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[ROM][SiriuZ V3.0][GT] EMUI 8.0 P20 Lite by Catuva21

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May 22, 2015
i had that plus overheating but after what i did in edit2 it was gone and the phone runs smoothly.

on another note: is it possible to make this rom have init.d support somehow? it'd be cool for stuff like Liveboot..

So guys, is it worth changing from the stock rom to this custom rom?


Jul 10, 2012
ok so i flashed the provided recovery and the rom following the instructions with the following options in aroma installer:
Kernel: Morfu2kernel
Root: SuperSU
Camera: P20 Pro
Music: Stock
Kernel Auditor
Quick Reboot

the installation went through except bootimage patcher failed at decompressing ramdisk (failure, aborting).

edit1: after a cache wipe, i rebooted the phone. the phone boots but no root.
tried to flash SuperSU through TWRP but failed.
wiped data/cache/dalvik/system & reflashed rom with Stock kernel & Magisk no bootimage patcher errors. after a cache wipe, rebooted & phone has root :victory:

so far i'm still getting all my apps installed. i'll letcha know how i get on with it.

edit2: as i am stubborn, i reflashed the rom with the custom kernel and Magisk. root is on and the phone seems to run smoothly.[/QUOTE

YES I think.for now supersu.. wont successfully work. As i think because we only have a 1 partition that are symless. And magisk do the magik for all one side partition


Sep 4, 2013
no stereo dual speaker mode, how to enable it?((
rom first 5 minutes looks very fast ...but need to more testing
rom is installing fully with recommendation given by riorabel12 (to uncheck navbar..and finger print option)

upt/1Finger print, and face detection works
upt/Dolby atmos works only with stock music apk...but still no dual speakers mode (
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Jul 7, 2017
Error finishing the installation:

set_perm: some changes failed

Other problems:

-Does not detect micro sd
-You can not configure a screen lock method (settings close when you try to enter that section)
-Developer options can not be activated (the settings are closed when you press compile)

Those problems are what happened to me, I followed the installation instructions exactly as it says in the post

the file has been corrected, re-downloaded, and thanks for the warning


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Jul 7, 2017
Nope, so far I haven't seen anyone reporting positively. No fingerprintid and no security features makes the rom pretty much unusable as far as I've tested and seen on the thread. I'm awaiting to see how this develops..

the file has been corrected, re-downloaded, and thanks for the warning

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    V 3.0 - EMUI 8.0
    DONOT COPY MY WORK, Ask for Permissions
    - I am not responsible for the damage of your cell phone if you do not correctly perform the steps 
    - loser warranty
    - if you are not sure better not to touch and leave this page
    with all versions, P20 lite, remember to know your original compilation if at any time you want to return to stock for example ANE-LX3C25 with this data you can return to stock.

    This version is based on the official modification of EMUI, activating functions that are in the high-end versions, adding some modifications for their better performance.
    • - EMUI 8.0.0
    • - Activate the OEM unlocking, which is in adjustment / developer options and leave it so forever to avoid conflict.
    • - unlock the bootloader.
    • - install the recovery that I will leave, automated from windows-linux

    • Guard the rom in an external memory.
    • Turn off the cell phone press the plus and power buttons until you have the TWRP window
    • Press WIPE
    • Press FORMAT DATA
    • Write the word "yes" without quotes and accept, just do the work
    • Press BACK to go back several times to the main window.
    • Press WIPE, then ADVANCE WIPE
    • Verify that the partition DATA this in the f2fs extension
    • Mark: Dalvik, cache, data, internal storage, system
    • IMPORTANT !: do not mark "micro sdcard".
    • Once you have marked, slide the "swipe to wipe" arrow to clear it.
    • Go back to the main sale, press INSTALL
    • Switch to Micro SDCard to find the rom.
    • Look for the MORFUZ rom and flash
    • At the end of the installation press "wipe davilk-cache", wait for it to finish.
    • Reboot system.
    • Congratulations now will start the rom MORFUZ

    It seems that Huawei modified the modem partition in the September-October patch and the MORFUZ kernel does not work incoming and outgoing calls.
    -IMPORTANTonly install this module from the root Magisk options if incoming and outgoing calls do not work.

    Rom Siriuz
    TWRP Mod by catuva21 - VERSION 2
    unzip, the file is automatic



    - Openkirin Recovery TWRP
    - Alexxx1
    - Chisetdel31260

    ROM OS Version: ANE-L
    ROM Kernel: Stock
    ROM Firmware Required: EMUI 8.0.0

    Version Information:
    Status: Stable
    Created on: 2018-06-30
    Last Updated on: 2018-09-10
    SIRIUZ 3.0
    - Base firmware P20 lite (security patch for September).
    - Custom kernel MorfuZ now works wifi and bluetooth.
    - Huawei ID integrated and running.
    - New bootanimation.
    - New bootlogo.
    - Percentage activated from start, for other models.
    - Activated the font change in themes.
    - New topics.
    - 7 themes to change the font customization.
    - Yorreciones de camara.
    - Youtube advance updated.
    - Adaway ad blocker.
    - VolTe Activated.
    - Magisk 17.1

    SIRIUZ 2.6
    - P20 lite base firmware (August security patch).
    - MorfuzKernel 2.1 selinux Permissive.
    - Turbo GPU.
    - Added support init.d.
    - Added busybox.
    - Huawei ID back.
    - Boot profile for the Darknnes-Blu_Active kernel within init.d improves performance.
    - Change of the MTweaks auditor kernel application.
    - Added Lent AR fun camera function.
    - Magisk 16.7.
    - Increase bitrate of photos and video, improve quality.
    - Application of return mail.
    - Youtube Mod Updated.
    - New Gboard keyboard.

    SIRIUZ 2.4
    -Base firmware P20 lite(security patch jun).
    -Activated Dual Speaker.
    -Added DolbyAtmos in Music.
    -New Boot logo.
    -Added custom watermark for the P20 lite.
    -Now without patches.
    -Installation mode AROMA-INSTALLER.
    -Music: stock or crack.
    -Camera: stock, Mate10Pro or P20Pro.
    -Root: Magisk or Supersu.
    -Navbar, Use the fingerprint sensor as a navigation bar.
    -Solid explorer, Kernel Auditor, Quick Reboot.
    -Sony Music.
    -Eliminated the data space.
    -Deodexed (improves optimization).
    -Improvements in the quality of photos, video and sound..
    -It eliminated unnecessary google applications.
    -Added Call Recorder.
    -Added Youtube Mod (function in the background).
    -Activated multi-user X5.
    -Keyboard change, google.
    -Reduction of size of icons.
    -Activated glove mode.
    -Mtu 1500.
    -Explored files improved.
    -Added main screen design 5x5,5x6,6x5.
    -Added more applications of social networks of Twin cloning.
    . * facebook, faceboot lite
    . * messenger, messenger lite
    . * whatsapp, whatsapp mod
    . * instagram
    . * snapchat
    . * telegram
    . * twitter
    . * mega
    . * creativefrends
    . * microsoft office

    This rom is working prefectly.. i have keep on trying to re install the rom.I always follow the exact instruction, and i have found out. You will have a set_perm: some changes failed. IF you mark check the navbar, and status bar while in aroma installer.. I have able to use everything. Ill try to make a screenshot of it.