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Feb 25, 2011
@Blast752 can you please check my understanding the installation process for STOCK phones?

I have: STOCK s10e G970N. latest software G970NKSS7FUJ2
locked bootloader + enabled: allow unlocking + usb debug

Is this the correct step for install from OEM stock ????

0. Unlock bootloader
Fastboot. long press vol up. unlock (wipe phone)
Reboot connect internet to remove RMM (vaultkeeper) & enable oem unlock again

1. TWRP: Fastboot: Odin Flash TWRP .tar latest from corsicanu (AP) + Avbmeta .tar (CP)
(disable auto reboot)
After flash finish. Press vol up + bixby + power to force boot straight in TWRP

2. TWRP: Wipe Format data + flash multidisabler zip (to disable encryption/security)

3. Install latest bootloader (corsicanu): in Fastboot Odin .tar (BL) or TWRP zip

Is bootloader flash necessary now? or before TWRP?

4. Flash BlastUI Rom ZIP in twrp

5. (optional) safetynet fix + thundertweaks app

Saumya Mishra

Senior Member
Nov 26, 2013
The same thing happened to me and even with odin I couldn't get it started !!!
only black screen and not even with other roms by twrp I get it to turn on, always black screen !!
can anybody help me?
My guy. Easy fix. You should still be able to boot into download mode. Do that, ensure you're unlocked. Flash twrp - get all the install files for this rom ie the rom + kernel - when flashing the kernel, be ready as it automatically reboots the phone to system, which is what causes this issue. The moment its ready to reboot keep your fingers on the power + volume buttons to boot into recovery. Your phone should now boot into recovery directly after installing the kernel. Once that's done just flash this rom again through the aroma installer & it'll boot. After that you can very easily boot into download mode to flash stock firmware


Dec 8, 2020
Updated links, new 4.2 version also here, please enter also on telegram channel for news t.me/blastui


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Mar 8, 2016
Guys seriously, could I get some help? I followed all the steps till it said to flash the latest BL through TWRP. When I flashed it, the phone rebooted to nothing. Black screen & I couldn't even boot into TWRP. At this point, I somehow managed to get to download mode & flashed a fresh copy of the OS. Tried booting into the os but no luck, all I got was a black screen. The BL was unlocked so I flashed the TWRP files and managed to boot into TWRP to try the installation again but had no luck. Tried the same thing again, only this time I didn't flash the BL through TWRP. Rom installation through Aroma passed but no luck as the phone just wouldn't boot. Been a week now, I've tried flashing the factory binaries through regular & modded Odin with no luck. Tried downgrading but no luck. Literally, nothing I do will make my phone boot. LITERALLY NOTHING! Please help!!

Edit - I'm on the S10 Exynos SM-G973F
Hello. I also ran into such a problem yesterday because of this firmware!!!
Now the same brick as yours. I also load into Recovery and Download and that's it. Then the stupidly black screen is everywhere. Were you able to solve the problem?


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Mar 8, 2016
The same thing happened to me and even with odin I couldn't get it started !!!
only black screen and not even with other roms by twrp I get it to turn on, always black screen !!
can anybody help me?
Походу у всех такая проблема и одни кирпичи теперь из-за этой горе прошивки...


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Sep 11, 2017
Hello. I also ran into such a problem yesterday because of this firmware!!!
Now the same brick as yours. I also load into Recovery and Download and that's it. Then the stupidly black screen is everywhere. Were you able to solve the problem?
Is magisk canary problem on Samsung devices, use another kernel, Is already fixed on latest version of blast Dev, Before blaming the developers, read the common Samsung magisk problems or wait for an answer


New member
Mar 8, 2016
Is magisk canary problem on Samsung devices, use another kernel, Is already fixed on latest version of blast Dev, Before blaming the developers, read the common Samsung magisk problems or wait for an answer
But it is a fact that it was because of this firmware that happened. Since I've flashed with different firmware a bunch of times and always got out of different situations without problems. I can't do it here. I apologize. Please write in detail where to download or how to fix it.
Download this one???
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    Moderator - please close this thread, another thread for this rom is now opened by author Blast.

