[ROM SHARE] Darklord Note 7 Full Port FOR N900X *(New Fixs added)*

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    :fingers-crossed:Welcome to darklord Note 7 Rom thread:fingers-crossed:​

    General information
    - Base on latest Galaxy Note7 firmware
    - Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed
    - Multiple Languages
    - First world Galaxy Note7 for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    supported models
    - N900D (SC01F, HLTEDCM, SC02F)
    - N9002 (Error audio sim 2)
    - N9005 (HLTE)
    - N900S, N900K, N900L (HLTESKT)
    - N900P (HLTESPR)
    - N900T (HLTETMO)
    - N900V (HLTEVZW)
    - N900W8 (HLTECAN )
    - Galaxy J (JS01LTE)

    <Mod Edit: Links removed.>

    AOD(always on display)
    Video editor Fc
    Spen dictionary
    Spen magnify
    flash lighte toggle
    and something more​

    Rom instalation Steps
    1.Make a full wipe(cache , dalvik , system , data)
    2.install Rom
    3.install Your device kernel
    4.Restart and enjoy, boot time can be up to 20 minutes.​

    Thanks Master @[B]darkera13[/B]

    This thread its not mine i just post @darkera13 work.
    Rom has some issues but working well don't ask about fix till release...
    good luck;)

    XDA : DevDB Information
    Darklord Note 7 Rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Master @darkera13 , @nguyentankiet
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    Based On : Note7

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2016-08-02
    For me its working fine mate. N9005. Just firstly flash this rom and i have a signal working.

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    This link fix has been up on samsungvn thread.

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    Working on 4G coverage.

    Sent from my SM-N930F using Tapatalk
    @alek889 @maaalki.me,plz check your PM
    I have not any signal. I reflashed the kernel and reinstalled the rom but i cant get signal. I have the N900W8. any suggestion?
    Thank you.
    the same problem for me,i'm on note3 international(n9005)...
    There are issues with signal on every variant other than N9005.

    someone have this problem on other variants too
    even n9005 but im install with full wipe and any problem with signal
    im using n9005
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