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[ROM][PX6][Q][10.0] Malaysk ROM for PX6 RK3399 with Android 10

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Mar 12, 2018
Novio Magus
If the update menu wont come up automatically when you insert SD card with the update.zip in root folder (happened to me on xtrons stock rom)
You need to boot to recovery and select it from there.

I quickly tried the usb option and the pop-up came on screen,
tomorrow i will try update my stock px6 with the malaysk rom.

* edit: new firmware over stock went flawless.
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Jun 15, 2021
I attach file translated into Italian. I'm sorry if something isn't perfect but it's not always easy to translate if you don't know the context. in case of problems tell me as well I'll try to fix it


  • For_translation_files_italiano.rar
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May 9, 2018
Looks really good what I noticed about this Rom. Just one question regarding the phone dialer: Is it syncing also the contact pictures, so that picturs will shown on a income call or part of the phonebook for dial out?


Dec 19, 2019
Please excuse my ignorance. I installed Malaysk with android 9 to my max6 dasaita HU about 9 months ago.
Do i need to manually update it or does it automatically update?


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Sep 7, 2013
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 8 Pro
Still found no way to enable accessibility for apps permanent. Accessibility will get disabled for each app after every boot even warm boot.
Is there no way to lock apps in recents, so it wont get cleared?
Ok i found a workaround for permanent enable Accessibility settings for an app.
Just in case If someone stuggles with the same issue.
Was trying a lot of option, but only workaround that instantly worked was using Tasker with AutoTools plugin.
In this plugin there is option to enable accessibility for every app that needs it.
So my trigger is Display on.
Everytime display gets activated accessibility gets enabled.
Works great so far, exactly what i was looking for.
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Jan 31, 2018
I have the full version installed, but the latest OTA update resulted in this error. How can I solve this problem?


  • error21.jpg
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Jan 31, 2018
I have sound from the FM radio, but no sound from any of my Android apps. Running the latest full version of Malaysk ROM an a PX6 with a DSP

Has anybody seen this problem?



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Dec 18, 2014
I have sound from the FM radio, but no sound from any of my Android apps. Running the latest full version of Malaysk ROM an a PX6 with a DSP

Has anybody seen this problem?

100% sure that your speaker wires mixed up in the HU connector (green and grey if I remember correctly... But try to search this info in some post above, there was similar problem for some of the forum users)
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    I want to write to everyone just for information, so to speak, for information :)
    The update server always contains an updated version of the firmware, so to speak, a transitional one, where fixes - additions are gradually accumulated for the next online update.
    If, for example, someone needs to reset the settings to the factory settings, then I recommend installing the LITE version of the firmware again and updating again to the Full version.
    For example, updates are now accumulated, unlike version 1.1.6:
    UPD : 09/02/2021
    - Magisk updated to the latest version 21.4
    - Manager Magisk to the latest version 8.0.7
    - In Launcher Mal Dark, the buttons on the left and right panels have been slightly redone.
    immediately open the access point settings.
    open a third-party dialer
    open MTCDialer for voice calling
    - Fixed Screen Lock
    - Fixed crash of the screensaver if it could not receive weather data from the provider. (if you installed it from an OEM application, you need to update it again after updating the firmware)
    - zlink version 4.0.14
    UPD : 11/02/2021
    - Easy Connect updated to the latest version 4.1.1
    - In Settings Mod - Settings MOD - System Settings - Pop-up Notification Settings - new settings have been added:
    1. Enable display of album covers (picture)
    2. Covers display size in px (pixels) - from 10 px to 100 px (see screenshots)
    - Fixed autostart Nav Radio + after sleep (it won't start from the background)
    - Added French and Polish translation to Mod Settings (thanks to oxygen2222 and XDA users)
    - In the Bluetooth application the panel of incoming and outgoing calls has been changed.
    UPD : 24/03/2021
    - Android base from 02/25/2021 - only for PX5
    - Android base from 12/17/2020 - only for PX6
    - Android base from 02.10.2020 - only for PX30
    - Latest version of Magisk
    - Fixed removing the bar status (after rebooting, it reappeared)
    - Added starting services after boot and sleep
    - Added a choice of delay (from 1 to 60 seconds) of the second, third, fourth application for autorun after loading.
    - Many other additions and fixes
    UPD : 26/03/2021
    - The ability to disable the standard mechanism of autorun Radio, Music, etc. standard applications (Mod Settings - MOD Settings - System Settings - Autostart applications after system boot)
    - Fixed initialization of Wi-Fi after boot.
    - Fixed launch of Radio (when launched with zero frequency and empty radio buttons)
    UPD : 30/03/2021
    - Added Italian translation to rear camera app
    - Added the ability to adjust the sound with your finger in the soundbar
    - Added the ability to display radio station logos in the Radio application, pop-up notifications, in the screensaver.
    All Radio applications that have the ability to display logos are located in the OEM application and have the word _logos at the end of the name, for example
    You need to reinstall the Radio applications from the OEM.
    Question: What needs to be done to show the logos of radio stations?
    1. Download for example this archive of logos - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/8hmqpKHga0fQHQ or download them yourself from the Internet.
    2. The picture must be in .png format, preferably with a resolution of 250X250 px or 500X500 px (the higher the resolution, the better the picture will be shown in the screensaver)
    3. Find out the frequencies of radio stations in your city by entering into Google search "frequencies of radio stations (your city)"
    4. Rename pictures in .png format with the name of the radio station frequency. For example: there is a radio station Record, it broadcasts in your city at a frequency of 102.3 -
    rename the picture with the name 102.3.png
    5. Create a Radio folder and copy all your pictures there.
    6. Copy the Radio folder to the root of the sdcard internal memory.
    It should then look something like the screenshots:

