[[ROM][Sense 4.1] Team Venom presents: Viper3D 1.6.3 Nightly welcome to the future

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Apr 13, 2012
Tampa-ish, FL
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Also where's the 4g can't find it no where? Thx

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Sep 11, 2008
I love this rom but i am having some issues with it.

I am using a CDMA sprint e3d, and with no reasson at all it cannot connect to the cell network at all. And when trying to go to dkag mode to check the CDMA settings it just wont let me.

Qny clues?

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Oct 31, 2012
I have a problem in this Rom on HTC evo 3d gsm....... If I change settings of camera then it does not capture........a little change in settings cause force close.........


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Jan 13, 2013
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Jan 27, 2011
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I remember seeing a patch posted on here for us Virgin Mobile users to be able to recieve MMS.

Although at the time it caused a boot loop after flashing.

What are the virgin mobile users doing for MMS and also the Voice Mail app?


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Apr 9, 2012
El Cajon
Does anyone know a working link to download the ROM? I'm not asking for a mirror per say but just a place where i can download the rom because when i head over to infected rom forums and try to download it just sits at android filehost telling me to upload


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Dec 23, 2012
St. Paul, MN


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Apr 9, 2012
El Cajon
This rom is so awesome it's almost orgasmic. But I have a couple issues. I'm having a bit of a problem with lag. Google Play stays blank, wheather dosent update, google search is blank, and so on and so forth. Also, after I did a quick reboot, i seem to have no service. My phone is stuck in some sort of airplane mode and cannot be disabled.
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    ...presents you Viper3D rom!


    • Our whole team, all awesome guys!
    • m0narX for being AWESOME and letting me port his rom!
    • Jan for be AWESOME and writing the sick nasty smali magic!
    • TrevE for fixing wifitether for us!
    • Ziggy471 for an epic kernel!
    • ChadGoodman for an epic kernel!
    • InfectedROM Beta Testers for crack flashing and finding bugs!
    • amarullz for creating the aroma installer!
    • lyapota for his media control mod on Desire HD!
    • wrx4mmp for the bootanimation they are always awesome!
    • cyanogen for his brightness tweak idea!
    • TURGE for lots of help and input!
    • If i left anybody else out let me know and I will add you!!


    • Android 4.0.3 ICS + Sense 4.1
    • Choose between Ziggy471, AnthraX and Stock kernel in aroma!!
    • Used latest sprint official ICS rom to port files
    • Based on HTC Ville C2 latest RUU (1.11.401.110)
    • Aroma v2.56 with Viper3d Theme
    • Deodexed & Zipaligned
    • SuperSU v0.97 - credits Chainfire
    • Persistent ADB enabled
    • init.d support
    • Busybox and bash
    • Memory optimizations
    • sqlLite 3 enhancements
    • Extended Quicksettings with tabs - Yeah, we know you missed them!
    • APM
    • Venom Tweaks - some new goodies! Features listed listed below
    • Venom Hub - direct download rom content and read news
    • Venom File Manager
    • Venom Superuser application
    • App installer
    • CM statusbar brightness mod
    • CPU/VDD tables control in tweaks app
    • 20 working eqs + beats + srs + dolby + custom eq
    • All Market apps Updated to latest
    • Ulimited theming support: APK themes for statusbar, APK icons packs(or ADW Launcher icon packs) for HTC Sense, changeable backgrounds and many etc
    • VenomHUB!



