[ROM] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 Final LimeMOD R5 Apps2ext/720p/TBW/TBC/LockMusic [08/30/10]

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Apr 7, 2006

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe LimeMOD R5 for Nexus One

Project is Freezed no Updates !!! until CM6.1 is OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Stable & Fast Android 2.2 FroYo ROM Based on Stable CM6

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R5 Changelog:

- Now Based on the Stable CM6 Release with the New Google Apps
- all Rodriguezstyle Changes added
- 720p Recording works Perfect Now (+ my HQ settings for Pics & Video)
- New LauncherPro version
- New Twitter app
- all apps & widgets updated
- Data wipe needed for the stable CM6 Release
- if you stuck on Bootscreen: Remove the Battery and Reboot (a little CM6 Problem)
- if you got a slow 3g switch: a Reboot fix the Problem

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R4 Changelog:

- Now Based on CM6 RC3 (Stock 720p rec. Now and a lot New features)
- LauncherPro Updated & modded
- Maps Updated
- Twitter app Updated & modded
- Superuser Updated
- Google Phone2Chrome Updated
- Genie widget Fixed
- Facebook app Fixed
- Apps2ext Updated to rc2
- Last Digital Clock added
- Display Calibration app added
- all works fine Now
- Fast & Stable Release

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R3 Fix Changelog:

- Updated to last NB
- Video Recording Fixed
- Contacts Fixed
- Wifi Fixed
- Market Fixed
- This Release Rocks it is Stable & Fast

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R3 Features:

- Based on CM6 RC2 & the latest Nightlies Full Changelog
- Apps2ext3 (Darktremor) by tkirton added (please deinstall & reinstall not working apps)
- Rooted with Superuser 2.2.2 by ChainsDD & CM
- adb remount permission added by CM
- Headphones & Speaker Equalizer by CM
- FLAC audio support by CM
- BusyBox,nano,Bash Scripts added by CM
- 360 degree rotation by CM
- Unsecured boot.img
- Full Zipaligned Rom (optimized Ram handling)
- Trackball Wake by CM
- Trackball Color notification by CM Nightly
- 720p Video Recording by charnsingh & CM added
- latest Pershoot Kernel oc-uv-xtra-btn-aud-ram-neon-720p (OC up to 1,13GHz with setCPU)
- Modded MusicPlayerMod by Eliotstocker
- Lockscreen Player by Knobs
- Modded Br0tips
- Full De-odexed apps & framework for theming support!
- build.prop Optimized for the New Radio
- build.prop Optimized for HQ Audio & Video Recording & Playback
- build.prop Optimized for Online Media Streaming
- build.prop Optimized for the Best 3g Signal and Faster 3g Switch
- Color profile Calibration Hack by storm99999 (without CMParts Changes)
- Rom Optimized for AutoKiller
- Max. Download & Upload Speed
- Faster USB Mount
- Clean & Fast BootUp/ShutDown
- 5MPX CamDriver Optimized: Jpeg Init. Quality to Max. from 90% to 100% (Compression Off)
- Cleanup of not needed files and Lines
- Full Black/Lime Modded TouchWiz & LauncherPro (Modded free Version) installed (select your favorite Launcher on the first Start)
- SENSE/CM6/FROYO/SAMSUNG/SE LWP (thanks to the creators) & Two Default Wallpapers added (inside LauncherPro)
- Lime Green Modded [Nexus Dev] Bootscreen (My own Version for Rodriguezstyle Romz)
- Modded Default Keyboard (Black Glass Themed)
- Modded Desire (2.2 Froyo) Status Bar added with Black,Lime & Red icons
- Facebook/Twitter/Genie/Calendar/Power & Market widget (in Lime/Black Glass Style)
- Phone and Contacts (in Lime/Black Glass Style)
- Working cmparts_ui.xml for LimeGreen letters added
- Black Themed SMS/MMS app
- Black Themed Camera,Browser & CarHome app
- All Stock icons in LauncherPro/Lime Look (easier to find and Looks Perfect on the LauncherPro & TouchWiz Homescreen Bar
- Custom Lock/Unlock Sound
- Gain Optimized Keypress & Video/Photo Sound
- EVO 4g Ring/Alarm & Notification Soundfiles added to the Stock ones from Nexus
- New System Soundfiles
- Red & Green in the Full Rom Reworked (for deep Red & Lime Green)
- Very Good Looking & Exactly Battery Percentage on the Left side in Lime Green
- all Stock apps Updated to gapps-hdpi-FRF91-UP and Newer
- WiFi Status indicator added
- Full Working Adobe Flashplayer beta3
- Chrome to Phone added (Desktop Version Needed) Chrome Browser & FireFox Browser
- some bugs Fixed
- Tuning by Cleaning...

