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Dec 11, 2021
this "share" dialog is buggy, sometimes it shares to telegram or mixplorer when i pick discord. easiest to reproduce via gallery. btw no reboots on latest build, thank you Tom


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Aug 16, 2011
Thanks for the update, i'll test it... hope no single reboot and no problem with 5GHz WIFI reception ... Do any of you have gapps as an alternative to support the Text To Speech engine? it looks like TTS can't be used anymore since the update to mindgapps, but i have no idea if it because the rom side 🙏

Please allow me to share BITGAPPS as an alternative with the latest version, unfortunately it still does not support the TTS engine for the CORE version, while the OMNI and BASIC versions are impossible to install because they take up too much storage space.
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Sep 13, 2021
about two days usage here,
not a single reboot,
it seems that zram patch is really the culprit,
the latest may update is stable,
thank you..
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Dec 11, 2021
On another LineageOS device, it's /sys/devices/virtual/sensors/light_sensor that hosts lux and raw_data files, both with a pair of numbers apparently proportional to the light intensity (up to saturation at least) ... you may need root to read them. HTH
unfortunately i don't have /sys/devices/virtual/sensors, thanks anyway

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    Hi, just wanted to reassure you that May's build is a bit late, but is coming soon :)
    I want to fix high framerate recording and possibly the kernel crashes too, before releasing it.
    There is a good chance that the kernel crashes are caused by some of the patches required for zram, so I'll disable zram altogether in the new build. We'll see if this helps or not!
    how do i disable it by myself?
    Hi, sorry, I forgot to reply yesterday. You can simply flash the new build! It contains May's patches, disabled zram, and a workaround for the high-framerate recording issue you reported :)

    Guys, let me know if this build is stable! @M4Master96 don't worry, there are many devices using zram on 3.4 kernels, so at least one working implementation exist :) If our testing reveals that zram is the cause of the frequent crashes some people have observed, I'll work on implementing a more stable zram patch set in my kernel.
    Guys, I'll check something related to the Google account problem and let you know. It'll take me a few days. Also I will continue publishing other test kernels in the next days.
    Yes this my old trick before, but after some new update i never faced this problem anymore, but now after back to old kernel the problems back. (It has been discussed few pages back before) Don't know if this worked just like Placebo but It is...
    The discussion you refer to was for a SIM problem, but not related to the kernel, it was a problem with the implementation of android go in a previous release. But It has long been reverted. I got that problem too at the time, but now my SIM is fine . Are you sure is not a SIM issue ? Can you try to use another SIM or use your SIM in another phone?
    60 fps video recording is not working, but i remember it worked a year ago. can anyone confirm?
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    In this thread I'll share with you my personal builds of LineageOS 18.1 for the Oneplus One codename: bacon (older builds of 17.1, 16 and 15.1 are still downloadable). This project is inspired by idprophecy's LineageOS builds, to which I want to add my favorite features and, possibly, even more optimizations and improvements.

    LineageOS 18.1 features:
    • support for MicroG (signature spoofing) - read the 2nd post!
    • improved & updated libraries: sqlite, zlib, libpng, jemalloc, libvpx, libyuv, freetype
    • critical system components built with -O3 optimizations (art, SurfaceFlinger, bionic) and ThinLTO
    • built with Clang 12.0.x
    • optimized & updated bionic routines
    • Android RunTime (ART) updates and improvements
    • several debugging & tracing components are removed from the system
    • reduced priority of the USB connection type & USB debugging notifications
    • partial/full screenshot QS tile
    • Ambient display gestures
    • deGoogling tweaks (Kuketz/GrapheneOS captive portal URLs, Mulch WebView from DivestOS, pool.ntp.org NTP server, GrapheneOS SUPL server)
    • in-built F-Droid Privileged Extension
    • materialized Toasts
    • support for OTA updates
    • several minor tweaks and improvements
    • my custom kernel (features listed below)
    LineageOS 17.1 features - development stopped:
    • all C/C++ components are build with -O3/-g0 flags (maximum optimization, minimum useless debug info)
    • support for signature spoofing (= MicroG supported) - read the 2nd post!
    • in-built F-Droid Privileged Extension
    • native support for WakeBlock by @GioBozza, for more info: WakeBlock on XDA
    • several updates & improvements to internal components: skia & libjpeg-turbo (temporarily reverted), art, bionic, libpng, sqlite, zlib
    • several debugging & tracing instructions are removed from the system
    • custom Screenshot QS tile
    • deGoogling tweaks: non-Google captive portal server & SUPL server
    • support for OTA updates
    • minor miscellaneous tweaks
    • my custom kernel (features listed below)