    Moderator - please close this thread, another thread for this rom is now opened by author Blast.


    Thread closed as per your request.
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    Hi guys, I'm Blast752 and I'm ROM Developer


    I do not waste your time, and I will immediately tell you the features of my rom


    §§ FEATURES: §§
    ● Stock odex version based on latest 11.0 Q G975FXXSCFUJ2 Firmware
    ● Security patch level: 2021-11-01
    ● Changelist: November 2021 Changelog
    ● Knox and FOTA removed!
    ● OneUI 3.1.1!
    ● Supported models: SM-G970F/N,SM-G973F/N,SM-G975F/N EXYNOS
    ● ThunderStorm Kernel, Modifed Blobs ad optimizations thx @nalas
    ● RMM state lock fix included (NoVerity,Multidisabler)
    ● OSPatchLevel changer included for fix SamsungAccount
    ● Bluetooth pairing and connection fix included
    ● Hidden OEM unlock in developer settings for your security
    ● Setting device status official in settings
    ● Auto backup EFS partition to your internal storage for your safety (/data/media/0/BlastUI-EFSBackup)
    ● Build.prop tweaks for better battery and performance
    ● Support wifi calling and volte
    ● Heavy Debloated, for better performance, privacy,battery, and stability
    ● Reduced useless ram usage
    ● Modified fstab for support f2fs (only /data due to Samsung limitations on cache)
    ● Magisk safetynet fix included, all banking and protected apps will work
    ● Integrated preload apps: Magisk Canary and Thunderstorm Tweaks for kernel management
    ●Nuked and tweaked Gapps; removed:
    •Google Feedback
    •Google Location History
    •Ok Google Enrollments
    ●in general, eliminate unnecessary things and improve privacy probably
    ●Reduced zip file with new installation scripts
    ●Other little things...

    §§ Kernel Features: §§
    * Samsung source : FUH5
    * Samsung os date patch : 2021-11
    * Linux source : 4.14.255 UPSTREAMED
    * Removed Freqvar Tune - block edit time_rate by user
    * Support: blocked LKT, Lspeed, NFS, FDE, Ferravolt
    * Optimizations in Linux source
    * Powersuspend drivers updated to v2.0
    * Gentle Fair Sleepers support
    * Adaptative Fast Charge
    * Fsync Control toggle
    * Mass Storage support
    * Added a lot of TCP/IP algorythms
    * Added support for BBR2 on TCP/IP algorythms!
    * Added a lot of I/O schedulers
    * Added standard Wakelocks support
    * Added Boeffla v1.1.0 Wakelocks Blocker support
    * Added CPU govs: Blu_Schedutil, Ondemand, TS_Schedutil, Pixel Schedutil
    * Added editable by user up/down rate-limit in TS_Schedutil
    * Support F2FS, CIFS and NTFS (R/W)
    * Undervolt GPU from TTweaks app
    * Support latest Wireguard
    * Support CPU Overclock (UP to 3.1 GHz on Big cores!!)
    * support SRANDOM (x150 faster then urandom and 15x faster then Frandom)
    * Device Tree Blobs support (dtb and dtbo) [Underclock Littel CPU to 187MHz, disable Freqvar up/down_limit_rate_us - user can edit it in ts_schedutil settings, CPU/GPU optimizations)
    * Support Battery settings : Charging Level, Store Mode, Unstable Power Detection
    * Support Init.d scripts: /vendor/etc/init.d
    * ThunderTweaks v1.1.0.2
    * Magisk 23.0 Offcial build in kernel - thx to CruelKernel Team
    * Best performance/battery balance possible, play PUBG and COD with 60+ FPS!
    * Compiled via Clang Latest and updated Toolchain
    * lot of debuggers are disabled for better privacy
    * and much more, which you can try from the ThunderTweaks app: thanks @nalasTS

    Kernel Sources: Thunderstorm Sources
    More Info: ThunderStorm Kernel

    §§ TIPS:
    ● Knox related features such as secure folder, secure wifi, samsung pay or samsung pass may not work any longer after rooting your phone! Only Samsung Health will work!!!
    ● Rom not included bootlader and modem flashing (if you want update them to latest flash it via odin)
    ● Don't update magisk from magisk manager (magisk is included into pre-rooted custom kernel and can't be updated via magisk manager!)

