[ROM] SM-T825 TWEAKED.........................[rom] sm-t825 tweaked.

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My rooted Samsung A505F used to show a warning at boot splash that this device is using a custom rom, press power button to continue, then i found a fix at xda to go back to normal screen.
No, a small script appears in yellow in the top left, but no prompt or power button requirement.

My tab s6 cycles through the screens you mention, however if you ignore the first, ie,not press the power button, after a pause on the first screen, it will still proceed to the boot screen in any case


Feb 27, 2014


Aug 19, 2019
Thanks for this ROM.
It's working.

One thing that should be changed in the next version: magisk should not be installed as system app.
Magisk throws a warning at start.

I had to remove it in TWRP with file manger and do a fresh install.

And there are a lot more samsung apps that can be safely removed. I used magisk debloat + busybox module and termux app.

Debloat list can be found here:


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Jan 22, 2007
Any idea why we cant boot a cutom kernel from pie?
I tried now over 8 weeks to build a custom kernel working on stock pie.
No way.
Does someone have an idea why the kernel wont boot?
Any security restiction inside rom and ramdisk?
I tried it also with anykernel3 to keep all stock.
No no...i never had such problems. My own kernel for s10 s20 and a lot more a working well.


Dec 8, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
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Thanks for this ROM.
It's working.

One thing that should be changed in the next version: magisk should not be installed as system app.
Magisk throws a warning at start.

I had to remove it in TWRP with file manger and do a fresh install.

And there are a lot more samsung apps that can be safely removed. I used magisk debloat + busybox module and termux app.

Debloat list can be found here:
Hi, how did you resolve that warning with magisk? Could give me some pointers?
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Mar 21, 2011
I installed this rom on my t827 tablet to use the phone feature, but unfortunately I could not make a phone call. Do you have any suggestions for this?


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Mar 21, 2011
Well, as mine is T825 I might not be able to help you further.
Calls on mine are working.
Were they working on yours when being on pure stock?
My t827 tablet did not have a sim card and phone aroma with stock rom, so I rooted and installed the custom t825 rom, but the phone did not open for calls. thank you

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    SM-T825 TWEAKED 5.1 ***** PIE ***** 20JUN2020


    Based on latest stock CTD1 firmware
    Tweaked, stable, zip aligned. SU/D
    Forced encryption disabled
    (GPU driver updated to latest adreno 313 rev 23.... returning soon)
    Magisk updated 20.4
    Matched edxposed version can be installed, or not, if preferred via magisk
    (note that edxposed is the new framework replacing xposed to allow use with pie, it requires a number of steps, but fairly simple, guide to follow )
    Edxposed installer
    Gravity box PIE pre installed

    Can be dirty flashed over CSH9 , or factory reset both will work. Recommend straight flash over PIE rom / CSH9, negligible benefit from wipe
    Requires bootloader update to a pie bootloader if not on pie already.
    (it will work without, but experience shows the bootloader update is required for the fingerprint reader to function )

    For edxposed......
    Xposed does not support android pie.
    However, we now have edxposed, a magisk module which does basically the same thing.
    Requirements are,
    1. Riru core. Go to magisk downloads and type in the search bar "riru" , near the top you'll see riru core, click the download and it will install and offer a reboot.
    2. Riru edxposed. Same search and you'll see riru edxposed further down 2 versions I chose sandhook, no reason but it works for me, same thing download it, it installs and offers reboot.
    3. Edxposed installer , almost identical to the xposed installer, already installed in the Rom, open it and you should find gravitybox pie version in the modules section it may require switching on.

    Advantage of edxposed is it passes safety net,..... I'm told.

    Gravity box pie is still in early development, so whilst it has quite a bit there it's still a way off being complete, some selections didn't function for me, but a lot did.

    Gravity box will still need to be switched on in edxposed modules.

    More mods to follow...

    Let me know how it goes

    ****DOWNLOADS ****

    Fix for encryption disable...






    SM-T825 TWEAKED 4.0

    new bootloader

    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.9 (rc)
    Magisk root

    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.8(a)
    Magisk root
    temp removed

    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.6s DB4 (systemless supersu)
    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.6m DB4 (magisk)

    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.5 DB4
    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.3 DB3

    Debloat list

    FULL ROM...
    SM-T825 TWEAKED 3.2


    Previous builds
    SM-T825 TWEAKED 2.1 02APR2018

    Based on latest ARA2 stock firmware,
    Smoother and quicker, identical tweaks to T-820 version

    Init d
    Zip aligned
    Zip align on boot

    Extensive testing by kainanmaki SM-T825 user,
    ****Major credit to kainanmaki, for methodical testing, this wouldn't be here without his help. ****

    Version 2.1M2 Magisk root, systemless xposed included, best of both worlds.
    Version 2.1S2 Superuser, system xposed.
    Both with.
    Gravity box Xposed module
    3minit battery included

    rovo89 and xposed, forum link below

    C3C076 and gravity box

    gharrington and 3minit battery mod, please visit for a full explanation of its functions

    Best flashed over updated firmware, should dirty flash but tested with factory reset, so do your backups.
    Follow instructions below....

    1. If you have xposed installed,either select it off in the app or uninstall, I only selected it off.
    2. Boot to TWRP
    3. Go to wipe,and select factory data reset.
    4. Install ROM
    5. Long boot........,
    6. Ignore the xposed force close
    7. Do your normal startup load.
    8. Magisk, if that version flashed, will function at this point.
    9. If you wish to operate xposed as well,go to the xposed installer app(matched version preinstalled),open it and install the framework,which will be systemless/system. Non recovery installation works fine. It will require reboot.
    10. On Magisk version it will pass safetynet check whilst xposed is selected off by its switch,otherwise it indicates fail. So you can swap, as needed by work perhaps, with one reboot.
    11. Use gravity box module to switch off stock battery icon.

    Link below.........
    TWEAKED 2.1M2 Magisk root, systemless xposed.

    TWEAKED 2.1S2 Superuser standard xposed.

    TWEAKED 2.0M
    New rom out update to the latest firmware



    Not tested on the T825 so do all your backups, twrp, titanium, copy internal storage and please report back with your experiences.
    The T820 version is good it dirty flashed nicely over the previous rom(5.0) so that would be a good starting point.
    Have fun :D

    Ps I didn't update the bootloader on the T820 and was fine
    Unfortunately there was an error in the last rom, leading to the encryption disable not actioning properly during install. I have built a new version which fixes the error (Tweaked 5.1b), a quick read of the T820 thread below will lay out the issue.
    Those who have flashed a Dm-Verity disable script will have already rectified the issue. If you're still on 5.0,dirty flash of the new modified rom will function now as intended without any format requirement.
    Further details in the other thread below....
    Android pie version up now
    Tweaked 5.0
    I have tested bootloader requirement on the T820 , no bootloader update required.
    Based on CSH9 base, not sure yet as to backwards compatibility if you did upgrade the bootloader , though as I said it's not required
    Got myself tangled up in frp lock at one stage, suspect that was an error on my part, so make sure you have oem unlock selected, numerous dirty flashes over full pie worked fine.
    Will check a wipe then flash next.
    I see no reason it won't flash direct from bsd1 firmware or Tweaked 4.0,but make sure of your encryption state, and backup fully,and have the new bootloader at least standing by.
    Links to follow....

    SM-T825 TWEAKED 5.0 based on UK T-825 CSH9 firmware


    The T820 version has an issue with the fingerprint scanner, still debugging this.
    Recommend dirty flashing over the earlier 4.0, for the time being