Added & Reworked Apps:

- Last Digital Clock Version
- Display Calibration app
- LauncherPro- free Modded Version (Themed)
- Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 Fast Version (Themed)
- Tesla Flashlight added
- Quick Boot added
- Digital Clock added (Themed)
- Logger added
- Terminal Emulator added
- MusicMod SE (Themed)
- Flashlight Alerts added (Thanks to rdude)
- New NetMeterLED added with Options = Charging LED as CPU Status Indicator.. Like your HDD status LED on your PC (Thanks to britoso)
- Call Blocker added
- SENSE/CM6/FROYO/SAMSUNG/SE LWP (thanks to the creators) & Two Default Wallpapers added (inside LauncherPro)
- Full Working Adobe Flashplayer beta3
- Linpack
- Autokiller
- WiFi Status indicator
- Chrome to Phone

Removed Apps:

- Amazon app
- Socialite
- PDF Viewer
- Titanium Backup
- WaveSecure
- ADW Launcher (Load the Standalone Version in the Market)
- Secure app
- Speach Recorder


Known Issues:

- none

To Do:

- none


Please make a Nandroid backup of your current System before install !!!


STEP ONE Froyo Radio Image (


MD5 Checksumme:


STEP TWO RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R5 (with Apps2ext be sure you have a ext3 partition on your SD Card !!!):


MD5 Checksumme:


STEP TWO RoDrIgUeZsTyLe CM6 LimeMOD R5 (without Apps2ext just with Stock FroYo A2SD):


MD5 Checksumme:


STEP THREE cmparts_ui.xml (to get the right letter colors in the StatusBar) put it to the root of your SD & load it in "settings" -> "CyanogenMod settings" -> "user interface" -> "Tweaks extras":



HOW ???

How to install the Rom

- put the Downloaded files on the Root of your SD
- go in the Recovery mode (if your Phone is Rooted you know how)
- and Wipe all options
- install Radio Image (STEP ONE)
- klick Reboot (after few sec. you come back to Recovery)
- install the Rodriguezstyle Rom (STEP TWO)
- go to "settings" -> "CyanogenMod settings" -> "user interface" -> "Tweaks extras" and Load the cmparts_ui.xml file
- Reboot
- Have Fun...

how works A2SD+ (ext3) ???

1. go in the Recovery mode
2. than create a Partition
3. 32 MB SWAP / 32-1012 MB ext2 / Rest FAT32
4. Convert it to ext3
5. put your rom on SD
6. Install[/COLOR]

How To OverClock:

SetCPU v2.1 from coolbho3000 Thanks:

Install -> Select Autodetection -> Set 1130MHz as Max. -> check: Set on Boot -> Reboot -> Finish

(you can adjust much more on profiles to save Battery but is not needed)

NetMeterLED = Charging LED as CPU Status Indicator:

# 00-03 % = off
# 03-15 % = blue
# 16-40 % = green
# 41-75 % = amber
# 76-99 % = red

how works Froyo A2SD ??? (Not Needed when you use the ext3 Method !!!)

1. set CMParts Install Location to internal (Phone)
2. install all the apps you can install on the Phone
3. set CMParts Install Location to external (SD)
4. go to application settings and push the installed apps to SD
5. repeat all stepps again...

with this method i got nearly 200 Apps installed, without Problems and 40 MB Space on Phone Storage it´s ok for me... i got all apps i want now

Mod install Location Options:

Select: Internal/External or Auto

important !!! after a reboot you need to stop LauncherPro in the running applications menu to reload all sd installed apps !!!
widgets & System Programms haves to be on the system partition not on sd !!! install on sd just Games & Fun apps


Thank´s to

Paul , Pershoot , Cyanogen , Leo , coolbho3000 , paratox , vnbuddy2002 , djmcnz , evild , MicroMod777 , JupIterdroid , 928Droid , crimsondr , Eliotstocker

and all i not remind at the moment sry.. (please pm me)

Remember that if you use this ROM, you do so entirely at your own risk !!!

Important ! Please don´t share the Rom, share only the Link to this Site !!!
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Jan 2, 2010
WOOT! More quality stuff, I presume.

EDIT: Crap, can some delete this? Got too excited.
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Aug 10, 2009

I am using your LIME green ROM, but would love to try this...

FM Radio? FM RADIO????? Are you serious??????? I thought the hardware did not allow it....
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Oct 16, 2005
low space alert can be solved? How much space is free after the installation of the rom without apps installed?


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Apr 28, 2010
Desire camera only?

Do you think we can somehow get the Desire Camera ported to stock vanilla android roms? I prefer vanilla android over sense but that sense camera app is SO much better. When I had Paul's desire port back in the day, the pictures looked so much better.