    Kernel features:
    • built with GCC 13
    • CPU underclocking (268 MHz) & max freq. limited to 1,9 GHz by default
    • several f2fs updates
    • power-efficient workqueues
    • cpu_input_boost by Sultanxda
    • bricked hotplug replaces mpdecision
    • CPU undervolting
    • maple I/O scheduler
    • updated zram and zsmalloc drivers
    • userspace LMKD replaces the old in-kernel Low Memory Killer driver
    • DDR bandwidth boost on screen wake
    • minor adjustments and tweaks
    • several code updates and security/bug fixes
    Also present in official LineageOS 18.1/17.1:
    • kernel panic when changing USB mode to "File transfer" - fixed in the 20200811 build & later official nightlies
    • notification/charging LED not working - fixed in the 20200811 build & later official nightlies
    • low in-call microphone if speakerphone is enabled - fixed in the 20200811 build
    • charging hiccups when using certain 3rd-party chargers/cables - fixed in the 20200912 build
    • AUX audio output not working - fixed in all builds (unofficial & official) newer than 20200826
    • wrong time on boot until connected to a network - fixed in the 20201110 build, and in official nightlies starting from 20201224
    • the Music app is quite messed up (bug is already reported on Gitlab) - fixed by the LineageOS team as of January 2021.
    • flaky GPS - fixed (or at least improved) in the 20201213 build & official 18.1 nightlies newer than 20210415
    • manual mobile network scan not working - fixed in the 17.1 20210123 build, also fixed on official LineageOS
    • NFC not working - fixed in the 20210419 build & later official nightlies
    • 5 GHz hotspot is broken - but there's a workaround here
    • front camera often affected by overexposure - workaround: restart the app you're using until it's gone
    • low microphone volume during calls on speakerphone - completely fixed in 20220805 and in official nightlies starting from 20220804
    • stuttery playback of HD videos in some 3rd-party apps - fixed in the 20211106 build
    • weird noises while playing flac files if AudioFX's Bass option is enabled (17.1)
    Bugs that are specific to my builds:
    • encryption of f2fs-formatted /data partition is broken - fixed in the 20201028 build
    • corrupted thumbnails and weird visual artifacts in the system's color picker - fixed in the 20201028 build
    • libjpeg crashes in certain apps (NewPipe, Files, and others) - fixed in the 20201017 build
    • Telegram's (and, possibly, other apps') in-built camera not working - apparently fixed in the 20200811 build
    • WiFi issues affecting a minority of users - under investigation
    • encryption doesn't work - fixed in the 2022-01-13 build
    • some apps crashing due to permission quirks - fixed partially in the 2022-02-13 build, completely fixed in 2022-03-02

    Changelog for LineageOS 18.1:
    May 11th:
    • synced with LineageOS (incl. May's security patches)
    • workaround for Snap not being able to record high-framerate videos
    • disabled zram to check stability

    Changelog for older LineageOS 18.1 builds:
    April 15th:
    • synced with LineageOS + April's security patches
    • security improvements from ProtonAOSP (many Quick Settings tiles cannot be toggled if the screen is locked)

    March 17th:
    • synced with LineageOS + March's security patches
    • updated Mulch WebView
    • updated some drawables (small system icons) from crDroid
    • improved GPS performance (still WIP, let me know your impressions)
    • more deGoogling: switched to pool.ntp.org as the NTP server and to GrapheneOS's SUPL server

    February 16th:
    • synced with LineageOS + February's security patches
    • Mulch WebView replaces Chromium
    • connectivity checking endpoints changed to privacy-friendly, non-Google alternatives
    • kernel WiFi driver updates reverted