    §§ DOWNLOAD ROM: §§


    §§ TELEGRAM: §§
    Join my telegram news channel for news about BlastUI Join now!
    Join my telegram group chat for support and make a little good community for our devices :)
    Join now!

    §§ Credits: §§
    - for kitchen
    topjohnwu - for magisk root
    Osmosis - for busybox and some other script
    corsicanu - for some fix and help
    nalas - for a big help and support, and for kernel and other tweaks
    Anan1211 - for help and some explanations
    ianmacd - for multidisabler
    evdenis - for backtothefuture.zip
    ambasadii - a special thx for him, for his work,some scripts,use some of his description, maybe same ideas, I got he as a hint; and thx for the support to community of our galaxys :)

    This is offcial thread for BLASTUI ROM FOR S10E/S10/S10+.

    I'm not a dev of this ROM - I've only made here a thread for it.

    Developer of this ROM is @Blast752 , he is a new member so He can't make a new thread for now.

    Below will be a posts of Blast752. Thanks for Him for new S10 series ROM.
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.45 OUT!🔥🔥🔥
    -Updated TS Kernel to latest stable (Linux 4.14.246 - FUH3-FUH5)
    -Updated to latest Samsung FUH5 Update
    -Updated to September 2021 Patch
    -Added other tweaks in build.prop :)
    -Added other debloat and cleaning section in installation script
    -Updated TTweaks
    -Bug fix, removed useless code and insert new code for preparing for BIG BlastUI 4.0 Update!
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.4 OUT!🔥🔥🔥
    -Updated TS Kernel to latest stable (Linux 4.14.246 - FUH3)
    -Updated to latest Samsung FUH3 Update
    -Updated to August 2021 Patch
    -Fixed and reworked build.prop tweaks
    -Tons of new tweaks and optimizations in build.prop
    -More debloat in installation script
    -Updated TTweaks, Samsung Calculator, Samsung Notes and Vanced Manager
    -Bug fix, removed useless code and insert new code for preparing for BIG BlastUI 4.0 Update!
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.35 OUT!🔥🔥🔥
    -Updated TS Kernel to latest stable
    -Updated to latest Samsung FUF3 Update
    -Updated to July 2021 Patch
    -Insert lot of new optimization tweaks
    -Some debloat improvments
    -Lot of new floating feature tweaks!!
    -Cleaned and improved installation script
    -Updated Samsung Notes & Calculator to latest versions
    -Performance improvments
    -Battery system improvments
    -Touch improvments
    -Some bug fix
    -Minor changes
    -Removed useless code and stuffs
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.2 OUT!🔥🔥🔥
    -Updated to latest FUE3 May 2021 Update
    -Updated magisk.apk to latest 23001 canary
    -Linux upstreamed to 4.14.232
    -Optimizations from Linux 5x
    -Lot of schedutil optimizations
    -Modded DTB/DBTO optimized and fixed bugs
    -Overclock up to 2.91 GHz
    -Support UV GPU
    -Clang 11.02 (Latest)
    -Improved AROMA Installer
    -Removed useless code and stuffs
    -Improved description on debloat menu of AROMA
    -Lot minor improvments
    -Installation improvments
    -Lot of misc changes and updated modules,installers,dependencies
    -Fixed old installer in AROMA
    -Fixed Bugs
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.1 OUT!!!🔥🔥🔥
    -Rom Changelog:
    Improved Battery
    Improved Security
    Improved System apps optimizations
    Improved Startup (faster)
    Improved smoothness and performance
    Improved Aroma Selections and descriptions
    Insert OS_PatchLevel.zip
    Insert Multidisabler 3.2 Beta 7 (new fixed)
    Insert Forced NoVerity
    Insert Bluetooth Fix
    Insert New Magisk SafetyNet Fix (enable magisk hide first)
    Insert Magisk fix
    System Tweaked more!
    Now only with BullFrog Kernel (FREE Version) but You can use any kernel you want
