[ROM] Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoDrOm V2.3 Fix Vivid Sense [ Online NOW !!! ] for Legend

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Apr 7, 2006

Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoD Rom V2.3 Fix Vivid Sense

Only for Rooted HTC Legends

a modded stable mix of MoDaCo Custom ROM r1 & r2 for HTC Legend

Stock Version: 1.31.405.4
Radio Version:

Changelog Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoD V1.0 - V2.2 Fix Vivid Sense:

- A2SD added
- Nexus One Live Wallpapers (with & without Sense)
- Nexus One Dailer App
- Nexus One Contacts App
- Nexus One Musik Player
- Nexus One Bootanimation (By Rodriguezstyle)
- Nexus Deskclock
- Nexus Genie' News and Weather Widget (Transparent)
- Facebook Widget (Transparent)
- MotoDroid Effects & Equlizer
- New Wireless Tether for Legend pre6 by Harry
- Jbed Java
- Spare Parts
- Skype
- Updated Google Maps
- Voice Search added
- Google Googles
- Hi MSN
- Astro File Manager
- Night Stand Clock
- Lock 2.0
- Last Radio Rom added (because reported Wifi/Signal Problems)
- htc.massage.uploader error Fixed
- A2SD Reworked (if it not work Reboot or clean the Caches in Recovery)
- Move Cache app added
- New Default LWP added (Live Sense & Starfield)
- Full LiveWallpaper support with HTC Sense **** can´t believe yeah :D
- latest Market Version installed on the Phone Core Memory not on SD !!!
- All Market Problems Fixed Now !!!
- a lot minor bugs fixed
- some mods for better Performance
- some mods for Faster Booting
- ROM is Stripped & Zipped to the Maximum
- FW info shows Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoDrOm

Changelog Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoD V2.3 Fix Vivid Sense:

- Facebook widget Fixed
- decompressed apk´s Odex'd directory added to save space in dalvik-cache
- all working r2 parts added
- Now 2 Versions with & without A2SD
- Many FC´s Fixed
- Finally is the 2.3 without A2SD the only right working MCR r2 Version Online !!!


- Boot Sound
- a lot of not needed files (tune up)
- Big Rings & Wally´s

solution for htc.message.uploader errors :

go to:

Settings / Application / Manage-Apps / htc.message.uploader / Stop / Delete

works... but i hope it never come back...

MoDaCo Version r1 & r2 (the base of this Rom) Changelog:


# Pre-rooted with su and Superuser Permissions application
# Built with the MCR build process which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the ROM
# Patched 'Rosie' (Sense) to allow click-drag homescreen rearrange when pinch-zoomed out
# busybox with Droid Explorer support
# MCR version displayed in 'About' screen
# OpenVPN binary
# terminfo and settings in boot.img to allow nano etc. use
# Updated 'cachedalvikcache' script
# Odex'd /system/app directory to save space in dalvik-cache
# Added A2SD+ with dalvik-cache on SD
# Temporarily removed HTC_IME mod
# Updated build.prop
# Minor fixes

Please make a backup of your current System before install !!!

Download ROM:

Version without A2SD


Version with A2SD (TEST-RELEAS)


How to install without A2SD?

- put the Rom on it
- go in the Recovery mode (if your Phone is Rooted you know how)
- and Wipe all options
- install the Rom.zip
- Reboot (takes a while)
- Login & Reboot again (to cleanup Cache)

How to install with A2SD? Please read we need swap now !!!

- Format your SD FAT32
- put the Rom on it
- go in the Recovery mode (if your Phone is Rooted you know how)
- and Wipe all options
- install the Rom.zip
- than create a Partition in Superuser
- 32 MB SWAP / 32-1012 MB ext2 / Rest FAT32
- Convert it to ext3
- Reboot (takes a while)
- Login & Reboot again (to cleanup Cache)


Note that although applications are moved to SD,
dalvik-cache remains in the data partition. To use A2SD,
you should partition your SD card to have a FAT32 partition first,
then an EXT3 partition second.

in some cases you got Disk Space Error while installing Market apps
resolve this by booting in the recovery mode and wiping the cache & dalvik-cache

[email protected] are Patched & Created by Rodriguezstyle don´t share without giving Thank´s & Credits ;)

Thank´s to Paul,dsixda,Harry,zifnab, jcase & MagnusRagnarok

Remember that if you use this ROM, you do so entirely at your own risk !!!

Important ! Please don´t share the Rom, share only the Link to this Site !!!

here is your Sense(rosie) bugfree with LWP..


Update.zip only for Rodriguez Roms !!![/b]
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Apr 7, 2006
Download Bootanimation:

Download ZIP & Install like a ROM !!!

Nexus Bootanimation

(Updated Looks Now Like the Gif here)

Boing Bootanimation


Metropolis Bootanimation


Squares Bootanimation


HTC Stock Bootanimation

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Sep 1, 2009
thanks i'm changing my rom ... =)

But i have a question :
When i won't have need to the partition ext3 anymore, how can i format it to the original format ?


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Apr 7, 2006
search for apps in the Market or replace


with the one you like

Disk Space Error can be solved with a Wipe of the both Cache Options in the Recoevery mode

A2SD works but sadly not Perfect for Legend & Desire at the moment
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