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Jan 13, 2019
Everything works fine but if I run the smat manager application and close it, the application stops responding and after a while the interface stops responding (over and over again)
the system works until it turns on this application :D
V5 version


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Jul 28, 2010
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
Beautiful Rom. Only my setings are White on night Mode


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  • Dec 19, 2006
    Cape Town
    Hey, guys
    Is it possible to have Magisk instead of SuperSU on that rom?
    Thanks for any reply :D

    Yes, just flash Morokernel 5.2 again, select magisk, and also tick (Delete previous root data) Something like that. It will remove SuperSU and root with Magisk...

    ---------- Post added at 01:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:37 PM ----------

    The firmware has a dark mode, you just need to turn on ....

    I understand what he is meaning.

    I also saw it, dark mode work fine, calendar phone messages etc, but the settings app is still white? Even if it is on dark mode...


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  • Dec 13, 2013
    Really like this ROM, however, after flashing Moro to remove SuperSU and get Magisk, I no longer receive notifications properly. Someone could be calling me on messenger and it wouldn't even show on my phone.


    Jan 1, 2019
    Thanks for replies about rooting with Magisk :D
    I also found solution. I've just replaced SuperSU's zip in ROMs zip with one from Magisk, flashed ROM with Magisk's zip in it, then I had to flash Magisk again in TWRP but everything works perfectly :D

    That's the best rom for S7 edge! Thanks and good luck!?

    PS. Is it possible to restore edge lighting from stock with square corners? Hyper has that curved one from S9 :/


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    Nov 11, 2016
    App animations

    Please can anyone tell me how can I change the app animation when it opens, I want the stock samsung animation not the stock android one. Is this possible on HyperTools or anywhere else in the settings? Thank you.

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      HYPER-ROM for Galaxy S7Flat-Edge/Note7-FE


      We are not responsible for your phone getting bricked. Do a backup of your current system first

      For other devs: You are not allowed to use anything from this project without my permissions!

      • Framework, SystemUi, Settings, Camera (Note fe pie based)
      • Messages, Clock, Calendar, Keyboard, Launcher, Dialer & Contacts (Latest from store)
      • Device Care, Weather, Wallpapers, Digital Wellbeing, My Files, Font & Ui effects (Android10 based)
      • HyperTools, Dolby

      Installation process:
      1. Go to custom recovery (Latest one is recommended) by holding HOME - POWER - and VOL UP BUTTON
      2. FULL WIPE is highly recommended!
      3. Mount everything
      4. Choose "Install ZIP from sdcard"
      5. Choose ROM zip file
      6. Go thought aroma options
      7. Reboot and enjoy

      Developer options in settings
      Launcher fc when create a folder
      Some camera options
      Show more than 3 notification icons in statusbar
      Not booting in some devices
      VoLte and Wifi calling
      Fc in dialer when delete recent log
      Fc in smart manager
      Language downloader in keyboard

      If you wanna make a mirror, please ask me first.
      CLICK HERE FOR V2 MEGA (Thanks to @IAmWolf94)
      CLICK HERE FOR V1 GOOGLE DRIVE (Thanks to @Mainur6)

      yash92duster & amtra - for the great oreo port
      francitato02 & corsicanu - for the help with pie port
      Kill-Switch - for pioneering pie port to s7
      djb77 - for the TGPKERNEL
      francitato02 - for the ArianoxxKernel
      morogoku - for the MoRoKernel
      Grouxho - for the GrxSettings
      daxgirl & Wuby986 - for the 6thGear RomControl
      corsicanu & LeeXDA18 - for pie apps port
      topjohnwu - for magisk
      Chainfire - for supersu
      My testing team - big thanks
      AbrahamGC - for his methods in systemui modding
      agabey_42 - for hypertools turkish translate
      ModX81 - for csc fixes, VoLte and Wifi calling
      tural_625 - for help with toggle theming and edge panel effect

      Join the community:
      Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hyperrom/
      Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/Eggnt0LUff85LK4JsnMSbA

      XDA:DevDB Information
      [ROM][ONEUI] HYPER-ROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7Flat-Edge/Note7-FE

      ROM OS Version: 9.0 Pie
      Based On: Android 9.0 Port - Note FE

      Version Information
      Status: Stable

      Created 2018-June-24
      Last Updated 2020-July-07

      Note: After rom boots up open hypertools to set things up then reboot your phone.