    Lot of some minor improvments
    Debloated another time some new useless apps more
    Removed Multi-Kernel select in aroma (too problems)
    Reduced a lot installer code
    Smooth Aroma Installer
    Smallest BlastUI.zip ever
    Updated magisk.apk to latest canary
    Updated preload apps like samsung notes...
    ThunderTweaks app for modify your kernel settings (works with all kernels with limited functions if you don't use thunderstorm kernel obv)
    Fixed Bugs
    Fixed multidisabler installation
    Fixed CleanBootlogo installation
    Fixed S10 Installation (no booting for some people)
    Misc changes and minor cleaning in script and system
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 3.0 OUT!!!🔥🔥🔥
    •Improved Battery
    •Improved Performance
    •Removed All Gapps removing function (bootloop)
    •Better installation script
    •Removed all useless things from previous versions
    •Removed All Magisk Modules like (safetynet fix and busybox mod) because can't be installed anymore from twrp (You Need manually install in magisk)
    •Fixed Bugs
    •Minor Changes
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 2.75 OUT!!!🔥🔥🔥
    - New Base FUBD Android 11 Firmware
    - OneUI 3.1 March Firmware (2021-03-01)
    - More options in Aroma
    - Aroma option for remove all Google Services [BETA!]
    - FUBD Modem and CSC (with tweaks)
    - Small Improvments
    - misc changes
    - Magisk 22.0
    - Stability improvments
    🔥🔥🔥 BlastUI 2.5 OUT!! 🔥🔥🔥
    •Lot of improvments
    •Fixed lot of bugs
    •Implemented AROMA Installer (using @ambasadii theme so thanks to him) •Implemented all CSC tweaks
    •Updated to EUB1 (2021-02-01)
    •with Batter Kernel 9820 for now.
    •Better Stability
    •Misc and Installation Improvments
    🔥🔥🔥BlastUI 2.2 OUT🔥🔥🔥
    •Very big Update
    New Base EUA4
    Integrated Bixby Remap App
    Integrated latest ViperFX
    Debloated a lot more
    Integrated all CSCs tweaks
    More build.prop
    Integrated modded Services.jar for use permissive kernel settings
    Updated all apps to latest version
    Integrated my privacy and fast optimizied modded Firefox (Super)Lite (you can uninstall)
    Updated Camera to best quality
    Improved stability
    Improved connections
    Fixed lot of bugs (if you have some, do a clean flash)
    Minor improvments
    Removed lot of loggers
    25 ticks now (best battery and stability)
    Improved performance
    Improved Security
    Improved Wi-Fi and Data Connections
    Integrated Fingerprint Boost
    Startup optimizations
    Improved general things
    Updated drivers
    Minor changes for best privacy and standby usage
    Reinsert Automatic low frequencies in standby for nuke the ****ty-background usage
    🔥BlastUI 2.1 OUT WITH ANDROID 11 AND ONE UI 3.1 APPS🔥!
    ●Implemented almost all apps of OneUI 3.1
    ●New OneUI 3.1 bootlogo
    ●New OneUI 3.1 sound,ringtones things etc...
    ●Fixed camera bug of G975F
    ●Updated Safetynet Fix
    ●Removed Chrome from system apps, u can install it normally from PlayStore
    ●Further improvements to cleaning
    ●Fixed GMS login on third party apps
    ●Nuked others things useless of Samsung and GMS
    ●Samsung Free integrated but is not ready to working, so we need to attend
    ●Fixed all bugs
    ●Other minor changes
    ●Improved Stability
    ●Updated MoroSound to 2.2.0
    ●Improved Security
    🔥BlastUI 2.0 OUT! WITH ANDROID 11 AND ONE UI 3🔥
    ⚠REMEMBER: ONLY G970F, G973F AND G975F!!! ⚠
    ●Fully implemented with latest Android 11, with all new things of OneUI 3.0
    ●Integrated Modded Busybox thx to FDE team
    ●Clean, improved and reorganized code, maybe saved some time on installation
    ●Fantastic Dolby Atmos returned and reimplemented, fixed now it works!
