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[ROM] RASTAKAT [Android 4.4_r1.2 KRT16S] [PRODUCT_DEVICE := tilapia]

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    The way rascarlo wants Android. I noticed that Rascarlo did not have a tilapia build for 4.4 up. I took the liberty of building it. I tested it on my grouper but was not able to check radio's. Hope you enjoy it's if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    /// THANKS
    Rascarlo, Morfic, and Simms22
    fitsnugly for euroskank
    Android Open Source Project

    *** INITIAL BUILD ***
    - build:
        .main: remove the listing of make files calls
        .default ringtone and notification
        .build only mako specific audio files package
        .ota release tools: add build name
        .drop aosp Calendar
        .drop aosp QuickSearchBox
        .drop aosp Music&MusicFX
        .drop aosp VoiceDialer
        .ota release tools: ascii porn
        .ota release tools: use shell date
        .drop the check-product-copy-files
        .envsetup: one does not simply pick a combo, but a Nexus
        .default data roaming to false
        .rm . vendor_module_check make file
        .ota release tools: override device assert
        .ota release tools: comment out stock recovery
        .ota release tools: comment out build date assert
        .WITH_DEXPREOPT := false
        .enable_target_debugging := true
    - frameworks/base:
        .quicksettings: swap the behaviour of the location tile. onClick on/off. onLongClick open location settings
        .power menu: reboot and screenshot
        .ResolverActivity: don't use Holo Light
        .quicksettings: swap the behaviour of the bluetooth tile. onClick on/off. onLongClick open bluetooth settings
        .quicksettings: swap the behaviour of the wifi tile. onClick on/off. onLongClick open wifi settings
        .use a solid black not a gradient as background
    - packages/apps/settings:
        .expose build date
    - frameworks/base - packages/apps/settings:
        .kill app long press back
        .volume adjust sound preference
    - frameworks/base:
        .clear all recents button
        .quick settings: use a solid black for tile background
        .quick settings: screen off tile
        .use black for panel_bg_holo_dark. black panels
        .quick settings: user tile onLongClick opens ACTION_SYNC_SETTINGS
        .quick settings: power menu tile. onClick reboot dialog. onLongClick reboot recovery dialog
        .Lockscreen VolCtrls: don't raise volume on skipTrack
        .Framework Track Control: Switch from broadcast to audio service
        .AudioService: Don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent
        .Quick Settings: Swipe to switch
        .Quick Settings Pulldown: Left or Right side option
        .make kill app long press respect user current policy
    - frameworks/base - packages/apps/settings:
        .Status bar brightness control
        .volume rocker wake
        .volume rocker music control
        .volume rocker: option to control cursor in text field using volume keys
        .sound settings: allow volumes to be unlinked. make the volume overlay more functional
    - build:
        .Build BusyBox from source
        .drop aosp extra input methods
        .drop aosp libjni_latinime, use google prebuilt
    - frameworks/base:
        .Add method to PowerManager that allows querying the lowest possible brightness
    - system/extras:
        .drop aosp su
    - build:
        .build torch from source
    - frameworks/base:
        .always expose native battery percentage when unplugged. make it black. make it bold. make it non-condensed
        .quick settings: torch tile. onClick on/off. onLongClick opens app
        .Add framework definition to include Torch
        .Keyguard: Use translucent UI
    - packages/app/settings:
        .Power connect/disconnect notification
        .Display options: allow configuration of wake on plug
        .Audio: make safe headset volume user configurable
        .Option to use volume keys to control media volume any time
        .No recent apps: use white, not holo blue light
    Merge remote-tracking branch 'AOSP/kitkat-release' android-4.4_r1.1 KRT16O
    - frameworks/base:
        .don't refresh torch tile if !deviceSupportsLed
        .bring in torchCostant
        .move custon java symbols to separate xml
    - frameworks/base - packages/app/settings:
        .Navigation bar custom height
        .LED customization
    - packages/services/telephony:
        .In-call vibration
        .Phone notification LED settings backend
    Merge remote-tracking branch 'AOSP/kitkat-release' android-4.4_r1.2 KRT16S
    - frameworks/base:
        .Status bar brightness control improvements
        .Revert "always expose native battery percentage when unplugged"
        .torch tile: check if package is installed rather then FEATURE_CAMERA_FLASH
        .Use white switch thumb activated drawables, not holo blu light.
    - packages/apps/settings:
        .properly refresh led settings
    - build:
        .Stop building sample apn list
    - frameworks/base:
        .Swap torch screenOff tiles
        .Bring back BackUp/Restore service
        .HSPA+ Support 
        .Always expose rotationLockTile. The visibility of the rotationLockTile can be toggled in Accessibility>Auto-rotate screen. OnLongClick opens Accessibility settings
        .AudioService: Restore volumes after boot and when a headset is plugged 
    - frameworks/base - packages/apps/settings
        .Status bar clock. AM/PM. Show/Hide
        .Status bar native battery percentage
    - vendor/rascarlo:
        .Enable Launcher3 auto-rotate for supported devices
        .Build APN list from CM to devices with telephony

    /// FLASH (TWRP FTW!)
    latest TWRP is higly recomended
    - full wipe if coming from a different rom, else skip this step
    - wipe cache
    - wipe dalvik cache
    - flash build
    - flash gapps
    - (opt.) flash SuperSu/Superuser
    - reboot
    - log into google and let it sync
    - (opt.) reboot
    - live up


    you can always find latest changes on the download page

    /// SOURCE
    Thanks so much for this build, really appreciate it. Could I be cheeky though and ask a favour? I'd love to not have to edit the build.prop as I don't run it rooted because some apps don't work if the device is rooted. But the model/manufacturer name is stopping me using a few apps, could you maybe update it to ASUS Nexus 7 instead of "AOSP On Tilapia"?

    This should do it. Changed name to ASUS Nexus 7. It's also synced to rascarlo's repository as of today. http://d-h.st/GLt
    Loving the build so far; very smooth. Too bad Morfic never made a Trinity ROM for KitKat for this unit; it would complement rastakat well.

    One thing I am missing using this ROM (updated from CM 10.1.3 - based on 4.2.2) is built-in tethering. It does not appear to be present as a menu item with SIM out, or with SIM inserted (could be due to ATT messing with stuff, as I have an ATT SIM card). If it is present, but being hidden by my insertion of ATT SIM, then please consider build ROM with ATT Tethering fix as described generally in this link - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2452336&page=3 - and more specifically in post 30 of that link.

    Still putting the ROM through its paces, and will report any additional issues on here.

    Thanks again for having built this for this N7 2012; now I can use rastakat on all my devices (N5, N7 2012, N7 2013).

    Hey sd_matto I will look into the tethering issue as soon as I get the chance. I appreciate the information. I don't have the device so without the heads up I would never have known.
    You rock!! Thanks for taking the time to build it!
    Thanks for this, unfortunately I think you changed the wrong ones, it's these two that need changing.

    ro.product.model = Nexus 7
    ro.product.manufacturer = ASUS

    Cheers again man, ART on Tilapia was sorely needed, still weird that it's not available on the factory images.

    I take a better look at it. I just swapped the aosp on tilapia in the full_tilapia.mk