[ROM]RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed

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Feb 3, 2009
Help! Made USB cable and gold card,
Starts flashing, gets to radio says ok, then boot loader but phone reboots, goes back to enter USB host mode then nothing? What have I missed?


Oops patience grasshopper :) all ok

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    to flash without goldcard

    1)download a rom with your vendor id ( a rom that you can flash without a goldcard).

    2)extract the bigest .nbh out of it (rename the .exe to rar and extract).

    3)use this to extract the .nbh
    HTC WP7 NBH Dump/Rebuild:

    read that thread and the .txt in the tools folder real carefully.

    4)download this nodo rom.

    5)extract the bigest .nbh out of it (rename the .exe to rar and extract).

    6)use NBHImageTool to extract the .nbh

    7)take the os.nb from the extracted nodo rom

    8)replace os.nb (the os.nb from the rom that you could flash without goldcard) with the one from nodo in the extracted rom that you could flash without a goldcard.

    10)then rebuild the extracted rom (the one where you copyed the os.nb from the nodo rom) using NBHImageTool .

    11)copy the rebuild .nbh back in the folder where your rom was with your vendor id ( a rom that you can flash without a goldcard).

    12) bring your phone in bootloader mode.

    13)run ROMUpdateUtility.exe .

    14) jop done :D
    1> Installing UNLIMITED apps and games from BROWSER (SUCCESSFUL)

    2> Wi-Fi Routher.xap [(SUCCESSFUL) (Installation from browser but with a unique CODE or it wont install)] .... The ONLY place to get the CODE is from me (Have talk about the processing of this in this Thread)

    3> Sending MP3s, Images, Video with BLUETOOTH (SUCCESSFUL)

    And all this CAN be done WITHOUT, YES!!! WITHOUT ChevronWP7. My method is being done just like the way you update your phone with ZUNE, u dont need Chevron to work with ZUNE, thats how my method works as well.

    I wont be uploading it yet, until after the 24th of March. Oh dont feel bad, just hear me out. Well, cuz i heard that there will be another Update from MicroSoft, so i want to see if all i did will still working with the new Update. I will still upload it even if it didnt work but at least i will be able to make it clear in my post that it wont work, for people to know before i will start receiving negativity posts and comments.

    That said, but i am not going on a break cuz now i want to continue my discovery from where i left it to discover a way to make android working on WP7.

    Dont post me anything on this thread cuz i wont reply to it. I have a thread for ALL kind of Questions, Comments (Good & Bad) AND So On. Here is the thread link below:


    Glad I Could Be Of Help

    here working mirrors
    [ROM]RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_Signed

    new Mega link (no waiting, no captcha, very fast)
    ok... i just want to remind you that the ModelID.fig is about 300 kb big. So what would be awesome is if you upload the .fig file right away, because almost everyone in this forum has the original rom and only needs this one small file. And then upload the whole package. Thanks... I might be wrong about this "won't work thing"

    The ModelID.fig is about 208kb not 300kb. U watched my video and u saw many files there right. Ok here is what I have decide to do. U guys should go and download this files yourself cuz i have cancelled my upload 4 some reasons.

    HERE GO:::
    1> Look for a file called RUU_Schubert_O2_UK_1.57.728.02_Radio_5.52.09.16_22.33a.50.10U_Signed_by_ansar (Dont ask me 4 it cuz i wont upload it again like I said for some reasons but it is out there somewhere

    2> Then extract it to a folder then run the ROMUpdateUtility

    3> When u done your phone will still be in bootloader mode

    4> Then look for this file called RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09.21_22.33b.50.10_Signed_SCHUBERT_RELEASE

    5> Extract that to a folder too

    6> Download the ModelID.fig file from this link (http://rapidshare.com/files/451734900/ModelID.fig) and paste it to the NoDo Update Folder

    7> Then run the ROMUpdateUtility

    8> You wont get any error of any kind and your phone will be flash to OS: 7.0.7389.0

    I will be posting pictures soon but I bet before I do people will make good remarks and thank me too, that is a promise
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