    ●New fix for SafetyNet implemented directly in the rom installation
    ●Further improvements to cleaning, removal of other useless services and various reductions
    ●Removed libexynoscamera3.so modded because old not works on OneUI 3 and Zoran didn't update them, so gcam only with the rear main sensor
    ●Fixed all bugs
    ●Other minor changes
    ●Improved Performance
    ●Built with latest R Soruces (A11)
    ●Improved Stability
    ●Improved Battery
    ●Updated some drivers
    ●All rest like BlastUI 1.3.4
    BLAST UI 1.3.4:
    •Rom Changelog:
    ●Installation improvements
    ●Script improvements
    ●Last chance for Game Launcher, updated to the version of OneUI 3 (V.5) try it and tell me
    ●Samsung Game Optimizing Service updated to version 3.4
    ●Lot of fixes and improvments
    ●Misc changes
    ●New logger and useless samsung hidden apk removed
    ●Removed Bluetooth Test and all useless test apps from samsung
    ●Improved ram management
    ●Minor Changes for stability
    ●Fixed kernel also on G977N/B
    ●Useless other data and permissions removed
    ●Removed empty directories
    Same as BlastUI 1.3.3/
    •Rom Changelog:
    ●Fixed kernel installation definitely
    ●Same as BlastUI 1.3.3
    BLAST UI 1.3.3:
    •Rom Changelog:
    ●Lot of improvments to stability and installation
    ●Lot of bugfix
    ●Streamlined, rearranged and cleaned installation code (gained 1 minute of installation in less😊)
    ●Removed another useless permissions
    ●Nuked some little ads in system
    ●Removed useless code
    ●Integrated in preload latest apk of Samsung Notes and Samsung calculator (so if u don't want these apps u can easily uninstall)
    ●Integrated with these apps in preload Samsung Notes Add-Ons for new useful functions (from one ui 3 and newer devices)
    ●Minor Changes
    ●New TS Kernel version integrated 1.5.2 so this changelog include changes of 1.5,1.5.1 and 1.5.2👍🏻
    ● fixed OC Little CPU (is not OC higier then 1950MHz gives strange bugs),
    ● reverted some GPU commits - not usable and can gives some bugs,
    ● Magisk 21.2
    ● Disabled Freqvar Tune - but unblocked time_rate by user
    ● Optimizations in Linux source
    ● Support CIFS and NTFS
    ● Added BBR2 by Google TCP protocol
    ● Support Underclock for Little CPU to 187MHz
       Only if DTB/DTBO img will be flashed - another TS zip file
    ● Support Underclock for GPU back to 156MHz
       Only if DTB/DTBO img will be flashed
    ● Support for lower frequencies in Mid CPU to 377 MHz
       Only if DTB/DTBO img will be flashed
    ● Support for OC frequencies for All CPU's to 2106/2400/3016 MHz
       Only if DTB/DTBO img will be flashed
    ● Unlocked OC/UC in kernel source for all CPU's
    ● Support GPU Voltage Control
    ● Added ThunderTweaks - 4 profiles
    ● Support FlatMem
    ● CONFIG_HZ set at 25Hz
    ● Support SRANDOM x150 faster then Linux Urandom
    ●Added back VNSwap and ZRAM - swappiness set at 0
       - no sense use ZRAM for 8GB of RAM
    ● You can add ZRAM back via set swappiness another then 0
    ● Enabled by default WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT
    ● Disabled some debuggers
    BLAST UI V1.3.2:
    •Rom Changelog:
    ●Completely removed SoundAlive (Dolby Atmos) because there are no fixes at the moment, it just doesn't want to work, remember you can use Dolby Atmos via magisk ...
    ●Removed useless permession in /system/etc/permission
    ●Removed useless stuff
    ●New attempt to get the kernel install script to work on g970 and g973 as well (thanks @nalasTS) (hopefully it works)
    ●New build.prop tweaks in vendor and system
    ●More cleaned and debloated
    ●Reworked another time script for better installing
    ●Fixed rom name in settings
    ●Improved connections (bluetooth and wifi)
