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Aug 18, 2008
Regarding 1080p playback with ICS are there improvements respect HC?

Onscreen or via HDMI?

I would imagine onscreen isn't improved at all, since people are even reporting issues with 720p in avi and mkv containers.

Via HDMI, I wasn't aware that the TF101 could output 1080p via HDMI. I doubt this is a feature that ICS can add, but rather a hardware limitation that is only resolved by next generation hardware, like the Tegra 3 chip in the TF Prime and future tablets.


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Jan 13, 2008
Onscreen or via HDMI?

I would imagine onscreen isn't improved at all, since people are even reporting issues with 720p in avi and mkv containers.

Via HDMI, I wasn't aware that the TF101 could output 1080p via HDMI. I doubt this is a feature that ICS can add, but rather a hardware limitation that is only resolved by next generation hardware, like the Tegra 3 chip in the TF Prime and future tablets.

OK here is the deal on mkv's and the transformer. The ONLY repeat only app that will allow you to play 720p mkvs on the tablet is dice player with the tegra 2 plugin. I have 4 or 5 loaded on my trans and they play smoothly. As for 1080p they stutter on the transformer. You are absolutely correct that it is hardware related regarding the tegra 2. I had the prime for 2 weeks and it played 1080p's flawlessly with the tegra 3. Was going to keep it but the wifi and gps was driving me nuts. Also the announcement of the new and fixed prime on the horizion with a hd screen is what I am saying.

I am hitting 2500 quads at stock speed right now running a ice cream over honeycomb revolver sandwich and am quite impressed. But I doubt the tegra 2 will ever play 1080p regardless of software. But I have been wrong before.

Own the evo3d and 720p good and 1080p no good there as well.


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Mar 27, 2010
@Gnufabio, since Roach2010 won't be updating his Prime! ROM, I think I will try yours when it's updated to ICS. I've heard a lot of good things about it so far. Can't wait!


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Mar 2, 2011
How did you get Face Unlock to work? I've been trying everything I can think of, but nothing has worked so far.

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Aug 18, 2008
OK here is the deal on mkv's and the transformer. The ONLY repeat only app that will allow you to play 720p mkvs on the tablet is dice player with the tegra 2 plugin. I have 4 or 5 loaded on my trans and they play smoothly.

I've had middling success with MX Video Player, but Dice seems like it handles medium action scenes fairly well. Tegra 2 still can't really handle big action at 720p.


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Dec 15, 2010
While waiting Ive been flashing scenarios of ICS. Stock rooted ICS gave me quads of 1950 and 1975 with android revolution. But here is how I got 2500 quads without going back to stock and rerooting

1. Had revolver 3.11 on the transformer.

2. Flashed MrNago full.zip over the top with no wiping.

3. Rebooted.

4. Rebooted back to recovery and flashed daoist zip with no wiping to fix usb mounting issues according to region which was US for me.

5. Rebooted.

6. Everything seems to be working no force closes.

I sort of did this by accident and flashed without factory reset. Also wiped dalvik and cache. Best mistake ever.... super stable, fast as hell, and root stuck.


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Sep 30, 2008
That is about what I got earlier too after flashing ICS (2480 I think). Seems fast. I'm excited to see what Gnufabio does with it. So much that I decided not to sell my Transformer and keep it to see how good it is lol.


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May 3, 2011
Orlando, Fl.

I got 2300 and I did do a full wipe coming from KRAKD, it's running fast.

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May 24, 2006
Try running one mkv through xenonmkv then let me know!!! :D
Not to hijack this thread but changing containers shouldn't make a lick of difference in how it plays. All Xenonmkv does is down-sample audio to stereo, but audio was never really the issue with Tegra 2. Try it if you want, but don't expect any noticeable improvement, likely you'll see none at all.

I will patiently await Fabio's ROM while I play with the OTA a bit more.


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Dec 7, 2008
Monfumo (NGI Service)
The Tegra 2 supports 1080p Video Decoding... :x according to nVidia..

It will be exiting to see what developers do with this, so far I have gotten 2403 on Quadrant with Stock ICS :) .. I bet we can get up to 3000+ on Stock 1Ghz :p

..and after i'll wait Modded Kernel by Blades for push up to 10.000 quadrant as for Prime at 1.7Ghz :p Someone can try an Antutu bench pls? However i see that with newest Nvidia drivers, Tegra 2 reach better score in Quadrant (i'm wrong?)


