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[ROM][RC4b][10.09.2011] Gingerbread 2.3.3 with HTC Sense 2.1+

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Mar 27, 2012
Great rom ! but im wondering if it is possible to take screenshot like zeubea's ICS, you just press power button and then screenshot. Is there anything like that in this rom :)

mr mister

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Sep 20, 2012
I was talking about CM9 not CM10.Your quote refers to CM10, there are no wifi problems in CM9 its super stable thanks to Zeubea!. Gingerbread is old i know but still i like sense and would be happy to have a functional gingerbread sense rom.

mr mister

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Sep 20, 2012
I was waching your change log and saw this
1.0 beta 1:
- Now using the latest experimental CM7 kernel

I how where you able to run an AOSP kernel on a sense rom? I would like to try putting zeubea's kernel (the CM9 one) working on this rom
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Oct 4, 2010
Would just like to report that I can tether (albeit slowly) wirelessly between my Legend and N7 with FoxFi Bluetooth tethering, and PDANet.

It's not so bad. Works great for Ingress, and for emergencies. Caps out at around 3Mbps when I'm lucky. Man oh man, if we supported Bluetooth 4.0, eh? Oh well, next phone.


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Jan 17, 2011
Can this rom be flashed with cwm recovery for unlocked hboot?

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Yes, It shouldn't be a problem on unlocked bootloader, atleast you'll be able to delete system apps directly to make room for things like link2sd or darktremor scripts.

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Jan 31, 2013
can i run facebook app on the rom???

i start it and than i have a fb server issue????
howcan i use this app??


For fb problem just extract zip file, copy all the files on security folder and paste to system/etc/security folder on your device. next change permision all files to rw-r--r--
remember to mount r/o - r/w, cleared cache, rebooted and now it works!!!



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Mar 9, 2011
Xiaomi Mi A2
The wifi on/off reboot is quite severe. However I found a walkaround (only tried for 30mins with consistent wifi on/off). Go to playstore, download wifi manager by kostya, use that app (not widget) to toggle wifi on. To switch off wifi, go back into app, press option button and select disable wifi and exit. Please do try this and report if it works, thanks.

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Dec 9, 2012
Thank you for the Great Work!

Just want to thank the developer @ogo2 again for this amazing ROM. After such a long time, I can still manage to get my G6 running with nearly full functionality!

- put in a Sandisk Ultra 8GB U1 card and partitioned with 256 MB Swap partition and 2 GB ext 3 partition (didn't try ext4 as it does not work well with DT a2sd)
- installed RC4b with the nu4a custom kernel v1, CPU at 128 to 768 MHz
- removed unnecessary system apps with TB, and installed Darktremor A2SD script and controlling with A2SD GUI app

Now a2sd is working, and Swap is WORKING TOO! No Sense restart whatsoever. Now my old G6 veteran can serve as a double backup device for my current M8 and its first backup Sensation.

For wifi reboot, I am getting at most 1 in 5, so I can definitely live with that. And for a double backup device, I don't think I am gonna ever use wifiAP.

So again thank you for bringing GB with Sense onto Legend! You are legend!

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    NewSense 1.0 RC4b

    Known issues:
    - FM Radio -> SpiritFM Radio works - just let it use root and set as mentioned audio method to msm7x30
    - WiFi AP (no drivers) -> Some users reported that Barnacle works with checked "skip wpa_supplicant" option
    - Rare random reboots when you turn WiFi On/Off

    - Based on SFM 1.2 (HTC Salsa Europe 1.12.401.1)
    - Languages: English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish and Slovenian
    - Android: 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
    - HTC Sense: 2.1 + HTC LockScreen 3.0 + HTC Messaging 3.0 + HTC TaskManager + HTC FileManager
    - Kernel: Nbetcher OC v3
    - Rooted: Busybox, Superuser, run-parts, ro.secure=0
    - ODEXed: ~150MB free space in /data partition
    - CPU set clockspeed (min=128, max=768, interactive governor) boot script
    - RAM optimization boot script by Juwe11
    - CRT on/off animation
    - Advanced PowerOff menu
    - Removed Recent App list from the System Panel
    - Added "Quietly brilliant rooted" boot animation by nafnist
    - Latest Android Market and Google Maps


    Changelog: Available in post #2

    Install instructions:
    1. Nandroid your current ROM!
    2. Wipe your /data and /cache !!!
    3. Flash with ClockworkMod > 3.x.x.x


