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Dec 13, 2008
EC01 must be old, right? Not so. I cannot give you the build date however, per request of...someone else. Its considerably newer than EC10, however. For some it may be hard to take my word for it, but I have never lied to anyone here.

In here you will find a new shiny radio, a voodoo or non voodoo EC10 kernel, courtesy of JT1134, and...a ROM!

No more hacking pieces together from other devices. No more crappy radios (hopefully). No more poor GPS (hopefully).

Please do not ask where it came from. I will not tell you. All file dates have been changed, the build.prop has been masked.
Please do not ask for an Odin. I will not give you one at this time.
Please enjoy yourself, I insist.

This ROM is ever so slightly tweaked. It is not a quality release by my standards (mostly because its stock). I recommend folks wait for the community rom to be finished. If you can't wait, by all means, flash away.

Does not include a kernel.
Debinged, browser included.
Debloated, yet contains most stock apps.
Custom boot animation, because I am not including the original kernel.
Dialer voicemail button points to Google Voice.
Your current kernel will be retained. So if you are using a Froyo kernel, you will be just fine.
Xoom boot animation because you will be using a custom boot animation supporting kernel.

Installation Instructions (read carefully)
Make a nandroid backup.

Odin back to EB01 stock.

Boot once, then Odin clockwork recovery.

Boot straight to clockwork recovery, and flash my kernel of choice from here:

Boot once, convert to voodoo if need be.

Boot back to clockwork recovery and flash rom.

Boot once, then Odin the radio.

Please follow these directions. There are apparently some kernel/cwr issues that are causing boot loops. If you decide to flash another kernel afterwards, be my guest. Don't wipe, however. The above directions are after hours of testing by IRC folks, and I THANK all of them!!!!!


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Oct 31, 2010
excellent work man, i new you werent going to give up on us, im gonna have to get the tbolt just so i can continue to use your work. ive been with your roms since my omnia

edit-kernal links are down, both of them.
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Jan 13, 2011
for me, only your kernel works dude. I tried a few other ones after my initial boot and i get stuck on boot loops. IDK about anyone else, but thats my results.
I was able to get times_infinity's comavolt voodoo to work, but only if I ODIN'd back to EB01 stock, then ODIN'd ec01 radio, ODIN 03/30 cwm fix, boot directly to recovery, flash ec01 rom, flash comavolt kernel, boot was successful. Going to play with it a bit tomorrow.......errr later today after I get some sleep.


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May 14, 2010
Copied from my "Most Thorough Method of Fixing Every Problem You Might Have" section in the recovery thread, and adapted to this post.

This will wipe your data, btw, so be sure to backup any important info. You can make a nandroid backup, but you will probably have issues if you try to restore the data to use with this ROM.

[SIZE=+2]Bestest Best Way to Install This ROM[/SIZE]
Download to PC

Place on /sdcard
  • ec01_rom.zip
    MD5 Checksum: 30849feb8d53b05c611fc9b03263a414
  • The kernel of your choice

Step-by-Step Installation - Important!

  1. ODIN the full stock EB01 package in PDA, the atlas_v2.2.pit in PIT, and "Re-Partition" checked
  2. Let your phone fully boot into the OS and verify everything is working correctly
  3. Remove your battery
  4. ODIN the CWM Recovery package
  5. Close odin, Unplug/replug the phone from USB, re-enter download mode, Re-open odin.
  6. ODIN the modem
  7. Unplug USB Cable, THEN reinsert your battery
  8. Hold both of the volume keys and the power button down until a second after you see the Samsung boot logo, then let go
  9. It should now boot into red CWM recovery
  10. Wipe Cache only. Flash the ec10_rom.zip
  11. Flash the kernel of your choice
  12. Reboot. If you have installed a voodoo kernel, then you should hear a Sexy Robot lady telling you that she is converting your partitions. This process will take 10 minutes or so. If you pull the battery, you will have to start all over again.
  13. Let your phone fully boot into the OS and verify everything is working correctly

I can't stress enough how important it is to check your files for the correct checksum to verify that your download did not get corrupted (you can also use it as a way to make sure you have the right version). Also, follow these instructions exactly. You could potentially be wasting your time and anyone else's who is trying to help you fix whatever random issue you might be having, merely because you didn't follow the instructions.
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Jan 16, 2011
I've been scanning threads for news of this mystery drop since your first hint and just as I'm about to cash out for the night... OMFG! You f'ing rock mate! Now, if I can only find the strength to hold out for the community brain child... I know it will be worth the wait. Oh, but a tasty new radio sure sounds delicious right now!

Thanks again Adryn for everything you've done to make this phone great!

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Jan 13, 2011


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Mar 10, 2009
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