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[ROM] Sac23 S6 Edge Ported V1-fixed 9/3

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Jul 14, 2010


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Mar 15, 2010
Fort Recovery
Gonna have to grab this one! Looks damn good!
Everything work with the N5 AirCommand? There were some issues with ActionMemo not working on one other port.
Another Great Release!!

Thanks Sac! You're the best developer out there!!

Edit: For those having network provider force close, try updating the modem to the latest (from freeza) using odin. I'm still downloading this so I can't confirm if that will fix your issue. I'm pretty sure you have to do that if you're running a 5.1.1 port though.
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    mods please close this thread thanks
    guys ill be updating this rom but you guys might want to wait and see whats coming soon ;)
    I've already tried replacing all the bluetooth files and that did not work. Not sure what else other than that will fix the issue. My guess is there has to be something going on with the drawables/visuals that render the pop-up but I have no clue where to find that.

    If it were the bluetooth files, we most likely wouldn't be able to connect to anything but in this case we are receiving a connection just not the actual menu to verify it. So it has to be something with the actual menu and not in the bluetooth files.

    ---------- Post added at 11:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 PM ----------

    I believe it should be easy to add though.... A simple code that can trigger some sort of menu to verify the connection seems rather easy to code as far as my research regarding this issue goes. Just not sure where to actually place these fixes and if they'll further conflict or not.

    But I'm not a developer so I could be very far off lol.
    There's no missing "code". I've been through all smali etc. It's all intact. However, lately I have not messed with trying to fix the issues with the S6 port becaue we are working on the N5 port which in my opinion will replace this rom. Our time and efforts are better spent on the N5 port. Both ports are very similar but the N5 port is the way to go. I have not been able to test bluetooth and the pin popup yet on the N5 port but i think it should work fine. There's so many underlying things that need to be fixed and i have been digging deep to address them. Our goal is to make the N5 port as pefrect as we can make it with no annoying bugs. I now look at the S6 port as a "preview" of what's to come. Please understand that Sac23 is busy as well as a few more of us and we are working on the N5 port daily as time permits. Therefore support for the S6 port may not be available or deemed a priority for the reasons i mentioned. Just enjoy the port and learn what you can about it's current issues so you can possibly offer your tips in the future if needed. Wait and see what Sac23 decides to do with this rom but i think it's fair to say that this was a gift and a preview of what's to come. Now it's time to get back to work.
    Yea it's not gonna be a quick and easy process. I think the note 5 port will be the rom that really makes the note 4 THE device to have. It would have all the benefits of the new software of the note 5 along with the Note 4's extra hardware features, like ir blaster, removable battery and removable micro-sd card. Win Win in my book!