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(rom)*shamu*(official)(7.0)(validus & tesla)

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Dec 12, 2007
These are the only roms (Validus and Tesla) that i cant train Ok Google to work from any screen. When pressing record, it just says Something went wrong.
Other than that they are amazing. Both of them
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    A community built upon the willingness to learn, create and socialize on Android. Creators of Validus, a custom AOSP ROM with many features created in house as well as pulled from CyanogenMod, SlimROMs and others. Members are also dev/maintainers for other popular ROMs. Enjoy your stay! Also, unofficial builds from source will not be supported. You assume all responsibility for anything that may happen and Team Validus cannot and will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of flashing a rom. *FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK*

    John Brewer-The Ringmaster/Lead DEV
    Adam Ovadia-Builder/Maintainer
    Alex Couderc-Builder/Maintainer
    Andrea Turchet-Builder/Maintainer
    Anik Khan-Builder/Maintainer
    Anthony Pyrtle-Builder/Maintainer
    Char G-THA HAMMER/All around Android Badass
    Chris Hall-Builder/Maintainer
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    Wim N-Builder/Maintainer​

    Come check out the G+ Community TONS of sweet walls and widgets!

    VALIDUS ROM 5.1.1 LP-v8.1

    DL Link-->Click the G+ link above. All builds will be found there​

    Download ROM and GAPPS of Choice
    Enter Recovery
    FULL WIPE **Full wipe is system-data-cache**
    Flash ROM
    Flash GAPPS
    Reboot and enjoy!!
    **If coming from a previous Lollipop version, wipe system and caches**​
    Some nice battery features coming in the next beta update, possibly this weekend, I'll let you guys know here in this thread when it drops for shamu. Have a good weekend everyone :)
    So let's bump this old thread with some fresh GZR news :) Tesla N beta builds are starting to drop in the GZR community, we'll update our presence here on XDA soon but I thought I'd drop a link to the community here to start with. Come on over, we have cookies :p https://plus.google.com/communities/109330559573276360638
    We're testing DUI on Tesla, it's a big addition so no release just yet, I'll link it here as soon as it's stable enough to release. :)