[ROM] SkyRaider 2.5.2 Vanilla [CLOSED: 09/02/2010]

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Feb 22, 2009
This is the old thread for SkyRaider ROMs. For the new ROMs, follow the links provided.

Well, with the release of the leak yesterday, I could not resist. Here is SkyRaider 2.0 based off the leak. This ROM is completely deodexed for your theming pleasure. As far as I know, everything in this ROM functions. To get the full benefit, you must be already running the leaked OTA radio v2. I do not know how this will react with a pre-ota radio. I am leaving 1.9b up for those who still want it. There will be no more updates to it.

Known Bugs with 2.5

Performance Specs for 2.5
Quadrant: 1300-1500

Known Bugs with 1.9
Camera/Camcorder (Camera works with koush's kernel)
Mobile WiFi Hotspot Use new Wireless Tether
No LED Notifications

If anyone runs into a problem not listed above, please let me know

Reported Performance Specs for 1.9
Quadrant: 1100-1450 (Depends on kernel)
MFLOPS: 40-45

What's Included and Working with 2.0
Wireless/USB Tether
Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta (Watch Full Episodes on FOX!!!)
Sense UI News Widget (Yippe!! :rolleyes:)
Sense UI Stock Widget
Genie Widget
Full Screen Weather Animation
Full 2.2 Market (I saw Tikl in there :))
Internal Storage is mounted (yeah!! :D)
Superuser 2.2
Rooted w/ Busybox v1.16.2
App Sharer
Htc Flashlight
Google Maps/Navigation
Google Voice
HTC Videos Application
HTC Mail
HTC FM Radio
HTC Friend Stream
Google 3D Gallery
Lockscreen PIN codes/Passwords/Pattern Lock
Fully De-odexed ROM

1. A full wipe when installing 2.5.2 is not required if you are flashing 2.5.2 Vanilla over 2.2 Vanilla or 2.5.2 Sense over 2.2 Sense. Any other combo requires a full wipe. S-OFF is not required to install these ROMs.
2. The install script has been completely re-written and now uses an update-binary. You should see the nice new banner while installing.
3. Much of the framework for the Vanilla version is now replaced with vanilla colors and icons. There are still some Sense artifacts, but very little.
4. The themes were updated for the new builds and more boot animations were added. The theme for Sense is coming. Working on it has been a slow process.
5. I removed the old Wireless Tether so download and install the newest one from here--> Wireless Tether 2.0.5 pre7
(make sure you rename or delete the android.tether folder on your sd card)
6. If you have problems flashing in recovery, use ROM Manager to install the ROM
7. New ringtones/alerts are built in.
8. To get touch tones to work with automated systems like voicemail, you must disable or change audible touch tones to long (1.9b only)
Menu>Settings>Sound>Audible touch tones

9. Do not use this setting. It does not work atm: Menu>Settings>Wireless & Networks >Mobile networks (1.9b only)
10. If you are having problems installing apps using the Market, make sure you clear the cache
Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market>Clear cache


This is a full wipe. You can download it from ROM Manager. The fix for the camera is also available through ROM Manager. Just download it and install it afterwards.

Download Me --> SkyRaider1.9b-signed.zip


Download is available in ROM Manager; links are below; read UPDATES first

Download Me --> SkyRaider 2.5.2 Sense
Download Me --> SkyRaider 2.5.2 Vanilla

The leak does have Froyo Apps2sd working. It actually moves these apps to your internal storage and not your sd card. Here is a little trick to allow any application to be moved. Just be careful. Having widgets and other essential programs running from your internal storage may pose a problem if you routinely mount it to your computer.

force all:
adb shell
pm setInstallLocation 2
adb shell
pm setInstallLocation 0

Optical joystick wake script --> ojwake.zip

Don't like Sense? Try jitajt's Sense removal script --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724813

FAQ: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7331509#post7331509 (thanks to chrisloveskaos)

As always, I am not responsible for all the joy you will have flashing this ROM ... err ...
I mean you messing up your phone flashing this ROM. Do the smart thing and make a nand backup.
You waited this long, you can wait 5 more minutes.