Dec 27, 2010
I was trying to download NVflash version of ROM but multiupload.com is not working anymore.

It there other option for download?

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    • Fast AS HELL
    • Deodexed
    • Xoom buttons by default
    • Super slim!
    • Fixes brought by HoneyComb 3.2
    • Speed up & optimizations
    • Revolver parts, an application that allow you to get OTA updates and more
    • Lot of features, like Battery %, Dock battery %, customized power dialog, etc
    • Lot of plugins in Revolver Parts
    • The best battery life
    • Lot of scripts and improvements, customizable from Revolver Parts
    • The only one rom that allow you to set the wifi sleep timeout! ( throught Revolver Parts)

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    • What's the actual version?
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    • I want to use 3G on my tablet (also with 3g keys). How can I do that?
      Download and flash the plugin "Revolver 3G enabler" from Revolver parts. Now reboot and it should work! More details HERE.
    • Hey mate, I want to use Revolver on my Slider (SL101). Can I?
      Yep, it's possible. Just flash the Revolver Slider compatibility pack on top on Revolver.
    • I want to increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen. What could I do?
      There is an app for that. Give a look here
    • Guys I can't download anything from Revolver Parts, what could I do?
      Sometimes server can have some problems; however if you can't download from the app you can manually download the packages from the Revolver repository.

    Revolver ROM, Revolver Parts and Revolver plugins (the one done by me) are distributed under Creative Commons 3 BY-NC-ND license. If you want to use a part of my work, please send me a PM and ask for permissions.
    You may not use ROMs component, Revolver Parts plugins and other stuff done by me working hard hours without asking for permission, that's it.
    More details on the license:
    Guys, this is an important message.

    Some ETAs:
    • Revolver 4 Alpha: tomorrow, just a re-packed ICS for impatient guys.
    • Revolver 4 Beta: within some days, with some of the Revolver3 features.
    • Revolver 4 Stable: expected for the Saturday 3, March.
    If the ETAs are not respected, please understand that ICS is a whole new operating system. Everything need to be updated!

    Another thing. I'm going to close this thread. With more than 700 pages, there may be confusion with older version. I will create a new thread as soon as a build is available.

    Last thing: avoid to send me any PM, they are quite annoying me. I'm not closing this thread to start a "PM thread".

    Full/update 3.9.9:
    • Updated the firmware to the latest
    • Full GPU rendering
    • Updated the kernel to the stock fixed the HDMI for some TVs
    • Updated the Android Market to the latest 3.4.4, Google Maps to 6.0.3, Polaris office and the Email client.
    Update 3.10: (you can flash this over Revolver 3.9.5, 3.9.6 and 3.9.9)
    • All the changes of version 3.9.9 + wifi problem fix
    Full/update 3.11:
    • Full ROM OTA. Fix for all the bugs reported due to the bad OTA 3.9.5 → 3.10.
    Update 3.11.1 (HC3B1):
    • Improved launcher's speed and smoothness