      #1 Main
      - Updated kernel to moro v8.2
      - Updated base to N935FXXS7CTE1 with may security patch
      - Updated magisk
      - Added support for NoteFe & Note 7
      - Fixed lockscreen fc problem
      - Included v5.1r fixes
      - Most of the mods are redone
      - Updated some system apps
      #2 HyperTools
      - Header background has faster animation now
      - Added 4 new gradient options on custom background mods
      - Added crop type with 7 different options on custom background mods
      - Added 62 font options on font mods
      - Redesigned switch buttons, app icon, power menu toggles
      - Some changes in categories and option placements
      *Quick settings
      - Fixed default colors for brightness bar and toggles mods
      - Improved toggles background and coloring mods
      - Improved toggles custom background, data usage visibility options to work on-fly
      - Added 21 new background styles for toggles
      - Added an option to set toggles rows for portrait and landscape
      - Added ram bar with a ton of options
      - Added ram box with a ton of options
      - Added a position option for the outdoor button
      - Added quick launch with a ton of options
      - Added text size, style, font, capslock and shadow color, radius for device info mod
      - Fixed some overlay problems for device info mod
      - Fixed header title delay when resizing
      - Fixed custom background delay when applying mods
      - Added header title font, shadow color & radius, margins
      - Added header background gradient coloring
      - Added custom background image option and image crop
      - Added main text font, style, capslock, shadow color & radius
      - Added small categories text visibility, font, shadow color & radius
      - Moved weather provider option in hypertools
      - Added header skull style background with day/night support
      - Added a tint option for the header text to support new background
      - Added custom text color with glow option for about screen
      *Power menu
      - Added matrix rain effect
      - Added blur effect visibility
      - Added custom blur with intensity
      - Added switch for power off, restart toggles
      - Added hypertools, music player, emergency mode toggles
      - Added a toggle to launch a custom application or activity
      - Added custom background
      - Redesigned all custom background styles plus added crop and custom color
      - Added option to always expand notifications
      - Added next alarm with a ton of options
      - Added quick replay on secure
      - Added lockscreen rotation toggle
      - Added height in portrait and landscape modes
      - Added custom background in portrait and landscape modes
      - Added visibility
      - Added background and icons coloring
      - Added text size, style, font, capslock for rambar
      - Added text size, style, font, capslock for rambar

      For screenshots click here and here
      #1 Main
      - Updated base to N935KKTC4CTA4
      - Updated security patch to february
      - Updated services, framework, settings base
      - Added secure folder in aroma
      - Fixed keyboard language downloader for some languages
      - Added android10 weather
      - Removed note10 wallpapers
      - Removed 3d stickers in aroma
      - Redesigned small clock and date on notification panel
      - Improvements on launcher, systemui mods
      - Fixed some device care fc issues
      - Added s20 ui sounds
      - Fixed a lag when pull down notification panel
      - Removed sbike support
      - Added NavBar in aroma
      - Bigger toggles in notif panel(Thanks to @tural_625)
      - Added more edge effects(Thanks to @tural_625)
      - Added more clock faces for lock/aod
      #2 HyperTool
      - Updated to v10 from s10 rom
      - Some improvements on pop up anims
      - New press to apply changes button
      - Added a list of supported devices on menu
      - Fixed white text on white bg in seekbar pop up on dark mode
      - Organised categories
      - Added battery usage info screen since it don't fully work in device care app
      *Notification panel
      - Added brightness panel visibility
      *Volume panel
      - Added custom borders with style, color, thickness, lines and spaces sizes, radius
      - Added visibility and custom values for the help and charging texts
      - Added coloring style for custom percentage
      - Added carrier info with position, size, color
      - Added observers for battery temperature, custom percentage
      - Added weather position, margins, tint for icon too, units visibility
      - Added custom battery tint and redesigned the icons app
      - Updated clock mods from the s10 rom with a ton of new options
      - Added margins, shadow color & size, capslock, style for custom text
      *Power menu
      - Added text color, margins, font, size, an options to enable tint