    UPD : 09/05/2021
    Android base from April 7, 2021
    Added DFX Light Processing 2 impulse to ViperFX, which radically changes the sound on the device. It needs to be activated in ViperFX.
    Added partial support for a screen resolution of 1920x1080 (for new devices that have such a screen resolution, not all applications can be installed from OEM applications). I can’t check it myself, there is no such screen.
    Updated Magisk to the latest version.
    Ability to disable autorun of standard applications after loading or after sleep. Located in Settings MOD - Mod Settings - System Settings - Autostart applications after sleep / reboot - Disable the regular autostart mechanism for Radio, Music, BT.
    The ability to change the theme Day - Night automatically by Auto screen brightness by GPS. Located in Settings MOD - Settings Mod - System settings - Auto screen brightness by GPS - Change automatically the Day / Night theme (it is advisable to reboot later so that the changes apply)
    New screensaver in the OEM application. Name - MTCScreenClock_NEW_Factory.
    Fixed theme in MOD Settings.
    Updated launcher - Launcher 10 android to the latest version.
    Fixed bluetooth application HCT4BlueTooth_Mod for light theme (reinstall it from OEM application)
    Added Portuguese translation - thanks to Nuno
    Many other fixes and additions.
    UPD : 18/05/2021
    Fixed the equalizer, which is in the OEM application - HCT7AmpSetup_NEW (did not save the settings after reboot) - you need to reinstall it from the OEM application.
    Fixed light theme in Launcher 10 android. Added the ability to change the launch of applications in the bottom bar for buttons.
    - Long press on the button - select the launched application
    - Short press - launch the application

    Well, I wrote this to keep everyone in the know, all of this will of course be in the next update, when there will be a more voluminous accumulation of fixes and everyone will receive it automatically.
    This applies to ALL PX5-PX6-PX30 units

    I will try to add information about new fixes and additions in this post! (you can bookmark it :) )
    Only for devices processor Rockchip PX6, MCU - MTCD, MTCE Android 10.0 !

    Mod Q 10.0 Android PX6 RK3399
    For PX5 RK3368 mod 10 android is HERE
    Only for those who have 10 android installed, a PX6 processor and have an installed MCU that starts with MTC (X) - where X can have different letters.
    With firmware device, you need to understand all the risks. Neither I nor the website is not responsible for your actions and possibly killed devices! Everything you do - you do at your own peril and risk.

    Before installing the firmware, be sure to try to get into the Recovery (I have this method - I press the RESET button (RST) and hold the buttons on the front panel of the device until the buttons blink - I release the RESET button and immediately press the RESET button again for a short time 1-2 times ).
    : You cannot change the firmware versions in the system partitions - System, Vendor, ODM and Product (this is due to the fact that in 10 android these sections are dynamic and protected by the android itself from changes)- otherwise you will have a BLACK SCREEN after reboot and you will have to go to RECOVERY and reinstall the firmware from there (you can without deleting the data).

    How do you know if your device is suitable for this forum thread? You can see the device in Settings - System - About device: look at the photo

    What's added, fixed in LITE firmware version:
    Can't update Magisk module !! Only Magisk Manager can be updated!

    Root access (Magisk) 8.0.2
    IMPORTANT!! : You cannot change the firmware versions in the system partitions in LITE - System, Vendor, ODM and Product - otherwise you will have a BLACK SCREEN after reboot and you will have to go to RECOVERY and reinstall the firmware from there (you can without deleting the data).
    Added ESFileExplorer, RootExplorer programs.
    Two modified launchers with the ability to customize them (located in Mod Settings).
    Enabled the ability to start the screensaver and set the start time to 15-30 seconds 1-3-5-7-10 minutes.
    By default, video viewing while driving is enabled and audio mute in Navigation is set to -3.
    Changed basic Settings.
    Possibility to set viewing of Internet traffic speed in the Status Bar.
    Ability to change color and gradient in the Status Bar.
    Many other changes and additions.

