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[ROM][RAPHAEL][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc 3.5 [20200506] [EOL]

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Aug 7, 2011

oldbuild: without vendor, kernel F1xy oldFOD(losFOD), permissive
old build without GAPPS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZRNglzXCW-qdfxLiJC3izY06Cplsb2_Z
old build with GAPPS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WTtgo0FS98WiXV9U6ATM9QADj3br4oOb

E-build: old build + Selinux enforcing. (this is not entirely correct. for example, a camera error when switching to portrait mode.)
E-build without GAPPS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a6oBncAmWTjEAJWvVInZWxCGodDQzBvw

Z-build: OSS vendor, selinux enforcing, kernel F1xy mi9fod (need clean flash)
Z-build without GAPPS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SbHqBVruF7xcCW1YMIaBVhr2KONh1Wh0
Z-build with GAPPS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_04lklx6Mskq7sD-QjAX0RlbOXfVaalz

May security patch
Kernel F1xy-0.18

11.0.7 blobs. scanner with animation.

Kernel F1xy-0.14

Havoc 3.3, latest update.
March security patch.

fixed minimum processor frequencies (most likely, will need to do a little more)
fixed battery statistics error after reboot
at the same time statistics reset at 100%

New kernel F1xy.
Add Lawnchair.
February security patch.

Fix Smart Charging.
Auto call recording.
They removed GBoard
for the most part IMMENSITY kernel updates. Havoc was updated a bit, and I did nothing.
Fix the delay of the Ambient Display when picking up the phone.
Test: VoWiFI has been slightly fixed in terms of location rights. I can not check.
The kernel is old from the previous build. Please do not pay attention to changelog in terms of kernel.

vendor+firmware 11 miui from https://downloads.akhilnarang.me/MIUI/raphael/
1. in twrp flash vendor+firmware, wipe system and flash ROM immediately
2. format data-yes. reboot in system
3. if gapps are needed - reboot in twrp and flash gapps https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jOc2CauOLztUexUUvaI5JDBRVsziE_HP . flash magisk if needed

flash ROM, wipe Cache/Dalvik

kernel: https://github.com/F1xy-kernels/RAPHAEL_Kernel

USB tethering works if enable usb debugging.
The scanner has an SOD if scanning arrives at the moment the screen starts to go blank. while I personally, if I was late, I tap into the area past the scanner, and then scan.

[ROM][RAPHAEL][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc-OS 3.3, ROM for the Redmi K20 Pro

Source Code: https://github.com/Havoc-OS

ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 11 miui
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: 3.5
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Oct 18, 2019
Thanks for this amazing ROM. It's the first ROM i've used that the fingerprint sensor works flawlessly with only one finged registered. Best ROM i've used so far.


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May 9, 2010
Yes, you can use gapps as you wish. my link is what I use.
Thank you. Will give it a try now.
First attempts without gapps I was unable to boot, always Havoc Logo and back to twrp. Clean flash with your method and with my method.
Both fail (for me), raphael eea.
Then flashed in a row with gapps, booted up fine.
Flashed like always :

AOSP based Rom-Flash with OpenGapps;

1. USB-Debugging, OEM-Unlock and Powermenü in Developer Options.
2. Boot in Recovery and connect Phone with PC.
Safe datas; Systemthings like Sounds etc.., Pictures, Photos, Screenshots etc.
let the connection to PC till after Format Data.
3. Format Data and reboot to Recovery
4. Copy Rom, Gapps and if needed, Vendor-Firmware Paket to the Phone.
5. Disconnect the Phone from PC and wipe cache and dalvik but don't boot.
(6. If needed flash Vendor-Firmware Paket)
7. Flash Rom and Gapps in a row (add more zips) and reboot to OS.
8. Setup System. Set USB-Debugging, OEM-Unlock and Powermenü in Developer Options.
Let rest the Phone for 15 Minutes.
9. Reboot in Recovery, copy Magisk , and the backuped files to phone.
and make a backup z.B. boot.img
10. Flash Magisk and reboot to OS.

With this I wrote ( I'm a little bit older so it is safe) I always go good.
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Aug 2, 2013
Under Your Bed
right now - no. or I'll break FOD in other modes or we need to tolerate broken AODAlwaysON and SOD. I don’t know how to fix it yet.

the FOD accuracy is so awesome its the closest i have seen as compared to MIUI ( btw FOD works on AOD as well !!)

detects 10/10 times

using IND vendor

what you did ? lol

are you planning to work on further updates for our device? and build for next updates?

there are new updates in havoc source
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May 22, 2017
So far seems very good. Hope you fix double tap to check phone info, cause right now its enabled but doesn't work when I double tap.


Jan 28, 2014
So far seems very good. Hope you fix double tap to check phone info, cause right now its enabled but doesn't work when I double tap.

The problem is of the latest versions of the immesity kernel (in some roms the dtw stops working). I flashed the last supermad kernel and dtw works perfect (If you flash supermad kernel, you need to flash magisk again).

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