      #1 Main
      - Fixed not booting in some devices
      - Fixed systemui fc for some dual sim users in first boot
      - Fixed restart ui bug when used brief notifications in lockscreen
      - Fixed dolby
      - Fixed systemui fc when using quick panel star
      - Fixed statusbar timer in hypertools
      - Added old smart manager, dual sim users, screen recorder, edge panel options in aroma
      - Added thunderstorm kernel
      - Added face unlock
      - Added more sreen grids in launcher
      - Updated magisk
      - Updated camera features

      For screenshots click here
      #1 Main
      Note: Android 10 apps are still in beta stage and will be fully fixed when we get a stable OneUi 2.0
      - Rebased on N935KKKU4CSI1 NoteFe korean variant
      - Added note10 wallpapers
      - Ported device care, digital wellbeing, keyboard, emojis, myfiles, bixby, weather, gallery from android 10
      - Added android 10 emojis
      - Added night mode support for package installer
      - Added night mode support for recents info menu
      - Added all mods from old base
      - Removed grx toggles because of errors
      - OneUi 2.0 clock style in notifications
      - OneUi 2.0 folder and page edit thumbnails style in launcher
      - Fixed a lag in keyboad launguage downloader
      #2 HyperTools
      - Added help in drawer
      - Moved about in drawer
      - Moved hypertools settings in drawer
      - Fixed white icons in white statusbar bug
      - Added fab button
      - Redesigned about menu
      - New drawer style and thumbnails
      - Improved stability
      - All mods are rewritten
      - Added dots in screens for better app usage
      - Moved backup, restore and reset in three dots menu
      - Fixed day/night mode transition. App no longer reboots to main screen
      - Redesigned switches
      - Added icons for all second and third categories
      - New app icon
      - Added exit app warning
      - Round corners for drawer
      - New color pickers
      - Added app booster
      - Added timer when pull down in immersive mode
      - Added immersive mode
      - Added brightness controller
      - Added visibility of custom battery in a different way
      - Added circle battery
      - Added text color in dark and light backgrounds
      *Notification panel
      /Main background
      - Added animations
      - Added background style
      - Added clear sticky notifications
      - Added background, thumbnails colors
      - Added custom background
      - Added custom thumbnails
      - Added animations
      /Clock and date
      - Added statusbar clock mods
      - Improved colors options
      - Added separated colors for big and small text
      - Added animations
      /Header buttons
      - Added search, settings, menu colors
      - Added animations
      /Brightness bar
      - Added observer for coloring
      - Added warning dialog visibility
      - Added outdoor mode
      - Added volume panel normal view, expanded view timers
      - Added toast animations
      - Added an option to turn off secure screenshot to fix the snapchat ban
      - Added an option to unlock dual sim with sdcard hack
      *Power menu
      - Updated custom background options
      - Added notefe text visibility
      - Added columns in landscape mode
      - Added options to hide clock and date
      - Added custom widgets
      - Added rambar
      - Added text size, font
      - Added lines for text
      - Added custom background
      - Added blur
      - Added dim background
      - Added blur
      - Added active and inactive colors, size, visibility
      - Added add apps thumbnail color
      - Added add apps text color
      - Added text color, style, font, size
      - Added thumbnail visibility, color, size
      - Added apps, folder, widgets blur opacity
      - Added apps, folder, widgets blur dim
      - Fixed blur in statusbar with blur mod
      - Added clear all text color
      - Added clear all text size
      *App settings
      - Added animation for header background
      - Added header extra settings
      - Added title text style and font
      *Hardware buttons
      - Added recents, home, back keys long press actions