    January 5th, 2023:
    • synced with LineageOS + January's security patches
    • WiFi driver updates in the kernel

    December 10th - last 2022 build:
    • synced with LineageOS + December's patches
    • zram enabled (disksize = 1,5 GiB)

    November 8th:
    • synced with LineageOS + November's security patches
    • Android Go changes reverted, since they cause issues

    October 13th:
    • synced with LineageOS (incl. October's security patches)
    • kernel memory routines optimized for Cortex A15 CPUs

    September 8th:
    • September's security patches
    • some configurations taken from Android Go, to reduce RAM usage but without sacrificing functionality

    August 5th:
    • synced with LineageOS + August's security patches
    • all microphone/speakerphone issues are fixed also for 3rd party apps

    July 23rd:
    • fixed low volume during calls in speakerphone mode

    July 8th:
    • synced with LineageOS + July's security patches
    • security fixes in the kernel
    • kernel logging disabled by default, to reduce overhead
    • a couple of sepolicy fixes

    June 16th:
    • synced with LineageOS, including June's security patches
    • materialized toast messages

    May 6th:
    • synced with LineageOS
    • May's security patches
    • updated SQLite library

    April 6th:
    • synced with LineageOS
    • April's security patches
    • link-time optimization applied to some critical system components
    • minor updates and tweaks to the core OS

    March 10th:
    • synced with LineageOS
    • March's security patches
    • removed rx_wakelock from the WiFi chip's driver (could lead to small power savings without affecting functionality)
    March 2nd:
    • ro.debuggable=0 by default (fixes root detectors reporting system as rooted when it is not)
    • fix for a permission bug that made apps misbehave when trying to access the phone's sensors
    • wallpaper zooming has been disabled
    • synced with LineageOS

    February 13th:
    • synced with LineageOS
    • fix for apps crashing on startup due to mishandling of the INTERNET permission
    • a few kernel updates & fixes for an infrequent kernel panic

    January 13th:
    • /data partition encryption is fixed

    January 11th:
    • synced with LineageOS
    • January's security patches
    • kernel: debloated WiFi driver
    December 12th:​
    • synced with LineageOS + December's security patches
    • general user interface improvements
    • build using the latest Clang 12.0.x compiler
    • minor fixes and updates here and there
    November 6th:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • November's security patches
    • fix for laggy playback of HD videos in 3rd-party apps
    October 8th:​
    • synced with LineageOS + October's security patches
    September 10th:​
    • screenshot QS tile now fixed
    September 9th:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • September's security patches
    • screenshot QuickSettings tile (first attempt, still broken - will fix it soon)
    August 23rd:​
    • synced w/ LineageOS (incl. August's patches)
    • WiFi display is back (thanks to the Lineage team!)
    • sporadic camera crashes are fixed (thanks to Nolen, the other bacon maintainer!)
    July 10th:​
    • synced with LineageOS + July's patches
    • DRM fixes (Clearkey support)
    June 16th:​
    • GPS improvements (hopefully now it'll work fine!)
    June 10th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (incl. June's security patches)
    • GPS fixes (work in progress)
    • some kernel updates and improvements
    May 7th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (w/ May's security patches)
    • updates for ART and bionic
    April 29th:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • updated libyuv and libvpx
    • -O3 optimizations for critical system components
    • USB notifications have lower priority
    • minor miscellaneous tweaks
    April 19th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (NFC fix included)
    • GPS updates and improvements
    • touch response optimizations
    • minor tweaks and fixes
    April 8th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (w/ April's security patches + fix for display issue)
    • some kernel updates
    • lots of debugging code disabled
    • updates for jemalloc, sqlite, bionic, libcore and libpng
    March 9th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (w/ March's security patches)
    • some kernel updates
    • encryption is now working
    February 27th:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • minor kernel updates
    February 9th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (with February's security patches)
    • some kernel fixes & updates
    • fix for the Gallery showing the previous photo instead of the new one, immediately after taking one
    Ferbuary 3rd:​
    • bootloop fix