    ●a lot of bug fix and minor changes
    •Kernel Changelog:
    ●Implemented possibility to undervolt GPU (DON'T APPLY FOR BOOT or u may have a bootloop with much undervolt)
    ●Disabled FRANDOM
    ●Added SRANDOM (x150 faster then urandom and 15x faster then Frandom)
    ●Some cpufreq drivers improvements
    ●Improved wifi and data connection
    ●Some improvements in initial settings
    ●Disabled ZRAM and SWAP
    ●Modified DTB - DTBO: some improvements
    ●Improved a lot stability
    ●Improved battery for gpu with new commits and stuffs
    ●Improved security
    ●Downgrade to stock Linux Version
    ●Dvfs killed in GPU drivers
    ●Minor changes
    BLAST UI V1.3.1:
    •Rom Changelog:
    ●Fixed a lot of bugs
    ●Lot of improvments
    ●Added clean bootlogo for all bootloaders(new script)
    ●Improved app cleaning
    ●Removed useless up-paran.bin installation, better to manually update bootloader
    ●Improved free space on system.img
    ●Fixed display of the rom name on settings
    ●Added modded libexynoscamera3.so for G970xx and G973xx for using all cameras in zgcam 7
    •Kernel Changelog:
    ●More stability
    ●Improved security
    ●Fixed Bugs
    ●Updated with minor changes from @nalasTS
    BLAST UI V1.3:
    ●Upgraded to December 2020 patches (DTK9)
    ●Improved a lot app cleaning and debloating (in installation script)
    ●Reduced zip file with new installation scripts
    ●Fixed lot of bugs and improved stability
    ●Integrated modded libexynoscamera3.so for use all cameras in zgcam 7 (only G975 devices atm)
    ●Integrated modded fstab for support f2fs (/cache and /data; with /data in f2fs you may have some problem due to samsung limitations*)
    ●Reduced another time the useless use of the ram
    ●Improved camera a little
    ●New build.prop tweaks for better battery/performance
    ●Fully support magisk safetynet fix
    ●Reduced useless code and minor optimizations
    ●Other little things...
    ●Still based on November (DTJA), waiting for the new samsung sources
    ●Improved wifi and bluetooth
    ●Improved stability
    ●Improved some security things
    ●Thx to @nalasTS for improving often the kernel!
    BLAST UI v1.1:
    ●Default Kernel is ThunderStorm Kernel, compiled with Arter97,but there are other types
    ●Integrated Preload Apps:
    •Magisk Manager 8.0.2
    •ThunderStorm Tweaks for kernel management (thanks @NalasTS)
    ●Heavy Debloated,list of deleted apps: https://t.me/blastui/10
    ●Nuked and tweaked Gapps; removed:
    •Google Feedback
    •Google Location History
    •Ok Google Enrollments
    ●Disabled loggers
    ●Integrated Magisk Safetynet fix: make believe your device is a Galaxy S20 Ultra to surpass safetynet
    ●Buildprop tweaks for better stability and general improvments
    ●Removed the apps present in the vendor and in the product, also greatly increased the space present in / system, in general removed useless code and other things to make system management faster and better
    ●Reduced the use of ram used by the system (advantage of the elimination of many apps)
    ●in general, eliminate unnecessary things and improve privacy probably
    - Latest 3/12/2020 ThunderStorm Kernel.
    Can i flash this rom on G975N
    atm nope, but in the future i will support it!
    [QUOTE = "Blast752, message: 84069971, membre: 11324139"]
    Parlez vous anglais? Quoi qu'il en soit, entrez dans ce canal de télégramme (pas le mien obv) t.me/viperatmos et téléchargez DolbyAtmos-RC4-ACDB.zip, également ACDB-0.47.zip et depuis la bibliothèque de modification audio magisk, redémarrez, ouvrez l'application et activez dolby
    non désolé je suis français j'utilise google translate! ok merci beaucoup pour ces détails c'est sympa 🙂
    if you want, click like on first and second thread for support me, thanks :)