[ROM][SM-G610X] Refined Note8 Port V5 [FINAL]

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Mar 13, 2017
Refined Note 8 Port


Some information you should know..
  • This is a full Note 8 firmware port with android version 7.1.1
  • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat with detailed explanation
  • Please Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom.
  • You can use this base and modify it for your device and Rom Aslong as you provide proper credits and contributors.
  • Any sort of File Kanging will be reported without hesitation, we know our codes.
  • If you like this rom, Hit the Thanks button, and consider a donation

Base Features :-

  • Fully ported Note 8 Firmware
  • Android 7.1.1
  • Deodexed
  • Slightly debloated
  • Zipaligned
  • optimised
  • Same Battery as Stock
  • Full Samsung experience 8.5 without missing vital apps
  • Rooted with Magisk

Port Features :-
  • Fully featured Note8 system
  • Edge Panels
  • ScrollCapture
  • ScreenWrite
  • Native Blur
  • BixbyHome
  • Recovery toggle
  • Exclusive samsung apps
  • Ssecure/Secure Wifi etc
  • Improved performance
  • Inifnity wallpaper
  • QuickPin unlock
  • All Apps DUAL Messenger
  • Official status in settings
  • PrivateMode
  • Native AppLock
  • Wifi S-Secure
  • Native Screen Videorecorder
  • 1600 Fonts Mod
  • Sprotect
  • Many more goodies
Bugs :-
  • None

Installation Steps
  • Make sure you have twrp installed
  • Make sure you have latest modem and bootloader installed from latest Stock Rom
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged to 100%.
  • Download the ROM and transfer to your phone (ExtSD is suggested)
  • Boot the phone into Recovery Mode
  • Do a FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System even if coming from a port rom
  • Flash The Rom
  • The first boot may take 15 min
Screenshots : Click Here
RomControl Source :Click Here

Credits :-
@ananjaser1211 for allowing me to port his Amazing Refined Note 8 and his countless support/help
@GhaithSYR For his 7.1.1 base. Sorry I never knew @Knox1 used your base :)
@Knox1 For his Elite 7.1.1 base
@prashantp01 For always being awesome and helping me. :D
@corsicanu & @BlackMesa123 For "Volte Fix" and helping with the rom.
@AbrahamGC For his amazing DeluxeRomControl and always supporting me
@darknessss For letting me use files from his rom and helping me
@DarkLord1731 For his awesome Oxygen Control
@LuanTeles For helping me add tons of csc and features
And the rest of EliteTeam.

Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below[/LEFT]
XDA:DevDB Information
Refined Note 8 port For Galaxy J7 Prime, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7

MohitMallick17, ananjaser1211

*RomControl sources : https://github.com/DeluxeTeam/6thGear-RomControl-v2.0

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V5.1

Created 2018-04-25
Last Updated 2018-07-11
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Mar 13, 2017

V5.1 :- Quick bugfixes

So, This is the last update for this ROM. Its bunch of bug fixes and improvements.
I've been using the ROM for a month so encountering anymore bugs is very unlikely to happen. Even if you find one, I don't think I can help.
But I bet you won't ;)

Kernel changes :
-Added choice between Oxygen/Polonium Kernel
-Moved Oxygen control to user app than system
-Updated Ramdisk

-Fixed EDPG FC for some users
-Fixed Edge lighting
-Fixed Camera selfie FC with 16:9
-Fixed WeatherFC for some
-Fixed Spen FC in advancedfeatures
-Fixed SMS/MMS issues
-Updated to Refined Ramdisk for performance
-Added smartcapture toggle back into CSC
-Added SPEN launcher (Read notes)
-Added optimizations for battery
-Updated CSC/OMC feature lists
-Updated Prop Tweaks
-Removed Data OFF warning
-Removed Screenshot prevention by policy, so it should work in all scenarios

Download : Full Post

Bugs :-
None ;)

*To get air command launcher, flash SuperSU, add S Pen/Air Command apps and permissions. I left it there for pro users who can deal with it.
* You cannot have Fingerprint and Face unlock working together due to conflict files. Make sure you use only one at a time.

