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[ROM] RENOVATE | Milestone 5.0 + Sense 7.0 Nightlies


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Feb 21, 2011

RENOVATE Developers (HTC One): mwilky, fisha21, Nx Biotic
RENOVATE Team (HTC One): GuyAdams, Pneuma1985, avwheeler, jonas2295, ssojyeti2, onepagebook, SoLdieR9312, Raymond Ebertt

  • Based on 3.28.401.7 - Android 4.4.4 with Sense 6
  • Stock HTC Kernel with optimizations/tweaks to the ramdisk
  • Support for International | AT&T | Sprint
  • Choice of theme - stock HTC | Inverted | Renovate
  • Fully themed AROMA - choice of full install or update only

  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Added extended homescreen menu
  • 3-in1 app drawer mod (choose from 3x4, 4x5 and 5x6 app drawer)
  • Smaller sized navigation bar by default, Prism and Dialer resized to match.
  • Enabled Ambient Display
  • Increased the number of quicksetting tiles from 12 to 15
  • Removed the limit on the number of apps you can have in folders on homescreen
  • Native OTA Support
  • Added AppOpps in Settings
  • Added Flashlight to Power Menu
  • Extended battery stats in powermanager app
  • 1% increment battery mod - thanks to @dmonium for the trans battery images
  • @flar2's Write Protection MOD to allow S-ON users fully writeable /system partition
  • @flar2's Swipe navbar to sleep module
  • Renamed "People" to "Contacts"
  • Set max preview lines in Messages to 5
  • Increased max mms size
  • Removed all HTC logging APKs
  • Unlocked Developer Settings by default
  • Tweaked system wide animations
  • Un-secure boot.img
  • Busybox pre-installed
  • OpenVPN & SQlite3 support
  • Fixed external SD Card write permissions
  • 0% compression on all apks for improved performance
  • Removed debugging info from all apks and jars
  • Rooted, with SuperSU
  • Init.d support
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Disabled signature check
  • /System & /Data zipalign at every boot
  • /Data/app cleanup on each flash
  • Ext4 tweaks for better performance
  • Cleaned/optimized RAM disk for improved performance
  • Cleaned and tweaked build.prop for better performance
  • Plus others...

  • Statusbar
    • Clock & date options
      • AM/PM style
      • Clock colour
      • Date colour
    • Battery options
      • Battery text
      • MIUI battery bar
    • Hide statusbar icons
    • Notification icon colour
    • Data traffic monitor
    • CPU usage
    • Enable/disable native HTC hEQS
  • Interface tweaks
    • Landscape Prism
    • Navbar toggle
    • Search button in navbar
    • Menu button in navbar
    • AOSP lockscreen
    • Carrier label text colour
    • Disable home assist
    • Enable 180 degree rotation
    • Recent apps style
    • PIE
  • App tweaks
    • Screen on with new messages
    • SMS to MMS conversion
    • Disable noise suppression
    • Phone info
    • Remove volume warning
  • Buttons & Display
    • Long-press back to kill app
    • Volume key configuration
    • Recent apps button configuration
    • CRT anim
    • Autobrightness options
  • Tools
    • Zipalign
    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Fix permissions
    • Boot options

Special thanks to @Hero for providing the base Tweaks app, and spending time teaching us how the toggle coding etc works!


  • Launcher mods
  • Statusbar mods
  • Battery mods
  • Fonts
  • Icon packs
  • Kernels
  • Boot animations
  • Flashable splash screens

Thanks to @mikrosmile for the initial source code that Portal is based on

  • International / AT&T / Sprint
  • Full wipe / Upgrade
  • Stock / Inverted themes
  • 4x4 / 4x5 Homescreen layout
  • Widget transparency options
  • Disable Exchange mail security
  • Xposed framework
  • User choice HTC / Google / 3rd party app removal
  • User choice of additional language keyboards





  • Merged with new 2.22.401.5 base
  • Re-added back all carrier support. (International, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, TMO-US)


  • Fixed rebuilding apps issue on every reboot when running in ART
  • Fixed Renovate Hub showing incompatible kernels
  • Fixed orange volume slider when using red theme
  • Fixed checkbox theming in tweaks app
  • Fixes to GPS performance
  • Fixes and improvements to Sprint support
  • Fixed touch in Sprint recovery

New features​

  • Added back sweep2sleep for international users
  • Added back tweaks_hide_htcsync_notification
  • Added back hide music icons tweak
  • Added hide battery icon tweak
  • Added hide wifi icon tweak
  • Added hide GPS icon tweak
  • Added hide Data Icon tweak
  • Added back harman option in aroma
  • Added tweak to disable/enable home assist (swipe up on nav bar)
  • Added tweak to show/hide search button in navigation bar.
  • Added improved battery stats (thanks lyapota)
  • Readded inverted theme
  • Updated apps
  • Increased performance/battery life

The RENOVATE theme and the hide music icons tweak hasn't been ported to the new base yet, they will come with time.