    Old versions:
    Base version 1.1:
    [*]New base version with all previous fixes included
    [*]Fixed fonts' problems
    [*]Added new sqlite3 bin & bash
    [*]Enabled wifi chanels 12 & 13 from Roach's ROM
    [*]Optimized apps, little speed up
    [*]Improoved performance (I hope :P)
    [*]Removed some apps from system. You can find them in the removed-apps archive.
    [*]Removed update client
    [*] Removed I/O Lag of the previous 1.0
    Update 1.1.1:
    [*]Fixed flash problems
    [*]Fixed market problems
    Update 1.1.2: 
    [*]Nothing, just a test for OTAs
    Update 1.1.3:
    [*]New kernel by default: Dynamite (by me, based on Netformer sources, thanks netarchy)
    [*]Joysticks are fully supported now.
    [*]Tun as module. There souldn't be any problem anymore.
    Base version 2.0:
    [*]Based on latest Asus firmware (HoneyComb 3.2)
    [*]Deodexed, big thanks to Roach who helped me with deodexing. I also put in this rom his VoiceSearch.apk and Dictionary.apk
    [*]Now bash is included. Type "bash" in the shell to enter the bash shell.
    [*]Based on stock kernel, since the actual custom kernels for HC 3.2 are unstable.
    [*]Modules autoload! Voodoo, cifs and tun load on boot!
    [*]Updated all the apps
    [*]HC 3.2 Firmware has the fix for battery usage stats
    [*]Faster than ever!!
    Version 2.1 (Available throught OTA and as base version):
    [*]Fixed random reboots problem
    [*]Added ad-hoc support
    [*]Changed bootanimation with [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=15540785"]this[/URL].
    [*]Removed some apps (Kindle, Layar, Tegra Zone, Zinio, Spare Parts, Terminal emulator).
    Update 2.1.1
    [*]Removed 3G support to improve the battery life (the support it's still available by flashing the plugin from revolver parts).
    Update 2.1.2
    [*]Reverted update 2.1.1, it caused FCs[/LIST]
    Update 2.1.3
    [*]Dynamite kernel as default (improved speed, tun, cifs and voodoo sound module pre-compiled in the kernel)[/list]
    Base version 2.5:
    [*] Based on asus firmware. Mainly it's a bugfix release.
    [*] Fixed gallery FC.
    [*] Fixed problems with dock and wifi. Now it's possible to choose the cursor for touchpad.
    [*] All previous features (Xoom buttons, Revolver parts, ad-hoc, voodoo, tun, cifs, etc).
    [*] Fast and stable [B]as hell[/B]. Transformer speed is blowing away the iPad 2.
    [*] Improved battery life.
    Update 2.5.1
    [*]Attempt to fix battery life problem. 
    Update 2.6
    [*] Updated firmware
    [*] Added other languages to the dictionary (will fix the issues with other langs?)
    [*] Improved performances throught sysctl
    [*] Added support to the battery calibration and zipalign on boot. Enable it with the latest Revolver Parts 2.2.1
    [*] Updated Superuser.apk and su to the latest version
    Base version 3.0:
    [*]Fixed bluetooth issue
    [*]Added power dialog mod (see the screen on the first post fore more details)
    [*]Added dock battery percentage in system tray (thanks roach2010)
    [*]Battery percentage by default (thanks Andrew2511)
    [*]Updated google maps
    [*] Show/hide system tray feature added
    [*]All previous fixes included
    Update/Full version 3.2:
    [*] Removed → Added some optimizations in kernel and tweak init script (some of them taken from Revolution HD, thanks mike) ← Removed.
    [*] Added the ability to enable/disable the status bar option (you need revolver parts)
    [*] Tweaked SysteUI, again.
    [*] Improved power dialog translations (thanks to all who helped me)
    [*] Fixed cron (thanks woti23)
    Update 3.2.1:
    [*]Fixed wifi sleep issue, now you can set the timeout from Revolver Parts (System tab)(Update your Revolver Parts).
    Changelog version 3.5:
    [*] Based on the Asus firmware (Android™ HoneyComb 3.2.1)
    [*] Fixed issues with wifi
    [*] Improved GPS
    [*] Fixed Browser (Lag fix from Asus and `Search bug` fix from me)
    [*] All other Asus improvements (better languages support and security fixes).
    [*] Added Supernote and Asus WebStorage apps from Asus
    [*] All older stuff from Revolver 3.2 ([b]Power dialog, Battery %, Dock battery %, Statusbar toggler and Wifi sleep timeout tweaker[/b])
    [*] New default Wallpaper
    [*] Updated Superuser
    [*] Tweaked stock kernel to improve smoothness with interactive governor.
    [*] Speaker fix integrated
    Changelog full/update 3.5.2:
    [*]Solved issues with dock battery icon (thanks Andrew2511)
    [*]New battery icons (thanks Andrew2511)
    [*]Hacked framework to enable the battery icon and battery text percentage toggle (Revolver Parts 2.9.4 required)
    [*]Other small improvements
    Changelog update 3.5.3:
    [*]Fixed Browser FCs on search
    [*]Fixed useragent issue (thanks Roach)
    [*]Updated turkish and danish power dialog translactions
    [*]Added iwconfig, now you can  use the app Tx wifi Power to reduce wifi battery drain.
    [*]Added autodefrag script to remove VACUUM spaces in MySQL databases. (thanks woti23)
    Changelog update 3.6 (full/OTA):
    [*]Added Browser debug mode options
    [*]Now you can switch between the Tiamat custom quickbar settings menu and the stock one. You need Revolver Parts 3.0+ for this.
    Changelog update 3.7 (full/OTA):
    [*]Now data defrag is removed, you can enable it from Revolver Parts
    [*]Browser debug mode off, you can enable it from Revolver Parts(3.1+)
    [*]Changed fonts with ICS ones. Much better than before!
    [*]Added task killer to the Recent apps panel. Now you can kill apps and remove them from the list, like in Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Changelog update 3.7.2:
    [*]Fixed the bug with the lockscreen clock font.
    [*]Fixed wrong fonts from previous updates.
    Changelog update 3.7.3:
    [*]Better task killer 'X' icon in the Recent apps panel. Thanks andrew2511.
    Version 3.8:
    [*]Rebased on firmware by ASUS. All the features of Revolver 3.7 included. The following points are what Asus did in the new firmware.
    [*]Fixed abnormal battery drain (expecially with the dock)
    [*]Improved wifi signal
    [*]Improved Browser
    [*]Updated Market and Supernote
    [*]Added App Backup and Netflix (available in the 'Removed Apps' in Revolver Parts)
    Update 3.8.1:
    [*]Fixed the problem with the dock battery percentage in the notification tray.
    [*]Changed fonts with better ones.
    Update/full 3.9:
    [*]Fixed the problems with bluetooth
    [*]Fixed the problems with the ads filter
    Update 3.9.1:
    [*]Updated to Asus firmware
    Update 3.9.3:
    [*]Solved problems with Videos app FCs
    [*]Fixed problems with Superuser
    [*]Improved performances.
    [*]Improved Flash Player performances.
    Full/update 3.9.5:
    [*]Slimmed down (Removed MyClod, MyLibrary, MyNet, PixWe and Vibe). [b]You can restore them flashing the package "Revolver removed apps (Asus)" from RevolverParts → Other tab).[/b]
    [*]Attempt to fix the GPS issue.
    [*]Added wallpapers to the Launcher.
    [*]Updated the dock firmware to the latest available.
    (All the updates are available via OTA)
    Please notice that not all the versions are available via OTA. Only the updates! The base roms need to be downloaded and flashed manually.