    February 2nd:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • WiFi hotspot fixed
    • Dynamic processing audio library
    • in-built F-Droid Privileged Extension
    • Dual-channel SBC codec for bluetooth headphones/speakers (untested, must be set in Developer Options)
    • minor tweaks to reduce memory usage (with negligible impacts on performance and/or graphic quality)
    • my custom kernel has been implemented
    January 21st:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • updated & improved sqlite library (huge performance boost)
    • optimized zlib library
    • improvements for ART's memory usage
    • support for OTA updates
    January 6th:​
    • synced with LineageOS (January's security patches)
    January 3rd:​
    • synced with LineageOS
    • lockscreen PIN possibly fixed? Please confirm
    December 26th:​
    • fixed signature spoofing
    • synced with LineageOS
    December 21st:​
    • added support for signature spoofing (MicroG) and UnifiedNLP
    December 14th:​
    • initial build

    Starting from April 2023 my builds are moved to Github: https://github.com/Tomoms/bacon_releases/releases
    Recommended Gapps package (official MindTheGapps): here
    Unified download link for both 17.1 and 18.1: SourceForge
    Older 18.1 builds are available here: AFH
    Previous 17.1 builds are available either on AFH or on MEGA (17.1) / on MEGA (18.1).

    the whole LineageOS team, and the multitude of great developers of the Android custom ROM scene, such as kdrag0n, kerneltoast (Sultanxda), nathanchance, flar2, franciscofranco, frap129, the MSM-Xtended project, the crDroid project. I hope I have not forgotten anyone.
    I'm happy and proud to announce that I am now an official LineageOS maintainer for our Oneplus One!
    Hello! My first LineageOS 16 build works fine and even Argon kernel is working fine :)
    However, the ROM is not ready for you to use it, especially because I have to improve the kernel's implementation (currently it's very buggy and a normal user would go crazy to make it work properly). So I will not release this build, however I think that within a few days I'll get this stuff sorted and a new build will be ready!


    Only use MindTheGapps.

    Signature spoofing is supported but not enabled out of the box. There's no switch to enable it in Settings, you must grant its permission to each app that needs it. In particular, if you install MicroG (either via the apks or via MinMicroG), you must run these commands in a root shell:
    pm grant com.google.android.gms android.permission.FAKE_PACKAGE_SIGNATURE
    pm grant com.android.vending android.permission.FAKE_PACKAGE_SIGNATURE
    then make sure all the checkboxes in MicroG's status screen are ticked and reboot.

    If you follow these steps carefully, you'll manage to install Viper4Android while keeping Enforcing SELinux, and it will survive across ROM updates too :)
    Since XDA Labs has been dead for a while, I've reuploaded Viper4Android's apk installer here: https://mega.nz/file/htFikD6Y#HpcdSMSa6fPdB5EXhGnyYI4uoxA7R4TnzhAZD_J_jrk

    Passing SafetyNet is quite easy. You need to have Gapps installed, though. Flash Magisk, enable Magisk Hide in its settings, reboot. Now you should pass SafetyNet.

    If you have faced an issue, please provide logs when reporting it.
    If the issue involved a random reboot of the device -> let the phone boot up again and immediately grab a copy of /proc/last_kmsg (important: don't turn off or reboot the phone a second time, otherwise it'll be useless).
    If the issue did not involve a random reboot of the device, but instead some "softer" crash (e.g. an app crashing, a SystemUI restart...) -> grab a logcat using any app such as Logcat Reader or plug the phone to a computer and pull it using the adb logcat > logfile.txt command.
    Hello guys,
    I'd like to inform you that I plan to switch to LineageOS 16 soon. I'll start by using TugaPower, to get used to the new OS and to finish setting up my building environment (I have to pull some files from LineageOS 16 before I can start building my own releases). Then I'll start sharing my own builds. Since it'll take me a while to implement in LineageOS 16 all the features and the optimizations that I've added to my 15.1 builds, the first LineageOS 16 builds will be very close to the standard LineageOS ones, but I'll gradually get to the point I've reached with Oreo.
    I might build and upload one last 15.1 build in the next days.
    I'll keep you informed :)