      For screenshots click here and here
      #1 Main
      - Rebased on N935FXXS5CSF1
      - Updated security patch
      - Cleaned up systemui & settings
      - Removed more bloatware
      - Fixed bike mode no sound
      - Fixed some random errors and libs problems
      - Added some missing font
      - Added some missing ui sounds
      - Improved stability in launcher and reduced minor lag in drawer
      - Fixed some random error in camera for some samsung chip devices
      - Fixed patching problems with lucky patcher
      - Replaced LTE with 4G in statusbar
      - Snapchat problem with banned accounts should be fixed
      - Added some tweaks
      - Added dolby mod by @MemAllocatoR
      - Added ThundeRStormS Kernel by @nalas
      #2 HyperTools
      - Removed shadow from actionbar in day mode
      - Worked on categories ui
      - Improved one ui style
      - New header background
      - Improved stability and performance
      - Organised some options
      - Redesigned navigation menu
      - Added navigation menu button in actionbar
      - Added battery icon position
      - Added custom battery also its position
      - Added custom percentage
      - Added cp text color, font and style
      - Added cp different levels text color and value
      - Added battery temperature
      - Added bt text color, size and font
      *Notification panel
      /Brightness bar
      - Added main slider color
      - Added main slider bg color
      - Added max brightness slider color
      - Added max brightness thumb color
      *Recent screen
      - Added searchbar visibility
      - Added shadow
      - Added blur
      - Updated custom background options
      - Added double tab gestures in home screen
      /Pop up actions
      - Added thumbnail color day/night
      - Added text color day/night
      - Added double tab gestures in home screen
      #3 Launcher
      - Updated to latest version
      - Deodexed
      - Improved stability
      - Added old style of folders

      For screenshots click here
      #1 Main
      - Fixed heart rate monitor (Thanks to @Kill-Switch)
      - Ported my old aroma
      - Enabled dolby to work without headphones too
      - Enabled installing old versions of apps over new versions
      - Fixed samsung cover screen led
      - Updated some apps
      - Enabled intelligent features in camera
      - Updated magisk and its app manager
      - Ported folder style in launcher from v6 oreo
      #2 Aroma
      - Redesigned thumbnails and colors
      - Added gear
      - Added game tools and launcher
      - Added extra options in settings for dual sim users
      - Added 3d camera emojis
      - Added galaxy store
      #3 Settings
      - Removed iris, battery info, knox info
      - Deodexed
      #3 HyperTools
      - Fixed notifications bug with left view of network traffic
      - Ported defaultcolor for colorpicker from oreo v6
      - Added wifi style
      - Added wifi arrows visibility
      - Added data signal style
      - Added data signal style second sim
      - Added alarm style
      - Added gps style
      /Custom text
      - Added visibility
      - Added position
      - Added size
      - Added font
      - Added color
      - Added shadow color
      - Added shadow size
      - Added style
      - Added size
      - Added position
      - Added custom color
      - Added custom font
      *Power menu
      - Added columns number
      /Main screen
      - Added text visibility
      - Added text font
      - Added custom background color and opacity
      - Added config text visibility
      - Added config text font
      - Added text style
      *Recent screen
      - Added custom background
      - Added ram bar
      - Added searchbar text color
      - Added empty recents text color
      - Added ram bar
      - Added custom text
      - Added apps text color
      - Added folder text color
      - Added live icons text color
      - Added apps notification text color
      - Added folder notification text color
      - Added live icons notification text color
      - Added custom background
      - Added background style
      - Added dim background
      - Added indicators visibility
      - Added add button visibility
      - Added transition effects