  • Rebased on new 2.22.401.4 base
  • Android 4.4.3 + New Kernel
  • All previous mods/tweaks/improvements included
  • Only International, Sprint and AT&T support for now till the others get 4.4.3

  • Fixed graphical issues with Weather Clock Widget
  • Fixed tethering for Sprint variant
  • Fixed custom OTA Support for all variants
  • Fixed issues with inverted Weather
  • Fixed issue with 4x2 clock flip transparency options when choosing 4x5 homescreen
  • Fixed actionbar in heqs reorder list
  • Fixed default state for cpu tweak
  • Fixed default state for safe volume warning
  • Fixed install errors when full wiping for some users
  • Reduced the boot time of the device

New features​
  • Dalvik now runs in optimized mode which means better performance/battery life
  • ART support for all variants (first boot takes a lot longer)
  • Brand new Portal app where you can download content straight to your phone
  • Added back stock HTC themes as well as the unified variants (9 in total)
  • Added Music Channel to the settings Menu
  • Added tweak to show/hide native HEQS
  • Added tweak to show/hide the signal bar icons
  • Added tweak to change the color of all statusbar icons/dropdown notification icons
  • Added the option to launch camera when you swipe up from the soft buttons
  • Added HTC Power To Give, and option to remove in aroma
  • Added proper removal option of live wallpaper
  • Updated all apps


  • Rebased on new 1.54.401.10 base
  • New kernel
  • All previous mods/tweaks/improvements included

  • Fixed HTC Power Manager background in inverted theme
  • Fixed T-Mobile US support including MMS when using WiFi Calling
  • Fixed missing text on Blinkfeed Twitter tiles
  • Fixed issues with restoring htc backups stored in Drive during setup
  • Fixed Pie automatically starting
  • Fixed white list on Dialer in inverted theme
  • Fixed white checkbox border in Blinkfeed (inverted theme)
  • Fixed white list background in Weather (inverted theme)

New features​
  • Brand new boot animation
  • Improved camera quality
  • Improved sysctl values
  • Improvements to the themes
  • Added the option to show/hide headset icon
  • Added the option to show/hide sync icon
  • Added second dimension to HTC Dialer which fixes the white gap if nav bar is hidden (prism will follow)
  • Updated apps


  • Fixed issues when selecting full wipe
  • Fixed back key when long press back to kill app is selected
  • Fixed default media key tweak value
  • Fixed mismatching Sprint ID in SystemUI (blame HTC)
  • Fixed HEQS from hiding after each reboot
  • Fixed issues with HEQS for ATT/TMO users
  • Fixed Aroma issues with clock/battery options
  • Fixed Native tether for Sprint users
  • Fixed issues with DotView
  • Fixed incorrect names for Gallery themes

New features​
  • Added full support for Sprint, T-MOUS and ATT variants
  • Added integrated AT&T visual voicemail and ISIS - thanks to @Wonders_Never_Cease
  • Improved installation process
  • Added Native OTA support
  • Improved syscntl values
  • Removed the widget limit on lockscreen
  • Removed HTC minor quick settings, can now toggle between none or scrollable heqs
  • Adjusted the height of the Navigation Bar and adjusted HTC apps to fit the new layout
  • Improved the layout of the clock/date in the statusbar pulldown
  • Removed default cities in world clock app
  • Added default bookmarks to browser
  • Removed redundant button remap options in settings
  • Added Tweaks app back to Settings
  • Restyled stock HTC themes to give a more unified look
  • Added a new 5th theme to the theme picker
  • Added all new inverted HTC themes
  • Modified SystemUI so Sprint users get their native spinning data icons but now hide when wifi is connected
  • Readded widget transparency options to aroma
  • Readded the 4x5 homescreen option
  • Added the option for harman/kardon audio
  • Added the option to remap recent apps button function
  • Added the option to show/hide menu key in navigation bar
  • Added the option to enable/disable large sms messages being sent as MMS
  • Added the option to choose the color of the carrier label on lock screen
  • Readded option to show/hide CPU usage
  • Added a new layout for the CPU usage tweak
  • Added the option to change the color of the heqs labels
  • Added the option to enable/disable the safe volume warning pop up
  • Added the option to enable/disable 180 degree rotation
  • Readded the option to change the am/pm style of the clock
  • Readded the option to change the color of the clock
  • Added the option to change the color of the date
  • Readded PIE controls
  • Other cleanups and fixes
  • Updated all apps