    • Rearrange and hide Quicksettings
    • Quick quicksetting
    • Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually!
    • Hide specific notifications icons
    • Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar!
    • choose customclock color
    • center/hide clock
    • hide am/pm
    • custom app for clock/weather click on Sense Clock widget
    • Carrier logo for statusbar
    • Replace the HSDPA icon with one of you choice. H+/4G/LTE...
    • choose transparancy or background for notifications pulldown
    • CM brighntess control
    • Hide date from notifications pulldown
    • Customize your carrier label
      - custom app on pressing carrierlabel
      - custom carrier caption
      - show carrier icon
      - show cpu info or other stuff on carrierlabel
      - hide settings icon
      - run custom app when pressing settings icon
    • choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog

    Rosie Launcher:

    • Ultra/smooth Rosie toggles
    • Enable unlock animation
    • Enable landscape rosie
    • Enable infinitive looping on Home
    • Lock/unlock workspaces
    • Transparent navbar
    • Disable wallpaper scrolling
    • Choose icon packs for Rosie - Works also for most ADW Icon Packs!
    • Increase rows/colums in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
    • Use custom background image in the app drawer
      to downloads tab
    • Transparent clock toggle
    • custom app for press on clock of htc clock widget
    • custom app for press on weather of htc clock widget


    • ICS AOSP Lockscreen
    • Toggle to immediatly unlock aosp lockscreen on incoming call
    • custom carrier lockscreen text
    • Hide time on lockscreen
    • Hide apm/pm on lockscreen
    • Hide date on lockscreen
    • Hide operator on lockscreen
    • Custom shortcuts, independent from Sense shortcuts
    • Block notification pulldown on lockscreen
    • Choose back/home/menu to unlock
    • Slide 2 unlock: swype from back to menu key to unlock yor device


    • Custom 3 finger swype gestures! Remap 3 finger swype up/down right/left to 8 custom action or a custom app of your choice
    • Configure long press delay of buttons
    • Different capacitive backlight options to control when the leds shall turn off
    • Toggle for 3 dot soft menu
    • Remap longpress home/back/recent to TEN different actions
    • Longpress home on lockscreen toggles flashlight or camera
    • Music control with volume buttons
    • Disable volume keys on lockscreen
    • Use volume up to wake the device
    • Use volume down to shut screen off
    • use volume buttons to take a picture + headsetkeys
    • use capacitive buttons to take a picture
    • Disable volume sound when pressing volume buttons


    • Access hidden phone menu
    • Enable Cube animation
    • 10 Different overscroll colors
    • Highly configurable autobightnesssettings, witth manual config of each sensor value
    • Hide different items on the APM
    • Mms screen on
    • Custom HTC Car app
    • Fast dormacy toggle
    • Disable HTC SmartSync
    • Hide arrows on htc ime

    Advanced Tweaks:

    • Minfree configuration in tweaks
    • Fix permissions
    • zipalign apks
    • Mount system rw/ro
    • Disable logcat
    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Use custom fonts
    • Use custom bootsound
    • Use custom boot/downanimation

    • HDMI out is not working
    • 3D Camera (Video playback Works)
    • 4G


    Donate, if you want to give us somthing in return!

    Team Viper3D

    Donate to ME Virus:

    Donate to m0narX:

    Donate to shnizlon:

    Donate to iximages - our graphics guru:

    Donate to jerrytan93 - our themer:


