[ROM] RhinoNIZED [XT1526] (UPDATED 07-24-2016)

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Sep 5, 2011
Nicest xt1526 rom available! Now how do I get the speech to text dictation working? My mic is.visible on the keyboard but nothing happens when I press it. Going into settings to choose keyboard gives me no option to enable.


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Sep 5, 2011
My hands have been tied up on my Nex ROM project but I will soon get back to this one. I'll take a look then, sorry for the inconvenience.
Its ok i can live without it...i am going to load the full google now launcher ensemble and see if those packages enable it and go fm there


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Sep 5, 2011
Its ok i can live without it...i am going to load the full google now launcher ensemble and see if those packages enable it and go fm there
To get the speech to text working load google app and google keyboard. Then hit language and input go thru the choose keyboard and the voice to speech option should be visible to switch on.


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Nov 4, 2012
Eastern, PA
That's what happens when you hit the link... In UC browser that is...


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Apr 2, 2016
The download link is broken from OP. and before you guys say it isn't I've checked it multiple times and it most certainly is
I just tried it too @PimpMy5Ton, and its broken for me too. I have a previously downloaded copy. If you want, I can do a Google Drive upload and post you a link.

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Here's my Drive link to RhinoNIZED R8:
Link removed: .zip file reported corrupt
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Jul 23, 2015
I just tried it too @PimpMy5Ton, and its broken for me too. I have a previously downloaded copy. If you want, I can do a Google Drive upload and post you a link.

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Here's my Drive link to RhinoNIZED R8:
Link removed: .zip file reported corrupt
Yes, I'd appreciate that, thanks

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Oct 6, 2016
Does it Work with xt1526 (Boost Version) (Movistar Venezuela)? Because i've tried a lot of kernels and they always let me without WiFi :cc
Or do you know how to fix that inssue?

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    RhinoNIZED is a custom tailored ROM designed specifically for individual devices, that increases performance, stability and adds modifications that enhances a users' Android experience.

    Basically, I MOD the best ROM and share it. :)

    XT1526 Devices Only
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to your phone. Use at your own risk.

    LTE (All XT1526 Carriers)
    Performance Driven
    Smoother High-End Gaming
    GPU Acceleration
    Custom Gamma
    Volume Increase
    More Market Apps & Games Unlocked
    LED Notifications
    Stability (Daily Driver)
    Srfarias Kernel (Customized) - user changes may destabilize and or decrease overall performance
    Init.d Support Enabled
    Sony Music Player
    Lightning Browser
    Beats Audio with DSP Manager (Major Audio Improvement)
    Ram Management Improvements
    Better In-Call Volume Control
    Better Call Quality
    Better Camera Captures
    More and more to come...

    Upcoming Features:

    Known Issues:

    Need to Root or install a Custom Recovery? If you need to quickly root or install a recovery and you're using 5.1.x Lollipop stock rom, read my Q&A post below.

    Read Carefully
    Installation Instructions:
    *Make sure you have TWRP 3.0.2-r1 Recovery Installed.
    1. *Backup your current apps with Titanium, etc.
    2. Download ROM, Slim Gapps (OPTIONAL) and Moto_LTE
    3. *Unzip ROM
    4. Boot into Recovery
    5. *Backup your current ROM
    6. *Copy RhinoNIZED ROM folder where you backed up your current ROM. Example: sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/TA078024GR
    7. *Wipe Dalvik, System, Data, Cache
    8. Restore Downloaded RhinoNIZED ROM (Do not Install *Only Restore)
    9. Flash SlimGapps - OPTIONAL (Thank you dankoman for your builds)
    10. Flash Moto_LTE and select your carrier
    (*) means important

    Sorry for this longer method but I currently don't have a computer. :(

    Credits: THANK YOU srfarias for your awesome kernel, Squid2 for your Cyanogen 13 build, androidexpert35 for your Beats Audio port, mrrobinson for AdAway, deega for MVNOslayer, HootanParsa for your MiXplorer, finallau for your DSP Manager port Ben Ling for your Sony music port, kajozord for YAATA and everyone that's helping me build RhinoNIZED.

    Enjoying RhinoNIZED? If so, please Thank this post. It's a great motivator in keeping updates rolling out regularly.

