[ROM][RK3188][5.1.1] Hal9k Mod for MTCD head units

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Dec 17, 2011

My compilation star with "px3", is not compatible this rom? Only rk3188?

px3-userdebug 7.1.2 NHG47L eng.hct20180



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Dec 17, 2011
Thanks for confirming, I wasn't sure.

I found that the Rom Hal9k 7.1.2 specified for rk3188 and px3, but I did not find anywhere that rk3188 = px3.

My px3 drive has 2Gb of ram. I'm going to find out a few more things and update the Rom.

Thank you very much for your help again :)


Aug 27, 2016
Find the latest MX MCU (check my signature), go into factory settings (password 126) and click "export", put the MCU and the mcu.cfg file that clicking on "export" generated on an sdcard, place the sdcard in the main sdcard sot and go to updates in settings and update the MCU.
I'd like help.
my mcu is MTCD_KGL_V1.40_1 (mar 30 2016) Can I use your MTCD_KGL_V2.54.rar to upgrade?
Another question is I'm using halk9k mod v1.3 for my rk3188. Is it a good idea to upgrade for Hal9k Mod v2.5 or should I have some performance issues?


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Dec 17, 2011

My compilation star with "px3", is not compatible this rom? Only rk3188?

px3-userdebug 7.1.2 NHG47L eng.hct20180

I cannot install hal9k version 5.1.1, however I have been able to install hal9k version 7.1.2

My HU has recovery v7.1.1 I attach an error picture.

A help would be nice. Thank you so much


  • Error Hal9k (1).jpg
    Error Hal9k (1).jpg
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Apr 3, 2007
You just use the ROM as an image and sdfirmware tool to make it, no Linux needed,if you cant find instructions in the first post of this thread try ooking at his other ROM's first posts.
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Dec 17, 2011
You just use the ROM as an image and sdfirmware tool to make it, no Linux needed,if you cant find instructions in the first post of this thread try ooking at his other ROM's first posts.
In the first post rom 7.1.2 the process is written:

I imagine it is the same process for 5.1.1.
One doubt: the stick usb is also prepared by SD_Firmware_Tool or only contains the nupdate.img?

thank you so much
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Dec 17, 2011
The stick is prepared by sd firmware, there should be nothing else on it.

Please HELP! Now HU is only black screen

Step 1- micro sd configured with SD_Firmware_Tool ( uncheck update firmware )
Step 2- USB configured with SD_Firmware_Tool ( uncheck update firmware )
Step 3- Insert micro sd in gps slot and insert usb
Step 4- Reboot

Now mi HU is only black screen :(


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Apr 3, 2007
Have you read the guide in the 7.1.1 thread ?? You eject the sdcard as soon as you see an image on the screen, this gets you into 5.1.1 recovery then you can nstall 5.1.1.


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Dec 17, 2011
Have you read the guide in the 7.1.1 thread ?? You eject the sdcard as soon as you see an image on the screen, this gets you into 5.1.1 recovery then you can nstall 5.1.1.
Yes, I have read the guide.

The Hu is dead, with or without SD boot,
The screen never show an image., it is only black.

The bottons have light.

Please help


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Dec 17, 2011
Please HELP! Now HU is only black screen

Step 1- micro sd configured with SD_Firmware_Tool ( uncheck update firmware )
Step 2- USB configured with SD_Firmware_Tool ( uncheck update firmware )
Step 3- Insert micro sd in gps slot and insert usb
Step 4- Reboot

Now mi HU is only black screen :(


I managed to unlock it with a 7.1.2 bootable micro sd

Later I tried again to do the process for 5.1.1 and the screen went black again and new brick

I have resuscitated it with a 7.1.2 micro sd and I have left it like that

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    Hal9k Mod v1.3
    OTA-package: 24.06.2018
    Hal9k Mod 2.x based on Android 7 is located here.

    Those who had radio on Android 2.3, may remember my firmware for it.
    Today I want to offer you a firmware for the MCTD platform with a Rockchip rk3188 processor, Android 5.1.1 and a screen resolution of 1024x600 or 800x480. It's made on the basis of the latest official version from HCT.

    You can install this firmware on your radio, if in Settings > About device > Version info>
    • MCU version starts with MTCD. After can be any letters, two, three, four - it does not matter.
    • Build number starts with rk3188.
    Version info example:
    Also, to restore the radio, if something goes wrong, you should be able enter the recovery.

