[Rom] Redemptive rEVOlution 2.3 *UPDATE* Feb 23, 2011 Inc - EVO Hybrid

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Mar 25, 2009
Good sense removal script for this rom out there?

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Jul 13, 2010
Slate Matte Green Theme

I have created a new theme in which everything is a slate or matte type finish. I tried to rid of all the shiny elements but I'm pretty sure there are still some there.

Screen Shots (Click to Enlarge)

Slate Matte Green HTC Incredible Theme by CLeDInc by 922b002ae9de2a855245c7e7f78fddc2, on Flickr

Here's the link for the theme. I wanted to dedicate this theme to those in Japan and I posted ways to help in the thread so please check it out.


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Aug 10, 2010
2 questions:
1) any way to get the animated sync icon for pull down bar?
2) any way to get a flashable zip of the pull down toggle in myns 2.2? I liked the look of that one better..thanks

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Dec 18, 2010
for anyone interested, I have made a bunch of mods for the inc recently, many of which may be compatible with this rom... just check my signature! hope you guys like them (and please read directions, as some may not be compatible)


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Jun 7, 2010
so i installed this rom on clockwork 3, and it sucks... cw not the rom.. Can i downgrade back to 2 without any problems?


Sep 18, 2010
Does Alpha Burst Theme still work with 2.3? I have been on 1.8 and just upgraded but I don't see it in the Redemptive folder like it was previously.


lennie paz

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Sep 6, 2010
So what's the consensus with this Rom as far as MMS working with WiFi enabled? It doesn't send MMS for me, but it will receive them when WiFi is on.


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Jul 29, 2010
Wewahitchka, Fl
Just curious which kernel is recommended and also if some of you guys have pointers on battery life because mine seems to drain extremely fast.

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Aug 13, 2010
Can't get any redemption roms to install

I keep getting an assert while flashing the kernel during the ROM install.

assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/boot.img","boot")
(path to the install file)
Status 7

I tried both redemption 2.4 and redemption revolution 2.3. I redownloaded the rom twice.

After the error I must reboot the phone back into recovery before restoring (otherwise I get an error about mounting data/data0

I am currently running redemption revolution 2.1 with lou's kernel #4 and the latest clockwork recovery (orignally had an older version I believe was 2.0.5 or so and got the same error).

Any suggestions? (how do I confirm the md5 hash although I downloaded multiple times so it seems unlikely I keep getting a bad download). EDIT: MD5 hashes match up so it is not a bad flie.

EDIT: Thought I had the latest hboot - turns out I had .79. Flashing .92 now and hopefully that will fix things.

This is the only time I have had an issue installing a ROM.

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Mar 22, 2011
What are you guys getting for battery life? Right now I have 8 hours 35 minutes up time and 1.5 hours awake and Im sitting at 52% battery life.

Stoney 666

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Aug 23, 2010
We have a new blue evo theme confirmed to work on redemptive revolution.... based on the same framework as redemptive (3.70)...


Screen shot from my Dinc....


Oct 21, 2010
Is this rom senseless? I have 2.1.2 and want to upgrade but thinking about going to a sense rom because I want to hook my phone up to a tv and only sense roms will work.

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    Check out my new You Tube Channel for Android and Linux Tutorials and Reviews!

    Redemptive rEVOlution 2.3 Maintenance Release Change Log:

    • Switched to using Edify Installation Scripts (updater-script) now fully compatible with latest ClockworkMod Recovery
    • Updated all Apps to latest Market Version
    • All of my Kernel projects are now pushed to SD Card during installation and can be found in the "Redemptive" folder with a "KERNEL - READ ME" file describing features and differences between each.

    Power Control Mod - JsChiSurf

    This mod was based off of Cyanogen Mod however since we don't have the Sense source code this entire mod was written in Smali which is amazing be sure to stop by the above thread to get more info on how to customize this mode and see others by JsChiSurf he is a super talented guy