    Don't forget to use the "Thanks" button. If you like my work, you can buy me a beer by using the "Donate to me" button. ;)
    1.0 RC4b:
    - Added the rest of the European languages: Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish
    - Odexed frameworks and apps - you have now around 150 MB free space in your /data partition
    - Fixed hFileManager to always use English interface language
    - Updated Google Maps to 5.10

    1.0 RC4:
    - Optimized libs for floating point operations (faster Sense UI) -> Thanks to SebastianFM
    - Added RAM optimizer init.d script -> Thanks to Juwe11
    - Added new boot animation -> Thanks to nafnist
    - Updated Superuser.apk to 3.0b4
    - Updated Android Market to 3.1.3
    - Updated Google Maps to 5.9.0

    1.0 RC3:
    - Added CRT on/off animation
    - Fixed Camera video recording in 720x480 resolution
    - Updated WiFi image file with the one from developer.HTC.com (still got some random reboots)
    - Updated Google Maps to version 5.7.0
    - Removed some unused files

    1.0 RC2:
    - Added init script to set CPU speeds to min=128, max=768, interactive governor on boot
    - Reverted Connect To PC to version 2.0
    - Increased wifi.supplicant_scan_interval from 15 to 60 sec.
    - Removed Recent App list from the System Panel (more space for notifications)
    - Updated Market to version 3.0.27
    - Updated Superuser and SU binary to version 3.0b1

    1.0 RC1:
    - Deodexed
    - Nbetcher OC Kernel v3 -> big thanks to him again :)
    - Bluetooth fixed -> 100% work by SebastianFM
    - Removed the Mirror icon from HTCCamera.apk -> thanks to SebastianFM
    - TaskManager from Sense 3.0 (only Chinese and English) -> thanks to Hintay
    - Connected To PC from Sense 3.0 (only Chinese and English) -> thanks to Hintay
    - Advanced Power Menu -> thanks to Hintay
    - Advanced Reboot Menu -> thanks to Hintay
    - Updated Android Market to 3.0.26

    1.0 beta 4:
    - Updated base to HTC Salsa Europe WWE 1.12.401.1
    - Disabled JIT
    - Temporally disabled the WiFi Hotspot menu in Settings (until fixed)

    1.0 beta 3:
    - Replaced the kernel with Nbetcher -> big thanks to him :)
    - Fixed camera for the new kernel
    - Reverted to the old HtcLockScreen

    1.0 beta 2:
    - Updated to the latest CM7 kernel
    - Fixed the problem with missing DNS (i feel lame :))
    - Fixed the problem with the camera preview
    - Fixed the problem with installation of apk files

    1.0 beta 1:
    - Now using the latest experimental CM7 kernel
    - Fixed the WiFi -> thanks to Ali Ba, BlaY0 and SebastianFM for the help
    - Added run-parts support
    - Added HTC LockScreen 3.0
    - Added Herring theme
    - Included all apps back, some of them are moved to /data for more space

    1.0 alpha 6:
    - Fixed the rest of the sensors -> thanks to SebastianFM for the info
    - Enabled JIT
    - Set ro.secure=0 and enabled adbd at boot in the ramdisk image
    - Optimized memory usage in the init.legend.rc
    - Removed some sounds + added new ones from Xperia Play :)

    1.0 alpha 5:
    - Updated to the latest RUU 1.33.401.2
    - Removed HTC Recomends

    1.0 alpha 4:
    - fixed GPS sensor
    - fixed Lights sensor
    - removed social apps for smaller size (temporaly)

    1.0 alpha 3:
    - this rom is now based on the official WildfireS 1.30.401.0 ROM
    - original odexed frameworks and apps (for more space)
    - removed GMail and Youtube (you can download them from the Market)
    - cleared CID and MNS (only default left)
    - some minor tweaks in the XML configurations...

    1.0 alpha 2:
    - fixed HTC_IME force close
    - fixed SU problem
    - added Busybox
    - removed some social apps to reduse the ROM size (temporaly)
    - update_script changed to Edify format -> thanks to Kot_Ik

    1.0 alpha 1:
    - initial release
    - deodexed -> thanks to Kot_Ik
    - removed "HTC Confidential" watermark! -> thanks to HomerSp for his advice
    - fixed SD card mount
    - removed startup sound
    Download link fixed. :)
    That may be a silly question, but is it rooted ?

    Thx for the work !

    I think it is, but i have to update SU binary with the next alpha... :)
    Here's another one.

    - Goes up to 864MHz
    - Has EXT4 support
    - Only built for Legend (Removed CONFIG_MACH_LATTE from .config)