  • Fixed /system partition some times corrupting
  • Fixed missing HTC Gallery stickers
  • Fixed action bar in heqs reorder page (thanks dmonium)
  • Fixed AOSP Lockscreen tweak
  • Fixed shrinking battery bug
  • Fixed and readded odex option

New features​
  • Added host file migration
  • Added Landscape Prism tweak
  • Added AT&T specific files for AT&T users
  • Removed the option to run with ART untill it's fixed
  • Cleaned ramdisk
  • Added Turkish translations for APM and hEQS (thanks manken42)
  • Readded clock position AROMA option
  • Removed unneeded files


  • Initial Release

  • Download the ROM from the link below
  • Copy the ROM on to the sdcard
  • Reboot your phone into recovery
  • Select install from .zip and choose the ROM.zip
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, full wipe is recommended if coming from another ROM or after each official release.
  • Let the ROM boot and enjoy!

    Note: You will need to flash the appropriate firmware for your device/carrier.
    International-compatible versions can be found here.
    Carrier-specific versions can be found in the appropriate sub-forum.

Latest Milestone: 5.0 - 05/01/2015
MD5 SUM *1c5f83283d240dc476651fd9dbf15dbd* MD5 SUM



  • Based on HTC M9 1.32.401.15/HTC M8 4.16.401.10 - Android 5.0.2 with Sense 7
  • Stock HTC Kernel with optimizations/tweaks to the ramdisk
  • Dolby + Glove Mode removed as this is M9 hardware dependant
  • Fully themed AROMA - choice of full install or update only


Nightlies are the unofficial releases of our ROM, they get automatically uploaded every night. They represent our current work-in progress build, so may not be 100% stable. However, for those users who prefer to be on the leading edge, these are for you. If you want a stable release, you're best off sticking to the official releases.

Our nightlies will never turn into a milestone release (public) until it has surpassed or is at least equal to the previous milestone in terms of features/improvements. This means there could be quite a wait between milestone releases as nightlies are often based on a newer base than the last milestone was released on.

You can check the changes of the nightly builds by using the changelog viewer inside the tweaks app.

Please be patient with nightlies, we all have real lives, real jobs we do this in our spare time as a hobby, soon as we can the nightly build will make their way into a milestone.


ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADShttp://r3novate.rigel.uberspace.de/index.php

Check out @SoLdieR9312's website for additional downloads - recovery, kernels, splash screens, firmware etc.


  • Everyone who works on the ROM with us
  • Renovate M7 Team
  • Sixth Sense Team
  • baadnews
  • shnizlon
  • flar2
  • Hero
  • mikrosmile
  • dmonium
  • steal25
  • Wonders_Never_Cease
  • Digitalkarma
  • m0narx
  • LeeDroiD

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] RENOVATE | Milestone 5.0 + Sense 7.0 Nightlies, ROM for the HTC One (M8)

mwilky, fisha21, SoLdieR9312, GuyAdams
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: 3.28.401.7
Based On: HTC Sense

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2015-01-05

Created 2014-04-03
Last Updated 2015-04-06
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Feb 21, 2011

We work extremely hard to provide our users with the best possible work to give them the best experience. We are happy for you to use that work alongside your own given you comply with some simple terms. We reserve the right to report others who use our work without express permission in accordance with the XDA rules and all of the following items.

You may use our work if;

  • You are granted express permission from a Renovate ROM team member in the relevant device section before adding our work to your projects
  • You give credit for the work you use, in the relevant threads on XDA and any other places you may use it
  • You DO NOT release our work to the public until we have done so via an official build*

* Our work is available to the public via the SVN protocol, until this work has been released via an official build you are NOT permitted to use it and you will be reported for doing so unless you have been granted express permission before hand. Official builds DO NOT include SVN or Nightly beta builds.

In the spirit of the XDA community we are happy to share our work as long as the above points are adhered to.
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Feb 21, 2011

Renovate ROM fully supports "Over The Air" style updates. Mostly these will contain small bug fixes or changes to a small amount of files, the beauty of this method of updating is only the needed files get downloaded and flashed.

To check if an update is available, go to Settings > About > Software Updates.

Follow the instructions then the phone will reboot to recovery, navigate to the downloads folder then select the OTA zip
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Nov 23, 2007

Porting of tweaks to the Android L nightlies is a work in progress. If a tweak doesn't appear to be working, please check this list before posting.

Updated 25.2.15 - all options in Tweaks app working except:

  • Statusbar
    • Hide statusbar icons
      • NFC - not ported
  • Interface tweaks
    • Search button in navbar - not ported
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Oct 2, 2010
Thanks millions for this. Something mental was happening with my phone and literally all the other ROMs on here actually mades things worse or failed to flash completely.
(SD2 basically wiped my APNs and my phone thought it was an ATT when it wasn't)

Flash this and literally all my issues were gone.

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