V5.0 :-

Overall Changes :
-FM Radio Fixed
-More Bluetooth optimizations
-Fixed incorrect text in settings
-Fixed Faceunlock FC after setup
-Added bunch of Camera features
-Added ability to download camera mods
-Added SamsungMall (Similar to bixbyVision)
-Adjusted VoLTE CSC
-OMC Should now support VoLTE
-Added smart capture toggle in CSC/OMC
-Added DeluxeRC by @AbrahamGC
-Enabled Tons of features for CSC/OMC thanks to @luanVTeles
-J7 charging animation Fixed
-Updated oxygen tweaks, and now is user/app
-updated stock keyboard
-Fixed J7 not having propper DPI
-Magisk V16.4
-J7 Fixed Faceservice FCs
-Updated GRX touchwiz mod
-Added res changer in settings so J7s can set to 720p for performance
-Added more init.d optimizations
-Updated Oreo keyboard and now is default
-Added Sclean and more exclusive samsung apps
-Removed S9 apps becasue people are too dumb to read the F.A.Q and Notes

V4.0 :-

Kernel Changes :
-Switched to Polonuim Kernel
-Updated Ramdisk

Base Changes :

-Fixed VoLTE (Pick VoLTE in Aroma)
-FaceUnlock improvments
- Added Deluxe Rom Control
-Offline Charging Fixed
-Bootanimation Fixes
-Dual messenger Fixed
-All Apps dual messenger Mod
-Update Magisk to 16.4
-Disable more RMM Stuff for future
-Debloated More useless stuff
-Fix some LIB Errors-Add DVFS Disabler init.d
-Removed OMC Sim RESET Constant popup (Should show Once only)
-Fixed Camera Front Flash in Apps
-Fixed *#0*# White Screen
-More Framework optimizations
-Format HIDDEN partition that contains useless 3rdParty Apps
-Format Preload Partition
-Some Minor Visual changes to Oreo in UI
-Added BusyBox 1.28.3
-Added ToolBox
-Fixed some FCs
-Update Secuirty Patch to April

Feature Changes :
-Added Oxygen Kernel control instead of MTweaks
-Added Media Streaming Tweaks
-Disabled Android Data Logging
-Disable Error checking
-Boot and system optimizations
-Faster Boot animation
-Add Dualboot patcher support
-Enable GoogleAssitant
-Add Multiuser support
-Increase Photo and Video Quality to MAX
-Improved Responsivness
-Improve RAM Usage
-Increased incall volume steps
-Some Game Tweaks
-Disable SMS To MMS conversion
-Set CloudFlareDNS
-Added More Network tweaks
-Allow Call recording
-Add LTE ONLY option
-Default setuplanguage is English

Aroma :
-Fix Aroma Colors
-Added StoryEditor Aroma>Bloat>Editors
-Update VideoTrimmer
-Add Game Tuner in aroma>bloat>gaming
-Added PowerON/Off Sound (Aroma)
-Added NO BLUR option in Aroma
-Added Native Audio Booster (Very loud, better than soundmods)
-Update GRXTouchWiz to V8
-Updated AdAway
-Updated Oreo SMS App (Should FC Less if any)
-Add Propper Oreo keyboard in Aroma
-Added NavBar Enabler With Navbar Colors in settings

Download : Full post

Bugs :-
None ;)

-Fixed fc while changing wallpapers
-Fixed fc while sharing files
-Fixed fc with smart view
-Removed bloats
-Made battery more optimised with stock smalis
-Added Pop up view
-Edge Screen Addon
-Reorganized Aroma a bit
-Fixed WeatherFC
-Fixed Settings Lockscreen FC
-More VoLTE Fixing
-Fixed Facerecognition
-Fixed issue with sensorywakeup libs (better deepsleep)
-Added Smusic in aroma/bloat
-Added VideoList in Aroma/Videobloat
-Added Camera AutoFocus circle
-Added Svoice in aroma/bloat
-Fixed Sbrowser not showing up
-Fixed Samsungkeyboards FCing for some
-Added keyboard Transliterate Feature
-Removed S9 Oreo keyboard (Unstable)

Download : Google Drive

NOTE : If you're facing lags on launcher because of blur, I would suggest you to use Grx touchwiz in aroma and set blur to 0 in Grx settings.

Bugs :-

v3.0 :-

>>Bug Fixes :

-Fully ReWorked the Rom from scratch
-Fixed Bluetooth FC issues
-Fixed Audio scenario issues (Speaker / mic etc)
-Fixed Random Silent FCs
-Fixed impropper strings in settings>App manager
-Fixed MirrorLink FC
-Fixed an issue where using chrome would Lock the display
-ReWorked Camera from scratch
-Fixed NightMode FCs
-Fixed some random camera FC when switching from Dark to Bright objects
-Improved Stickers stability
-Native 7.1.1 Camera without using Old 7.0 Libs
-Performance improvments overall
-Fixed ScreenSaver
-Fixed WIFI Direct Icon
-Adjusted Brightness and AutoBrightness values
-Fixed VoLTE (Untested Should use CSC in aroma)
-Improved porting method for better stability
-Many more i dont recall...