Directions for link:
1. Download the ROM from the link above
2. Place it on your sd card
3. Reboot into recovery
4. Do a nandroid backup
5. Perform a full wipe
6. Select "install zip from sdcard"
7. Select the file and you're on your way to happiness

Directions for ROM Manager:

1. Download ROM from ROM Manager under Ihtfp69
2. When it finishes, select both options (wipe and backup)
3. Rom Manager will reboot and install what you have chosen
4. Profit!

NOTE: The first boot takes a very long time. Just be patient, it will work.

Change Log:

Resolved boot loops for fresh installs
Superuser 2.3.1
Gmail 2.2.1
Rom Manager
Chrome to Phone 2.0 w/ Market Link
Removed boot audio

Re-engineered install scripts
Added Gmail 2.21
Chrome 2 Phone 1.7
Added audio fixes from adrynalyne
Elements from jd's Mashup added to Vanilla Rom
Vanilla has a more vanilla look and feel

v2.2 - FULL WIPE
Based from the newest leak
Sense and Vanilla ROMs now available
Custom boot animation
Prepped for Hulu+flash
Froyo Apps2sd now works
Download is now available in ROM Manager

v2.0.1 - FULL WIPE
Includes calendar fix
Includes fixes for Facebook synching and newer Gmail
Fixed rss reader (HTC News)

v2.0 - FULL WIPE
Based off of the leak 2.2 build
Fully de-odexed
Zip aligned
Fixed default.prop
Includes Market fix (I saw Tikl in there :D)
Moved items as in 1.9b to /data/app so they can be uninstalled
Added Launcher2
Superuser 2.2
Removed CityId & Footprints

v1.9b - FULL WIPE
Added to ROM Manager
Moved VVM to /data/app
Moved Autokiller to /data/app
Moved Radio+widget to /data/app
Moved Social Networking apps+widgets to /data/app
Moved YouTube to /data/app
Moved PDF Viewer to /data/app
Moved Flashlight to /data/app
Moved and updated Maps to /data/app (check out Places)
Moved and updated Astro to /data/app
Added ROM Manager to /data/app
Added Google Voice to /data/app
Added stock launcher
Added ringtones/alerts/notifications
Removed WiFi Hotspot
Removed Wireless Tether (see note above in UPDATES)
Updated Superuser to v2.2

Better Performance
Added support for VVM from the Market
Fixed MMS
Added Google Keyboard with voice
Increased WiFi scan from 15 seconds to 30 (should save on battery)
Added tweaks for better 3G throughput
HTC Flashlight now works as designed
Added new device specific libraries from the OTA

Added custom kernel (forgot about this in 1.7) Thanks ejhart!
Better performance reported overall
Faster Browsing
Custom keyboard (you will have to enable it in Settings)
Fixed missing paid apps in the Market

GPS works!!!!
Added wallpapers
Added voice library files
Baked in the APN (MMS is temporarily broken, but an update is coming)
Added the TV OUT files (could not test this)
We have a 3G phone again :p
Added HTC Mail
Added Chrome to Phone (can be uninstalled)
Updated the Phone Identity
Updated the UA profile
Updated the fingerprint to be more Froyo :rolleyes:
Added lines to build.prop for JIT
New 2.6.29 kernel (thanks to ejhart)
Changed weather app to default to Fahrenheit
Added custom SkyRaider Scene
Added Plurk & Flikr

Initial Release

Removed the wallpaper because they are in the ROM now.

-= Thanks to Everyone that Donated =-


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Jul 8, 2010
Good job dev! Looking forward to flashing this. Im running cm6 (the first buggy build) and it is awesome, but i want to see what the official froyo will be like. I hate sense, but love froyo, so this is a good option
For me.
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Dec 13, 2008
Is there any particular reason we couldn't use the Evo kernel and simply repackage it using Koush's any kernel method? I really, really, really! want himem support. I would take that over 2.2, to be honest.


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Apr 9, 2010
You are the man! I love sense. Finally a froyo and sense rom. keep up the good work.
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