    The main advantages and trends of development of this mod:

    • New features.
    • Correction of existing errors and imperfections of the stock.
    • Best responsiveness in comparison of the stock + the ability for the user to improve this indicator.
    • The customizability. All critical changes made on my taste, you can customize for yourself or do as it was in the stock.
    • Twice the internal memory without using FUSE.
    • All changes made directly in application code without the use of Xposed framework for best perfomance.
    • Stability.
    • The stock design.
    When switching from any other firmware, user data deletion is necessary.
    If you are upgrading from a previous version, no data deletion is required, but it is recommended. Especially if you used microG in the previous version.

    How to install the firmware ?
    Extract the dupdate.img file from the archive to the root of the USB stick or SD card. It must be formatted in FAT32.
    Remember to remove all other USB sticks, SD cards, modems and other devices from the radio.

    Insert the USB stick in the USB jack. It is advisable to use the jack in which it is defined as USB1 (see, for example, in the player).

    If you installing the firmware over a previous version, go to recovery mode, select the fourth item (update the system/mcu image from usb) and wait for system startup.

    Otherwise, if you had a different firmware, go to recovery mode and select the fifth item (update the system/mcu image from usb and clear all).
    After a while the flashing process will fail and the radio will reboot again in recovery mode.
    Then the flashing process should restart automatically. But it is not always the case.
    Therefore, if the process is not restarted, you must again select the fifth item in the recovery menu.

    Of course, you can install the firmware from the SD card, but using a USB stick is more reliable and faster.
    Also you can install the firmware through the System updates in Settings.
    If you have an older version of MCU, I advise you to update to the current version.

    If you like my ROMs and you want to thank me, I ask you to make a donation. You can find required details on my website or just click here.

    Version 1.3 Google Drive

    Old versions

    Version 1.2 Google Drive
    List of changes:
    Version 1.3.2 OTA-package
    1. Made a list of applications that allow the screen saver to be started.
      You can add a third-party launcher or player to it, for example.
    2. Added the ability to switch tracks in third-party players using the steering wheel buttons for owners of CAN-adapters for Mercedes cars, etc.
    3. Made a list of applications that are restarted after sleep.
      I included the PCRadio application in it. Now it always starts playback correctly after exiting sleep, if it was started when HU go to sleep.
      In PCRadio's settings, you must enable the "Resume playback when application starts" switch. Also it is necessary to remove it from the whitelist if it was added to it.
    4. Editing the whitelist now does not require a restart of the HU.
    5. Added a volume control in the style typical for AV equipment from the 7floor module
    6. Added the ability to display the volume control at the top, middle or bottom of the screen.
    7. Added the ability to adjust the time during which the volume control remains on the screen after changing the volume value.
    8. Has been made a list of applications that should not work simultaneously.
      This list is an extension of the corresponding system list.
      If one of the applications included in this list is launched, then the rest are closed.
      That is, for example, if you include the same PCRadio, then it will close when you start the stock Music or Radio. And vice versa.
    9. Added the ability to move the statusbar to the bottom of the screen. (Experimental option.)
    10. Changed the logic of the name request for the button of the stored radio station.
      If the name for the stored frequency is not specified earlier, text from the RDS is suggested.
    11. Added color themes for the main applications from @AlexNikolaev See screenshots.
    12. Added ability to adjust navigation volume in phone mode.
    13. Other changes aimed at improving stability.
    Version 1.3.1 OTA-package
    1. Added management of third-party applications using the buttons on the steering wheel or on the front panel.
      Applications must support media buttons. Tested on PCRadio, MX Player, Poweramp.
    2. Fixed bug with displaying system icons in the statusbar.
    3. Added the ability to disable switching folders in the Music by the buttons on the steering wheel.
    4. Fixed interface display for 800x480 resolution.
    Version 1.3
    1. Moved to the new base firmware from August 2017.
    2. The Mod settings are made in a separate application, also available from the "Extra settings" in the Settings app.
    3. The possibility of OTA-updates is added.
    4. Added application F-Droid for automatic update microG.
    5. Sorting in alphabetical order of all lists in players is done.
    6. Repeat is disabled by default in the Video and Music applications.
    7. The music player is paused when the Mute button is pressed.
    8. The music player moves to the next folder in the list after playing the last file in the current folder in the sequential playback mode.
    9. Added a jump to the previous / next folder on the seekdown / seekup steering wheel buttons and a on the long tap to the prev / next screen buttons.
    10. Added pop-up messages showing information about the current radio station and music file. It is possible to set the font size and the duration of the messages.
    11. Added folder name display to the pop-up message when switching between folders.
    12. Added a request for a name for the button of the stored radio station.
    13. Added the ability to choose from ten screensavers. Pictures here.
    14. Added the ability to turn off the full-screen keyboard.
    15. Added the ability to turn off the restarting applications that worked before going to sleep.
    16. In the application "Wheelkey Study" added actions "turn off the screen backlight", "recent applications" and "F-Cam application".
    17. In the OEM added 4 launchers (HLA, JY, KGL, KLD). Selection of the launcher after installation is made as usual, by pressing the Home button, as in the phone.
    18. Made a list of navigational apps that muffle other sounds when playing voice prompts.
      The list should include all navigation applications, including the one that is set by default to the Navi button.
    19. Added GPS Test Plus.
    20. Updated the time zones to version 2018d.
      After updating without a wipe, make sure that the time zone is set correctly.
    21. Other changes, to improve stability.
    Ideas of some improvements are taken from the module xposed-mtce-utils and other modules with the permission of the author, MVG-V70. For which I thank him very much.
    But they are implemented without using the Xposed framework.

