[ROM] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD [v3.6 FIX MULTI/D2SD] > Stable & Fast for All < [06/11]

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Jan 20, 2009
San Antonio TX

From my previous post of 2.5 I installed from a clean wipe as the Doc ordered :D and all works as it should. I haven't tested the cam out yet, whereas that was the only thing not working 100% at the time.

Now after flashing 2.5.1 over 2.5 with just clearing the cache partition and dalvik partition, it took about 2 mins to boot and when it did, there was a low space notification and force closing LP+ and would not boot up to the homescreen properly. Before rebooting, I went ahead and performed the apps2ext+ because that auto reboots after the a2sd cachesd command anyways.

Booted up in 2mins again and no low space errors and actually I have more space on the phone than before lol....

Also noticed the font is a bit bolder and clearer for my old eyes. I say a little bolder because the 100 in my circle battery overlaps it a bit, but that's ok in my book.

Ok just tested out the cam and it works!! No force closing and used 720 setting. Awesome!

Bottom line: FULL WIPE on 2.5 and then flashed over with 2.5.1 with dalvik partition and cache partition wipe, run apps2ext+ and reboot.


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Nov 25, 2009
Rod, when I open a youtube video, right now I'm looking at Muse music videos =), I try to back out of the video and the phone freezes and crashes...




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Apr 7, 2006
I actually wasn't even coming from a rom, I already had 2.5 Installed, running very smooth, I flashed pershoots kernel over it and all of a sudden im sitting at the X forever...its really weird

ok than try this:

- Wipe all Data & Cache Options Twice
- Restore your last Nandroid Backup
- Wipe the Cache options Again
- Flash the (MD5 Checked) Rom and your Favorite (MD5 Checked) Kernel
- Reboot...

if that wont work, you has to do the SD Fix in the first Post FAQ
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Mar 27, 2010
ok than try this:

- Wipe all Data & Cache Options Twice
- Restore your last Nandroid Backup
- Wipe the Cache options Again
- Flash the (MD5 Checked) Rom and your Favorite (MD5 Checked) Kernel
- Reboot...

if that wont work, you has to do the SD Fix in the first Post FAQ

Trying this now, thanks a lot!


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May 9, 2010
What was the font used in v2.4? I didn't realize how much I missed it until I flashed 2.5.1. The Arial/Verdana font is boring to the eyes


Feb 2, 2008
Maybe this is a stupid question but i'll ask anyway :D :

In the phone info i noticed the Baseband version :

Is it possible to change that ? I'm not sure but i think with a more updated baseband i can use Different APN. Now if i try to change my APN in the mobile network settings i have no data connection.
In other roms with a different baseband i could do that.

Tnx in advance.



Aug 15, 2010
hi V2.5.1
1)on Trackball Settings>Trackball Color>Red
This message appears:
The application ....Please try again.
2)why roms on Android havenot fax(modem)?
send & receive fax

Old MuckenMire

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Feb 9, 2010
Yeah thanks Rod... I'm thrilled with this version.... very, very stable and fast. Only bug I have is tapping to zoom camera causes it to force close. Doesn't bother me though as I just use the slider anyway.

Other than that it's solid for me.

Nexus One via XDA app

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    [ROM] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD [v3.6 FIX MULTI/D2SD] > Stable & Fast for All < [06/11]

    The First and Still The Best MIUI-MOD

    A Next Generation Gingerbread Rom All Works Smooth and Stable !!!
    I´m sure this will be one of the best Romz you ever use, but if you Like it Stock please use an other Rom,
    this is a Extremely Modded Costum Rom and has nothing to do with Stock Gingerbread :D

    This Rom Based On the latest MIUI Gingerbread Build for Nexus One, Make a Nandroid Backup and Try it Out !!!

    MIUIMOD is Multilanguage now !!!



    by XJ Thanks to him



    Download Rom:

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD v3.6 FIX D2SD Multilanguage (Please Read the D2SD HowTo) :

    MD5: 44e77bac64ae2693585c7b6e8838cbe1


    you Like it ??? Klick the Heineken Button to keep this Project alive :)

    MIUIMOD D2SD HowTo (Partition Layout)

    load Parted Magic here and burn it with imgburn here

    boot with this CD inside you CD-Rom Drive
    Connect your SD (in your Phone with the sd mount option in Amon RA) or with a Card Reader with your PC
    Format your Compled SD in Fat32
    and start create Partitions:


    Partition No.1 = xx GB Fat32 (xx = whatever you want)
    Partition No.2 = 1 GB EXT2/3/4 (Apps Partition)
    Partition No.3 = 200 MB EXT3/4 >> 1/5 Size of Partition No.2 Minimum << ( if it´s EXT2 the D2SD Script will Format it to EXT3 )
    Partition No.4 = 128 MB Linux Swap

    percental bigger or smaller partitions are possible but not bigger as 2 GB

    after that Reboot in your Normal PC System, put the Rom on SD and Flash it like any other Rom...