    Installing LITE firmware version:

    Unzip the archive and write the Update.zip file to a SD card or USB flash drive (must be formatted in FAT32). Insert into the loaded device. After a few seconds, the update menu will appear. We put a checkmark on Wipe Data (you will lose all your installed programs) and click on the Install button. See the screenshot below. The machine will reboot and the firmware installation will begin.

    Download LITE version:

    Be sure to read the instructions inside the archive, along with the firmware !!!
    I want to warn you: Everything that you do, you do at your own peril and risk.
    Can't update Magisk module !! Only Magisk Manager can be updated!

    Download: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/mRxIw_M4cCXYGw
    Mirror: https://mega.nz/file/05x0AJ4Z#MUEzPzfbhx3gyvEdVZhtAfi85sln71vVIkZ1ZQrgFvY

    What's added, fixed in FULL firmware version:
    Can't update Magisk module !! Only Magisk Manager can be updated!

    Full root access (Magisk)
    IMPORTANT!! : You cannot change the firmware versions in the system partitions - System, Vendor, ODM and Product - otherwise you will have a BLACK SCREEN after reboot and you will have to go to RECOVERY and reinstall the firmware from there (you can without deleting the data).
    Seven completely modified launchers with the ability to view tags for listening to music (any music app), Bluetooth music and radio stations.
    The ability to customize Launchers (enable, disable unnecessary functions in the settings) and weather settings in them and display the speed via GPS.
    4 types of screen savers with analog and digital clocks, with the ability to display GPS speed, weather, music listening tags (any music application),
    Bluetooth music and radio stations from the Radio app. Full customization of screensavers - color, font, disabling unnecessary functions, your car logo, etc. In the settings.
    Change splash screen - hold your finger in the center of the screen for 3-5 seconds - the view will change. Other screensavers are in the OEM app.
    Changed the volume bar and reduced its disappearance time. It is also fully configurable in Settings Mod - Mod settings - Sound settings.
    Fully customizable panel status with the ability to enable and disable buttons and icons in it in the settings and it is possible to completely disable it.
    Reload key added to the status bar.
    Added buttons "Screensaver", "Music", "Navigation", "Bluetooth Music" in the status bar (can be enabled or disabled in the settings).
    Changed the function of calling the brightness panel in the status bar.
    The screensaver is now launched in all programs, in the Mod Settings there is an Application Whitelist, where you can specify applications where the screensaver will not start.
    Added a list of applications in the Mod settings, where you can specify autostart after sleep.
    Added equalizer ViperFX - you can watch the settings in the video
    Changed Bluetooth Music app.
    Applications Music, Radio, Video have been completely changed. You can install standard applications from the OEM application.
    Video files can be played in the background.
    Now when you switch on rear view camera the brightness is in creased up to maximum automatically
    4 different types of radio apps have been added in the OEM app (including radio with Day and Night support)
    Go to the OEM app and install the app from there.
    3 different types of Music app have been added in the OEM app.
    Split screen support (not all apps support)
    Added online radio PCRadio
    Mod settings - MOD Settings - System settings - added automatic screen brightness by GPS.
    Supports 1280X720 and 1024X600 screen resolutions.
    Added four customizable buttons to screensavers to launch your programs.
    - Long press on the button - select the application.
    - Short press on the button - start the application.
    You can now configure the MODE button to launch your applications.
    - Located in Mod Settings - MOD Settings - System Settings - Select applications to launch by pressing the MODE button.
    - If it is disabled, the standard method of operation of the MODE button is used (launching Radio-Music-Video)
    Added the ability to automatically adjust the sound based on GPS speed.
    Located in Settings mod - MOD Settings - Sound settings - Auto volume control by GPS.
    Added the ability to set pop-up messages about playing Music, Radio, Bluetooth music and PCRadio.
    Located in Mod Settings - MOD Settings - System Settings - Popup Settings.
    Fixed GPS work.
    - Improved location accuracy.
    - With a cold start - satellites are located in 40-70 seconds.
    - With a hot start (after sleep or reboot) - instantly.
    Anyone who had problems with USB ports or missing WiFi - fixed.
    USB and WiFi are initialized after the system is fully booted and after sleep.
    New method and settings of the whitelist of programs to run after sleep (located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - System Settings)
    New whitelist for programs in which the screensaver will not start (located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Screensaver Settings)
    Redesigned Launcher with day and night support. Also added to Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Launchers to configure it. You can customize the display of the main screen
    - Clock, GPS speed, Weather or choose to display your logo (download a logo on the Internet (for example, a BMW car logo),
    in PNG format and preferably with a transparent background and copy the file to the device's internal memory)
    If after updating the firmware, every time the system boots, the location permissions for the launcher are asked, go to Mod Settings - Mod Settings -
    Launcher Settings - Launcher with day and night support and enable GPS speed display.
    New graphic equalizer in Music and Screensaver apps, with four different graphic equalizers and color selection.
    You can now set the time for showing music and radio notifications in Mod Settings from 1 to 10 seconds.
    You can change the DPI of the screen. The range is from 260dpi to 160dpi (standard 220 by default) - I set it to 200dpi. Located - Mod Settings - Mod Settings - System Settings.
    You can assign the launch of your applications to the buttons on the steering wheel or on the front panel of the device. Located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Car (as you select applications there, then assign buttons through the standard application, for setting the buttons on the steering wheel, for example). - you can watch the video on how to configure -
    More flexible graphic equalizer settings are in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Sound Settings.
    Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Car - added GPS fix (enabled by default).
    Redesigned regular widgets for managing Music, Radio, Bluetooth music, etc.
    Configurable rear camera parking lines, you need to go to Settings Mod – Car - related settings – Extra settings and enable 1-2-3 type of Rear view ruler.
    EasyConnected has been updated to the latest version.
    Can't update Magisk module !! Only Magisk Manager can be updated!
    Many other fixes and additions.