    Old versions

    Version 1.2
    1. Fixed Bluetooth. Now normally operate the diagnostic programs that previously wrote that Bluetooth is off and offered to turn it on. The programs will automatically find previously paired adapter.
    2. Made the displaying of the names of paired Bluetooth devices in third party programs.
    3. This fix tested on programs:
      • Car Gauge Lite 3.61.14
      • Carista 3.4.3
      • CVTz50 DEMO 1.41
      • DashCommand 4.6.20
      • EasyDiag 2.01.001
      • FORScan Demo 1.2.8
      • hobDrive Demo 1.4.28
      • Hybrid Assistant 1.82.2
      • MotorData OBD
      • OBD Car Doctor free 6.1 R-5
    4. Added the ability to lock the device with unlock pattern, pin or password to prevent unauthorized access to the radio when you give the car to the service. Located in Settings > Personal > Security.
    5. Added ability to change Gapps on microG with facilitated Play Market. It's extremely speed up the device, but you can revert all back at any time without reflashing. It is located in Settings > CAR > Extra settings.
    6. Made on-screen power button in status bar.
      • Single tap to turn on the screen saver.
      • Double tap to make a screenshot.
      • Triple tap to kill frozen app.
      • Long press - power off menu.
    7. In power off menu added these items: Reboot, Safe mode, Recovery mode, Airplane mode (for reconnect USB modems).
    8. Added ability to change ringtone on any melody located in folder "ringtones". Located in Settings > Device > Sound.
    9. Added ability to increase the default TTL to bypass restrictions on the distribution of the Internet from mobile devices. It is located in Settings > Wireless & networks > More.
    10. Now if option "Disabling the screen saver only by tapping the screen" is on, the screen saver will be turned off during operation of the rear camera.
    11. The Recent apps button in statusbar can now be hidden, turned on permanently or appeared only in the launcher.
    12. Added the ability to hide the name of the active application and notification icons in the status bar. These options are in Settings > Device > Display > Statusbar settings.
    13. Added the cellular network tile in quick settings.
    14. The AOSP keyboard replaced by the Google keyboard.
    15. In the OEM partition added apps that can be useful.
      • Daydream Widgets 1.1 G
      • MtcdTools 1.7
      • MTCWeather4_v- b-beta
      • No-frills CPU Control 1.28.2
      • Root DPI Changer
    16. Added Status menu in Settings > CAR > About device.
    17. Updated previously added applications.
    18. Other small changes that I could forget. ;)
    Version 1.1
    1. Added Android audio codec settings (a modified sound). You can enable/disable the activation of this settings at boot, configure the settings for the best sound and apply them without restarting the system.
    2. All interface changes are made for screen resolution 800x480.
    3. The number on the volume control bar increased in size and made white.
    4. Completely removed the remnants of the stock FUSE in the configuration.
    5. Returned to the stock Google Play Services.
    6. Returned applications:
      • The print spooler, since its absence caused the error.
      • Google Partner Setup
      Removed apps:
      • WAP Push Manager
      • Mms Service
    7. Added option "Disabling the screen saver only by tapping the screen". It is located in Settings > Device > Display.
    8. Added the ability to change the color of the digital clock screen saver. Located in Settings > Device > Display > Daydream > Clock > Settings.
    Version 1.0
    1. Internal memory expanded to 4 GB.
    2. Pre-installed root and SuperSU.
    3. Added support for init.d
    4. Google Play services is replaced by a suitable for device.
    5. The heavy app Easy Connected transferred to the OEM. If necessary, you can install it through the ApkInstaller.
    6. Other heavy applications such as Gmail and Google Maps was moved from system apps to third-party. Now they can be simply removed it in Settings > Apps if they are not needed.
    7. Also in the third-party applications was pre-installed Google Text-to speech Engine. Speech synthesis works without a network connection.
    8. Timezones updated to the latest version 2016j.
    9. Ringtone mp3 file moved from the ramdisk to /system/mtc so that it can be changed. By the way, under the name ring.mp3 you can put the file in a different format. For example ogg, taken from the phone to make the same ringtones.
    10. Enabled built-in Screen savers (Daydreams). This allows you to install any screen saver from the Play Market, not stopping at stock. By default enabled the Android screen saver "Clock".
      Any third-party screen saver is deactivated under the same conditions as a stock screen saver (touching the screen, pressing buttons on the panel and the steering wheel, turning on cameras, etc.) If you turn off the Android screen saver, then will be run the stock screen saver in the form of round clock.
    11. Inlocked the built-in Contacts app.
    12. By default setted London time zone, the bluetooth password is 1234 and disabled connection to data services when roaming.
    13. Changed defaults in the Settings:
      • Watching video while driving - enabled.
      • GPS sound mode - mixing.
      • GPS automatic update time - enabled, network-provided time - disabled.
      • Screen saver timeout is 1 minute, added options 2 minute and 10 minutes.
      • Allowed installation of apps from unknown sources.
    14. Removed unnecessary applications and files:
      • Google Email
      • Google Pinyin Input
      • Live Wallpapers (possibility to set your own Live wallpaper is left)
      • Open Wnn
      • Built-in speech synthesizer Pico TTS
      • Print spooler
      • Visualizer (live Wallpaper)
      • Google Partner Setup
      • Factory stress test
      • Other unnecessary small files.
    1. Bluetooth
      • OBD adapter detection based on the settings.
      • Expanded name field in the phonebook.
    2. Video - expanded playlist.
    3. Music
      • Made fixed square cover instead of spinning gramophone disk.
      • Made lyrics download from the network.
      • Made switch the audioplayer on pause for an incoming call.
      • Expanded playlist.
    4. Settings
      • Bluetooth - added the ability to specify the names of OBD adapters, in order to distinguish them from phones and work with them correctly. Need if your adapter does not have the OBD letters in the name.
      • Display - added ability to disable some elements of the statusbar. Disabled by default: Home button, Volume, Eject and Brightness buttons. The Back button is moved from right to left.
        Everything can be customized, as it was in the stock or otherwise.
      • Extra settings - added whitelist of applications that are not closed when going to sleep.
      • Added hidden Settings items "Data usage", "Developer options", "Cellular networks".
      • Settings item "Accessibility" was hided.
    5. Other minor design changes.