    If you have a Slider (SL101) or a TF101G, give a look to the F.A.Q. in the first post.
    Download version 3.11 full: Download | Mirrors: ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( RU ) | Nvflash version (thanks pierre118)
    Md5sum: 6024895a260edcf0083fc4bad28336cc

    Old versions:

    Download version 3.9.9 ful: Download
    Download version 3.9.5 full: Download
    Download version 3.9.3 full: Download. | Nvflash version (thanks Pierre118)
    Download version 3.8.1: Download | Nvflash version (Thanks Pierre118)
    Download version 3.7: Download | Nvflash version 3.7.2 (thanks Pierre118)
    Download version 3.6: Download | Nvflash version
    Download version 3.5.2: Download | Nvflash version
    Download version 3.2: Download
    Download version 3.0: Download
    Download version 2.5: Download | Nvflash version
    Download version 2.1: Download
    Download version 1.1: Download

    If anyone good at graphic want to remake it, you are welcome.

    Roach for his great work with prime and for his help | Clemsyn for his kernel & rom | Supercurio for his voodoo | gammaRascal for the bootanimation | htc-hd2 for the hosting | Andrew2511 for his tests, icons and ideas | mattmanwrx for the file hosting | all who helped me to translate the power dialog. Special thanks to all who donated.

    It's time to say goodbye to this thread ;)
    I'm sorry to delay again the release date for the first Revolver4 build.
    Asus released a really bugged update, and I'm trying to fix all the problems before publishing it.

    Therefore the Alpha status will be skipped in order to reach the Beta status ASAP.
    Releasing an Alpha product can create a mess, and my internet connection is quite slow.

    This is why I ask you to wait one (or two) more day(s). Trust me, you won't be disappointed of what I'm managing to do.