    Installing FULL firmware version:

    You must download the LITE version, read the instructions inside the archive and be sure to install the LITE version on your device.

    Download FULL version:

    Installation only on LITE firmware version and only through online update. Download the LITE version and read the instructions inside the archive.

    VIDEO FULL version

    Online update released on August 12, 2021
    Important information (announcement of future OTA updates)
    - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-rk3399-with-android-10.4176069/post-84457255
    Who wants to translate Settings into their native language - https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...roid-6-8-9-t3955343/post80203246#post80203246

    Many thanks to the respected Graser from the 4PDA forum for invaluable help in creating the firmware!
    This post is in edit mode! Errors and inaccuracies are possible!
    Please excuse me in advance! I very rarely answer questions and do not use private messages!
    Released online OTA update from May 26, 2021 version 1.1.8 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-rk3399-with-android-10.4176069/post-84457255
    After installing the firmware and the first download - wait 3-5 minutes, Magisk should be automatically installed!

    Please download the update not while the car is moving, but standing in one place, otherwise the Internet is very unstable and the update may be downloaded with an error. Also, do not collapse the update menu or stop the download.

    If after downloading the update you showed error 21 in the recovery, then the update was downloaded with an error. Try again.

    Please disable all online programs while downloading the firmware (close them), for example YouTube, Yandex music, Spotify and so on.
    Online update version 1.1.6 has been released.
    - Fixed work of online players (for example Spotify) after sleep.
    - New Settings Mod with support for day and night
    - Fixed DPI change
    - In the bluetooth application, the display of the contact list has been redesigned
    - Updated to the latest versions of ZLINK and EasyConnect
    - Fixed showing WiFi in the notification shade.
    - Many other fixes and additions.
    Online update of the full version 1.1 from 1 December 2020

    1. Added 5 attempts to initialize WiFi every 20 seconds with network availability check
    2. Added forced activation of disabled WiFi SSIDs, device why it periodically sets the working SSID status Disable and automatic connection does not occur.
    3. Brightness adjustment service. When the rear or front camera is turned on, the brightness rises to the maximum allowed
    4. The display of pop-up notifications has been changed. (Elimination of a potential error)
    5. Redesigned service, excluding the simultaneous operation of different players. Fixed a bug that caused the current player to close when going to sleep
    6. Redesigned algorithms to run ScreenSaver. It will not start when the rear camera is turned on.
    7. Elimination of various small bugs
    8. Introduced MTCDialer. Basic f1x application, redesigned to support Android 10 (voice dialing program. You need to sync
    your contacts in the bluetooth application)
    9. Added an alternative program for your contacts and calls (it is necessary to synchronize your contacts with the Google account)
    10. Added a new equalizer. You need to install it from the OEM application from the EQ_DSP folder.
    11. Fixed voice prompts in the google maps application.
    12. Added new mod applications Music 7 types. Located in the OEM application in the Music_Mod_Malay folder
    13. Added new mod applications for Radio 12 types. Are in the OEM application in the Radio_Mod_Malay folder (some have the ability to write their own radio station names)
    14. Added RDS Radio show in screensaver and in some launchers. RDS settings are - Mod settings - MOD settings - Car - RDS display settings.
    15. Fixed Lock Screen
    16. Many other corrections and additions.

    To get an update, you can go to Mod Settings - OTA updates - click on the update search button or reboot - the update menu will appear automatically.