>>New Features :

-Added CPU Overclocking Support
-Added S9 Keyboard
-Added S9 Launcher
-Added S9 Message App
-Added S9 GameLauncher
-Added S9 Edge and edge lightning
-Added S9 Audio Files
-Added S9 Fonts
-Added S9 SmartManager
-Added S9 Wallpapers
-Added S9 Emoji
-And Many more S9 APKs
-Updated all 4 bases used in this Rom to Jan/Feb 2018
-Added ScreenMode in Display
-Added PrivateMode toggle in QuickSettings
-Added Support for most variants in Aroma
-Secuirty patch to March
-Note 8 OMC
-MTweaks Kernel tweaking App
-Added bunch of Build prop tweaks
-Added Display>Network speed meter

>>Aroma :

-Added Wipe/NoWipe option

-Added CSC OR OMC option

-AdAway Addon
-Floating Messages addon
-DiVINE Beats 10.5
-DualSpeaker Mod

-Extensive Bloatware selection menu (Upto 630MB of bloat)

-IOS 11.1 Emoji
-Google O Emoji
-1600+ Fonts Mode
-Galaxy Note 8 Splash Screen
-Stock J7 Prime Splash screen
-GrxTouchWiz V7 Custom launcher
-S9 Oreo launcher
-S9 Oreo Keyboard

-Enable/Disable Edge Panels

VoLTE Isnt tested, Try using OMC or CSC in aroma if it didnt work.
If you got PHONE FC after selecting OMC , reinsert your simcard and reboot, if it didnt work Flash the rom with CSC instead.

V2.5 - PATCH
-Fully DeKnoxed the Rom
-Fixed BixbyHome FC
-Fixed SamsungFlipCover
-Fixed Some Random FCs in Camera
-Enabled SMS Backup and restore
-Enabled LTE icon instead of 4G
-Enabled APK category in MyFiles
-Enable SamsungInCall recorder
-Enabled Samsung Internet Speed meter in status bar (Settings>Display>Statusbar)
-Enabled support for samsung data usage in quickpanel (Read Notes To enable)
-Disabled samsung Secuirty app (Problematic with root)
-Disabled LED Indicator in settings
-Disabled DualMic mode in Samsung recorder
-Updated TouchWizlauncher (Less lag)
-Updated Bixby (for those having update issues)
-Updated LiveDrawing (Better Performance)
-Switched Model number to N950F
-Many improvements to Camera
-Added Some shooting modes (Back and front cameras)
-Added Samsung Social Camera
-Added AppIcon Splash Screen when opening apps
-Added Android Oreo Gallery
-Some Audio and Bluetooth improvements (Especially for J7 Users)

-Requires Previous V2.0 Rom

-Fixed all mentioned bugs
-Fixed USB/WIFI/BLUETOOTH Teathering
-Fixed Camera Stickers
-Fixed missing features such as Ultra power saving/Smart battery saver etc
-Added Native Blur
-Removed useless permissions
-Add powerplanning
-Add UltraData saving toggle
-Removed Spen stuff
-Updated to latest Magisk
-Updated Kernel to V2.5 With tons of improvments
-Fixed Audio issues with bluetooth
-Rolled back to CSC instead of OMC to fix call issues with some users
-Many more under the hood improvements for stability

-Initial Release
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Mar 13, 2017

Q : Any Benefits over stock or 7.0 ?
A : Better ram optimization, noticeable performance gain, Unlocked many flagship only features.

Q : How to update ALL samsung apps not just the few avalible?
A : Using any root explorer, go to system/build.prop and change A530F to N950F (Once done i suggest to revert it back for bixby Home to function)

Q : How to enable DataUsage in Notification panel?
A : Open system/csc/feature.xml with any root text editor and change FALSE to TRUE in SupportDataUsageViewOnQuickPanel Line

Q : Support group ?
A : Telegram Group : InviteLink

Q : How to use secure storage / SamsungPAY
A : If you are here you should know already, once you tripknox you cant, forever.

Q : Will this work on [Phone varaint] ?
A : It will only work on whats mentioned

Q : Will this be supported on More variants / Phones ?
A : I can only add support for J7 prime and J7 Nxt in the futue

Q : Safteynet ?
A : The kernel has safteynet bypasses , along with magisk safteynet will work

Q : Where is AOD ?
A : If you look at the kernel source, you will see that AOD got disabled there, There is a problem With screen flicker, it will be added in a future version when that is solved

Q : Bloatware ?
A : Users are free to remove any bloatware they want with TitaniumBackup or such, Ive included all to have a near stock experience

Q : Why infinity wallpaper does not move?
A : Our Device does not support SensorsHub

Q : Where is Bixby Voice ?
A : BixbyVoice + BixbyVision will only work on 64Bit Devices (Our phone only has a 64bit Kernel, and locked 32bit OS)
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