      For screenshots click here
      #1 Main
      - Rebased on Note FE's pie
      - Cleaned up
      - Improved flashing time
      - Added magisk (Thanks to Neal for his build)
      - Added busybox
      - Disabled signature check
      - Improved auto brightness speed
      - Improved updater script
      - Fixed share external on facebook (Thanks to @AbrahamGC)
      - Updated apps
      - Removed note fe info from power off menu
      - Added volte and wifi calling (Thanks to @ModX81)
      - Added gear watch support
      - Added app lock
      - Added screen recorder
      #2 Settings
      - Added digital wellbeing
      - Added hypertools
      #3 SystemUi
      - Added screen off time toggle
      - Added multi actions toggle
      #4 HyperTools
      - Done from scratch
      - Added support for night mode
      - New icon
      /Clock and date
      - Added general visibility
      - Added general position
      - Added general color
      - Added general font
      - Added general size
      - Added date position
      - Added date style
      - Added date manual format and custom format
      - Added seconds visibility
      - Added am/pm style
      - Added tap to launch
      - Added custom background
      - Added charging color
      - Added top level color
      - Added frame color
      - Added percentage color
      - Added percentage visibility
      - Added battery bar visibility
      - Added battery bar animation style
      - Added battery bar thickness
      - Added battery bar style
      - Added battery bar colors in normal view, charging, low battery
      /Network traffic
      - Added position
      - Added displayed traffic info
      - Added bytes/bits style
      - Added arrows visibility
      - Added arrows position
      - Added autohide in low traffic
      - Added font style
      - Added text and arrows colors
      /Virtual buttons
      - Added left side
      - Added center
      - Added right side
      /Tap to sleep
      - Added double tap to sleep
      - Added triple tap to sleep
      *Notification panel
      - Added quick pulldown
      /Main background
      - Added custom color
      /Transparent bg
      - Added transparent bg
      - Added intensity
      - Added text visibility
      - Added text color
      /Data usage
      - Added visibility
      - Added text color
      - Added text position
      - Added text font
      /Dualsim bar
      - Added visibility
      - Added main text color day/night
      - Added thumbnails color day/night
      - Added operator names color day/night
      - Added mobile data status color day/night
      - Added main title text color
      - Added main text color
      - Added small title text color
      - Added actions text color
      - Added app name text color
      - Added expand icon color
      - Added time text color
      - Added group title text color
      - Added group title detailed text color
      - Added group number text color
      - Added group second title detailed text color
      - Added use fingerprint after reboot
      - Added quick google face unlock
      *Power menu
      - Added data mode visibility
      - Added recovery visibility
      - Added download mode visibility
      - Added quick reboot visibility
      - Added screenshot visibility
      - Added screen recorder visibility
      - Added flashlight visibility
      - Added settings visibility
      - Added kill systemui visibility
      - Added sbike visibility
      - Added custom background
      - Added transparent background
      - Added main screen text color day/night
      - Added main screen thumbnails color day/night
      - Added arrows color day/night
      - Added big categories text color day/night
      - Added small categories text color day/night
      - Added small categories text style day/night
      - Added small categories text visibility day/night
      - Added small categories text font day/night
      - Added reboot menu text color day/night
      - Added outdoor mode
      - Added cable connect/disconnect
      Great Rom, running on Canadian variant. After first reboot, hypertools crashes and as mentioned, fingerprint unlock is broken. Thank you for the awesome rom.

      I've fixed the fingerprint problem by installing the Sec-Settings apk from the V5R
      Hi..it is possible to explain how you did this? (I mean about fingerprint lock)
      thanks for your help...

      Get a rom that has a working fingerprint and android 9, use mixplorer or any root explorer, go into and copy the SecSettings.apk in system/privapp and paste it in your root directory system/privapp, reboot phone, advise you to backup your SecSettings just in case :)