    My contribution to this mod has been porting it over to work on Redemptive rEVOlution as well as adding my own custom theme to it. I've changed the standard blue on/off indicators to white as well as implemented two XML hacks which removes the stock white background and adds transparency behind the Power Control as well as behind "Verizon Wireless" I've also trimmed down the height so it doesn't take up a ton of room in the notification window.​

    manup456 for his Htc Settings Widget
    Jesus Freke for Smali and Baksmali
    Brut.all for apktool
    JsChiSurf - Notification Power Control Mod
    _Burst_ for the use of the Dialer Button graphic and Battery graphics
    Jercik for his Smooth Sense Icons and faster3200 for porting them to the EVO
    cortland1998 for the custom "RR" animated sync icons
    aamikam for the modded 4 in 1 Power Button Reboot
    deficitism for pointing me in the right direction for some of the Rosie mods
    rujelus22 for giving me a crash course in themeing
    Due to the popularity of the EVO the user base is enormous and as a result so is the development. Incorporating many Evo elements allows us to have the best of both worlds both EVO and Incredible options in the Rom.​

    • Rom Fully de-odexed & Zip aligned based on the newest official Incredible OTA 3.26.605.1 and the newest EVO OTA 3.70.651.1
    • Custom HeyItsLou Kernel
    • All of the themes edited/created images have been optimized and compressed for optimum Ram efficiency.
    • Framework has been optimized and compressed for optimum Ram efficiency
    • Internal storage bug when using EVO framework DOES NOT exist here internal storage mounts just Fine.
    • Working 6 bar signal icon
    • Fully functional MMS (Does not have usual EVO Port MMS bug)
    • What would be considered the standard bloat has been removed
    • Added Rom Manager, ESFIleExplorer, Wireless Tether, gscript, DSP EQ etc...
    • EVO Framework used in place of Incredible framework which means theoretically any SENSE Evo theme can be used on this Rom (Some modification required to have all of the Rom's features fully functional...see below)
    • Custom Animated transitions and Window Animations (Found in Evo forum)
    • Bash Shell Support
    • /data/app functionality
    • Custom G-Scripts including "Fix Permissions"
    • Latest Su and BusyBox
    • Much Much More....
    FULL wipe both data/cache and especially Dalvik-Cache this is Mandatory​

    • Place HBoot .92 on Root of SD Card then boot into bootloader when asked if you want to update select Yes after update when asked if you want to reboot phone select Yes.
    • Flash Redemptive rEVOlution via Rom Manager or by using Clockwork Mod Recovery.
    • All Optional Content is in the "Redemptive" folder which is pushed to your SD card during install. This folder contains various Mods that can be flashed just like a Rom using Rom Manager or by using Clockwork Mod Recovery.
    As with any Rom or Mod flash you are taking matters into your own hands I will not be held responsible for any bricked devices or be held responsible for the injuries you may inflict on others if this were to happen.​
    Restoring Apps/Data:
    This install will format your system. If you want to back up your apps with titanium fine but just do the apps not the data. This is my recommendation if you back up data and then have problems don't say I didn't warn you. Also please don't argue with me about the Rom wiping the system I'm the developer and this is the way I feel will provide the best non glitchy experience. As a result I can spend less time trouble shooting and more time working on the next release....Thanks guys for everything...Lou​
    ATTENTION: Redemptive Users
    A word to the wise on the topic of themes. There's themes floating around these forums still based on the leaked Froyo Rom from back in August. HTC has released multiple framework revisions since then with fixes and enhancements. It's important to know what framework the theme is based on before you flash because you could potentially be downgrading in terms of performance and stability for the sake of something a little flashier


    * HBoot .92 REQUIRED *

    Redemptive rEVOlution 2.3
    MD5 - 478e6bd62a10568d4b089fc28d59b9d5

    Backup Assistant
    I did all that, wiped everything I could think of. However I did notice one thing when I went to wipe the Delvik cache, can anyone tell me if this is a problem?

    E:can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk1p2
    (File Exists)
    Delvik Cache wiped.

    It's a benign error. Generally means an improper formatting/setup of your sd card. You don't have have sd-ext partition setup for apps2sd. It tries to mount it, but cannot since the file doesn't exit (even though it says it does). You can fix it by formatting your sd card with RA recovery with the default values of 512mb of sd-ext (the reported minimum is 128mb), 32mb of swap, and the rest as FAT32. RA recovery can format your SD card; just flash it in ROM Manager under the Alternate Recovery option, reboot into recovery, format your sd card with the guidelines I gave, then flash Clockwork back through ROM Manager if that's the one you prefer. Supposedly Clockwork has this option, but I've haven't tested it so feel free if you want, and let me know how it goes.

    But again, it's benign, so you don't HAVE to fix it especially since it doesn't affect clearing the dalvik cache. Personally, I do since I don't like errors, benign or not.

