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[ROM] Rogers

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Nov 21, 2008

exchange support, every language enabled, other fun features.. someone please post a review (as i'm too lazy :p)

requires SPL 1.33.2005

EDIT: no you don't need to do anything other than rename to update.zip and flash. (a wipe is most likely needed)

if you'd like to show some love back.. click here :)

things for you guys to do:
- complete root (i already gave you "su" and it's proper permissions, you already have busybox as well, just fiddle with SuperUser.apk [may need to mv it to /data/app])
- change dalvik to ion dalvik (for faster rom)
- change build.prop fingerprint

as i said before this was done between my homework, so i didn't bother with the extras, just wanted to get you guys the port for the community to play with..
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