General [ROM][Restore][Unbrick] Nothing OS v2.0.2 Global/EEA Fastboot ROM(Full ROM) & boot.img & QFIL ROM (EDL)

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Apr 26, 2014
St. Veit an der Glan
What i heard so is there no longer EEA or GLobal and they both are the same build from now on. Dont now why ot_inc says its global
I dont think so.... The updates are unified from now on, thats right, but my device for example still shows EEA in the buildnumber... So i think, that the "factory firmware" still is different and on update the device chooses the right files.



Sep 17, 2019
Flash unlock, flash unlock critical, flash slot a and b .... bootloader stuck... 1.5.1 and same with 1.5.0.
Easy to flash PE or Paranoid, but this is not working for me.

Am i missing something?
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Nov 4, 2010
I've read this post many many times.. but doesnt help me with this problem.
After installing on both slots then try to boot if it bootloop then change the active slot like if you flashed slot b and rebooted and phone stuck on bootloop then go to fastboot again and change the active slot to a and then try to boot. It will work for sure....
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    I see that Fastboot ROM and boot.img for Nothing Phone (1) v2.0.2 are also added on your website. Thanks @ot_inc

    A request, if you can post a message in this thread, whenever you add/update your webpage for NP1 so that we get notification. Also keeps this important thread bumped up.

    Again, thanks for all the good work here.
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    Update! : 2023/08/26 4:00 (UTC+9:00)
    Fastboot ROM and boot.img for NothingPhone(1) are now available. v2.0.2 is available.
    Sorry for my poor English, I'm Japanese...

    News: The DSU has been restored in this version. It seems to be usable as long as it is non-root.🎉

    The content of this site has been changed because Global and EEA have merged. (Global)" section is for Global only.
    I think v1.5.1 or later can be used for all types.

    I selfishly want the EEA version.(White..!)
    I'd like to do some verification and such.

    This fastboot ROM requires 'fastboot flashing unlock' and 'fastboot flashing unlock_critical'(Option)!

    2023/02/13 0:44 (UTC+9:00)
    Add QFIL ROM (⚠EDL Command or EDL Cable V1/V2 Required)

    I haven't tried it myself; there is Firehose, so you can use it however you like.

    2023/02/13 0:44 (UTC+9:00)
    New EDL Driver release.
    QFIL can also be used in Ryzen CPU environments.
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    4. Use the English language.

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    release v1.5.2 fastboot ROM & boot.img
    Fastboot ROM and boot.img for NothingPhone(1) are now available. v1.1.7 is available. Sorry for my poor English, I'm Japanese...

    Thx! AVB Delenda Est

    You should detail the version, only global, no EEA.
    Thanks for your work ;)
    You were integrating.
    Well, I'll change it so that we can use it in common later.