[ROM][SM-N9005] HAL 9005 (4.4.2 KK - Update 17Jan.)

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Sep 4, 2006
Hello Resident,

I'm tempted to try yr slim rom. Since i nee to Setup completely New, are you Planning to push a New update the next 24 hrs? Not pushing, just asking...

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Aug 16, 2013
Hello Resident,

I'm tempted to try yr slim rom. Since i nee to Setup completely New, are you Planning to push a New update the next 24 hrs? Not pushing, just asking...

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It can't be compiled. It wont install with many removed system apps. Ill try with custom kernel this days.

Gesendet mit HAL 9005 4.4.2 von outer space.
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Nov 13, 2013
it was a simple question of why not help me to get it back..
and of course I'll take a other rom now...when I meet unfriendly people like (radicalisto)

Dude do not even go the "radicalisto" is unfriendly route. I responded to you regarding the manner in which you posted. IF you had read the OP you would have known that Live Wallpaper was NOT included.

Regardless of the post or your opinion of me, I am glad you got sorted courtesy of theresident., heaven forbid one should actually have to read OP's and not get spoonfed.....
@theresident I am sorry for hijacking your thread, your work is appreciated :good:
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Sep 4, 2006
Ran your ROM for 2 days and encountered no major flaws whatsoever. Runs quite smooth.
I´m just missing samsungs stock email app. i know you put android stock mail in, but for exchange accts it´s just not as comfortable. But other than that i like the idea of throwing out bloat. From my HTC OneX Days i remember a dev who put the missing apps into cloud storage and an empty zip container as well where you could create recovery-flashable update.zips and flash that one app you´re craving for in an otherwise lean rom. Would that be a possibility for the future?
Cause it seems for now you stand out with yr slimmed out version (there´s market share to gain! :) )


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Nov 2, 2010
Xiaomi Mi 11
Working on that !!! Im compiling now test version. This time its heavy, the system apps are in two folders and he stucking on bootloop. And I cant port many apps from other roms... damn!

Gesendet mit HAL 9005 4.4.2 von outer space.

I noticed that flash isn't working. But I'm not sure this is Kitkat issue or slim ROM issue, can anyone confirm this?
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    ------- Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer -------​

    Ladies and gents, i am presenting you HAL9005 4.4.2 ! The new dawn is come, but not for everybody.. this is just for all of those who already got the new bootloader. Do not ask me pls how to that, i wanna help you... but i don't wanna be responsible for crashing some devices.

    Many thanks to @not-i for helping with the updater_script and some other things

    N*1 rule: Always do a backup ;)


    - Nova Launcher
    - Greenify for ROOT as system app (you can hybernate any app that you gonna install after... even system ;) )
    - Stock and HDR GoogleCamera with photosphere.
    - Custom HAL bootanimation
    - Xposed and GravityBox KK (you DON'T need anything else)
    - Slim, Fast and very Battery friendly (Wohooo!!!!)

    4.4.2 Download: Moderation Edit- Deleted, GDrive (soon)

    HAL 9000 MK2 DBT

    - Based on the 4 days old N9005XXUDMK2 DBT firmware
    - Removed tons bloatwere
    - Rooted, busybox, init.d.. bla, bla (but still you must flash the binary update .. HERE)
    - HDR Google Camera 4.4.1
    - 4.4.2 Email apk w/ Exchange Pin Bypassed
    - And some plus/minus stuff....


    MK2 (asian) Feautures and Download

    - BuildProp editor (tweaking lcd intensity, wifi scan interval...)
    - MegaBassBeats! (works with Apollo, Apollo Reborn, Android Music Player... )
    - Red MMS
    - Nexus 5 camera with photosphere (for preview sphere pics you need to install GoogleGallery)
    - Return the stock Gallery (so you gents can put lockscreen wallpapers also)
    - Dark Theme (just beta... still working on my design that i got just in my last two brain cells)
    - Xposed Installer (just in case ;) )
    - And some plus/minus stuff....
    - You can instal Email and Exchange after

    Download: MEGA or G-Drive

    MJ7: MEGA or GDrive
    MJ3: Echoe Rom Download Center

    Tips, Apps, Mods...

    1. Copy the zip to the phone
    2. Reboot to Recovery/CWM
    3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    4. Wipe Cache
    5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    6. Mounts and Storage then click "Format /System" (This won't delete any of your data)
    7. Install.. wait one minute and ROCK !!!

    Credits to the Echoe Roms and the Echoe Team leaded by @friedrich420 for allowing me to use their base in the beginning
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2495688 , www.echoerom.com

    NOTE: If you stuck in bootloop or blackscreen after installation reflash custom kernel... it depends of the device (lean or faux kernel sounds good in this moment)

    P.S. - Even HAL was saying "I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly" still had, like i said some FC's. Any suggestions are welcomed. If i remove very nececary app, if I think is worted i will inserted in some i hope future builds.. anyway you can always instaled in /system/app by your self. Ill try to make it even more SLIM.
    new HAL with MK2 base on the air
    Im working on "private" MK2 base.. if its good, ill will notify you :)

    Sent from my SM-P605 using xda premium
    Im uploading it tonight....

    Sent from my SM-P605 using xda premium
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