[ROM][PX6][STM32][9.0] Malaysk ROM for PX6 MCU STM32 RK3399 with Android 9


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Feb 19, 2015

I bought a new system Bosion PX6, and i want know if i have Android 10 with MCU STM32 i can install this software Malaysk, and how.....

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Only for devices processor Rockchip PX6, MCU - STM32.
Mod Pie 9.0 Android PX6 STM32 RK3399

Please excuse me. I'm bad at spelling in english. I use the translator Google. I rarely answer questions in private messages and on the forum. Sorry.
How to find out if your device is suitable for this forum thread? You can see of the device in Settings - System - About device :

To find out if you have a DSP sound processor or not, go to the equalizer application:



What is added, changed in Lite version:
LITE firmware version:
Full Root Access (SuperSU)
Added ESFileExplorer, RootExplorer, PlanetsPack live wallpapers.
One modified STM32 launcher with GPS speed display and settings.
Changed the main Settings.
Ad Blocking (in Mod Settings)
Added to Mod Settings - Developer options
Many other changes and additions.
Video LITE firmware version:
For STM32 PX6 NO DSP sound processor:
Download LITE version NO DSP:
Mirror LITE version NO DSP: https://mega.nz/file/80Yx1IhT#sJWLxP372XQl0v9RnXKkCWUDBPrsHeRNaPJPIQO0xlY
For STM32 PX6 WITH DSP sound processor:
Download LITE version WITH DSP:
Mirror LITE version WITH DSP: https://mega.nz/file/4wITjQqI#2en71AEW_0OJStsfAfRWQrWHOj7ITeCHNvNWhU4qt4Y
We try to install the firmware according to the instructions written below. If everything is fine and everything works for you! and you need more features and additions, you can get the full version of the firmware.Download the LITE version, in the archive along with the firmware there is an instruction in English and Russian. It describes how to install the firmware and how to get the full version of the firmware!
Full firmware version:
What is added and changed in the full version (not everything is written):

Full root access (including system partition)
Five fully modified launchers with the ability to view tags for listening to music (any music application), Bluetooth-music and radio stations.
The ability to configure Launchers (enable, disable unnecessary functions in the settings) and weather settings in them and display speed via GPS.
5 types of screen savers with analog and digital clocks, with the ability to display GPS speed, weather, tags for listening to music (any music application),
Bluetooth music and radio stations from the Radio app. Full customization of screensavers - color, font, disabling unnecessary functions, the logo of your car, etc. In the settings.
Change the appearance of the screen saver - hold your finger in the center of the screen for 3-5 seconds - the view will change. Other screensavers are in the OEM application.
Changed the volume bar.
Fully customizable panel status with the ability to enable and disable buttons and icons in it in the settings.
A reboot key has been added to the status bar.
Added screensaver buttons to the status bar (you can enable - disable in the settings).
Changed the music of the incoming call.
The screensaver now starts in all programs, in the Mod Settings there is a White List of applications where you can specify applications where the screensaver will not start (Located in Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Screensaver Settings).
The ability to change the DPI of the screen resolution from 160 to 260 dpi (found in Mod Settings - Settings Mod - System Settings).
Added equalizer ViperFX - settings can be viewed on the video
Changed Bluetooth Music app.
The Music, Radio applications have been completely changed with the ability to set your photo or logo (you need to copy your pictures to the root of internal memory 0).
The keyboard is replaced by SwiftKey.
5 different types of screensaver applications have been added in the OEM application - Go into the OEM application and install the application from there
You can execute your scripts in the System/etc/Init.d folder
Added PCRadio online radio with support for notifications.
Added ad blocker. Located in the mod settings - Basic Settings - AdBloc
Mod settings - MOD Settings - System settings - added automatic screen brightness via GPS.
Mod settings - Basic settings - added developer options.
Four custom buttons have been added to screensavers to launch your programs.
- Long press on the button - application selection.
- Short press on the button - launch the application.
Added the ability to automatically adjust sound by GPS speed - found in Mod Settings - MOD Settings - System Settings - Auto volume control by GPS.
Added the ability to set pop-up messages about playing Music, Radio, Bluetooth music and PCRadio - located in Mod Settings - MOD Settings - System Settings - Pop-up Message Settings.
Who had problems with USB ports or WiFi loss - fixed.
Initialization of USB and WiFi after a full system boot and after sleep.
Also added to Mod Settings - Mod Settings - Launchers launcher settings. You can customize the display of the main screen.
- Clock, GPS speed, Weather, or choose to display your logo (download the logo on the Internet (for example, the logo of a BMW car),
in PNG format and preferably with a transparent backing and copy the file to the device’s internal memory)
set the time for displaying music and radio notifications in the Mod Settings from 1 to 10 seconds.
A huge number of other corrections and additions.
Video of the full version of the firmware:

FULL firmware update version 2.2 dated July 29, 2020.