    New Features:

    New Preinstalled Kernel : Savaged-Zen (EVO) for N1 (, 128-1190MHz,CFS, BFQ/CFQ, HAVS, SWAP)

    ScreenState Mod SS4N1 inside by ch33kybutt, NOT PreAdjusted you have to Activate it

    type: sscfg in Terminal

    to select one of the other Performance/Battery Profiles or just turn SS4N1 On

    what is SS4N1 ?

    This Mod gives you a performance-boost whenever you use your N1 = Display ON
    and saves the max. battery whenever your N1 is idle = Display OFF

    i recommend to use just one of both SetCPU or SS4N1, Nothing is On by Default !!! more information about SS4N1 HERE

    Changelog in the Second Post !!!

    Nexus One Kernel list for GB MIUI:

    select one of this CM7 Compatible Kernels:



    to fix the mic-speaker call problem, go to

    phone -> Menu -> settings -> enable call recording

    Recive SMS Roboot issue

    here is the fix only for v3.6 Flash it and set SMS as Massaging app in Settings & allow SU rights for Flashlight Alerts in Superuser


    After booting the rom always freezes and I have to remove the battery :(.

    a D2SD Rom need a few Minutes after a Reboot to Work Normal and Stable... Wait...and your Phone comes Back...

    Original German Support in our Homebase www.miui-ger.de

    Just 4 easy Steps after Flashing the MIUIMOD Rom to get the Full RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Experience ;) :

    1. Select your Language in the Settings and Reboot 2 Times to get a Full Translated Rom and a Full working D2SD

    2. Turn Percentage ON in settings/system/battery/indicator style

    3. set up the TrackBall Alert app ( Please don´t Touch the inbuild TB Colors and don´t Patch anything )

    4. if you are Happy with MIUIMOD, Klick the Heineken Button on my Signature to keep this Project alive :)

    Thanks to all the Nice Cold Heineken Donators, you Rock !!!

    Donators 2011:

    12. May - Typica1cat Thank you !!!

    24. May - f0ul99 Thank you !!!

    01. Jun - paolo c Thank you !!!

    02. Jun - Docmjldds Thank you !!!

    04. Jun - houndjago Thank you !!!

    10. Jun - hughey2k2 Thank you !!!

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.6 FIX D2SD Changelog :

    - New Reworked D2SD Script...(Stable for All Now) same Performance ,No Bootloops & 100% Stability (but not so high Quadrant Score )
    - Dalvik-Cache on SD Now (Install the Apps you want without moving cache)
    - Now with Max. EXT Compatibility First EXT Partition EXT2/3/4 Second EXT Partition EXT3/4
    - Kernel Update to but Now the CFS version (Fix some FC´s and Camera Problems)
    - Missing Apps Readded
    - Stock CPU Speed By Default Now (use SS4N1 or setCPU)
    - Next MIUI 1.6.10 Update comes this Tuesday (Update hopefully without Fullwipe Now)
    - Fix Version: Stock Superuser app added to use the SMS Reboot issue Fix

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.5 D2SD Changelog :

    - Now Based on Miui 1.6.3 with XJ MultiLangPack
    - Slow Screen Rotation Fix Reworked (2 sec. Now)
    - NEW D2SD Script Faster,Saver,Stabler & Hard to make it work BasicScript Version by burstlam Modded & Optimized by me
    - New Patched GB Miui libsqlite.so with Full sync off (much better Performance in Apps that using SQLite)
    - Better BusyBox implementing (Newest Version)
    - Optimized Performance/Batterylife via New Script by franciscofranco & ungaze Thank´s
    - Internal Memory Optimized
    - Download Speed Wifi & Data Tweaked to the Maximum
    - Full working Fix Super Permissions at Boot
    - New Default/OnBoot CPU Scale Settings.. to work better with setCPU or SS4N1 please use only one of these OC/UV Tools
    - Screen ON = smartass / Screen OFF = powersave
    - Mad Performance Now Fast & Smooth like no other N1 Rom ( +/- 3000 Quadrant Points in Normal OC mode without killing Apps :D )
    - Format all ext Partitions with Parted Magic and Wipe Data/Cache & Dalvik Cache!!! the Last Time... i think this D2SD version will be the Future
    - The New D2SD Version needs 2 Looong Bootups (Multiple Bootanimation Starts is Normal !!!) to be 100% Stable

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.4.1 D2EXT Changelog:

    - Rom Updated to Miui 1.5.27 (with Fixed MMS Bug) Multipack by XJ
    - Auto Screen Rotation Tweaked up to 2-3 seconds in all Modes
    - Improved Network Speed
    - Improved Media Compatibility
    - New Miui-Spare-Parts Version
    - Wifi Login "Popup" Letter Color Fixed in my Black Theme
    - LauncherPro Updated to v0.8.6 (Speedup Fixes & Changed Icons + New Froyo Dock bg)
    - Two New inbuild Widget Themes for LauncherPro "Plus" users (Sense Theme & Black/Orange Theme)
    - New Launcher "Hard to Kill" Settings
    - Framework theme_values.xml cleaned
    - MIUIMOD Dark Theme is nearly 100% Compled Now
    - some Updater Script Fixes
    - Last D2E Update to a Full working D2EXT Script by ownhere
    - New: SS4N1 Updated
    - New: Miui-Spare-Parts installing on first Boot Fix
    - New: MD5 Mismatch Fixed
    - Install Notes: Please read the D2E HowTo again New Partition Layout needed 128 MB Linux Swap is needed

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.3.3 FIX D2EXT Changelog:

    - from XJ D2W Script to the official Nexus D2E v4 script changed
    - MIUI A2SD Full Disabled (your ext4 partition is a part of the internal Phone Memory Now !!!)
    - Tweaks Script Cleaned
    - SD Speedup Fix Reworked
    - Rom needs 5 min. to be 100% after the first Boot
    - Fast & Stable again (sorry for my first D2W Releases & the bad support for it.. Thank´s to Doc for helping !!!)
    - Full Wipe & Fresh Partitions Recommended
    - FIX VERSION: Missed /Data Apps Fixed

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.3.2 D2EXT Changelog:

    - Testrelease with the official D2W v4 Script

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.3.1 D2EXT Changelog:

    - Stock Wifi Driver added (Fix the Wifi issues)
    - Scripts Reworked/Cleaned
    - waiting for the XJ lng packs to update to 1.5.27

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.3 D2EXT Changelog:

    - First Miui 1.5.20 D2EXT Version X-Part(XJ) Edition (Multiple Bootanimation Starts at the first Boot are Normal)
    - Busybox & Superuser Updated
    - Extremely Tweaked Launcher Performance (Hard to Kill)
    - Tweaked Memory Management
    - dalvik VM Jit Activated
    - New International GPS FIX
    - Faster libsqlite added and called at Boot
    - Multitasking Optimized
    - Hacked Wifi/Data Connection (Boost your Internet Speed)
    - My own Tweaks Script added
    - Fix Permissions at Boot added
    - Tweaked Marked Performance
    - New Kernel: Savaged-Zen (EVO) for N1 (, 128-1190MHz, BFS/CFS, BFQ/CFQ, HAVS, SWAP)
    - ScreenState Mod SS4N1 by ch33kybutt added and already PreAdjusted (for Performance) by Me
    type: sscfg in Terminal to select one of the other Performance/Battery Profiles)

    what is SS4N1 ?

    This Mod gives you a performance-boost whenever you use your N1 = Display ON
    and saves the max. battery whenever your N1 is idle = Display OFF

    - New FreeVersion of Launcher Pro Sense-Mod by DjRang3r Modded by me with Glass Widgets...
    found in a Russian Forum i don´t Remind, please support the Creator of this beautiful Piece of Art
    (paypal:[email protected]) Really incredible 99% Sense Look with Miui Performance ;)

    - and many many more...

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.2 FIX Changelog:

    - Updated to Miui 1.5.20
    - Multilanguage by XJ [MULTIPACK V1] and all the other Translater out there
    - A2SD Fixed & Updated to DarkTremor´s Stable v2.7.5
    - Working Adobe Air & Flashplayer
    - more White Statusbar Icons Email/GMail/Music
    - New MMS.apk Black Themed
    - Transitions Updated/Reworked
    - Launcher.apk Recompiled

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.1.2 Changelog:

    - Widescreen Camcorder added
    - Camcorder FC Fixed

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.1.1 Changelog:

    - Phone/Mic Problems Fixed (if it don´t work for you use this Fix "Phone -> Menu -> settings -> enable call recording")
    - Zipilange on Boot Removed and A2SD Fixed
    - Dark Theme Updated to the Final
    - a few more Orange and Black icons added
    - Market Updated to 2.3.6 and Black/Orange Themed
    - some Text Colors Fixed
    - all widgets with the same Matte Background Themed
    - LG Weathe Removed, Modded Fancy Weather works Better
    - Twitter Removed (Text Color Problems)
    - Adobe Air & Flashplayer Updated
    - Faster Fix (Network Location) app added
    - New Black Phone Layout
    - Default Theme Reworked to some things Fixed
    - more i don't Remind...