    Version 1.3 screenshots
    Looks and sounds great - the best ROM I ve seen on any MTC head unit !! Very professional and with a screen lock too - the holy grail on MTC !!

    Any chance of an MTCB/C version ? (I help test if needed, sure others would volunteer too).

    typos1, thank you for review.
    It will be very difficult, because I do not have MTCB radio.
    I have plans for Android 7 and some hardware.
    Does anyone need a firmware based on Android 5 with all the changes from mod 2.1?
    Hal9k Mod v1.3 was released.
    It contains the same changes as version 2.1 (and even slightly more).
    I invite everyone to the first post. :)
    Helpful Tips
    • How to automatically install your favorite APKs after flashing ?
      Create a hct folder on a USB flash drive with firmware.
      In this folder create folder apk.
      Put your favorite APKs in this folder, they will be automatically installed after flashing.
    • How to switch to microG ?
      Go to Settings > CAR > Extra settings > Framework selection and select microG option. Changes take effect immediately !
      The device will restart multiple times.
      Then run the microG Settings app and enable Google device registration and Google Cloud Messaging.
      If you have GSM modem connected to your radio, go to UnifiedNlp Settings and turn on Mozilla Location Service in "Configure location backends" and Nominatim in "Configure address lookup backends".
      Then go to Self-Check and verify that all the checkboxes are enabled (the check boxes in the lower part is only available with GSM modem).
      Recreate Google account.
    • How to install TomTom and other apps in Play Market that are not visible on the radio ?
      You have to change just one variable in build.prop: ro.product.device You can do it with your favorite text editor or with this app
      You need to change the value of the variable from rk3188 to another. For example, mctd or even rk3189.
      Reboot the radio. TomTom will be visible in the Play Market.
      In order to have TomTom connected to his server and downloaded the maps, it is necessary to add another variable to the build.prop: ro.serialno=right half of your serial number (16 digits) and reboot the radio.
      Altered serial number will be shown in Settings > CAR > About device > Status.
      This method has a negative side. Applications that are already attached to your serial number (e.g. russian navigation software Navitel) will require reattach.
      So, after installing and running TomTom is better to return all back.

    Version 1.0 and 1.1 screenshots