Made on the basis of factory firmware:
WITHOUT DSP - from July 17, 2020
With DSP - from July 22, 2020

A lot of fixes and additions (compared to version 2.0)
Fixed STM32NEW launcher.
4 different kinds of Music app have been added to OEM app.
New items have been added to Mod Settings - Mod settings - System settings:
FIX GPS - frequency increased to 10 Hz. Optimization of work on CPU cores has been made to eliminate parser brakes. after a cold start, satellites are caught within 1-2 minutes, after a reboot and after sleep - instantly. (by default - Off)
Setting the sound volume, which was before shutdown (before that there was always 15 divisions by default)
etc. (it takes a very long time to describe everything)

Who already has the full version 2.0 - please write to me by e-mail (do not forget to indicate which firmware is C DSP or WITHOUT DSP) and I will send you an update. (do not write in private messages on the forum, I do not reply in it)
If someone does not have the rear camera working - I will send another firmware for the device WITHOUT DSP on which the rear camera will work!

Thank you so much for the invaluable help in creating the firmware mod for the user with forum XDA Graser_SJ !! Without his help, this mod would not have appeared!


Dec 25, 2013
Has anyone the lite with the rear cam fix? Unfortunately Malaysk does not answer.
Maybe I need that too, rear camera suddenly stopped working but if I start the rgb-led light app, the background vanish and I see the rear camera.

I have this android player but when driving , it beeping. how to fix it ?
Do you mean the buzzer sound while setting volume through SWC?
Try "settings mod -> special car settings -> general settings -> Buzzer"


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Apr 2, 2015
my android head unit comes with android 10 and latest version :
MCU VERSION - SMT32-20200902

is it possible to root this one ?


Oct 24, 2008
Where are the install instructions for this ROM? It says in the first post that instructions are included in the .rar archive, but I don't see anything.


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Mar 11, 2013
Hi, I have 1 question every now and then 1 of the USB ports where my DAB + dongle is connected stops, I have to reboot my HU, is that a known problem or can I do something about it myself?

Bosion,View attachment 5190355
I have the same issue, it happens rarely though. May I ask if your DAB signal is always working? Looks like we live in the same country and my signal frequently drops out.


Dec 9, 2020
My DAB + antenna signal works perfectly, always full reception, I use the standard DAB / FM antenna which is fitted as standard from the factory (Alfa Romeo).


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Jun 7, 2016
Buttons on the left side of the screen do not work.

(voice +, voice -, house, power, back)

I go into settings to teach. But at that time, the screen turns white and mixed colors, the device starts over.

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Feb 17, 2021
Hello everybody, I have a radio with RK3399 STM32, I installed the lite version because I was hoping to be able to use the Google assistant to make a call but it still doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix it, is there an apk to make voice calls?


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Feb 19, 2021
I have an android radio:
Android: 10
OS Version: KC1C01D6-O01-
MCU Version: STM32-20200721-11-KC1-40
Hardware Information: 4-Core AllWinner-ROM 32GB-DDR3 2gb-1024x600 (Quad-Core T3 p1 t3_p1) 4xARMCortex-A7 @ 1,20 ghz
Kernel Version: Linux 4.9.118 - Tue Jul 21 09:36:42 CST2020
CAN Version: --
Buil ID: t3_p1-eng8.1.0 OPM1.171019.026 20200721-093808 test-keys s
Board: exdroid
Hardware: sun8iw11p1
Kernel architecture: armv7l

Is it possible to install a Malaysk ROM?
I accept the option of reducing the andoid version
Now I have big problems with screen brightness and contrast (brightness too high, I can't see roads in Google Maps)

Screens from CPU-Z

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Oct 2, 2019
I have an android radio:
Android: 10
OS Version: KC1C01D6-O01-
MCU Version: STM32-20200721-11-KC1-40
Hardware Information: 4-Core AllWinner-ROM 32GB-DDR3 2gb-1024x600
Kernel Version: Linux 4.9.118 - Tue Jul 21 09:36:42 CST2020
CAN Version: --

Is it possible to install a Malaysk ROM?
I accept the option of reducing the andoid version
Now I have big problems with screen brightness and contrast (brightness too high, I can't see roads in Google Maps)
I was just about to ask about more or less the same thing. I’ve installed it and it boots from cold but then promptly crashes and gets stuck in a boot loop. I’m not sure how to resolve the issue so was coming here for help


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Jan 14, 2021
How do you remove the song/media playing popup entirely? I have tried disabling it grom all the launchers but it keeps on appearing.


Apr 14, 2016
Last night I installed the lite app as it is applicable to my rockchip head unit device as from fleabay, it worked very well and was satisfied with it so after using paypal I emailed the dev and installed the full version within an hour. It needed to update immediately (os) and worked really well, there were a couple of glitches with google play updating then google maps needed a update as was crashing the os without it. One question, after I installed the lite version I calibrated the screen and may have wiped the setting for the hard buttons on the left of my screen, as they are unresponsive now. This has problem has continued thought to the full version install. I will attempt to remap these hard keys such as power, home, back and volume adjustment. But already have attempted with no success. Any hints to do this ? Also my volume adjustment from the steering wheel controls turn the volume up but not down, I have mapped the buttons via the interface with it not performing when I exit from this procedure. Great mod though very happy..