previous/next folders by the seekdown/seekup steering buttons and by a long tap on the prev/next on-screen buttons
      Added button to call the Equalizer
    53. Radio - the running RDS text has been removed from the buttons of the saved stations. Added the ability to assign names to saved radio stations
      If the name for the stored frequency has not been set earlier, the text from RDS is offered
      The ability to select a group of radio stations has been made. If you are traveling to a different area where other radio stations are working, you can select another group and tune the stations again, and upon returning home, select the default group again and your settings will be restored.
      Added button to call the Equalizer
    54. Added custom parking lines. Thanks for Incognito+
    55. Added the ability to increase the default TTL in the range from 63 to 65 to bypass restrictions on the distribution of the Internet from mobile devices
    56. Added light theme to Mod Settings
    57. Added b-max script for reconnecting freezing USB hubs. Disabled by default, can be enabled in Mod Settings
    58. In applications, translation into different languages has been fixed and added (now 19 languages have been changed).
    59. Other changes to improve stability and usability.

    How do I install the firmware?
    When switching from any other firmware, you need to wipe user data!

    For stable operation of the device, it is recommended to update the MCU firmware to the current one, released in March 2021 or later.
    If there is no such firmware for your device, use the latest available one.
    MCU firmware can be obtained from your radio dealer or look here
    MTCE versions can be installed instead of MTCD

    If you have Android 10 installed:
    The installation is similar to a regular firmware update:
    1. Copy the firmware file update.zip to a USB flash drive / memory card formatted in FAT32
    2. Connect the USB flash drive / memory card to the device
    3. Set the "Wipe data ..." checkbox and click the "Install" button in the window that appears.
    4. After installation, the device will automatically reboot one more time to complete the Magisk installation.
    Installing from a SD memory card may take longer!

    If you have Android 9, 8 or 6 installed:
    Requires updating the recovery version to Android10
    • Simple and safe way: Use the ModInstaller Pro application (link to the application in the readme.txt file, which is located in the archive with the firmware or in my signature at the bottom of this post)
    • Complicated and unsafe way: look for information on this forum
    Automatic backlight control for PX5-based head units
    Internet speed in status bar
    Q: How to get OTA updates?
    A: Information is on my site. You will find the link in the archive with firmware or in my signature at the bottom of this post

    Q: How to automatically install my applications after installing the firmware?
    A: Create the hct folder on the flash drive with the firmware, the apk folder in it and put your apk in it. They will be automatically installed after the installing the firmware.

    Q: How to connect the OBD adapter?
    A: This can be done both from the Bluetooth application, and from the Bluetooth item in the settings. The main thing - before you click on the adapter found, you must wait until the scan finished. Wait until the spinning circle disappears in the Bluetooth application or until the inscription "Search..." changes to the inscription "Refresh" in Settings. Then pairing goes smoothly. If the phone is already connected, you will need to temporarily disconnect it.

    Q: How to start any application from a button on the steering wheel?
    A: Mod settings - Manage applications - Applications that run instead of the stock . Assign any of the six applications that you don’t use to the button, then choose a replacement for it in the form of some kind of player, for example. This button will start your player

    Q: Bluetooth MD725 does not work, although everything worked before!
    A: If the MD725 Bluetooth module is installed in your HU, then it will not work in Android 10. The reason is that its driver was removed from Android 10.

    Q: How do I know if I have such a Bluetooth module?
    A: On the first page of the factory settings, in item BT, MD725 is selected.

    Q: Bluetooth SD-968 does not work, although everything worked in Android 8!
    A: If the SD-968 Bluetooth module with firmware made in March 2017 or earlier is installed in your HU, then it works in Android 8, but does not work in Android 9 and 10.
    Solution: replace the module driver /system/bin/sdsdk968 with the old version. Do not forget to set permissions 755 on the file.
    Or replace the module with another type

    Q: Unable to connect to some WiFi access points. (iOS 15)
    A: Read this post
    Bluetooth module MD725 not working in Android 10

    Mod is a modified factory firmware.
    I can only be responsible for the changes in the device that I made. All of them are listed in the "List of changes" section.
    Everything else, both good and bad, is inherited from the factory firmware.
    I try to fix bugs found in the stock, but this I can’t always do it.
    If you do not agree with this, do not install this firmware.

    Google Drive (english version)
    PX6: Google Drive (english version)
    PX30: Google Drive (english version)

    If you want to help translate Mod into your language, please open this folder.
    When you decide to place your translation in this folder, send me a personal message with your Google email. I will give you access.
    If you think we need to translate other applications, write to me about it. I will add resources to the folder.
    He hasn't replied to any message from August 13th...
    I read all the messages. And not only on this forum.
    But, unfortunately, there is not always time to answer everyone.
    Hi Hal9k,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this. I know that doing such things is a huge amount of work and even doing "small" things from the user's perspective can be days of effort.

    I have installed the mod using your mod installer, spent the past hour reinstalling everything and setting it up just the way I like it. No drama, no issues. It just worked and now I have a newer version of Android installed which runs a little faster.

    People tend to only comment here if they are having issues. I blame human nature. I just wanted to tip the balance a little in the other direction with this comment.

    To anyone else reading this: just pay for the updates if you like it. It's €10 for some excellent software which clearly has a lot of effort and love spent on it, and is a fantastic deal.
    unfortunately this ROM is unusable, this time hal9k flopped

    That's really not fair to @Hal9k_

    Saying "flopped" is attacking the character, not addressing the issues. It's not OK here.

    If there are issues these would need to be detailed.

    List these out, include your experience.
    My device still crashes a lot ... I've already installed the mod twice, rolled back the MCU to the previous version and it didn't work.

    Could it be related to this option with GPS frequency? I have it set as it is by default, 10Hz. Maybe my unit couldn't handle this.
    I will try to switch it to 2Hz tomorrow and test it for a few days.

    Just to remind you: sometimes my HU with running Maps, Spotify and Yanosik (navigation with speed cameras in Poland) freezes. Nothing is happening on the screen, no reaction to the physical and steering wheel buttons and music is playing in the background (if the FM radio then is playing and playing, but if is this for example, Spotify, the music plays until the end of the song). Then I need to reboot, although sometimes it hangs right after it reboots.

    Today I installed an application that measures the CPU temperature and under load (Spotify + Yanosik) the temperature is within 100 degrees Celsius: /
    Thermopad, thermal grease already ordered. Perhaps I will also install a heat sink.
    Look at Alex's Android Radio YouTube channel, I bought a specific heatsink for PX6 plus a custom head unit cover replacement with additional integrated fan made by him. I strongly recommend that upgrade.