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3.1 Changelog:

    - Based on Gingerbread MIUI 1.5.13 (inc. many Bugfixes & the new MIUI Equalizer)
    - Multilanguage by XJ [MULTIPACK V5] and all the Translater out there
    - All RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Main Features added to 1.5.13
    - Theme Bug from v3.0.0/v3.0.1 Completely Fixed
    - SetupWizard FC Fixed (Please don´t Skip to fast Phone has to Finish the Boot Process)
    - Black Smileys for System & Google Talk
    - New Orange HQ Slider for all Languages
    - Media Internet Streaming (Audio/Video) improved
    - Inbuild Ad-Free with New XXL updatable Hosts File
    - 100% Market Compatibility Now !!!
    - Zipalign on Boot Reworked (Wes Garner Automatic Script)
    - Black/Orange/Transparent RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Market is back
    - Official Miui Black Theme Completely Reworked to my Taste Full Black/Orange
    - Tonns of Framwork Optimations
    - Full GB Sense (Desire S) Statusbar icons added in White ( HDSPA is 4G Now !!!)
    - LauncherPro with (Optional) Sense & Espresso Dock
    - Miui-Parts added (Spare Parts espacely for MIUI)
    - New beautiful RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ Espresse Lockscreen with Call & Mail Animation (Created with Original Sense™ Files)
    - heapsize to 48MB (Optimal for N1 with GB)
    - Modded LG Weather & Big Miui Analog Clock added
    - New Black Glass Multi GB Keyboard by Me (CM7 RC4 Base)
    - Big Clean-Up and more Apps to Data/App (90% of all X-TRA Apps are Removable)
    - All G-Apps Updated and Matte Themed
    - Terminal Emulator added
    - Modded (Sorted) Launcher.apk
    - Inbuild Adobe Air & FlashPlayer
    - Rings/Notyf/UI Sounds Normalized (all OGG´s Converted to MP3)
    - New Default Sounds
    - A very Clean,Fast & Stable GB/MIUI Rom the best i use till this Moment
    - Rod´s "Back in Business" Release :D Please Enjoy !!!!
    - Fullwipe,Fullwipe & Fullwipe again inc. the ext Partition and than Install MIUIMOD (next Release is hopefully an Update)

    Main Changelog RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD v3:

    - Based on Gingerbread MIUI 1.5.6
    - Multilanguage by XJ
    - Aiccucs 4-Way Reboot Menu added
    - Reworked Multitouch Script added (Two Finger Rotation Fix by Rori)
    - Zipalign on Boot Script added
    - SD Speedupfix Script added (Faster Read/Write)
    - CM7 HBOOT with MIUI Script added (Fix Download Problems with Big Files)
    - Huge APN & GPS List added
    - Inbuild AD-Free Hostfile added
    - Reworked build.prop for faster Network Connection
    - Reworked build.prop for Longer Battery Life (Wifi Scan Time to 50 sec.)
    - Reworked build.prop for Better Bluetooth Compatibility
    - Dalvik Heapsize to 48MB
    - Online Audio Streaming Fix added
    - Inbuild Trackball Alert app (already Patched)
    - Inbuild New Flashplayer
    - Widescreen Camera with removed Compression (Picture & Color Quality to 100%)
    - Bigger Buffersize for Pictures (faster Savings)
    - My Own Transitions/Animations Mix added
    - CM7 RC4 DSP Manager (Equalizer) added
    - Full Logger/Logcat Support
    - Original Sense Quickoffice added
    - New RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD Bootanimation
    - New Ring,Notification,Alarm & System Sound Collection Mixed by Me
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Lock/Wallpaper Pack added
    - Iphone Locksounds
    - New Simple RoDrIgUeZsTyLe GB Lockscreen
    - Keypress Volume for Keyboard Optimized
    - Simple White Status Bar Icon Pack added
    - Huge & Nice System Icon Pack added
    - Blacked Out SetupWizard added
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Version of the Official Dark Theme (Black & Orange)
    - The Typical RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Fonts added
    - Colorful/Orange Super Circle Battery in HQ
    - Modded (Unlocked) Google Maps,Streets & My Tracks
    - New LWP added : CM7 Original / Honeycomp / Playstation 1&2 / Sense / Circuit / VR-Tunnel / Water-Drop / Microbes / Nexus S
    - Volume Hack Plus app added
    - Google 2.3.4 G-Apps added
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe essential Apps & Widget Pack like: FB,Twitter,YouTube,FW,Wifistatus...
    - All Apps & Widgets Updated and Minimal Matte Themed
    - and much much more i don't remember.... (more to come..)
    MIUIMOD 2.2 Work Started :)
    stay cool guys :D i´m working on a update at the moment...
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