    Edit: I kind of got tired of hearing this one, especially since I've answered it more than once, so I've linked this post to my signature.
    Change Logs

    Redemptive rEVOlution 2.1 (This version is a combination of the newest official Incredible OTA 3.26.605.1 and the newest EVO OTA 3.30.651.2)

    • Hacked window animation and transition speeds increased x2 !!!...You thought things were fast before
    • Smoother Home Screen Scrolling
    • Multiple Framework Speed tweaks
    • Rosie speed tweaks
    • 5 Column App Drawer
    • Remapped Stock Browser to Right Rosie Button with custom graphic
    • USB Tethering fixed thanks to - Calkulin from the EVO forum
    • New Graphics in Notification Bar (Un-Branded)
    • New Themed System Folders (Black)
    • Updated Graphics in Phone Dialer
    • White Circle Sync Icons by default
    • Reverted back to green icon with transparent background sync widget (from earlier releases)
    • Updated Rom Manager, Flash (Latest Market Version), PDF Viewer updated to newest Adobe Reader
    • Removed Weather Forecast
    • The default transitions for 2.1 will be "flip" All my speed hacks have been applied to these. I'm working on applying them to the others but am running into a few force close issues. So I won't be offering all of the past transitions out of the gate however I will be modifying the rest of them and pushing out a "Speedy Transition Pack" in the near future. (If you want to manually add the previous transitions options to 2.1's framework you will lose my speed hacks)
    • Added the following Mods:
      1. No Location No Battery Mod
      2. No Location No Battery No Clock Mod
      3. No Location No Battery No Clock No Alarm Mod
    • Added the following Optional Installs
      1. Verizon Wifi Tether
      2. Backup Assistant
      3. Ubuntu 10.10 Font Pack
    • much, much more!
    Change Log: Version 2.0
    All of the images I created/edited have been compressed and optimized for optimum Ram efficiency. All frameworks have been compressed, zipaligned and optimized for optimum Ram efficiency.

    • Black Gradient Phone Dialer and In call Dialer with Black key back drop (This is not the same Dialer from Alpha Burst that was an EVO Phone and Htc Dialer app the apps I use are Incredible based. I edited the XML code myself for the Dialer and Phone. The only thing I used from alpha burst was the key image.
    • Glossy Black Rosie home launcher (No more Grey all glossy Black)
    • Black Themed Google Quick Search Box
    • Custom themed Htc Sync widget "RR" icon (Check this out its Sweeeet)
    • Black Themed Smooth Calendar (Got rid of the red added black and transparency)
    • Black and Clear Lockscreen (Got rid of the top and botton black strips made them transparent)
    • Pandora still transparent
    • Transparent App and Add to Home menus.
    • New Graphics in the Notification pull down bar (Custom RR Logo) and header (Solid Black)
    • Grey and White battery with percentage shows every 1% (I used the alpha star images but had to edit all 140 of them to add transparency to the area around the battery so the title bar would match.
    • No location icon by default
    • "Flip" transitions by default (as seen in alpha burst)
    • New Animated status bar "RR" Sync Icon and gps icon - thanks to cortland1998
    • New Themed 4 in 1 Power Button Reboot - thanks to aamikam http://bit.ly/bka3yE
    • Build Prop changes made to reflect proper EVO build number 3.30.651.2
    Redemptive rEVOlution Previous Release Change Logs:Rep Your Favorite Rom with an XDA Forum Signature

    For those asking about FM Radio, I made a quick flashable zip. Tested on my device and it works for me. Hopefully it works for you as well...
    Hey Lou,

    I saw your tweet that said you had 40% battery left after 12 hours of heavy use.

    You are running RR1.8 obviously, but what kernel and what Profile settings do you run for SetCPU?

    Stock kernel not using SetCPU. You know I've come to realize that with a properly put together Rom you really don't need to overclock. Overclocking does shorten the life of the actual processor and puts more than recommended stress on the system.

    I like to push hardware don't get me wrong but if I can get the overclock "feel" out of a device with great battery life without overclocking it's a bonus and I think that's what we have with Redemptive rEVOlution.

    I don't bother running Quadrant or Linpack I go by "feel" if that makes sense and this Rom feels really fast lol I've used Roms that produces 1700 + Quadrant scores but were choppy and the day to day use wasn't fluid. High Quadrant scores are great to brag about in the Android locker room but what matters to me is "how does this rom feel with my everyday normal activity"