    Get support at irc.freenode.net #venomroms

    • Viper 1.6.3
    • Added missing languages
    • Fixed some framework icons
    • Fixed busybox sylinks
    • Fixed HDMI toggle in tweaks
    • Fixed Locations FC on entering direction's
    • Fixed FM radio
    • Fixed corrupted icons
    • Locations fixed and updated
    • Fixed Notes FC
    • Fixed error with installing zips from hub
    • Fixed pm and titanium backup
    • Fixed symlink and permission part in updater-script - Full ROM Only
    • Completly disabled Tell HTC - Full ROM Only
    • Updated Adobe Flash Player - Full ROM Only
    • Updated Dropbox - Full ROM Only
    • Reoptimized all apks and framework files using sdk r21.0.1 - Full ROM only.
    • More free RAM, less battery usage - Full ROM only.
    • Faster loading of apps, and overall improved performance - Full ROM only.
    • Improved speed of home personalize
    • Keyboard hightlight color now from skin, not always blue
    • Improved appdrawer opening and scrolling speed
    • Updated libs and bins, battery life should be noticeably better!
    • Merged with android 4.0.4
    • Fixed all 5 Chinese keyboards
    • Updated time zone info
    • Fixed messages dont save preview lines setting
    • Added option to remove not needed keyboards in aroma
    • Added vibration level choose for keyboard(in keyboard settings)
    • Fixed chinese keyboard
    • Fixed QWERTZ keyboard was showing Z insteadof Y in landscape
    • Fixed font size not saving in messages app
    • Improved keyboard speed
    • Fixed font size changing in HTC apps
    • Fixed default vibration level for keyboard
    • Fixed removeing of PDF Viewer in full version
    • Tweak to choose shotcuts and lockring position(left, right, center with arc shotcuts) - tnx memnoc and jerrytan
    • Ported New Gallery App with Timeline view and Map view from Sense 4.5
    • Tweak to force enable WiFi N support.(this can also solve some WiFi errors, whan WiFi completely don;t works)(In some counties it disabled by country code - Russia for eg.)
    • How to check that WiFi N enabled?
    • Connect to WiFi AP, that supports WiFi N
    • Tap on connected network in WiFi settings
    • Look on speed
    • If connection speed is 56Mbs - WiFi N is locked
    • If connection speed is 65Mbs - WiFi N is unlocked
    • Reorganized framework
    • Fixed SystemUI graphics glitches
    • Hopefully fixed adb packages install(maybe it also was problem of TitaniumBackup)
    • New battery info and battery stats settings from Sense 4.5
    • New fully workable powersaver mode from Sense 4.5
    • 10 options to toggle in powersaver(instead of 4 in original Sense 4.5)
    • Toggle for add/remove notification(Sense 4.5 dont have it)
    • Auto turn on power saver setting(Sense 4.5 dont have it)
    • Horizontal powersaver quicksetting
    • Vertical powersaver quicksetting
    • Added toggle in tweaks\misc to enable/disable HDMI out
      (enabled hdmi out cause lags in YouTube/Camera/etc video apps, so now you can disable it if it not needed, or enable=))[/B]
    • Added create button in downloads UI, now you can directly add downloads by URL
    • Fixed bug that message preview was shown on lockscreen, even if it was disabled
    • Fixed tweaks FC on cleaning dalvik-cache
    • Fixed Venom SuperUser - now request windows appears quick
    • Updatet Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Plus, Talkback, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Added new YouTube with HD and screen off playback (Advanced Settings)
    • Added Addons section in Venom HUB - avaliable flashable zip addons from roms
    • Added donation links support in Venom HUB - now you can donate to themer/kernel/addon developers
    • New FM Radio app from Sense 4.5 with lockscreen control
    • Disable lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
    • Added separating of music and other apps in Music (when adding shotcut inside Music app)
    • Ported HTC Dropbox player from Sense 4.5 (with lockscreen control) - play music directly from dropbox
    • Added Gtalk notifications on lockscreen(as htc messages and etc) - you can control it in Gtalk settings
    • Added Music lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
    • Ability to add lockscreen notification to any apps(app must have statusbar notifications on - 90% of apps supported)
    • Added back transparent clock widget
    • Fixed cold condition animation in weather wallpapper
    • New Keyboard from Sense 4.5
    • Fixed Tweaks FC on choosing swipe app.
    • Fixed typo in Russian translation of SystemUI.
    • Fixed not changeable background of notification area.
    • Fixed streaming media player - tnx to Xpacha and memnoc.
    • Fixed AOSP background color banding.
    • Fixed autobrightness.


    We recommend make full wipe before installing​

    Viper3D Signatures

    (THANKS The Illest 619)




    new rom is up and works with every hboot :)
    Btw guys I got ziiggy a 3d yesterday and sent it too him so we know what that means ;)

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    sorry guys been lost in the kitchen havn't made it over to say whats up :) still working on 1.3.1 i have a few more things i am getting ported over then i will upload for the masses !!! not saying today just letting you know i am still working on it :) stayed up till 4 am the last four nights in a row