    Download ROM:
    Older Versions Discontinued - (Licensing Issues) - Thanks Sandix for pointing this out :)


    Download Gapps:
    SlimGapps - OPTIONAL

    Information: RhinoNIZED, ROM for the TextNow Moto E 2015 Surnia XT1526

    Sources: Srfarias Kernel, CyanogenMod 13

    Status: Stable
    Device: XT1526
    ROM: RhinoNIZED-R8
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.49
    ROM Firmware Required: UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER, TWRP RECOVERY 3.0.2-r1
    Based On: CyanogenMod 13

    Help Needed: Can someone turn this into a update.zip, with system as a folder not compressed? If you want to contribute to RhinoNIZE'S development, PM me

    FeedBack: Please share your suggestions and feedback for the next update.
    Change Log
    R1 - Initial release

    R2 Beats Audio throughout system, Thanks to androidexpert35
    Increased call quality
    Increased call volume steps to 12
    Firefox replaced chrome
    Improved multitasking stability
    FM Radio (SpiritF) thanks to mikereidis
    Better Ram Management
    System Cleaning
    Battery Life Savings
    TextNow System App updated to 4.17.2
    Working Init.d scripts
    A lot of tweaks
    SetupWizard reactivated

    R3 New FM Radio by reversegear (Removed in R5 & Up)
    Reliability and Speed Improvements
    Play services updated (Full Wipe *REQUIRED)
    More Market Apps Available to download (Real Racing 3, etc...)
    Battery Life Extended
    Camera Quality Increased
    Performance Optimized
    and more under hood tweaks

    Fixed Chrome Black and Blue Screen Bug
    Optimized sysctl Kernel settings
    Tweaked IO read and write/switched to deadline scheduler
    Disabled logs
    Switched to FenomenalMOD kernel
    Changed to GPU composition
    Disabled MDP
    Replaced some Adreno libs (Source)
    Enabled system wide Awesome
    Optimized Shared/Allocated Memory
    Increased System wide audio some more
    Plus many more minor tweaks and mods

    R5 - Official Release Candidate

    Custom Boot Logo
    Massive Code Clean Up left behind from pervious RhinoNIZED Versions

    Srfarias Kernel and Modded/Tweaked (Most Updated)
    Boost Mobile APN by deega (Thank you Sandix for point this out)
    Kernel Modifications
    Full GPU UI, 3D/2D acceleration
    Gamma Tweaked
    OOM tweaked
    Logs Disabled
    and more minor modifications/tweaks

    R7 - Official Release
    Some Apps Compressed for space
    MiXplorer replaced default file manager
    Some Default Icons replaced
    More code clean up
    Kernel Tweaked
    RhinoNIZED Wallpaper as Default
    Made compatible with all CDMA/XT1526 Networks/Carriers
    Straight Talk APNS added in Moto_LTE zip, per user request (Needs LTE Testing)
    and more minor changes

    Cleaned up some more codes
    Improved/Stabilized Multitasking/System
    DSP Manager/Beats Audio System Intergration
    Lightning Browser replaced Gello
    New Music App
    YAATA Texting App
    New Icons for some apps/Improving RhinoNIZED look and feel.
    and more minor changes

    Q: What's the easiest way to root my Moto E 2nd Gen from TextNow, to install a custom recovery, ROM, etc...?

    A: Rooting the Moto E (2nd Gen) from TextNow, on Android 5.1.x, for flashing zips, a custom recovery or ROM is simple, just follow the 3 steps below.

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage your phone receives from use of any modification found on this thread you choose to use.

    How to root the Moto E

    1. Make sure your TextNow Moto E (2nd Gen) is running a stock ROM on Android 5.1.x

    2. Download Kingroot

    3. Install and run Kingroot to root your Moto E (2nd Gen) from TextNow.

    After following the rooting steps above you should reboot your phone.

    Note: You should never try to root a encrypted Android device. First disable encryption then apply root.

    Q: What's the easiest way to install a custom recovery?

    A: Download Flashify and then download TWRP 3.0.1-r2 and install using Flashify right from your rooted phone.
    Can you be more specific on the mods and tweaks you did?

    Also, Have you planned on using some type of OTA service or something to do OTA for users?

    Sure. I don't have a computer at the moment, when I do I'll look into it.

    For now, have a look in the init.d folder (testing), mixer_profile.xml, media_profile.xml, build.prop (Testing) for more detailed changes.

    FYI, RhinoNIZED_R4 coming later today with some major kenerl level improvements and Android changes.
    All links are finally up on the OP, had to make more room in my drive, sorry for the delay. :) A Boost Mobile version is up for testing. Let me know if it works or not, so I can make RhinoNIZED available for other XT1626 Carriers.